From The Alpha and the Omega - Volume III
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © July 20, 2003, all rights reserved
"Correction for Asshur's Descendants"

    On January 13, 2003, I received the following email comment:

    I notice you have stated that Asshur was the son of Nimrod, but nowhere in the Bible does it say he was the son of Nimrod.    I would think if in fact he was the son of Nimrod, Moses would have said so in light of the fact he made that distinction with so many others.
    I like you, always assumed that was the case until I saw Asshur's name listed as a son of SHEM NOT CUSH.
    This brings great new meaning when you trace the births and spread of families to the fact God moved on Terah to get up and leave UR for they lived at the time of the confusion of languages and the conduct and influence of a guy like Nimrod began to pollute the children of Shem so that explains very clearly why Terah and his sons were told to go to Haran.    Sheds an entirely NEW light on this matter.    Sometimes the Bible is clearer by what it doesn't say than what it does say.    In this case we cannot assume the Asshur who built those cities was a son of Nimrod.
    I would think if Nimrod had other sons such an important person as Nimrod would have his offspring listed by Moses.
Chew on it...
G Hiles

    Response to Gary Hiles' email:

    Yes you are perfectly correct in your statement about the descendant, as to the phrase on the website at\ChapterThree\BiblicalInfoOfGiants.htm.    "Also attributed to him and his people were the building of Erech, Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.    Asshur, son of Nimrod, built Nineveh, Rehaboth, Calah and Resen."
    Thank you for making me aware of it, and as you stated it is an easy one to make "Asshur son of Shem" verses "Asshur (Assyria) god of Assyrians.

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