"Introduction and Life History of Jim A. Cornwell"
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © August 2010, all rights reserved

The life history of Jim A. Cornwell

    Well, I will begin this book with a history of myself and why I am writing this book and the spiritual experiences that happened to me and changed my life.
    I was born on January 3, 1951 and raised in the city of Franklin in south central Kentucky, with my brother Bob, by my parents Jim Roy and Nell Ruth Cornwell.    Both of whom gave both of us a very good upbringing living in Kentucky, then Florida for a few years where my father had to work, then his work sent us back to Kentucky.
    When I was 4 years old, while living in a small house in Franklin, I was upstairs in the master bedroom by myself and I had found a green crayon and my mother was downstairs cooking I guess.    During that time I proceeded to draw on the painted walls of the bedroom with the crayon.    When she discovered what I had done, I got a whipping you don't forget.
    The reason I told you about this is I believe that event opened my mind up to have artistic talents as I will tell you about in the following information of its benefits for me.
    When we returned to Franklin from a few years in Florida, I started the 1st Grade at Franklin Simpson Elementary School.    I was the new kid and did not know anyone in the class and the teacher asked all the class to draw a picture of Alice and Jerry in our school book going to the pet shop.    So I drew an elaborate realistic image of both children standing in front of the pet shop window looking at the pets.    Everyone else drew a stick pet building with stick figures going to it.    When the teacher saw my drawing she praised my images in front of the entire class, which I believe may have sparked my continued interest in art and drawing.
    All my life I have wondered why everybody cannot draw exactly what they see, and could only imagine it was something in your brain that causes it.    In my later years there were theories of the logical left-brain, creative right-brain myth that had come to life, but is not an exact science yet today.    I still think it occurred because my mother spanked me when I did something creative.
    My mother once told people she knew that I was the smartest child she had ever seen based on the way that I achieved things during my youth.
    When I was in the 3rd Grade, they had a poster contest at school for Fix Up, Clean Up, Paint week.    So I prepared a poster in color of the scene from the "Flinstones," cartoon television show.    My poster was in color and showed the Flinstones and the Rubbles, with BamBam, and Dino all in Fred's yard cleaning, painting, the entire house and yard.    So I turned in my poster.    A week later my mother was called to come to the school to talk with the persons in charge of the Contest.    She was asked by the Panel judges, "If her son actually drew this poster?"    Of course, she told them I did.    I won the contest and the money for it.
    So from that point in my life, I was asked by a lot of people if I could draw things for them and of course I bartered for a lot of things with that talent.

    When I was 10 years old in 1961, I was lying on a lawn chair in the backyard at my home in Franklin, Kentucky on a nice summer evening while looking up at the stars.    All of sudden this black triangular object floated into my view from the top of my head coming from the south and going north.    I could see the silhouette of the object against the background of the stars.    It had the three dome-shaped lights at each point of the triangle, and one in the middle, with all glowing.    I estimated it to be about 100 feet above me, but it could have been more depending on its actual size.    It moved over me at a slow pace with no sound, and was out of my sight in about 10 seconds.
    I was 10 years old and did not think anyone would believe me if I told them what I saw, although on the news that week there were reports from individuals who had seen UFOs in the Nashville, Tennessee area.
    If you have read my website at www.mazzaroth.com may know, that at 10 years of age I was already out looking at the stars at night.    So my destiny to understand the Mazzaroth had already started.    In a science classroom I told my teacher that I could see the stars changing colors.    She told me that this was an optical illusion due to the Earth's atmosphere.    This of course inspired me to become interested in science and physics.
    I was not abducted or anything that night or I would have remembered it.    But then you never know what may have happened, and if that event did affect me in any way.
    I do not believe that the craft I saw was made by the government, because if we had that kind of technology in 1961, then we would have not used clunky old rockets to go to the moon, just as we are still doing even today.    So below is some images of possible unidentified flying objects seen in previous years.    And by the way in the future an entire neighborhood of people in Arizona saw the same thing and also in my later years a famous person who worked at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles had the same image on the front of his book.

    Below is a picture of my Great Uncle Willie Cornwell, who owned an antique/gift store on 31W and he had a work shop in the back which he set up tools, equipment, material, etc. for any boys who wanted to build, work on and race in the Soap Box Derby.    He enjoyed doing this and in time my brother and I got involved in this sport.    So with his help and my father in 1966 at age 15, I raced in Lexington Kentucky's Soap Box Derby and won the championship for the first time for our town.    This gave Willie the thrill of his life.    I received a certificate for $500 Savings Bond which means I would have to go to big race in Akron, Ohio next.
    It was a big deal in the newspapers I would have to go to Akron and race against 252 other champions from around the country.    Since I was representing Kentucky I was made an honorary Kentucky Colonel so when I got to Akron I could make General Manager Mason Bell of the All-American Soap Box Derby, Inc. an honorary Kentucky Colonel.
    The perk for winning is that all entrants got to stay 4 days at Derbytown, a camp with lots of stuff to do.    We also were visited by celebrities such as the whole "Bewitched" cast: Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, and Agnes Moorehead came.    And Samantha wiggled her nose for me.    Also the cast from "F-Troop: Larry Storch, Forest Tucker and Ken Berry came in.
    As you see below left is me with my car on the scales at the Akron race site, we could not weigh above 250 pounds to race.    The photo to the right is my race and I was the one in the middle.    The winners of these races share $30,000 of college scholarships.    This was one event in my life.

    I never knew that it was a problem then but during the following years I only slept 3 hours a day during this time in my life mainly because I spent all my time reading and studying everything that I wanted to know.    I did a lot of 10-minute catnaps which felt like I had slept for a couple of hours and this was a normal for me most of my life.    Just to let you know that is why Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, its because he only slept 4 hours a day and he was tired of lighting candles all night.
    I would do the daily crossword puzzles everyday completing them in 20 minutes even the Sunday in 45 minutes and I suggest that for any one growing up because it helps you build up your vocabulary and also it teaches your brain to solve issues logically and process information faster, in study halls I would read the dictionary to learn what words mean and these two processes which later in my life I realized that was the best thing I did for my future.
    I did not care to much for the girls in Franklin because of their cliques and no events for teenagers, and I have never in my life joined any groups and was my own person and I dated many girls from Russellville, Ky. and also in Portland, TN which also had the only Skating Rink and a Community Center with weekend dances in our area where I met a lot of them.
    I played football and I was tough as nails as the coach had me in the circle to go against the toughest player and we both hit each other with our helmets and it knocked the breath out of both of us and on our backs on the ground trying to get our breath back, and everyone knew I was a tough booger and the other guy and I became friends and no one else liked him.    But the coach put me as a pulling guard on the team and over time this is not what I wanted to do and quit the team, and I am glad I did.
    Basketball season came and I was a very good basketball player and tried out for varsity in my Freshman year and did well and during my Sophmore year I showed everyone my skills as a guard and I impressed the coach, but would'nt you know it I collided with a player and broke my collar bone, which put me out for the whole season, and did the stats for the team who eventually went to the State Tournament for the first time by beating Bowling Green for the first time in our history during my Senior year in 1969 and we got beat by Anderson County in the first round who had a player Jimmy Dan Conner who went on the be a very good player for the University of Kentucky and a Pro.
    I took all the art classes that Middle School and High Shool offered and I drew cartoons even during those years, and of course anything somebody wanted me to draw.    I even created a papier-mache wildcat that looked just like the University Kentucky Wildcat the size of a man to be put on the front of our senior homecoming float.
    I had been practicing and playing tennis since I was in Middle School and practiced at least 200 serves everyday and played against anyone who was willing, and would go to the gym and hit off the wall when I could and by my Sophmore year I realized my skills were in tennis and also developed into a very good tennis player from teaching myself from reading a book.    And I continued in that and during a match in my Senior year the coach from Russellville told me that I was a very good tennis player and he is going to tell the president of a college he knows to see if he will give me a tennis scholarship.    That actually happened and getting a tennis sholarship in 1969 was very unlikely to get.
    I attended all my schooling in Franklin, and in 1969 graduated from Franklin-Simpson High School, at which point I received a scholarship for tennis, which I used at Cumberland Junior College, in Lebanon, Tn. for two years, and continued my education after that at Western Kentucky University, in Bowling Green, KY., majoring as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in hopes to become a Commercial Artist.    That career was inspired by the visit of the "Bewitched" show which was Samatha's husbands job in the show, and thought it would be very creative and interesting to do for a living.    I worked hard during the summer months to help with my education from swimming pool lifeguard in 1967, to material handler at Lenk Manufacturing Co. during 1969-1971, and a feed sacker in 1971, a Train Derailment Service person in 1972 and a hired hand on a high risk cattle ranch in the winter of 1972.

