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    Aries, The Ram [Middle English, zodiacal sign Aries, from Latin aries, ram, zodiacal sign Aries], is on the Meridian on December 10. The second smallest constellation of the zodiac, is composed principally of only three lackluster stars. Aries is seen as a ram, an animal prized by the nomadic tribes of the Middle East. The zodiacal symbol represents the head and horns of the animal.

   Around 4000 B.C. the Sun was in this constellation on the winter solstice, which for some cultures marked the beginning of the year. By 1800 B.C. because of the apparent shifting of the sky due to precession, the Sun came to be in Aries at the beginning of spring, which was true in Europe until the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar at the end of the 16th century.

   Since the second century B.C., when the astronomer Hipparchus mapped the heavens, the vernal equinox and the point in the sky where the Sun lies at that instant have been known as "the first point of Aries." The beginning of the astrological period called Aries coincides with the first day of spring, March 21, but because the precession of the equinoxes continues, the Sun today is actually in Pisces at the beginning of spring and does not enter Aries until April 19.

   Others call Aries ‘The Lamb,' although it is a Ram-like creature comparable to the Capricornus Goat-like creature giving rise to a fish. In the New Testament the Greek word for Lamb is very similar to the word Aries, look at them for yourself.

The different types of Lambs of the Bible.

   The astrological symbol shows the Lamb facing backward with one paw on the Band, which at one end holds the two fishes of Pisces, and the other end is bound to the neck of Cetus, the Sea-Monster--a varying picture of Satan, the great leviathan of the Scripture. As in the first chapter of Job, God constrains Satan where he cannot do more than what He allows him. Thus Christ is with one hand upholding the Church and also controlling and restraining Satan. Even in Revelation the power of Christ will chain Satan one day.

   (Note: It looks as if Cetus had broke the Band, where Aries is a piece of the Band separated, and the two bands of Cetus are being held by the Ram, and Taurus is the other end of the Band which forks off to Auriga upward and to a break above Orion from Gemini.)

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Denderah Zodiac and modern Aries
Arabic Lunar Mansion Names
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   Of interest is in Daniel 8:3-8, the word ram in Hebrew is ‘ayil, ah’-yil, from the same as Heb. ,‘uwl, ool, from an unused root, to twist, be strong; properly strength, hence anything strong, specially a chief (politically); also a ram (from his strength); a pilaster (as a strong support), an oak or other strong tree.

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