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   Response from the writing forum:

   "How much time did you spend writing your book? (Not to mention formatting the content?) Too bad my father isn’t alive ... he was a Biblical scholar in his spare time and would have enjoyed reading it."
   Durant Imboden -- Writing forum manager MSN.

   "Downloaded your book brief. Excellent, excellent, work. Should get it on the stands. Compared to most of what’s out there this is an outstanding work of research and original thought."
   Gary Weishaupt -- MSN member Napa, Ca.

   Response from web site synopsis: after going online in April of 1998

   "Bravo on your hard work on (Zodiac of Denderah) in identifying the symbol for the axis of the Temple! Also your assertion of the Age of Capricorn being the beginning of the Great 25,000+ Year Cycle and the Age of Aquarius being the end was fascinatingly backed up by the Egyptian carvings of the Square Zodiac."
   James M. Rogers -- Cartersville, Ga., June 10, 1998

   "I love this site, its full of the most interesting information. This is a must-see!!!"
   http://www.casscorner.com/reciprocallinks.html, or
   Cassandra Doyle, July 24, 1998, "http://www.casscorner.com/"

   "I have been searching for months to try to find any information on Ancient Hebraic/Judaic (Sumerian?) Astronomy.    When I came upon your website I couldn’t believe my eyes.    I really didn’t think I would find any references to this subject."
   Anonymous – aol.com, August 20, 1998

   "I really enjoyed visiting your webpages.    They are very unusual, and informative."
   Anonymous – Japan, November 05, 1998

   "I am SO impressed by your scholarship and web site, I have ordered both the manuscript and on-line access.    This is one of the most incredible pieces of research I have ever seen on this subject.    This is a must for people to know."
   Anonymous -- California, November 20, 1998

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   "I am forever grateful to the information which I have gathered from your research and I think you are one of the most insightful authors of our time and I wish more people thought like you.    THANK YOU sincerely, a true believer. "
    Jason Bateman, Medway, MA, March 24, 1999

   "I read through your introduction this morning and found myself associating with much of what you said.    I've been a Christian for over 25 years.    In the last few years I have come across many facts that seem to be completely ignored by the modern day 'Church.'    Most of these I have discovered through research in archaeology, geology, astronomy, and various other sciences.
    Your website is the first one I've seen that looks at some of these findings and relates them to the scripture.    Bravo!
   Anonymous -- Seattle, Washington, June 4, 1999

   "With great interest have I been following your webpage.    There are many points of interest that your research raises with regard to the great sojourns from Numidia to Iberica around 1,500 B.C.    There is ample evidence of predictable maritime explorations of this great land."
   Bruce L. Raphael -- research editor for the Worldtree Chronicles, Melbourne, Australia, June 7, 1999, see "http://www.geocities.com/worldtree_2000"

   "Jim, from what little I've seen on your site, I'm flabberghasted, in awe, impressed, seen nothing like it, you seem to carry the word of authority!!!    I can't wait to read it all.    Your web site has accomplished a monumental task of integrating the Bible, history, language and astrology.    And making a unified theory is the most difficult."
   Robert Teeter -- Boynton Beach, Florida, June 14, 1999

   "I find the information very informative and absolutely fascinating.    I would really treasure a copy of your book for my own reading and learning endeavors."
   Denise Dunham -- North Carolina, September 16, 1999

   "A word about your URL.    Azazel is not the evil spirit on who the sins of Israel were laid upon.    Azazel is the Archangel of Death - you know that Black Angel with the Scythe in his hands who comes to reap the Souls of earth and takes them into the Underworld with him?    I have had some contacts with Supernatural beings from the spiritual realms, and I have seen Azazel - he is a very powerful Archangel in God's service.
   You know I don't understand - just what is the purpose of your URL?    Christians are supposed to refrain from the Occult, but your URL gives information about it.    What are you trying to teach people?
    Anonymous -- Melbourne, Australia, September 24, 1999 - proclaimed Satanist and member of the Draconian Church found at "http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Bistro/1368/churchmain.html"

   "Studied your pages on http://www.mazzaroth.com/.    It is very interesting."
   Anonymous -- Dubna, Russia, September 30, 1999

   "You know the study of the meaning of the position of stars is called astrology and it is a sin against God."
   Anonymous -- aol.com, November 11, 1999

   "I have visited your site and read about you.    May God bless you in your great work doing for our Creator and make mankind to be revealed to the unknown facts."
   Anonymous -- Caracalla, Romania, November 16, 1999

   "I really appreciate your theories on the astrological significance of the bible, it is a very very very interesting subject ... I have even bookmarked your Alpha and Omega page.    I believe you have a lot of insight and I commend you for putting your work on the web for all to seek out and find if they wish to."
   Anonymous -- Colorado, November 23, 1999

   "Dear Jim, after browsing your web page and the contents of your research, it has opened up the Bible in a whole new light."
   "Again, many many thanks....this work 'makes sense.' I know that may seem trite, but in a world that doesn't always 'make sense,' especially in these last days it is refreshing to find a work that brings the Word into focus.....it's like saying 'Aha....that's what was going on."
   Janice Link -- Bloomfield, New Mexico, November 27, 1999

   "I spent a great deal of time on your site, you have done your research and put in a substantial amount of time developing a great resource.    While I am an extreme novice in this field of study, some unusual and hard to explain consequences lead me to your site, especially when I realized that you have found a synthesis with the ice ages/wurm/interglacials and the mazzaroth. "
   John Cotter -- aol.com, December 7, 1999

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World Access to mazzaroth.com in the year 1999

   "First of all I would like to say what a wonderful site, I cant wait to tell everyone I know."
   Anonymous -- earthlink.net, Tennessee, Februrary 18, 2000