    A comment before I continue.    The picture above is a photo of Sherry Kirby who was my first real love and girlfriend, a senior in High School and might have been my first wife someday, as we hit it off well and she made the best cherry ice box pies and she had great singing voice and could have a future as a country music singer.    I had gone off to my freshman year in college and Sherry had given me a beaded necklace she made with fishing line to wear to remind me of her and I did wear it all the time.
    One evening I was sitting on my bed in the college dorm room playing solitaire with a deck of cards and all of sudden for no reason of mine the necklace just broke and all the beads went all over the place.    I was a little distraught of that and actually had tears in my eyes, something that very seldom happens to me.
    The next morning I got a phone call from people from home telling me that Sherry was dead and they told me it happened last night at a certain time which turned out to be the very moment that my necklace broke.    Was that a message from beyond to me?
    She was murdered by gunshot in a car in Bowling Green, KY along with another female and two males all killed after they had pulled off a main highway 31W on a side road after seeing a movie in Bowling Green.    The reason for the stop was the two males needed a restroom relief break not uncommon in those days.    A man who lived in the house where they pulled off across the street from them just came up to the car and with a revolver shot and killed all four of them to death.    I had heard later that apparently in the recent past some students from the local University had been vandalizing his property and aggravating him over time, and the latter party picked the wrong time and place to be at that place.    I heard over time that the perp was filing for psychological problems and probably will never go to prison but end up in the nut house.
    This incident changed the way that I thought about the world and changed me to what you will read in the following.

    Very few people received a scholarship for tennis in the 1970's and I was the number two player on the tennis team and it was fun, and also did the stats for the basketball team and traveled throughout the south as far as Florida with the basketball team and also the tennis/golf team to our games and matches.
    So I was bored with some of the things they were teaching me especially Psychology and also in my America Literature class since we were given boring books to read, and I told the older lady teacher that some of this stuff is boring why can't we read a book like "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck or Mark Twain adventures or Henry David Thoreau doctrines of Transcendentalism.    That did not go over very well.    To let you know my roommate Bob was a 4.0 student and when in her class he would get an A+ on all his papers and I would get a C+ from her.    Bob read my paper and said it was very good and should have been graded higher, and he did not believe me.    So I said the next time I would put my name on his paper and his name on my paper and we turned them in.    His paper with my name on it came back to me with a C+ and my paper with his name on it came back with an A+ and it shocked him that she really did hate me.
    Part of my education was a choice between Drama and Speech and I took the second one, which was a good decision since I found out in my later days I had to do that on several occasions and leadership roles and also in what I write in this file.
    But during those years I became very radical, let my hair grow and implemented and did things to change the way that the college had always done things and I succeeded it by using my brains to influence and get people to do certain things, non-violent that would end up forcing the college to change things that had been done that way for a long time.
    The following is an example of the above statement: Everyday when the basketball team finished practice we all had to go to the dorm and change our clothes into suit and ties in order to go to the cafeteria for supper to eat, it has been that way for years.    I did not like it as well as the players because we were hungry.    So I solved the problem and got all the basketball players to all put on our ties and coats but mix and match not normal colors of our ties, coats and even various colors of tennis shoes, and everybody got in on this demonstration and we all went to supper every night looking like ringling brothers circus clowns and it took about two weeks of this and the univerity sent out a notice to all students that they are allowed to eat supper in normal clothes.
    So you can see radical little me developing in the time period I was in.
    And of course I had a lot of male and female friends and we all did a lot of bar hopping in Nashville.    My friend Dave and I would go over to the women's dorm and get on the speaker system and do the "Pig Sooie" sound on the speaker.    This was not an insult it was signal to those who knew it to all the women who wanted to go bar hopping in Nashville, TN.    So within 5 minutes we would have two to four women coming down ready to go with us.
    Nashville was only a 30 minute drive and we did the downtown bars sometime two or three and this night this last one was having a Amateur talent night.    So all our group called on me to get up and do it and I had drank a lot already and bravely unprepared and did it.
    So I got on the stage and I told a humourous story from the Bible specifically about Noah and the Ark when it landed on Mount Ararat, the story was basically that the first thing Noah did was grew a vineyard, and made wine, and if I was on that ship for 371 days shoveling all that you know what coming out of all those aninals, WELL I would have got drunk too.    I had everyone in the bar laughing and clapping about that, and then I asked someone for a beer and they gave me a mug full and I drank it in one swallow, which all liked and gave me applaud.    Then I noticed there was a guitar on the stage as I taught myself many years ago and sat to play a tune for all.    So I played my favorite blues rhythm for about 5 minutes and then stopped and said to all here, "I call that song the Constipated Blues, and thats what all of us are going to feel like in the morning," and I had the whole crowd rolling on the floor laughing, and applauding as I got off the stage and I went to get a beer at the bar.
    While waiting the owner said, "You were good."    I told him I could only do that when I was drunk and he laughed, but that was not my future to become an alcoholic comedian, and in time I managed to graduate from that college with two years of the basics behind me.
    The Dean of the college offered to get me on the Middle Tennessee University tennis team if I would cut my hair, and I will not repeat what I said to him.    But I think they were glad that I was gone from there after changing a lot of their status quo in my two years.

    During my years at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY into my BFA degree for an Art Major, learning and doing printing, painting, etc., and I had attended Art appreciation classes, as part of it and that is where we were shown all the art works and styles and the history of the styles of the past.    I stayed away from the bars and the fraternities, and lived in a 16 Floor building off campus on College Street with a room I shared with another person, and did my own cooking and did my studies and walked up the hill that I once raced soap box derbies down it to get to my classes on weekdays and money was scarce for me so I kept it low key.
    So in 1971 the Art Appreciation teacher who had showed us every art medium styles for an entire semester and then required us to do a term paper on the art works we had studied.    So I got creative and wrote my term paper about all the halo's that are in the old paintings are really space helmets for visitors from other worlds.    That was the best I could come up with.    Guess what the teacher gave me an A+ on my term paper.    He said it was the most original thing he has seen in years, as you can see in the below images.    By the way I promoted this idea way before those future shows called "Ancient Aliens" an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History channel ever promoted that subject, now I wondered if my teacher promoted that to them.
    In later years various researchers have found some weird things on ancient paintings as seen below and wondered if they were seeing the same thing that I saw when I was 10 years old, but they seem to define them in the image of boats or waves of clouds with laser ray like weapon.
    I could not play tennis at WKU because all the incoming to U.S. Swedish players came to all the colleges all on scholarships then and I could not get on the team so my decision to not cut my hair was a good choice.
    So I continued to learn everything I could about art techniques and printing types, and I collected all the equipment and supplies needed for oil painting on easels and a new thing for me and learned how to cook food for myself.
    At the end of my college senior year I was really disillusioned about my career in the art world because it did not fit my personality at that time.    Also to become a Commercial Artist I would have had to attend 2 more years at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida to achieve the degree.    So financially it was just not possible at that time for me.

    I was a Baby Boomer, and a product of the 60's revolution, anti-establishment, etc., etc. that came with those movements.
    Heres the buff, I ran up $5,000 of education cost, which in 1972 that was the cost of a new vehicle and had no way to pay that back, and I discovered that if I joined one of the U.S. military services they would cut that in half when I finished my service in term and hoped by that time I would have made enough money to take care of that.    It is sad to see in modern times that persons going to college are running up tabs as high as $70,000 to $150,000, which the majority will not see those kinds of incomes in their lifetime.    So as you read my life history you will find that I used my brain and managed to beat the system in my future and did not need the university education at all.
    You would not think that I would have considered to join the United States Air Force on October 27, 1972, but I did and also delayed my enlistment date, so that I could go see the world before doing that scene.    I felt like there was something missing that I have not learned and wanted to seek that out first.    And I will tell you now that at this age I was a person who could plan out my life to a tee for what I will be doing a year from now.
    I bought a yellow 1962 Chevy Van for a very good price and then fixed it up to travel in and do not want to tell you where I got the money from because I do not want to incriminate myself.    The Van had a tape player and speakers you could hear two blocks away, and I painted the headlights with a red circle around them and also put a red smile on the grill, which made the front of it looked like a smiley face, and on the back I had a bumper sticker that said, ["Don't laugh, your daughter may be in here]."    I had already grown my hair long and with a beard, and had bell bottom blue jeans on, with black boots and wore a black furry pauncho, and I looked really rough for that time.    My mother would not even recognized me and my plans began and I decided to travel around the United States wherever my nose would lead me.
    I was "EASY RIDER," and just drove to any state I desired, living on the land, paying no taxes, free as a bird, no mailing address but a home on wheels, and no contact with anyone except whom I ran into.    Those were the days when you could survive on the road, a time of low crime rate, low gas prices and plenty of things to do.    Food was never an issue, because in those days, you could stop at any fast food place around 9:30 p.m. and they would give you excess food that they would have to throw in the trash bins anyway.    Gasoline was $0.25 a gallon, cigarettes $0.20 a pack, a case of beer $0.19 a bottle.    Showers were never a problem, since I could just go to the nearest local college and go to any men's dormitory and take one, and every park and gas station had a restroom.    Also I knew the trick to get free phone calls anywhere in the United States on the old multiple phone booths with the long cords on them if need be to call someone.    Just put your quarters in the booth next to it and hold the receiver up to it and let the computer hear the ka-chings and your call went through, and you just hit the coin return on the booth.    That is why the cords are so short on booth phones today.
    So for four and half months, I traveled all over the Southeast, down to Florida along the coast line and stopped on the Fort Lauderdale beach for a night and enjoyed the ocean for a day, and then left to go to Miami where I stayed with my female cousin who was an airline Stewardess with Eastern Airlines who lived in the Condominium where all the Stewardesses stayed.    So that was a fine dream situation and did that for a month before leaving and across to the West coast of Florida and then over to Louisiana and did the Mardi Gras in New Orleans for as long as I could.    From there I traveled up the western side of the Mississippi River states through the Midwest then to St. Louis and came back over the Mississipi River and then through to the Northeast states as far north as New York State, and then back down the East coast.    During that time if cash was short I would take any odd jobs that were available for enough money to keep going, by working jobs that just paid cash such as picking oranges, refurbishing houses and landscaping.
    I had some really cool experiences in my travel as people then were friendly and kind especially in the South but a litle more distance in the North but friendly.

