From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter Three
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
"Old Testament Chronology -- From the Creation to the Flood"

   After months of researching the Bible thoroughly and independently arriving at the view which has been presented in chapter one, two and three of this book so far, I discovered the following information. It shows the three accepted biblical accounts and compiles what each states about the Chronology of the Old Testament patriarchs. It was quite refreshing to see that I was not just spitting into the wind on some of the concepts. It is obvious from the below tabulation that both Josephus and Luke used the Septuagint for their genealogical background material.

Chronology, Old Testament

   Calculations of the years from Adam to the Flood vary: Modern science is in no position to supply a detailed and final solution.

Three accepted biblical accounts of the Creation to the Flood

   Before continuing to the next page this is a notice to all persons who have ever stated that the King James version has no discrepancy and the same deny that it does, has never actually read what their own Bible says as seen in the following three verses.

Genesis 11 verses Luke 3:36 about the missing generation

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Later in Chapter Four is discussed the missing years of the chronology under Evidence of Abram.
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