   "Dear Mr. Cornwell: I have been visiting your website with much interest, and religous history is a serious hobby, wherefore, I find articles such as yours very edifying."
   John Shugart -- ashugart@sginet.com, March 10, 2000

   " Dear Mr. Cornwell:
    Before I became a born-again Christian, I was raised in Astrology.    I came to the understanding of the counterfeit that it truly is.    But counterfeits only exist where something real exists.    Later I became aware that God Himself had revealed his gospel in the heavenlies, as well as depicted the story of the battle between spiritual wickedness and the Creator and His creation, and the coming completeness and perfection in Him.
    Many times we believers will read the Bible and skip over things that we do not understand, even clear arche-types that are mentioned repeatedly and from cover to cover.    Are we going to take a scissors and cut out sections we don't accept or understand?    Or should we diligently study and ask for revelation of what is truly there?
    You have unraveled many of these mysteries, and put them within a structured framework of understanding them, the Mazzaroth, which seems to be very plausible.    I plan to spend much more time on your writings to study the timelines you advance, but nevertheless, this work should be embraced by believers as an incredible and invaluable source to aid them in the study of the Bible.
    The Lord had set me on a course of studying the Scorpion (and the wicked, foolish shepherds who scatter the sheep) vs. the Good & True Shepherd.
    Your website aided in shedding incredible light on this topic, plus spawned other tributary studies.
    Thank you for the time you spent making this information available!    It is truly amazing!
   Cherie Koch -- Tempe, Arizona, May 1, 2000

   121,802 persons viewed this site in the year 2000.

   "Personally I'm bored with hearing of "The Great Egyptians" and all of the more of the same information being released to the public.    Egypt is a link in a chain and Shumer is the oldest link found so far.    I find it odd that so little is really known about Shumer considering how old it is and how long ago the civilization was discovered--maybe it's because it makes the Egyptians seem not-so-great.    I will be checking your site since you seem to be doing real research as opposed to the odd-hock stuff thats on the web.
    Maybe one day someone will be able to go back to Iraq and do some digging.     Good luck.
   Michael Devonish -- mdevonish@hotmail.com, April 9, 2001

   "Your site is amazing. Not only do you have an interesting theory on the alignments of the constellations to the time-structure, you are a historian. You must have the patience of Job to be able to research and document all the findings that you put forth."
   David Brown, Fletcher, NC, October 26, 2001

   "Yes, I am very impressed by what you've discovered.    More, your index shows a depth of honesty in your research that goes beyond anything I have ever seen from a Christian.    It's quite refreshing and I hope you reach a wider Christian audience for the sake of Christians.    Most today have fallen into a world of superstition and blind faith that is bringing a total discredit to the religion.    This danger has given rise to fundamentalism in this country...really no different from what's going on in the Muslim and Jewish worlds.    These Christian fundies simply bomb doctors and abortion clinics instead of embassies and twin towers.    So your work seems important to me.
    You've created a tremendous resource.    And I see myself consulting your work for a long time to come.    But utterly fantastic read and worth every penny I spent.     I can't wait to see Volume III!
   Paul Joseph Rovelli, Newark, NJ U.S.A., zephyros@a-m-h-r.org, December 12, 2001

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The entire work was updated on November 27, 1998 Volume I and Volume II for a finished work.
Hebrew transliteration compared to the KJV translation can be ordered separately at present.
Volume III subjects will be on the web site www.mazzaroth.com/ as to any thing new discovered to date.

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    Volume III is now complete and released for those who purchased Online Access for The Alpha and the Omega - Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III.    It can be found at the following link Volume III Online Access - Denderah Zodiac, Grand Temple, Esneh Connections

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    "Dear Jim, I visited your website and read a little of the enormous amount of rich and deep information gathered there.    I have bookmarked it for perusal later."
    Anonymous -- Melbourne, Australia, November 19, 2004

    "Hi Jim, I was reading your kool website on the Mazzaroth.    I am interested in this and doing some personal research.    Thanks."
    Anonymous -- Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 21, 2004

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    "Very interesting research!"
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    "I recently encountered your on line book Alpha and Omega and wanted to thank you for an exceptionally well thought out presentation."
    Anonymous -- Rockford, IL., May 6, 2005

    "Hi... my name is Lucy and I came across your web site which I found very interesting especially when talking about the earth's age."
    Anonymous -- Canada, May 13, 2005

    "I have read many papers, talked with many ministers and lay people, and have come to the conclusion most do not know how to do research, or if they do, it is incomplete, lacks good resources, and presents claims that are simply not true.    This is not true of your work.    I have been accessing your website since 1996.    It is one of the first sites I came across when I used it for the first time.    We fail in our research because we fail in thinking how God has thought about the matter.    I see your work as a resource in example of the excellence we should all be seeking to attain.    Not necessarily by content, but craft, though this topic has been of keen interest to me for a very long time.    You own this work; it is your passion; It is a drive.    Bless you for that zeal."
    Anonymous -- Ladonia, Texas, October 11, 2005

    The Alpha and the Omega - Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III was released on November 1, 2005 as CD-ROM Version 1.0 and has been upgraded to version 2.0 as of April 15, 2006.    It can now be ordered at Book Order Form.