    Well I lived through my road trip and it was worth every minute of it, but now my time ran out and I sold my Van to a friend to get some money for my next adventure and reported on March 16th of 1973 to the center to join the Air Force.    I was sent to basic training by way of my first flight on an airplane to go to Lackland AFB near San Antonio, Texas for six weeks.    They shaved all my long hair off, and put me in a green uniform and stamped me as GI (Government Inspected).    This was the first time in a while that I had someone provide me with a bed and three square meals a day.
    On the first day at 0500, I was sleeping in until the TI (Training Instructor) turned my bunk bed over, with me in it, on top of me.    It was a rough week for all of us to adjust to our new life.
    On another day the TI had us lined up in the dorm at attention by our bunk, for inspection.    He yelled out, "Does everyone here like me?"    All the GIs yelled out, "Yes Sir," except me of course.    I yelled out, "No sir."    He heard my retort, and descended upon me with his god-like descent, with his nose right at my face and yelled, "Did you say you did not like me airman?"    I responded with a loud "Yes sir."    He then turned and walked back up the aisle toward his office, and turned around and yelled out loud, "Well I hate everybody here."    I was not sure what I had done, but I have always been a person to say what I believe to be true.    Well anyway, later that day the TI called me into his office, and told me that I was his chow runner.    I did not know what that was, but it turned out that all I had to do was get up early, and go to the chow hall to announce the squadrons movement to chow.    So this was not a punishment, but turned out to be good, because it got me out of night time watch duties, and as weeks went by I had no problems.
    We finally had our first mail call, and the TI had us all go into a room and wait.    The TI entered the room with a duffle bag, then to the center of the room and dumped the contents of mail on the floor.    All the GIs ran to the pile eager to get their mail, except me.    The TI went ballistic and ran everyone away, then chewed them out for not waiting for his command.    I was sitting on a high spot in the corner of the room, and the TI looked at me and said, "Airman Cornwell, why didn't you jump to get your mail?"    I responded, "Sir, no one is going to send me any mail."    He then proceeded to call names to each to retrieve their mail that he inspected.
    I finished Basic Training and left for a leave to go home before continuing to my new orders.    I bought a used 1965 white Ford Econoline Van to get me there.
    The image above is Jerry Allison and myself in the Air Force together before both of us had to go to Chanute AFB in Illinois and then to Mountain Home AFB in Idaho.    He still contacts me occasionally even today since he is living in Nashville, TN.
    I made it through basic training and my new orders were to be trained on April 30th, 1973 for 8 weeks as an Integrated Avionics System Specialist at Chanute A.F.B. in Illinois and then in June to Mountain Home A.F.B. in Idaho, near Boise and from there on worked on the F-111 fighter jets with skills in Aircraft Electronics towards the end of the Vietnam War.    So I received what would be a $10,000 education in electronics while in the service.    I was in Tactical Air Command (TAC) and our job was the maintenance of and to get as many of the 100 F-111 fighter jet aircrafts taking off if the country was under attack.    An aircraft was taking off every 5 minutes as well as landing.
    While I was in the U.S. Air Force I had a level 9 clearance working as an Integrated Avionics Systems Specialist on the F-111 fighter jet aircrafts.    I had seen about every plane they had then, including an SR-71 land, and at no time did I ever see any aircraft function as I did when I was 10 years old.    It would seem unlikely that the government would have anything like that back then.
    From what you have read about me so far that some would claim that I was a hippie, raised in the anti-establishment era, but I prefer to say that I was a free spirit, and also very radical.    This is true with anyone born in Kentucky as it is innate in our genes to not be trustworthy of government due to the past when Andrew Carnegie pushed the railroad through Kentucky and changed the way of life.
    When I joined the U.S. Air Force, I made the pledge "I will uphold the Constitution of the United States of America."    So while I was in the service that is what I did.    Over time I saw a lot of injustices done to service personnel and became involved with a group of people who lived off base, consisting of civilians and airman, who dealt with those legal issues.    They also offered me a place to live off base, which I preferred to living in the barracks.    The property was owned by a man named Mark Lane, who supported the efforts of the group there, and I recently found out that he passed away on May 10, 2016, from a heart attack and died within seconds, wrapped in the arms of the woman he loved.
    Mark Lane was the AFL-CIO lawyer who survived the Jim Jones massacre at Jonestown in Guyana, when Congressman Ryan was killed but was a lawyer for Jim Jones in this case.
    He was also Lee Harvey Oswald's lawyer after his death, who exposed the conspiracy theory of John F. Kennedy's assassination and produced a movie about it called "Executive Action", which was out in the theaters at that time.
    Furthermore, Mark Lane was also President John F. Kennedy's campaign manager in New York, so click on the link above if you want to know more about him.
    So my involvement with this group led me to imputing into a monthly newsletter called "The Helping Hand.
    As seen at From Mark Lane on May 20, 2014, "I represented the GIs on the Air Force base in Mountain Home, Idaho, who were seeking Conscientious Objector status.    On a base where the number of personnel made up less than two tenths of one percent of armed forces personnel, our GIs were awarded 'more CO discharges in one year than the national annual average for the entire military during the previous ten years.' (from Citizen Lane, Chicago Review Press, 2012).
    We called our coffeehouse 'The Covered Wagon' and our newsletter was the 'Helping Hand.'
    Originally The Covered Wagon had burned down on November 21, 1971 possibly from threatening entities (You can see a news article while on the above link for Mark Lane as it is below his comment at http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/White%20Materials/White%20Assassination%20Clippings%20Folders/Lane/Lane-191.pdf to view A News Article About History of The Covered Wagon).    I found this article about it, and a letter to the editor from an unknown newspaper signed by some well-known individuals: Noam Chomsky, Faye Dunaway, Jane Fonda, Dick Gregory, Robert Lifton, Arthur Miller, Sidney Peck and Howard Zinn."    I remember and worked with the members James Schaffer, Thomas Spalding and Carolyn Mugar telling me about the coffeehouse.    It was an old abandoned theater that they with help from many GIs refurbished for a place for GIs to come to on Saturday nights had burned down after repeated harassments and threats and prior to that the above persons being involved, including a visit from Donald Sutherland and Dr. Spock.
    See this site for more Information About The Helping Hand as to what they are today [Note: It is not the same now more like a benefit and career venue.].
    My time with this if you click on the following link was between November 1973 through May 1974, which I wrote articles and drew cartoons for "The Helping Hand," and also doing my own cartoons for a comic book that I had considered publishing back then if you would like to view them then open ID Cartoons which I never finished.    If you have minors around, you might not want to open it around them since some pages might be considered "R" rated.

    Also I had all my paint supplies and canvasses and was doing oil painting in the new coffeehouse, and got tired late at night and fell asleep on a floor mattress.    I believe I was awaken around 5 a.m. by spiritual forces and discovered the ceiling above the stove inside was on fire and it was spreading toward me.    I went to the back door and it was barricaded.    I turned around and the whole ceiling was ablaze and the dark smoke was coming down fast and I grabbed one of my oil paintings and paint supplies leaving several paintings and managed to get to the door opening before the smoke hit the floor.    The house had totally burned down within 2 minutes as all I could do is sit and watch.    The Fire Department determined that the oil-burning stove caught the roof on fire and the new coffeehouse had burned down again.    At least I hope it was an accident and not intended for me, but in the image below is the oil painting I came out with entitled "The Beast That Came Up Out Of The Sea," which is mentioned in the Bible in Revelation 13:1-2.    Below is two different pictures of it in different light.    This later amused me in that my studies came to be relative to this painting in my future and wondered if this fire was attempt to get rid of me for some reason, but someone or thing woke me in time and I survived

