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"Pisces and the Bands (Star Chart)"
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Star Chart Pisces


    Pisces, The Fish [Middle English, from Medieval Latin Pisces, from Latin pisces, pl. of piscis, fish], is on the Meridian on November 10. It represents either one or two fish, in the sky known as the Sea. Depiction’s of the constellation show the two fish, with the string tied to their tails meeting in a knot marked by the brightest star of the constellation. The easternmost fish lies beneath Andromeda and runs southward toward Cetus. The western fish is beneath Pegasus, oriented east and west. A circlet of faint stars marks this fish’s head. In some cases the circle of stars marks the fish itself.

   Today the Sun is within the boundaries of Pisces from March 13 to April 19, and so is in the constellation when its path (the ecliptic) crosses the celestial equator around March 21. This event marks the vernal equinox, the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. In ancient times, when the zodiac was defined, the Sun was in Aries when it crossed the celestial equator, and the vernal equinox was known as the first point of Aries. It is still sometimes called that, even though it is now in Pisces and will eventually, because of precession, occur in the constellation Aquarius.

   For now the celestial point that marks the vernal equinox is located about 8 degrees south of the star w Piscium, in the southern part of the constellation.

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Denderah Zodiac and modern Pisces

Arabic Lunar Mansion Names
Star Names of Pisces

    Other information: Al Samaca is one of the brightest stars means "The Upheld." Isaiah 41:10 "I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." The Hebrew samak, saw-mak’, a primary root, to prop (lit. or fig.), reflex, to lean upon or take hold of.

   One source claims Okda is Hebrew meaning "The United." Unity (Heb. yachad, yaw-khad’, also yahadh, unitedness, join, unite, Gr. henotes, oneness).

Fishers of Men and Fishes from the Holy Bible:

The Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes from the Holy Bible:

The Bands That Connect The Two Fishes

   In Job 38:31 "Loose the bands of Orion," where bands or "knot" which appears as the better parallelism. Job 9:9 refers to bind or loose the tie, implying to loosening of the bands by which the constellation Orion is held fast.

   Bands is from Heb. mowshekah, mo-shek-aw’, active particle feminine of Heb. mashak, maw-shak’, to draw, thus something drawing, i.e. (fig.) a cord, band. Also found is the Heb. mowser, mo-sare’, also (in plural) feminine mowserah, mo-say-raw’, or moserah, mo-ser-aw’, from Heb. yasar, yaw-sar’, to chastise, properly chastisement, a halter, restraint, band, bond.

   The Bands, is not a constellation it is part of Pisces. The band or bridle which connects these two fishes. This intersection is made at the back of the head of Cetus, The Sea Monster. We are born in bondage to sin. Man is not free, he is bound with a chain to Satan who turns us wherever he wishes. This is the bondage that Christ has redeemed us from. The other intersection is that the foreleg of Aries, The Ram (or Lamb), is a picture of Christ with his paw placed on those Bands tied to the Sea Monster, which portrays Christ as taking the bridle in His own hand. He redeems us from the monster Satan and sets us free.

   One of the fishes moves toward the Pole-star and the other along the ecliptic. The first fish may be the Old Testament saints already taken by Christ to heaven, to the extreme north.

   Revelation 14:4 "These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth".

   With Christ holding onto to the reins, this fish is following the Son (Sun) in the ecliptic (the Sun’s path through the heavens) a picture of what the Church should be.

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