    "Thank you for enlightening and inspiring us with your presence / presents.    I was led to your gem-of-a-website a few years ago and resonated to the 'frequency of your intentions'."
    Anonymous -- Hawaii, January 9, 2006

    "Dear Mr. Cornwell, First of all, I thank you so very much for all your incredible knowledge and most exciting and informative and wildest Website I have ever visited!!    I have been to thousands of sites looking for more insight into our last days of wickedness on this Earth.    Your vast knowledge has helped me see things even better Jim!    I had to thank you Jim, someone Divine is helping you to help many, and I thank you with my whole heart for your vast knowledge!"
    Anonymous -- Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, February 2, 2006

    "Where do you get all this information.. it is amazing... Regards."
    Anonymous -- Bogata, Columbia, South America, April 27, 2006

    "Hello Jim: I received your CD on Monday.    Thank you very much for your speedy delivery.    Jim, you are surely a gifted individual with profound insights within your book.    Keep the pedal to the metal!    I am enjoying your book tremendously but can only digest limited information because of its deep content.    I love this stuff.    Take care and God bless you through Jesus Christ.    Our Lord!"
    Anonymous -- California, May 3, 2006

    "I came across your site today, and I am astonished at the amount of information contained therein, I am taking my time to read the chapters available online.    Being a student of the scriptures I am delighted and fortunate to have come across this site.    I will write again soon, and just want to thank you for making such information available.    May He continue to open the eyes of your understanding.    Amen."
    Anonymous -- June 15, 2006

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    The Alpha and the Omega - Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III CD-ROM Version 2.0 has been upgraded to version 3.0 as of October 31, 2007.    It can now be ordered at Book Order Form.

    "Mr. Cornwell,
    I did receive the CD-ROM and look forward to absorbing the valuable information it contains.
    Joe Johnson, Missouri -- January 20, 2007

    "Dear Mr. Jim A. Cornwell
    Please let me introduce myself, I am the director of the Givatayim Observatory in Israel and the chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Association.
    I am about to publish a book about the 88 constellations, in Hebrew encyclopedia format spanning about 900 pages.    It will cover the lore and legends of the stars and constellations as well as description of the deep sky objects in each constellation.    There are some articles referring to the ancient Egyptian signs.    I have seen many drawings of the Dendera zodiacs, but I find your Web-site as one of the most professional sites dealing in this item.
    I would be pleased to have your permission to use some of your Dendera images or drawings, under a credit, in my book.
    Igal Pat-El, Ramat-Gan, Israel -- February 27, 2007

    I came to your site really by accident but found it very interesting/Fascinating reading (albeit a tad above my head!).    I initially contacted an Egyptologist (in Egypt) because when I was 10 years old I saw a photo of an Egyptian wall painting of the zodiac signs and the 'pisces' symbol looked very much like 'dolphins' swimming in opposite direction and so after all these years I have finally been able to query this.    I kindly received a reply saying that it would have been the 'denderah' which if found in the nile does resemble a dolphin?    So I typed in this word hoping I'd see a photo of this Denderah fish/mammal?    But I spotted your site and got totally sidetracked!!!!
    Best wishes ... I'll keep reading .... I'm only a mere beginner!!!
    Michele Cowell -- March 27, 2007
[I sent her a file on the Egyptian HatMehit]

    "From: professor Gideon Olanrewaju
Dear Jim,
    I was introduced to your site by a friend and after going through it I feel strongly attached to the truth you give because these are the truths that I've been searching for.
    Please what I found on your site are not enough for me, could you please teach me more because i believe in these truth.
    Than you sir, Your student, Gideon.
    Gideon Olanrewaju, President of ACTSeminary & Graduate Schools, Nigeria -- November 21, 2007

    "Subject: WTO To: mazzaroth@live.com
    Hello Mr. Cornwell,
    I came accross your site and would like to know if I may get more information about the 10 regions of the free trade.    Interesting, I also recently have been connecting the WTO to the 10 toes in book of Daniel.    I am looking for an updated list and more information about them.    If you could send me something or tell me where I can get more, that would be great and greatly appreciated.
    Scott Mason -- November 21, 2007
    Response: Jim Cornwell wrote:
    Dear Scott Mason
    At my site www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/?, I present much information about the 10 regions and news articles on its development.    Most of this is free online.    Volume II - Chapter Seven section A, covers most of this subject, but my Volume III released in 2002, which is a purchase only can be seen at www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm, continues the subjects of the WTO, G7, etc.
    www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/NewWorldOrder.htm, 1994 Jan-Oct., "THE NEW WORLD ORDER: (G7) Great Seven: the richest industrial nations of the world"
    www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/TheGreatSeal.htm, which covers what the Great Seal means and where it came from: a recap of world news events regarding the evolution of New World Order.
    www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/TheGreatSeven.htm shows the Council of Ministers, the EU and the Great Seven and what happened in 1995.
    www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/GATT-WTO.htm GATT to WTO Rev. 13:1, which continues to a link which requires a username and password for access to "Volume III - World Trade Organization Beyond 2000" http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V3WTO2000.htm
    www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/TenRegionsWTO.htm, which covers The 10 Regions of Free Trade under GATT - The New One World Trade Organization.    www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/RecentNewsWTO.htm Recent News Articles about the World Trade Organization.
    Volume III New Released Files on the Table of Contents includes extensive articles on your subject from 2000 to date.    All of this is on CD-ROM if you are interested and is too massive to send to you in an email.    I hope I have answered your quest.
    Jim Cornwell.

    "Hi Jim, thank you so much for replying ..I've been hoping to find someone with the gift of prophecy who has the Fathers WORD enshrined in their heart ... and from the Mountain of work you've done your love for truth is obvious.
    There really wasn't any One thing on your site that drew my attention ... all of it did ... as the WORD unveiled a few things regarding these END times we live in simply from the information on your site ...
    David Hooper, Washington -- December 14, 2007

   633,799 persons viewed this site in the year 2007.

    Response: Jim Cornwell wrote on February 12, 2008 in response:
Dear Benjamin S. Hall

    As to your questions:
Q) How long have you been writing this?
A) Please look at the following pages, which I think should answer this.

Q) Is it only available as a CD?
A) Only as seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm
    This is the best medium to sell the work around the world.    I give you a username and password to access it online, which is continually updated.
    The CD-ROM gives you all files to date as per version 3.0 release.    The CD-ROM allows fast access, compared to downloading files.