    This newsletter went all over the world, but it was specifically intended to go to GI's to understand their rights, which we apparently gave up when we joined the service.    So I became well-known among the GI's on base and also of many Sergeants, Lieutenants and Colonels, who noticed my activities.
    I was also involved in many demonstrations, and even at the main gate at my station base.
    What is amusing is that my commander in-chief was President Richard M. Nixon.    The group I was with had connections with a Democratic Congressman/or Senator in Idaho, which we all went to Boise to see him and pushed for impeachment of the President.    It was this congressman/ or Senator who eventually filed for the impeachment of Nixon, so I had some involvement with that.
    Judiciary Committee Approves Article to Impeach President Nixon, 27 to 11 - 6 Republicans Join Democrats to Pass Obstruction Charge by Richard Lyons and William Chapman, Washington Post Staff Writers, date Sunday, July 28, 1974; Page A01.
    "The House Judiciary Committee took the momentous step last night of recommending that the President of the United States be impeached and removed from office.    The first such impeachment recommendation in more than a century, it charges President Nixon with unlawful activities that formed a 'course of conduct or plan' to obstruct the investigation of the Watergate break-in and to cover up other unlawful activities.    The vote was 27 to 11, with 6 of the committee's 17 Republicans joining all 21 Democrats in voting to send the article to the House.    At least one other article accusing the President of abuse of power is expected to be approved Monday when the committee resumes.
    But approval of a single article is all that is required to send the issue to the House.    And approval of a single article by a majority of the House is enough to impeach the President and send the case to trial in the Senate, which could remove Mr. Nixon from office by a two-thirds vote.
    The bipartisan support for the article adopted last night makes impeachment by the House seem more than likely.    The majority included three conservative Southern Democrats and three conservative Republicans
    The Watergate scandal, the 1974 resignation of President Richard Nixon, and the election that fall of a "reform Congress" set the stage for Congressional investigations into illegal activities and other abuses by US intelligence agencies, particularly the FBI and CIA.    The abuses included domestic spying on Americans, harassment and disruption of targeted individuals and groups, assassination plots targeting foreign leaders, infiltration and manipulation of media and business, human experimentation using drugs as part of a "mind control" program, and more.    A Presidential commission and several Congressional committees, the most famous of which was headed by Senator Frank Church of Idaho, held hearings and produced reports over the next few years.    After the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974, an aggressive media and a reform-minded Congress began uncovering abuses by the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies.    Some of the findings of the Church Committee led to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, which investigated the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.    The Frank Church Papers are found at Boise State University.
    I also stood at a protest at the capital in Boise, Idaho when California governor Ronald Reagan was coming to Idaho to put in some good words for a candidate running for governor.    As his limousine passed by us I was the one holding a picket sign that read "DON'T CALIFORNICATE IDAHO."    This is amusing to me now, because ten years later I voted for him as President.
    This is to let you know when you vote for a President and the lesser of two evils is your goal, please understand that may not always be what you get.    George McGovern ran on the "Peace platform" to stop all the wars, and as you know Nixon dropped more bombs than any President in our history.    The point here is that McGovern went back to South Dakota as governor and his constituents wanted him to solve the problem of the Indians trying to form their own country in the United States.    So the peace person sent Federal troops in to slaughter the renegade Indians.    Some of us even took some days off to go to South Dakota to deal with legal issues for the Indians after the Wounded Knee slaughter.
    Over time I became a problem for the Air Force, because I was assisting with legal help for GI's who wanted out of the service and their trials with the UCMJ.    I had helped many GI's get Honorable Discharges.
The Colonel Got Scammed By Me
    I eventually found myself being harassed by the upper brass, and limiting my flight line duties and giving me cleaning details in the barracks.    My squadron Colonel who was specifically giving me a hard time, so I went in one day and checked out a specific regulation book.    I prepared an official looking request per a specific regulation that had to be signed by the Colonel for approval.    The one thing I learned about military officers is that they would never admit they did not know a regulation.    So I went in the next day to the Colonel's office and presented him with the document.    He looked it over, and then asked his assistant to go get the book on the specified regulation.    He came back claiming that book had been checked out.    The Colonel looked at it again and then signed it.    I got my copy, and returned the regulation book back the next day.    A few days later my Sergeant asked me, "Did you know that the regulation the Colonel signed does not exist?"    I said, "Yes, I do know it," and went on my way.    After that I never had a problem with that Colonel again, since I had a copy of his signature and approval of a regulation that did not exist.    All I had to do is show it to his supervisor and he could lose his bars and commission.    I still have that piece of paper with me to date.
The General Who Pissed Me Off Definitely Made A Big Mistake
    In a continuing incident with a General, who was also hassling me?    Since I did work on the flight line, I saw many things, but the one thing that I did see was this General do was a big no no.    He made the mistake of using a military fighter aircraft to fly to California to attend his daughter's wedding.    So with the help of the group I belonged to assisted in contacting Barry Goldwater's office and reported the incidence of a U.S. Air Force general using tax payer dollars for his own personnel business.    After that I never had a problem with that general anymore either.

    At Mountain Home, AFB it is on a desert at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains and I did a lot of camping in a rural outdoors.
    I must admit that during the previous years I was involved with some drugs, mostly marijuana and Amphetamines (speed in those days), alcohol, and did experiment a few times with Hallucinogens during a time when they did not kill you like they do in today's world.    I was never addicted to any of them.    I also experimented with Yoga, channeling, and Hermetic Sciences and many other things of that time frame that I will not mention here.    During that time as I have written already in my other book at http://www.mazzaroth.com/Introduction/TOCForeword.htm, where I state that I was a person that was on the path of eternal damnation.    My sins were great and the influence of society on me at that time had created a person which I consider a monster now.    Most persons during that period were educated and influenced by the influx of German philosophies and Eastern mysticism.    This resulted in the anti-establishment phases (political activism, anti-war and alternative lifestyles), drug-cultures (mind expansion and experiments), sexual revolution (free love and sex), and in general a new morality (based on spiritualism and occultic practices).
    I was nowhere near the person I wanted to be, and the pressure to do what I do grew to proportions that was not in the best interest of my health.    I started feeling like the Prodigal Son and I believed I had hit rock bottom and started searching for the answers for a way out.

    A miraculous change came over me one day in 1974.
    I had just drove onto the property as the sun was setting and the evening darkness formed.     I was sitting in my Van in the parking area of the Covered Wagon property and at that moment a very scary and bewildering moment came as I began seeing demons running around on the house rooftops and I believed they were coming to get me as they were jumping around and moving stealthily toward me.    It was a hair-raising moment and I was scared to even get out of my van and locked the doors to the van.
    It was such an awakening moment that I began praying and ending with repenting my sins and asked God to come into my life and forgive me of my sins, guide me in the ways of righteousness and lead me not in temptation.    And the only one way out was by believing in Jesus Christ as my Savior.
    At that very point in time was in front of my Van about 20 feet away and this image very similar as seen above but really bright white just appeared as if a window in space opened and a great rush of warm wind within a fuzzy lighted vortex like source came at me through the front window of the Van while in my Van with the windows closed and I could feel it clouding over me and all I can say is this is of what I believed to be the Holy Spirit came upon me and it gave me an incredible experience like I had never seen or felt before.    I had no idea of how long that occurred.    All I know is after that stopped I felt as if a great burden had been lifted from my heart and the scene I saw before was gone.    And I knew what had occurred and now as a new Christian I began to seek to find the Truth.
    I can only explain what I experienced here is what I have found in the Bible in Genesis 15:17-21 is a very unique passage that refers to a smoking oven and a flaming torch which passed between two pieces which some think is a symbolism as seen in the passage in Genesis 15:17 "It came about when the sun had set, that it was very dark, and behold, there appeared a smoking oven and a flaming torch which passed between these pieces.    On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram..., which was the way it was described in the mind of the ancients, but to me it was a "great rush of warm wind within a fuzzy lighted vortex-like" image.
    After that incident I began my new life by reading all the red lettered words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and researched the meanings of His words and parables, with a zeal to know what it meant to be a Christian.
    I would like to remind all that even Jesus experienced a similar event like I did as seen below to tell his disciples what will come to them soon.
    Acts 1:8 "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."
    Acts 1:9 "And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight."
    Acts 1:10 "And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;"
    Acts 1:11 "Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."
    Acts 1:12 "Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is from Jerusalem a sabbath day's journey."
    Then there is Acts 2 is where the 11 Disciples experience the Pentecost and had nothing to do with Apostles:
    Acts 2:1 "When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place."
    Acts 2:2 "Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting."
    Acts 2:3 "They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.
    Acts 2:4 "All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them."
    All of us are sinners and must repent our sins.    Jesus died in place of our sins.    Now becoming a Christian is not easy, because you must give up and stop doing your old sins.    The goal is to sin no more and try to be Christlike, based on his earthly teachings.    For many years after this I faltered many times, but always asked God to forgive my sins.    Christianity is also a maturing process.    But it was that point above that I made a serious change in my life's path, and as you see in the following God had plans for me.

    After taking on the White House all the way down to the lower military brass, the Air Force considered me to be a serious thorn in their side, and they created or offered a special DOD directive to allow me to get out of the service with an Honorable Discharge and full benefits.    Isn't it amusing that between my college days and now the Air Force both have considered my influence on their institutions had affected them so much that little radical me could be that individual.    Of course I had to go through my own UCMJ trial, which I proudly provided them with all my accomplishments, before they offered it to me.    It was no long drawn out event as it came as fast as they could push it through the system.    So I signed it, and left the service with new goals in mind.

    So as I said above I consider myself as a radical, I probably have my name in some subversive file in the Air Force archives in Denver, Colorado.    I knew that I would have to leave this area to get away from what I had been doing to start a new life.

    Isn't amusing that months before I was offered the above to get out of the service I took my Ford Van and rebuilt the engine with more horsepower by an officer who owed me a favor that I did for him and then my buddie Dennis helped me purchase and refurbished it as seen below, so I could live in it, with all the convenience anyone could want, it was perfect.    I also had a golden retriever dog from a pup and that I had trained while in the service that had a 140 word command vocabulary, and 40 of them were hand signals as I had a lot time to myself to do such things out on a desert.    So I think the spiritual incident that happened above is working in my life to take me to a different place to achieve something that I do not know what it is yet.

