From The Alpha and the Omega - Volume III
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © July 20, 2002, all rights reserved
"Demo of Volume III - Decans of the Zodiac of Denderah"

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Denderah Zodiac

Zodiac viewed at bottom starting at 0 Degrees, Decan 0 the Circle of Eight, and then left to right Decan 1 through 12

As presented by the Egyptians the center of the Zodiac is what the Sumerians called the MUL.MUL, stars.

The Man (Aquarius) is seen to its North, the lower left-hand quadrant
- Winter Solstice, i Aquarii.

The Eagle (Scorpius) is seen to its West, the lower right-hand quadrant
- Autumnal, b Scorpii (Girtab).

The Lion (Leo) is seen to its South, the upper right-hand quadrant
- Summer Solstice, a Leonis (Regulus).

The Bull (Taurus) is seen to its East, the upper left-hand quadrant
- Vernal Equinox, h Taurii (Alcyone), of the Pleiades.


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