Q) What are your sales like? (High volume, low volume, etc?)
A) I had 640,000 visitors to my site in 2007.    Around 1 order for every 14000 visitors as seen on this page.

Q) What is your ultimate goal with this work?
A) I hope that the above links will answer that for you.

    Feel free to ask me if you need any more assistance with the site.


    You and I have a lot in common.    I am a Messianic Believer.    I too believe what the Bible says and not what the church has been trying to make it say.    For that I have been asked not to come back to several churches simply because I dared to say that the Law of Moses IS STILL valid and should be obeyed. I’ve been called a legalist, a Jew and many other labels because I refused to compromise what the WORD says.    I, like you, defied the authority of Men in obedience to YHVH.
    I have abandoned my Christian upbringing and began to study the WORD on my own.    I found that there are many others like me who have done the same and came to the same conclusion.    God has a name, a name that most Christians do not know or refuse to hear (YHVH).    He has a purpose for choosing the men that he chose.    He came to undo the condemnation of flesh and to set our spirits free.    He did NOT do away with the law, he fulfilled it, but his message about the law was this: The law is valid; the law will NOT save you.    The law exists to only show us all that we’ve got a problem that we cannot solve.    Only through the blood of Messiah Yashua are we set free of that problem.
    In the Messianic movement I have been exposed to all of the evidence coming to light here in the final days.    That trail of evidence has led me to you.
    I understand your apprehension to directly answer my questions – there have been many that have come against you.    I have the same goal as you – to rescue as many brothers and sisters that are trapped on this sinking ship as I can.

Benjamin S. Hall

    Glad to hear that you relate to my writings, and are searching for answers in the Bible instead of just sitting in a church singing Hymns a couple of days a week, hoping the Lord God (YHVH) will have favor on you this week.    I am not saying that churches are bad for you.    Just that the church is in your heart, not a building, not a congregation, but people who have great faith and do as Jesus Christ would want us to do.
    Once in church a Baptist preacher sat a menorah on his pulpit.    He tried to explain what it was and some history about it.    95% of the congregation had not ever heard of one or what it was all about.    Even though it is mentioned in Exodus.    I have always tried to relate any verse in the New Testament and Revelation with a cross reference back to its Old Testament counterpart.
    I am glad to hear that you are learning it on your own.    As you saw in the links I gave you that I did not fully understand the Bible until I started reading each verse in a three-fold concept.    Each one has a literal meaning, then a metaphysical meaning, then a spiritual meaning.    Understanding all three will help you achieve that.
    I was glad that my website led you to me regarding the final days.    My entire work covers it very thoroughly.
    I was not apprehensive to answer your questions.    I get emails from persons all over the world.    Some ask academic questions, some are looking for me to witness to them, some are into the esoteric knowledge, some are kooks, but I created those links to answer those questions.    If I answered all that email I would spend 3-5 hours a day answering them.
    So keep on helping those who need guidance, as I do and may the LORD be with you.

Jim A. Cornwell

    The 3-fold method is FASCINATING!
    I get the spiritual and physical, but what do you mean by Meta-Physical?

Ben Hall, February 13, 2008

    As I said on the bottom of my EmailResponse.htm page, "The Bible is a book written in each verse with a three-fold concept.    This is of course "the literal, the metaphysical, and the spiritual."    An analogy is the "Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."    If you only look at these verses from one point of view, and leave the other two out of your equation, then you will miss the whole point of the Scripture.    If you become too literal, and do not include the spiritual it will fail.    Like wise if we promote the metaphysical things as valid, and leave out the spiritual it will also fail.    It was when I began doing it this way that I started seeing the truth in Genesis, and the rest of the Bible.

    I also like this verse in Revelation 3:14-19:
14) And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write: These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.
15) I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
16) So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot.    I will spew thee out of my mouth.
    You can read the rest of 17-19.
    The reason I showed you this is that in my earlier years I researched everything from a scientific point of view.    So I looked at this as if Jesus was metaphysically talking about high cosmic physics such as negative-neutral-positive universes.    As if we are the neutral and not at the negative or positive.    In actuality the reference to cold-lukewarm-hot in the literal meaning is about a spring that ran under their church.    Spiritually it means that they are lukewarm and not hot to do the Lords bidding.    Metaphysically it has a very deep concept.    Do you know the answer to that?
    So I changed my ways to understand the Bible.    Check the site below for more on metaphysical:



    "Good Day Sir;

    It is a crisp, clear Sunday morning that I write from my study desk.    One can see through the long narrow leaves of a struggling tropical plant, beyond to the view from my window.    A bust of Kleo resides to the left, to inspire my memory of Egypt.
    It is this morning that I prayed that God would fuel me with more to learn.    It is certainly how I came upon your web pages, while looking into the Temple of Esneh.
    As I marvel at the complexity of ancient cultures and the recurrence of the zodiac in their art and architecture, I see that others have come before me to ponder the same curiosities.    So here I find you have likely spent many years accomplishing a tremedous task, and I ask myself how I might find your publication (likely) but wonder if I may ask a few questions of you.
    I am a teacher of the Holy Scriptures, though humbly I admit I am a novice of sorts.    I am emboldended by the truth that I am in good company, as the disciples were once the same.    I am seeking to find the mysteries of the heavenlies.    I love how wonderfully complex our God is, and yet He unveils astounding bits that mere mortals can comprehend.    One builds upon the next, upon more and greater, until I find myself overwhelmed.    So it is with encouragement that I find your works.
    To the questions: Are you currently still studying? Do you teach courses on this subject?    Where might I find out more?     How has the scientific community responded?    Who might you hold in esteem on this same subject?
    If you would reply, I would be most grateful.    Kindly, In Christ,
Marilee, February 24, 2008

    I am glad to hear you are still trying to learn.    I have been learning all my life, and still do it even now at my age of 57.
    I am glad that your quest led you to my web pages, and your specific interest in the Temple of Esneh.    I have been studying the subjects I do since 1972.    It is a growing work.    I do not teach, but my site and all its contents are the most complete as to covering the subjects you are interested in.
    As to your questions:
Please look at the following pages, which I think should answer most of your questions about what I am doing and why.