    Above left is Rex a retiring veteran who was my traveling buddie and we stopped in Reno to rest and have a beer.
    Above right is the view of the front of the van, with shag carpet, paisley curtains and a Glaupunk stereo system.
    Above left is a large poster on the ceiling looking to the front of the van which I paneled the entire inside.
    Above right with a view from the side doors open you can see a 4 inch shag carpet on a 4 inch foam pad
with a Naugahyde covered seat for storage, fridge above, storage and 8-track tapes and ventilated ceiling.
    Above left is a view to rear of the raised bed with speakers you could hear a mile away and door to storage under the bed.
    Above right is the view from the open back doors of bed with a 4 inch foam pad, covered with Leopard skin, and pillow with carved posts and a lighted storage shelf.

    With an Honorable Discharge and full benefits, I was out of the service I believe on November 8, 1974 with only 2 years and 19 days of active duty.    A GI friend of mine who lived on the group property with his wife and had gone to duty in Europe told me he would meet me in California when he got out.    So I agreed.    Another GI friend who also got out with me both headed to sunny California together hauling his sailboat.    We stopped in Las Vegas, Nevada for a break before going up to cross Donner's Pass in a snow storm and then into California and made it to the Golden Gate Bridge with a view of the Pacific Ocean and a stay overnight in San Francisco.    Then we went on down past San Jose and along the coast to Santa Cruz, a beach city with a pier and carnival, and sailed his sailboat on the ocean from there on the Monterey Bay down to Monterey.    We then hitched rides back to get my Van and returned to go pick up the boat.    We were living it up and that was his dream to sail his boat on the Pacific Ocean.    But living on the streets was rough on my friend, which of course did not phase me at all.    So he decided to rent a car and hauled his boat back to Colorado where he was from.    I never saw him again.

    At some point I remembered that I had relatives in San Jose, a cousin, which is also where my service friend wanted to meet.    So I contacted my relatives and she was so happy to hear from me and invited me over and also allowed me to stay with them for awhile which worked out great for me.

    My friend who went to Europe got out of the service and was heading home, he told me where to go to where his wife was and stay with them until he got there.    When he got there, I found out he has a brother in the Los Angeles area and we and his wife were going down to rent a five bedroom house together and have some fun.    So we loaded up all belongings, furniture, etc., including his well-trained Doberman, as he was the one who taught me how to train dogs.
    We headed out to southern California and ended up in the city of Thousand Oaks, in Ventura County, north of Los Angeles on the Ventura Freeway.    It was located in the Conejo Valley (Indian word for "Valley of the Rabbits") and the city named after a tree did have a huge Oak tree which grew right in the middle of the main street of the town.    This area was developed by the famous western movie icon Joel McCrea and also some of the scenes in the television show "Bonanza," were filmed in this area.    Even Dan Blocker, "Hoss" originally was a school teacher from there along with Kurt Russell originally born in Springfield, Massachusetts, but in 1969, he graduated from Thousand Oaks High School in southern California for his careers in Hollywood.    In my later years in this city Soleil Moon Frye who won the role of Penelope "Punky" Brewster in the sitcom Punky Brewster, a series, which debuted on NBC in September 1984, and she would visit a cohost Cherie Johnson who lived next door to me.

    I have an amusing story about my Van and the Doberman.    I use to roll my own cigarettes with top papers and Prince Albert tobacco, and I could roll one into my mouth and come out with a cigarette while driving a vehicle.    So I am riding down Ventura Freeway with my friend's brother and the next thing you know I am being pulled over by six Chips (California Highway Patrol) vehicles.    So I stop and the officer comes up to my window and says we have probable cause that you have contraband and may have been smoking it.    Another officer had got my passenger out and had taken him up to the fence and was patting him down.    I got out of the Van and handed the officer my pack of top papers and squeeze pouch tobacco holder.    I told him what it was and that I had rolled my own cigarette while I was driving.    I then told him that he had no probable cause that I had contraband in my vehicle and demanded to speak to his supervisor as we walked towards the back of the Van and to the other side.    The other officer was about to open the two side doors of the Van, when the Doberman stuck his head up in the window.    I told the officer that I would not open that since that dog loves bacon.    They were getting a little frustrated with me, and I then told them that they have two minutes to either arrest me or let me go.    They went back to their cars and had a little powwow and then the head officer came back after a minute and told me that we were free to go.    I was expecting Eric Estrada to ride up on his motorcycle any minute.    So as in my case it is good to know the law, in that if they arrested me I could have filed a lawsuit against them for not having probable cause and especially no evidence to prove it and such show of force against me and witness to boot.    So why don't they just leave little ole radical me alone.

    The gang rented an apartment at first and then we moved into a 5 bedroom house and I filed for unemployment and lived off that for a year, since I got out during the post impeachment Nixon years of recession and jobs were hard to come by.    We mostly enjoyed life and had fun.    I did work for a refurbisher of fixer-upper houses for money under the table and then joined the real world and worked as a clerk at a 7-11 store and eventually went back to try to finish my degree at Moorpark College mostly for a few courses mostly art classes and returned to painting on canvas and made my easel and still had all my oil paints and brushses, and the class was amused that I made my own canvases as most are now purchasing them from stores.    Eventually the government caught up to me to pay my half $2,500 of the college tuition and I paid them $50 a month over time to pay it in full and still decided that I did not need a degree since the way they credited todays system did not help from what I did in the 1970's.    So I nixed that and went on for a new strategy for my life.

    While I lived there I returned to oil painting and here is some of my work the first one can be seen on the wall:
    As seen below I named this painting Trip to the 5th Dimension and give you two views to see the whole painting and you can see the size of it in the room above.
    It took me 40 hours to paint this and I sold it to someone eventually, as a matter of fact all my paintings were sold which follow.
    My next painting below was called Border To Civilization and the second one "Renaissance Faire" which was from an image of tightrope walker at the Renaissance Faire in Agora Hills, California an event I went to every year.    That one was an experiment in color.

    Dennis and I did some odd jobs to pass time and we kept our trained dogs, the Doberman and Golden Retriever in the garage, and apparently the owner we rented from came over one day and the dogs got out and he never got them back in.    We came home and discovered the dogs were let out and started a search and sadly discovered that both had been killed on a very busy 4 lane highway.    That was devastating to both of us since we had put years in training the dogs.    My Golden Retriever had 140 word vocabulary and 40 of them were hand signals.    But our lives went on.
    Over time good things end and my friend and his wife separated and eventually both moved away.    So the house broke up and we all moved out.

    My life was okay and you can see above that the Disco Days were here.    Laurie Schmidt above was the love of my life at that time.
    I then rented a 5 bedroom 2 bath house with furniture and appliances, and then rented out four of the bedrooms to first come.    I filled the rooms and this paid for all the rent and utilities and I lived for free, with the master bedroom and walk-in shower and a patio door.    I just managed the place and dealt with all the issues and mishaps.    It was during this time that I spent a lot of my time researching and reading a lot of books and gathered a lot of information about my knowledge of the items that would influence my future and gathered it in several spiral notebooks.     I got a new dog but did not spend a lot of time training it.    Laurie who I really adored and we had a great time together until things went south and the relationship ended.    I was devastated over it as there was much more that occurred and even today I still think about it.    I had a few more relationships after that but all were short-lived.

    In time I began to settle down and join the human race again, dumped the house renting and got me a nice apartment.
    On March 29, 1976, I began working for a pool and water heating company in Westlake Village as a spot welder, six months later as I have always did a good days work and and revised the way we did spotwelding on cabinet production and doubled the output from 50 to 100 per shift which impressed the Foreman and I was offered with a raise to be the lead person of Spotwelding.
    And within a year and a half I moved up to Foreman of Spotweld and Paint Departments for methods that I did to improve that also.
    By August 27, 1979, I became a Plant Supervisor in charge of 6 departments and 100s of workers.    So during all this effort I had used my artistic talents and drew manuals of how to assemble, weld and paint all of our products.    I had done this so I could go on vacation and my workers could still get things done.    Plus I revised our manufacturing methods by having the tool room persons to make more efficient tools and fixtures to improve production and this all in time got me noticed by all the big wigs for the improved results.
    Also I was not a "Yes Man," as many were.    In a meeting one day all the managers/forepersons were in the Vice President office and he was asking all for some solutions for various issues, and no one responded about it because they liked the status quo I guessed.    But I spoke up and told the Vice President what was wrong with certain things and did something most did not know how to fix those issues.    No manager wants to find out the problems after the fact, in this case I was telling the VP how to fix them before they happened.    It was this issue that moved me up into higher management eventually.
    As time passed the Vice President of the company had a predetermined motion time class for all foremen and managers.    I aced the test and the VP first moved me up to the Engineering Department as an Engineering Technician to assist in updating all the companies' bill of materials and help them understand the product and design issues based on what I had changed in the manufacturing sector recently and methods and the ideas I proposed did improve the production levels.

    During my years at that company I met Gloria due to a company accident in which she had set her hands on fire cleaning with Toluene and gloves with the fingers cut out.    She went to break to have a smoke and I found her running down an aisle with her hands blazing on fire.    I tackled her down in the middle of the Paint Department and ripped my shirt off to cover her hands and put them out, which burned all the hair off of my arms.    She had second degree burns and had to do hyperbaric chamber treatments for that.    We began talking and over time got together some and it led to us eventually getting married.    This was my first time to get married and we honeymooned in Las Vegas and to a woman who was ten years older than me.
    The outbreak in 1968-1969 known formally as H3N2, the flu strain was highly contagious, and left clinics in the city packed, with 500,000 people infected, before it steadily spread through Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Europe and the US, and killed an estimated one to four million people globally.    These viruses: H1N1, H2N2, and H3N2, respectively, an epidemic in 1977.
    So heres my story one day in the late 1970's I began to experience pain in my chest and breath, and coughing, so I went to the doctor that day.    I was checked out and the doctor told me that I had the Hong Kong Flu.    I asked him to give me something to cure it and he informed me that there is no medicine for it and I would just have to survive it.
    So I went home and sat in my chair and tried to breathe, and my lungs hurt and it hurt to walk and this continued for three weeks.    My parents who lived in Kentucky were going to fly to California to visit me and concerned.
    So my wife drove me to Los Angeles to LAX and we parked, and I got out and as I walked toward the airport and I had to stop every 15 feet to catch my breath and eventually made it to the airport.
    Their flight had not come yet and the wife wanted to go shop and I saw a bar to my right with some comfty seats and said I would be in there.    So I sat and ordered a martini, so I hoped would put me out of my misery.    It was pretty good so I ordered another one and drank it.    It was getting close to when their flight was due so I paid the tab and walked to go find the wife and when I went out of the door I realized that the Hong Kong Flu was gone.    I could breath, jump, and run and felt great, it was gone.
    So what was the cure, a martini is made from vodka and vermouth (an aromatized, fortified wine, flavoured with various botanicals roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices) and I was normal again and no one has ever asked me about it in the medical world so I do not know what was the cure.
    So to make a long story short we were married for only 5 years five months and divorced.    I was the reason for the divorce apparently due to a generation gap and we grew apart in time because of my moving up in the company status as you will read below.    I thought being with an older woman would be the right thing to do, but it was not.    Gloria contacted me in 1995 needing a copy of our divorce papers because she was getting married again somewhere in Arizona.

    In time the VP gave me the position of Industrial Engineer on January 1, 1981 which had recently been vacated due to retirement.
    I attended California State University Northridge in 1981 to improve my skills in Industrial Engineering.
    Also expanded my skills in Resistance Welding in Los Angeles, Ca. in 1981, then trained myself in the skills for NC/CNC Programmer for Machining Centers, Robotics and Peripherals, and Auto Turrets from 1982-1985.
    Then self-taught myself Material Requirements Planning: (MRP/MAPICS) for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering in 1985 because someone had to do it.
    Then attended a course for Microsoft Basic Programming, in Thousand Oaks, Ca. in 1987, which gave me a background in computer programming, and of course that inspired me to learn everything I could about computers and even artificial intelligence.
    All this led to myself having a very furtive career with top of the line automation and manufacturing competitive techniques just coming online in the early 1980s, and resulting in the company winning market share against competitors and improved its profitability.
    I had finally changed my life and was a man with great faith in God, who was providing me with what I needed, not what I wanted.    On top of all of this I began playing competitive tennis again and played in the Grand Prix circuit in California which was two tournaments a month and I was good enough to win and return the next weekend to play in some quarter-finals in the Ojai Region.    I won enough points to be invited to the Five Regions finals in Los Angeles on one year.    On top of all that I ran 40 miles a week and rode a ten-speed bike 60 miles a week, and I was a dynamo at 35 years of age.

    I thought that I had it made and in 1982 I met Colette and we hit it off and eventually I got married again to a woman who was supposedly 10 years younger than I.    As things go sometimes in time, the marriage started out rocky, she over dosed on medication and I had to take her to Westlake Village Hospital to take care of that issue and this event forced me to put her in Sansum Medical Clinic in Santa Barbara under the threat of divorce.    She made the choice to go in so she could dry out for 6 weeks and get on the right medication for migraine headaches that were caused by a car accident she was in.    She succeeded in the treatment and returned to the marriage and things were good and in time we had our son, Kyle Richard Cornwell born December 6, 1983.    Kyle was the joy of my life and life was good for a few years with the wife and child.

    But within 5 years of that marriage, I went through a really bad situation with my wife, who apparently relapsed into the previous issue and who became a hazard to me and our 3 year-old son, Kyle.    She was abusing alcohol and drugs again to kill her pain from migraine headaches, which I had already gone into debt to help treat her for, with the best of medical care.    She would disappear for 5 days at a time with no information of her whereabouts.    I had finally got fed up with her and also the company had recently changed ownership, with new management which I was not pleased with.

    It was a hard choice to make, but I terminated my job, and packed up and left with Kyle and drove for 3 days back to stay with my parents in Kentucky in 1987.

    But after a few months the wife filed for divorce and custody and California forced me to bring him back and I suffered paying an attorney an $8,000 retainer and ended up with alimony for 16 months and I lost every right, except to visit Kyle, who was 4 at that time.    I argued with her Jewish attorney about that and told him that I will return for the trial to prove that she has lied about half of the things she put in her report.    This forced me to leave Kyle in California with a situation I was really concerned about.

    In 1987, I got a new job in Tennessee as the Industrial Engineer with an Office Lighting Company, where I was helping them so much that the first two years there I was getting 15% raises.    During this time I sat down and went into my Air Force days mode and prepared my own case.    I took a leave from my job and in 1988 flew to California to visit Kyle and also do my own investigation work while I was there.    Also while I was there the former company paid me to come in and help straighten things up and give them insight on what they need to know since I left in such a hurry.

    I had to pay some back alimony when I got there to get my visit, so the wife and myself went to a local bank to cash or deposit the check.    We went into the bank which was full of people and the wife was in line to cash the check with the teller and I was standing to her left side facing her.
    All of sudden all the hustle and bustle of people in the bank came to a slowing stop as if time had stopped.    I was not sure what was happening in front of me, and at that point I looked at my wife and her face was waving in and out while spewing demonic sounding foul words out of her mouth directly at me.    This caught me totally off guard in that I had never experienced anything like this and had no idea of what to do.    It was not like in the movies where the priest starts throwing holy water at the beast and yells be gone demon.
    After the words from her mouth stopped after 20 to 30 seconds and the room was still stopped but slowing everything was returning back to its normal speed.
    I have always heard that the devil can control the atmosphere and to date I still do not know why this happened.    But I did know one thing that I thought my wife was possessed after that and she did not even know that it happened.
    We left and returned and I went to get Kyle and did all kinds of things with him during my days there.    And as you can see my appearance is constantly changing and my first son and his well-being was my main priority in life.

    Went back to my new Kentucky home and domicile and got my ducks in a row for a court trial in two months.
    Finally flew back out for the scheduled trial with great faith in God that he would guide me through this ordeal.
    Using a few pretrial fear tactics of a witness who was standing outside the courtroom, that could testify against her for some really damaging character, and attempting to get evidence of her mental state in the court from an attempted suicide, which I never had any intention to get either into the court, it was just so she could see that person and have it in the back of her mind and of course the Judge.
    We began the hearing, a five and half hour trial, and I went before the Judge as my own attorney under the guise as not wanting to use any more money for my son's future than is required.    When time came I put my ex-wife-to-be (Plaintiff) on the stand and asked her a barrage of circling questions, which no attorney would know to ask (because I did my own investigation and knew my wife better than anyone), after a few rounds of questioning and making her to answer unknowingly she was refuting her original statements and ended up based on her testimony not answering in such a way that the judge heard was not in the best interest of the child.
    Her biggest error, and I had a witness outside the courtroom, was that I got her to admit that she had let her former ex-husband who was living with her after I left, which I knew that the judge would see as not in the best interest of the child.
    After leaving the courtroom I thanked God for guiding me today.    I left and ended up on the elevator with her Jewish attorney and as we were going down he just popped up and told me, "That I did a very good job for a layman."    Little did he know of my past?    I left the courthouse and went to Los Angeles and paid an attorney a $1,500 retainer to close my case and dot all the is and cross every t, then to LAX and flew home.
    Two months later the judge ruled for me to have custody of Kyle, so I flew out to California and picked him up before they changed their minds.
    To let you know the odds of fathers to win custody of their children in California is 5 % and the odds of taking them out of state is 1 %, so I did both.    So God blessed me that day, and also my church had a prayer chain on the event.    I know of fathers who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and got no more than visits.    God was looking out for Kyle.
    I did well and it was in the best interest for Kyle and we flew back to Kentucky so he could be nurtured in a good environment with 32 known relatives.    I had even conceived that my method to win custody as a male could be a good subject for a book but I seriously knew that it was God who moved the powers to be.
    I let his mother come back to Kentucky and visit in December 1990 for Christmas because I am a forgiving person, so she could see him and attend his play in a church skit.    She came off the airplane high as kite and I had already committed to this.    I wanted Kyle to know his mother and endured the stay under close scrutiny, until she left to go home.
    In 1992 I got the news from her brother that she died in Los Angeles from an overdose of 5 different narcotics, leaving Kyle motherless and over the years my parents and brother's family mostly helped me raise him.    Kyle received $268 a month of Social Security until he was 18.

    I joined a Tennis Club in Bowling Green, KY and played Level 5 tennis there a couple days a week.    Also every weekend I would travel to different cities in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia to run races in 5Ks, 10Ks, and Half Marathons for many years.    At one time I was in the top 15% of runners in the state of Kentucky.    During those years I met a women who I knew in high school and dated, no long term relationship, but she did go to the weekend events with me and Kyle.