    If you are interested in more then you can view the entire presentable website online.
    Or you can order the entire work which is downloadable online and includes a CD-ROM, which can be seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm
    This is the best medium to sell it on around the world.    I give you a username and password to access it online, which is continually updated.    The CD-ROM gives you all files to date as per version 3.0 release.    The CD-ROM allows fast access, compared to downloading files.
I hope this answers your questions.    If you need any other assistance please feel free to email me, or call my cell phone at 1-270-933-2321.



    "I am searching for the information you have on Sagittarius something I have noticed about ancient images I was wondering if you share this with people I am hoping that maybe in your research you can answer a question or you have found information on it Thanks for any information you can give me on day 2 or Sagittarius."
    Reverend Lynn Wedewer - March 3, 2008


    Purchased your online book and love it!
    I was seeing something when looking at Orion.    It speaks of Ur-Ana light of heaven in Hebrew the Book of Luke is called UR or light, in Greek it means Wolf.    Then only in Luke (UR) you have the story of Anna ur-anna!    Any thoughts on this?

Anna - March 3, 2008

    Go to http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V3M07Lupus.htm and you will see all the Wolfy information you could want.
    Go to http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V3M03CanisMajor.htm for the Dog Star stuff.

    Light - Hebrew 'Uwr, oor, the same as Heb. 'uwr, from Heb. 'owr, ore, a prim. root, to be luminous, light, set on fire, shine; thus flame, hence the East (as being the region of light), fire, light; thus Ur.
    Wolf - Greek lukos, loo'-kos, perhaps akin to the base of Gr. Leukos, lyco-kos', white, thus from the whitish hair, a wolf.
    Luke - Greek Loukas, loo-kas'; contraction from Lat. Lucanus; Lucas.
    I do not think there is a connection between the above three.    Even the Greek wolf and Luke have different accent points as you can see.
    The site that you said validated it is making a transliteration of Modern Hebrew and fitting to the Greek words in the New Testament.    I have never dealt in trying to give meaning to modern words by using an ancient language.    It serves no purpose for me.    As you know Hebrew was lost after the exile, and to do what he is doing is trying to determine the vowel points that one thinks would fit.


    Thanks for responding! Yes I do have validation here is the sight it tells you that in Hebrew the book of Luke is called UR,
    But in Greek it means wolf, could this be a Dog star????
    Thanks again it pleases me that you have taken time to respond!
Sincerely Anna, March 5, 2008
Dear Anna

    Glad to hear you are finding enjoyment in the online book.
    As to your question: I take it your were looking at my page on VolumeIII/V3M02OrionDecan.htm.
    Only E.W. Bullinger and Joseph Seiss are promoting the concept that Orion was Oarion, the Egyptian Oar, from the Hebrew root, which means light, as in "coming forth as light."    The ancient Akkadian for Orion was Ur-ana, the "light of heaven."    The Akkadian solar deity was called Uru-anna.
    On my page at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterOne/MysteryEzekielAndJohnVision.htm I have found a connection in the Hebrew word for light as you can see in the below phrase.
    To see a connection with the word Lights in Genesis 1:14-19 with the following:
    Candlestick - Heb. menowrah, men-o-raw', or menorah, feminine of Heb. manowr, maw-nore', a yoke (in the original sense of Heb. niyr, neer, or nir, also neyr, nare, or ner, or the feminine nerah, nay-raw, from a primary root [Heb. niyr or Chaldean nuwr, noor, shine, fire]) properly meaning to glisten, a lamp (i.e. the burner) or light (lit. or fig.): candle, lamp, light; a chandelier, candlestick.
    As far as the Book of Luke meaning UR or light, have no reference to that.    Do you have something that would validate that meaning?


    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, as your site has so much information; I have barely skimmed the surface.    Yes I agree about ancient words making them modern, it is like trying to understand the ancient word with the modern mind and thinking they are the same!
    You have been most helpful in my quest for understanding and will study the links below that you sent.    One thing I see about your writings is that they are most exhaustive (much study has gone into your work).    There is something that has always puzzled me, it is the fallen angels (so called) doesn’t seem to be much info out there about this subject, have any suggestions as to where I can search?    Any certain author who writes on this subject accurately???

Thanks again, Anna March 6, 2008

    I am glad I have been helpful to you.    I am off work on Wed.-Thurs. so I have time to do that.    Although if I answered every email sent to me from around the world, I would spend 4-5 hours a day answering them.
    Yes my writing is exhaustive, and is a technical reference to any subject you would like to peruse regarding the Bible and astronomy.
    As far as fallen angels: you can go to www.google.com and type in the phrase and see what comes up.    I have extensive information on the fallen angels, nephilum (nefilum), annunaki (anakim) all throughout my work.    Just take your time and read through it and I think you will find all that you ever wanted to know, and did not know who to ask.