    In 1990 in Franklin, KY., I bought my first house which was 83 years old and had three bedrooms, two baths and seven gables for $59,000 and also married my third wife, Brenda, who was my same age.    She and her daughter became a new family for Kyle.
    The company joined the computer age and as an Industrial Engineer they had me updating the company with new computers and software, servers and networking, including the new automation which I had connections to it all.    I even was trained at companies' in Nashville Tn. 1997-1998 to deal with Web Development and business on the Internet, along with Win 95/NT 4.0

    After 20 years of intensive research of the Bible and astronomy, it was 1990 when I got to the point where I was ready to write my first book.    It was 1990 when Microsoft Word 6.0 came out with the ability to paste graphics into a word document and I began writing my book with graphics.    Also I had access to office printers to make copies of images from magazines and books and I learned how to send those images from the copier to my office computer, which allowed me to copy and save and transfer to floppy disks which is by the way why a lot of my early images were black and white, until more images came out on other internet sites.
    So during the next 5 years it was an obsession as I put all that 20 years of research and developed my own concept of what I believed had occurred and many days on early PC computers creating my introduction, and then chapters saving them on 3.5 inch floppy disks (by the way they were not floppy).    As I continued that process I ran into snags in my structure of what my subject was proving and there were days when I thought I had done all of this for no reason.    Everytime this desparate situation came that some spiritual influence stepped in and would show me something in the news or even sometimes at the library I would get a book off the shelf and opened it up to the very page that had the answer to my problem, and that gave me strength to know that there was a heavenly influence that got me started on this endeavor is still guiding me to do this task which you have seen that influence in what you have already read above.
    It was titled "The Alpha and the Omega" which means the beginning and the end and I finished it by 1995 when the Internet had just came out.    It had Volume I and Volume II and if printed out it was near 1,257 pages.
    I sent a 125 page synopsis to six major publishers in New York and one of them was interested in my work but since it was not in their budget it was a no go.    So I took 350 pages from my 1257 page Volume I and II and created a free to view website with no advertisements to sell my book and self-published and you can see that by going to the following link http://www.mazzaroth.com.    This work was an obsession of creation for me and took up a lot of my time as well as all the other things I did.
    As you read on, my life was about to make a drastic change but the obsession to get this work out did not stop me in anyway.

    But in time things began to change as a new President took over the company.
    Everything was going well until the end of 1998 when the company made some bad decision and was forced to downsize.    I was offered a severance pay of $8,500 after 11 years and the company eventually went out of business by 2000 as what it was when I worked there and not the same in todays world.

    So after 17 years as an Industrial Engineer I decided to change careers, and was on unemployment for most of the year 1999.    I used my severance pay to go to New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Nashville Tn. and from April 1999 to April 2000 completed the MCSE track for NT 4.0 Core Technologies, TCP/IP (geek training), and SQL Server 7.0 System Administration, which gave me the certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and qualifications to become a Network Administrator.

    I got a job immediately in May 2000 in Nashville as an I.T. Systems Engineer making $10K more a year than I did as an I.E., so my investment was good.    The company did claims adjusting, and was very hectic, with a tough President, who had gone through three IT managers already but by December 2,000 I was the low man on the totem pole for a new Manager that he had hired and he had gotten what he needed from me during that time period.    So I was again let go due to downsizing.    So I was on the unemployment line again, but not working 9 hour days and driving for 2 hours a day.
    To add to it when I told my wife Brenda of 10 years that I lost my job within a couple of weeks she wanted a divorce and left me.    So I went through another sticky divorce both of us at age 50.    This marriage changed in the last two years when I discovered during the marriage that she had been stealing money from my bank account around $1,100 and would not divulge the reason for it and this became a turning point.    And to top that off after she left that I discovered that she had a drug addiction of Tylenol with Codeine #3, an opioid pain medication which is a narcotic and I found bags of prescription bottles stuffed in the back of the upstairs closets which were not even in her name, which she stole from her home health patients, and was refilling them for her use.
    I put the house up for sale for the upcoming divorce and sold the house and moved Kyle and I into an apartment since I would be moving around anyway, and he was finishing his senior year of High School.
    In February/March 2001, I became employed as the LAN Administrator at a Japanese-owned company in Bowling Green, KY., who made fasteners for the automobile companies, and things were looking up as this being a career as I was in charge of all and did it all as to the network with the latest in Windows 2000 technology.    They must have thought I was doing a good job as I got a raise by June, which put me in a high income bracket.    While I was working at this company, three other companies in the area that I had interviewed with announced they would be going out of business, which made me feel fortunate I had a job.    But then of course there was this dotcom bomb after the 9/11 Trade Tower event on September 11th, 2001 and after that the country started experiencing economic issues and the stock market crashing which turned out to affect the automobile industries which affected this company and by March 2002 I was on the unemployment line again due to downsizing, as they had my manager take over my job.
    Of interest here the 9/11 World Trade Center destruction in New York became a sign of a beast that came out of the sea that all I had written in my book signaled the events that the Book of Revelation in the Bible which I had started in my Chapter Eight beginning in 1950 reflected the six Seals of each 12-year periods were being opened and that was leading to the year 2022 or 72 years, which is 1 degree of the circle of the orbit of the earth/sun around our Galaxy with each of the constellations of the Zodiac for 2,160 years times 12 symbols which totals at 25,920.    And as you can see that Israel became a nation in 1948 and Trump moved U.S. Assembly to Israel in 2018 or 72 years or 70 years later into the Age of Aquarius in 1950 and the modern news of Arab nations joining with Israel into a Abraham Accord is a definite sign of the times, and that caused me to add more online information about all of this.    But understand I released my book in 1995 or 22 years later when it will be 2017 and retired at 66 years of age that everything I wrote in my Chapter Eight in the book is coming true in todays world.

    Did I learn my lesson?    Apparently not.    While I was living in the apartment, I met a 27 year-old woman, named Amy living next door to me.    We eventually started talking, making meals together and eventually dating, and became fond of each other's company.    My divorce was still in process.    It was an unusual relationship since I was 51 years of age at that time and 24 years older than her.    Do not consider this unusual I probably started this fad many years before that Paul McCarthy, Mick Jaggers and that Clooney guy ever even thought about it.    Even today I found that Donald Trump was 53 years old when he married Melania at 30 so I even beat his 23 year difference.    But Amy provided me with an incentive to enjoy life again.    She also had a 4 year old son who thought I was amusing.    My son Kyle, had a great senior year, as he was a really good high school basketball player, who sparked his team to win the district tournament for the first time in 17 years.    They went on through to lose in the semi-finals of the region in March (Remember that in 1969 my team I was on, went to the State Tournament for the first time in the school's history).
    During this time frame I found it to be impossible to get a job with companies beginning to downsize and outsource.    After many interviews I was giving up hope, and even looking for work in other states.    Amy was a Kentucky elementary school teacher who even lost her job at the end of the school year.    She was fortunate to find a job in Bowling Green working as an Assistant Director at a childcare facility.
Pictures of Kyle growing up below.
Kyle below in his senior year of high school on Prom night with my mother and father.
    Kyle graduated and planned to attend Western Kentucky University in the fall, and would live in Bowling Green with friends in August.
    Around June 2002 my divorce was finalized.    Amy and I had become very close and I asked her to marry me.    She said yes.
    We got married on July 20, 2002 in the home of her parents in Marion, Kentucky.    I let my apartment go, and moved into her apartment.    I was still unemployed and at the end of July applied for a job at Dell Computers in Nashville, Tennessee.
    I was hired in September 2002 as a Senior Technical Support at Dell Computers, and went through four weeks of training and on contract with Dell for 9 months and making half of what I made as a Network Administrator.    Tech Support is not the greatest job in the world, but it was paying the bills.    Dell is not an easy company to work for, since they squeeze every ounce of soul out of you to achieve their efficiency to the highest degree.    Everything was based on biometrics, which is kind of like Pavlov's dog.    They hold up a biscuit and expect you to drool.    I was desperate for work, so I put up with it, while still looking for other employment.    I did everything from Tech Support to Sales to Operating System Installs, and saw no work elsewhere on the horizon.
    In May 2003, Dell started letting Tech Support personnel go.    I knew my 9 month contract time was short, since I did not achieve the efficiency they wanted because I would spend the time helping solve people's computer problems, rather than to try to take 20 calls a day.    As a former Network Admin I had to fix people's problems not fluff them off to the next tech.    Soon they downsized a whole group of Tech Support personnel and sent the jobs to Bangladesh, India where they make one-sixth of the income we do in America.
    So I was back on unemployment this time in the state of Tennessee.
    Since Amy was employed I became a house-husband for the first time in my life.    From that point on I searched for jobs, and did not age myself in my resume, and would get called in for job interviews due to my skill set.    But for some reason did not get hired after 4 interviews with jobs I was very qualified for.
    Also during this time I continued to work on my book for a new Volume III which I finally finished and released on June 27, 2003.
    My unemployment was good until January of 2004.
    Around October of 2003, Amy had an offer for a job that paid more as a child care worker in a daycare at a hospital in Paducah, KY.    So we moved to Ledbetter, KY., a community which crosses a bridge at the Tennessee River into Livingston County and located on a strait between the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers.    We rented a 3-bedroom house with a garage and workshop for her son, and us to live in.    Amy's mother and father had recently purchased a home a couple of miles away on the Ohio River.    Her mother was also employed at the Hospital, and father was correctional officer at Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville, Kentucky about 32 miles away.    He had worked there for almost twenty years.    It was good to have grandparents nearby to help us with Michael as to babysitting.    I still had the role of house husband, and continued to search for work.
    From October on I had around seven good interviews.    As I said my resume is very impressive and you can look at it for yourself click on this link Jim's Resume     My resume does not age me, and I got called in for interviews, always in the top two or three in contention for job offers, but no takers.
    With my unemployment expiring in January of 2004 I was getting a little worried and even applied at every Temp agency in the area.    In early January of 2004, I had an interview with a Barge Line in Metropolis, Illinois.    There were three of us who were brought in to be interviewed, a 30-year-old male from Saint Louis with a Hindu accent, a 40-year-old female from Chicago with a Russian dialect, and myself a 53-year-old white male, English speaking who lived 27 miles away.    It turned out to be a six hour interview with five managers and the President of the company.    I was sure that I would get this $25 an hour job.
    As usual I did not, and finally gave into the reality, that I must be experiencing age discrimination.