    "I received the CD.    I am interested in your work because I have always understood the connection between the stars and the earth.    As above, so below.    I’ve even gone as far as to teach myself Astronomy however I have not investigated it to the level you have.    I plan to pass this information down to future generations once I understand it in its entirety.
    It’s obvious you’ve received divine inspiration.
    Chanowk Yisrael, April 22, 2008

    "I am interested in developing a play or screenplay regarding the mazzaroth.
    The basic story line would be an Arabic professor’s discovery of the real meaning of God’s story as told through the stars.    In the beginning he would be an agnostic Muslim who has rejected not only Islam but all world religions.    One day a student asks him the differences between astronomy and astrology through history and did they ever coincide.
    As the professor goes through the naming of the stars one of the students who is also searching for answers has a bible he is Hebrew and is searching for the truths his grandfather taught him.    He is reading the story of Daniel and his role in Babylonia and Chaldea and how he starts the magi who eventually come to see the king of the Jews predicted on the information Daniel taught them and that was handed down of the years.
    Having a copy of your research would greatly help.    What are your thoughts?    Could this story of God’s plan as told through the stars be told through a 2 hour film? Or a three act play?
    Grace and Peace.
    Gerald Jerry Patrick Wood, Redondo Beach, CA, April 29, 2008
Dear Jerry Wood

    Is this a fiction or non-fiction play?
    As to your question: I have spent 25 years or more researching astronomy and the Bible, and my work is really a technical resource about any subject that you would want to know about that subject.
    I do cover the subject of the Magi and the Star of Bethlehem in my Chapter Six in Volume II.    The most remarkable thing about it is that a gentile group of individuals had to make the Jewish people and King Herod aware that the one who would be King has come based on their knowledge of astronomy and ancient prophecies.    The prophesy was in the book of Isaiah and Micah and no one in Judea was aware of its meaning.    It is definitely a possibility that Daniel taught this to a people that kept it and waited for it to happen.    You would also be involving yourself in the Zoroastrian religion in your quest.
    I am not the one to ask about fitting things in a time period or acts.    My own work is up around 3,000 pages now.    You will have to decide that based on your research of the subject.

Jim A. Cornwell, April 30, 2008

    "A story of fiction that uses nonfiction facts to communicate the good news of the messiah coming to redeemed and restore our relationship with the creator of the universe is the Goal.
    I heard Chuck Missler talk about the mazzaroth years ago and have been mulling over this a while.

    "Thank you for the follow up.    I have accessed your work and skimmed through most of it looking for particulars to questions I want answered.    My questions are the basic ones.
i) Why do we exist as we do?
ii) What is the purpose of the so called messiah and how will he accomplish same?
iii) What is the true relationship of the zodiac to the ages and the type of human/environment produced in each zodiac age?
iv) How many great years have we already gone through?
v) And the list goes on.........
    Some questions are easy and intuitive, others require work and dedication, and the rest are behind the veil... I guess to be unveiled at the proper time.    It is obvious that 2012 is a turning point as the thing that we are has gone to great lengths to provide reminders with colossal structures and extensive writings.    Also 2012 is the true start of the age of aquarius as one of the four cardinal reference points (winter) will be correctly aligned.    A new age will begin and all signs point to a cataclysmic renewal of the earth with a different breed of humans created for that age through the refinement of the great year cycles.

Benjamin Beneby, May 31, 2008

    I hope you find the answers to your quest in my work.    It is a very massive resource on many subjects.    Not one that I could justify an explanation in an email.    That is the reason I put it all in a readable format.
    So as to why, and what purposes, and the relationship of the mazzaroth (zodiac) to the ages, etc., etc. you will discover that after you read the entire work.
    As to 2012 being a turning point I do present a Biblical reference to it as seen in Revelation, but it is in total opposition to your statement that "2012 is the true start of the age of Aquarius."
    Enjoy the work and let me know what you find enlightening.

Jim A. Cornwell, June 4, 2008


    "I do appologize for any inconvenience to you.    When I found your sight I thought you were a Christian, Please cancel the order."

Pastor Donald Domangue , June 11, 2008
Dear Pastor Donald Domangue, Galilean Baptist Church, Houma, La.

    I will be glad to cancel your order.
    But I can guarantee you that you are judging the book by the cover.
    The site reaches the world, a world that does not know, or have even heard of Jesus Christ.    I have about 3/4 of a million individuals who look at the site each year.    That averages to about 1600-1700 persons a day.    I am sure that you as a pastor would like to know you were reaching or speaking to that many every day.    If I bring one of them to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior then it is worth the time I put into it.
    It is like a fishing hook with bait to attract those who are searching for truth or other things, just as you did.    I have never met anyone who did not find something in it that did not interest them.
    Once you begin reading into it you will realize that it is a book about Christianity.
    There are subjects in my work that you yourself would not teach or sermonize to your congregation in fear of retaliation even though you could justify them biblically.
    I know because I have been kicked out of some Baptist churches for showing people in them what is in their own Bible.
    So when you say I am not a Christian you are judging me by a work that was inspired by God for me to promote to this world.    Your opinion is yours.

Jim, June 11, 2008
    A week after I emailed him the above I received a check from him for his order.

    "Hi Jim,

    The CD came yesterday.    I have long been interested in ancient history, astrology, and biblical stories.    When I came across your work I was blown away ... I can't even imagine how long it must have taken you to put that all together.    I am a graphic artist, and it is inspiring a LOT of ideas for art work for me as well.
    I haven't yet had a chance to look at the CD, and I'm right in the middle of a computer backup so it might be a while yet.    I just wanted you to know that I found your work to be very interesting and there is so much to study now!