    I accepted my fate, that I would not regain a job in the computer field in our present economy and with one week left of unemployment I was desperate and over-qualified for many of the menial jobs.    It was time to pray to God for help.
    On the very next day a Sunday, I received a message from a temp agency for a job at a local factory, to start that night on the 11:00 pm to 7:00 am shift.    I could never get a hold of the agency, and went ahead that night to the job.    When I got there they did not know who I was, but someone had not shown up to work and they worked me in their place.    It was a grueling night at a very pacing and hot job moving hot tank heads from a oven conveyor belt.
    The next day I got a call from the temp agency, telling me that they did not need me for that job.    I informed them that I worked it last night, but was informed by the agency that the employee had returned so I would not be required for that night.    They asked me to come in and fill out some paperwork and do a drug screen.    Then they asked if I wanted a dayshift job in Paducah for $6.25 an hour starting Tuesday.    I accepted.
    I guess the good Lord GOD was looking out for me this week, as a mess up in paperwork got me pass the over-qualified status on the very day my unemployment ran out.    He gives you what you need not always what you want.    My wife was happy for me.    Here I am at 53 years of age, a person who had high incomes for over 30 years, working in a factory in west Paducah, making $6.25 an hour, as a temp.    So it is back to the basics for me.
    The job was with a company that made fruit juices and bottled them, in plastic bottles.    I started out stacking 16 pound boxes of bottles on a pallet, filling about 41 pallets a day.    Over half the workers there were of Hispanic nationality.    Since I had been an IE and Plant Supervisor for many years, after 2 months I had set up the procedure for stacking so efficiently, in order to make the job easier, and showed others the same techniques, that the management noticed me.    They moved me to another line and trained me as a backup for a production labeler, and I ended up working on the unscramblers.    These are a huge hopper, where you have to move, open and lift 50 pound boxes of plastic bottles, and pour about one every minute into the hopper.    The bottles are unscrambled and then the machine organizes the bottles for a conveyor line to the production labelers, which then goes to the filler room.    It was a pacing and hot job.
    So around February my father-in-law told me that they were hiring at the Penitentiary.    So being a veteran, I got my name on the register with the state to work at the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville, KY, as a correctional officer.
    My wife's health insurance kicked in about May of 2004, for full coverage.    I had been experiencing pains in my lower back for months, and was having blood in my urine.    I was also having spells of breaking out into cold sweats and begin dry heaving for periods of five minutes to hours.    It had even prevented me from running, because of the blood in my urine.    I went to the doctors and had test done, even a stress test for my heart, and was healthy as an ox.    The lifting jobs at work were taking its toll on me, but I just suffered through it.
    I had organized the scrambler/hopper job so efficiently that I could do two hoppers at once.    That was a mistake, because the management saw this and then inserted a walkway platform between every two hoppers so one man could do two at a time in order to cut down on labor cost.    You can see why I was an Industrial Engineer at one time.    Of course this intensified my spells of nausea, and my urine began turning blood red.    I had been doing this job for almost three months.    It finally dawned on me what my problem was.    I had kidney stones.    I had the same problem in 1993 and had to have a Lipotricy done to break them up.    So I made an appointment with a Urologist who x-rayed me and determined that I had two large stones and one small one that would require me to have another Lipotricy done.
    So I scheduled it for the first week of July and all went well.    For the next week I passed a load of broken up kidney stones.
    After this I felt like a new man, no pain, and returned to my running and enjoyed life again.    I had lost 20 pounds while working on the unscrambler for the past four months.    In the heat of the summer in a factory that could not open any doors to prevent dust from getting into the bottles.    All we had was floor stand fans to cool us down and was still a very sweaty hot job.
    Well, all I can say here is that the good Lord must have been looking out for me again.    I was humbled and he has guided me most of my life to the places that he wanted me to be at for his purpose.    This surgery was timed just at the right moment in my life.

    I was called on July 16 by the Personnel Department from Kentucky State Penitentiary that I am scheduled for an interview at the facility on July 19 at 1:30 pm.
    I went to the interview on Monday the 19th, and brought the information that they requested.    When I was driving down the winding curves on the downward grade that overlooks Cumberland River, you can see the back side of KSP.    It has the look of a castle from that distance, but the rolls of razor wire along its perimeter fences and walls tells you that it is a secured facility.
    After parking in the front road, right at the lake, I got out and gazed at the front of the building for a minute.    It has the eerie look of a castle.
    I walked toward its front opening, which is under a wallstand.    There was a sign that lists all the regulations that are required by visitors.    Next I could see two huge stairways, going to the left and the right, both leading to the center of the next flight leading into a glassed end opening, with wooden benches on each side.    Directly ahead was a barred gate with a barred door gate, and behind it a desk with a correctional officer asking why I was here.    I told him I was here for an interview.    He asked for my driver's license and gave me a clipboard with a form to fill out.    He then issued me a visitor pass.    The gate door opened and I entered and was asked to empty the contents of my pockets in the plastic tubs on the desk and they took my note binder and searched it.    He found two 3.5" floppy disks that I had from my previous interviews and told me that I would have to take the disk off the premises.    I did that and came back and was asked to walk through a metal detector.
    I then sat and waited, while filling out more application forms, for a second time and attached a resume.    Finally two older officers came and asked me to follow them.    They led me down a long stairways with old concrete walls, and then into a room used to hold court for Lyon County for the interview.    They asked me a series of questions about what I would do or have done in certain situations.    My interview went well and they informed me to call back on Thursday, July 22, to see if they would hire me.    I am sure they are running background checks.    I left feeling good about my interview.
    My father-in-law said they are in great demand for officers since many old timers are retiring soon, and there is a lot of turnover in this job.    The monthly salary starts out at $1654.58, which was $4 more per hour than what I was making now.
    I waited until Thursday and made a call at my first break to KSP.    They informed me that I was hired, and that I should be at the facility by 7:00 am on Monday July 26, 2004.
    I immediately informed my present employer that tomorrow would be my last day with them, and what I would be doing.    At my last day on the job, they worked my butt off.    And during a company-wide meeting, the day supervisor announced that I would be leaving today.    She commented to everyone that "I hope no one here ever has to visit Jim at work."    I finished the day and said goodbye to everyone who I had made friends with in my six months at that company.

    Hired on July 26, 2004, and went through the Basic Academy for Kentucky Department of Corrections, Division of Corrections Training in Louisville, KY., in August, 2004, and started a new career as a correctional officer.
    I have been there to date, and had not made below 30K a year in over 30 years, but happy at what I do, it is the easiest job I have ever had in my life, and I plan to put in 12 years 5 months and retire in January 2017, with a high social security rate, and 35% of what I make when I retire from the state.

    I have worked hard all my life and I think God put me where he wanted me to be for a purpose for now.    From the day I entered orientation I had planned on writing a book about my prison experiences in the coming years as I have worked every post, including death row for two years even during execution, and have experienced all the segregation units.

    Amy, her son Michael, and I moved into our new house on June 26, 2007 which means I hope I am settled for a long time.

    Also God has blessed me at age 56, as Amy and I have had two new healthy baby boys together:
Ethan Patrick Cornwell, who was born on December 6, 2007 seen below left at one year old.
Evan Flynn Cornwell born on October 21, 2009, seen below in the middle at one year old.
    And of course this is a handful for me and I hope to see them graduate from High School.
    Kyle Richard Cornwell below right is a successful car salesman/appraiser in Louisville, Kentucky and has recently announced an engagement to his beautiful fiance and will wed in April 2011.    And hopefully will continue the Cornwell name and give me my first grandchild.

Jim A. Cornwell, GOD HAS BLESSED ME AND ALL IS GOOD, now for the rest of the story of my experiences at Kentucky State Penitentiary.
    Well with my start at July 26, 2004, I ended this book with the first Execution of death row inmate Marco Allen Chapman on November 21, 2008 at 7:34 p.m. during my 4 years and 5 months at Kentucky State Penitentiary and my experiences with this institution until January 26, 2009.
    It was God's will that put me in death row during that event for close to two years and the drama to a finale for this work.
    I plan to write more books about the rest of my 8 years and experiences here at the Penitentiary in the near future about the transition of politics from the Republicans to the Democrats who took over the state and corrections.

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