Denise Tyler, August 19, 2008

    "Hello Jim,

    I did write to you some time back regarding what you have written and ashamed to say it does go a little over my head but frustratingly at the same time is interesting.    Because of your in depth research regarding planets, stars and it was clear that there is a lot to be said about prophecies (sorry my only example is the Magi men searching for the birth of Jesus!).    Does it mean that there is still tell tale signs amongst these constellations regarding the future?
    I've been married now for 10 years (happily I might add!) but have not persued this subject further as my husband isn't into this, not that he's anti but as a couple one tends to do other interests that we both share so I'm afraid this area has been put aside.
    However, for some reason I have been meaning to ask you to check out another site and read some of the information.    Just as you have put so much research into your work, this person has done likewise.    For some reason I feel both your works would 'somehow' gel together rather like 2 missing pieces (okay, now you are thinking you are reading an email from some crazy woman!!!).    Its just something that has been 'niggling' me to do and the fact that I've done it I can say......well I did it and if you find this site I'm talking about of no interest then so be it.
    The site is www.bric.uk.com I'm sure you will at least have a peek.
    There I've done it!
    Very strange, it felt like one of those 'to do' lists that I can now tick as done!
    Best regards Jim,
Michele. August 18, 2008

    As to your information regarding John Denton.    BRIC (Bible Research & Investigation Co) www.bric.uk.com
    I do not find that this sites content is even remotely relative to my own work.    As I read through Chapters 1-12 it seems to be written as if it is a fairy tale made up to fit a specific belief, although the author seems to be trying to use my time frames for the 6 days of creation, except in jubilee years, something that I copyrighted in 1995.    The author makes a lot of assumption without any relevance, but tries to fit everything to the mathematics of jubilee years and is only recently created in 2007.
    To me the research is vague and uses Biblical verses to justify their assumptions about what they think occurred.
    If you would like to understand my work better check out:
    There I did it.

Jim A. Cornwell, August 19, 2008
"Hello again Jim,

    Hmmmm, no offence was meant Jim....did I trace a snippet of sarcasm in the last bit 'there I did it' me thinks?
    Nevermind, I just thought as your were more 'knowledgeable' in these things you'd find it more interesting...as with your info I found interesting but am unable to concentrate for too long, skip chapters digress etc etc etc (very bad pupil as in class many years ago!).    I have an artistic mind (no excuses just fact) and have trouble focusing on things such as this but when I'm working on my sculpture, artwork I'm in a world of my own!
    As I mentioned (I think) I have picked up snippets but as for the 6 days of creation I believe there are other religions that do follow these time scales e.g. Jehovah witnesses?
    I realize that these subjects folk can get quite passionate about and can cause quite heated debates plus disagreements and can even get worse I suppose.
    Myself I was brought up catholic, no other family members were catholic but Church of England but my mother liked the uniform and discipline it had to offer (fair enough!) so just with everything I just went along got my education that was that and as a lot of catholics would say, they didn't really understand what it was all about and too afraid to ask the nuns ha! (merely because we should know and shouldn't query anything anyway!)
    But I'm not a religious person anyway I.e. I don't really label myself with any group but wholeheartedly believe in God, creation etc., but am guilty regarding being one for the pomp and ceremony (went and filmed one of the little girls first holy communion as a gift for her...very cute as they dress up as little brides and the little boys look smart with their red sashes, I find harmless enough as long as its not taken too seriously okay a lot there do I suppose!    This was all at the local catholic church just in case you're not too familiar with this)
    Oh well, so you found nothing whatsoever having any connection in the slightest with your work....I'd admire you for at least looking and reading through chapters 1-12!    Not sure what you meant by the part you copyrighted in 1995 was it the 6 days of creation or the jubilee part?    As I said, I thought the J.W's followed something relating to this?    (see I'm a source of 'a bit of info' here and 'a bit' there) I suppose very frustrating to others but never meaning to offend.
    You mentioned the author uses biblical verses to justify their assumptions...don't take this wrong Jim I am not a 'heated debater!!!!' but aren't these biblical verses for that very reason?    But hey ho what do I know.
    Thank you for your time and replying, I hope I haven't offended or got you riled in any way and I will look at your website and try and endeavor to PAY ATTENTION!
    Thank you again for your time,
    Just out of curiosity did you write and tell the author of your opinions it might help him after all?


    There was no offense taken.
    At the bottom of the last file I gave you to read I make the following comment, which I consider the most important thing that one needs to understand when trying to relate their concepts to the Biblical text.    Whether it be Jehovah Witnesses, New Age frou frou, Christians trying to give their interpretations or anyone else.
    As in the case of your site with the Jubilees I see a mistake in their concept in that it is "totally mathematically based on their solutions to the Bible's complexity, and believe they can present it as a science factor, computer image or formula concept.    I originally started out that way, but soon realized it’s not quite that simple.    The Bible is a book written in each verse with a three-fold concept.    This is of course "the literal, the metaphysical, and the spiritual."    An analogy is the "Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."    If you only look at these verses from one point of view, and leave the other two out of your equation, then you will miss the whole point of the Scripture.    If you become too literal, and do not include the spiritual it will fail.    Like wise if we promote the metaphysical things as valid, and leave out the spiritual it will also fail.    It was when I began doing it this way that I started seeing the truth in Genesis, and the rest of the Bible.    I have learned over the years, to have faith and trust in God.    He has always provided me with the right solutions, when I needed them, not when I wanted them, but it is because I follow his words with the three-fold concept that I have even grasped it."
    I have no reason to contact the author.    This is not about what I believe or you believe.    This is about what the Bible actually states.    I dare you or any other individuals to delve into the subjects on my website that they consider heresy and prove to me that they are wrong.    I have spent many years preparing the issues that one might detest, and I am not afraid to take another look at it myself.    Feel free to tear it a part.    I tried to tear it apart myself, because I could not believe at first that it could be that simple.    As to the bric site, it provides no archeological evidence or any reference to historical fact to justify its concepts or charts, other than fitting it into a mathematical time frame.    It could be challenged and torn to piece easily because they are locked into one viewpoint which is changing depending on what verse in the Bible that is promoted.

Jim - August 20, 2008

    "Dear Mr. Cornwell,

    Today I first came across your website, http://www.mazzaroth.com.    I have long been fascinated with astrological clues in the Bible, particulary in Revelation (in whose first chapter I’ve suspected the Son of Man to be Orion and the seven churches the Pleiades).    I recall long ago reading a book, Oedipus Judaicus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oedipus_Judaicus), on this subject.
    I’d really like to discuss with you the “grand meaning” of the Bible.    I’ve almost given up on Christianity, because I see that its primitiveness has little meaning for today.    Years ago I embraced the (full-) præterist eschatology, i.e., that the New Testament writers were serious in claiming to be in the last days, or in the 'terminal generation'.    So the ages have run out, and we are, if anywhere, in the ages of ages.    Perhaps your ideas can help me to find the eternal kernel of prophecy.
    So please e-mail me back, or call me at the numbers below.    Many thanks.

Leigh Joseph Halliwell, Chattanooga, TN, September 10, 2008
Dear Leigh Joseph Halliwell

    Glad to hear from you and that you have found my website.    My telephone numbers and address can be found at the bottom of the website or on the Book Order Form.    I have not updated the initial webhosting address because I have moved several times and plus it keeps me from getting a bunch of junk mail from those who use it.    The website and the entire work of Volume I, II and III covers astronomy associated with the Bible and covers in full detail every aspect of that subject, and is in the end a book about Christianity.
    Your interest in Revelation is a mighty one, and discussing the grand meaning of the Bible is very hard to do in mass on emails, unless you take one subject at a time.    That is why I wrote it all down and presented it to the world so I would not have to do that.    As to your question of whether I can help you to find the eternal kernel of prophecy, I will sure try.    My Volume II Chapter Six covers Revelation 1-5.    Revelation 6-22 continue in Chapter Seven and is a 125 page Word Document that covers everything about those chapters.    I see where you had embraced the praeterist view.    I originally had a friend named Jake Van Dyke, a co-worker, who had spent most of his life researching the six views of mankind on what they thought the Revelation meant.    He gladly gave me permission to add his research to my work.    One of those was the praeterist view of course.    My work turned out to be a new view of the association of astronomy to the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius as written in the Bible, on top of that I added my friends six world views in comparison to mine so that anyone could get the whole picture without a slant toward one or the other.
    I hope that I can help you in some way if time permits.

Jim A. Cornwell

    Thank you, Jim.    I received the CD, and am starting to read it.    Sincerely,
" Leigh Halliwell September 18, 2008

    "Mr. Cornwell,

Is your book available for purchase?    If so, how much is it and how may I purchase one?

Angela, October 12, 2008

    I sell my work on CD-ROM with all files available online.    Click on this link or go to http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm to view my order form for more information.    Fill out the form, select your order, payment method, and submit your order, the next page will allow you to select a PayPal button to pay by credit, which allows me to get it to you faster than mailing a check or money order.
    I self publish in this medium around the world, and upon payment received I will email you with a username and password to access all online files, and ship your CD the next business day.    Volume I-II is 1257 pages, and Volume III is larger than both of them so it is a heavy book to make and ship.
    If you have any more questions feel free to email me back for assistance.


    "I really enjoy your website...I always run into when studying now and then, just had to say something :)

Karissa, October 31, 2008

Thank you for your compliment.    I am glad to hear you found something of interest at the website.    If you have any questions about anything in your studies feel free to ask.



    "It's been a long time but I am finally ready to order your book.    It has obviously made some impression on me because I have not been able to get what I've read online out of my mind.    I pray it is still available.    Thank you."
Angie Denman, Jackson, MS, September 2, 2008
"Dear Mr. Cornwell,

    Thank you.    I did indeed receive my order and the email.
    Thinking back, what originally interested me in your work was a book I was reading at the time, The Witness of the Stars by E. W. Bullinger.    I found it truly fascinating!    Are you familiar with it?    It demonstrates the gospel written in the stars.    Your work seems to be a continuing study of the same but with even more detail and research accompanying it.    I am a newbie to this train of thought...so it is rather captivating.
    Again, thank you.
Angie Denman - September 22, 2008

    Glad to hear you received it, so enjoy.    You were right on in your comments.    I am not only championing a continuation of the subject of astronomy as it relates to the Bible, but I not only cover E.W. Bullinger, but about 8 other authors who have written on the subject as many of them did their studies in the late 1800's.    You can find most of this in my Volume III, where as in today's world we can access so much more information than many of those authors could in their time.    You will find in my work where I acknowledge errors made by them probably from lack of information or in some cases swayed by their religious bias.


    "Thanks, Great Work!"
Ropert Mcvalo - Hämeenlinna, Finland - September 3, 2008

    "I've been studying the Bible, Mythologoy, Astronomy and Astrology for years.    I've a feeling that your writings/thoughts will mirror my own.    Looking forward after having previewed some of the content.

Sharon Rife, Pearce, AZ - November 18, 2008

    On December 1, 2008 I had an interview at 5:00 pm CST by a radio station www.truth.com, by D'Anne Burley, 450 Rogers Street 2E, Downers Grove, IL 60505, seen at www.danneburleyshow.com.
    The audio tape can be found on www.themicroeffect.com, then click on 'Radio Archives,' then select or open the 'Danne Burley Show', in the column you will see '2008-12-01-Danne Burley Show-Jim Cornwell' - 16 Kbps - 6.87 MB - Download - Listen.    If you click on it, it requires a username and password or pay by credit to access it.
    I was interviewed for one hour and was asked various questions about Biblical subjects from Giants, Lucifer, Elohim, Eden, Nefilim, Noah and their long lives, the antichrist-666 and who I thought it represented, what my book is about and how I came to do it before the interview was over.
    I added this link Radio Interview to a new page that would allow you to listen to it if interested.

   880,000 persons viewed this site in the year 2008.

    The Alpha and the Omega - Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III CD-ROM Version 3.0 has been upgraded to version 4.0 as of May 30, 2009.    It can now be ordered at Book Order Form.

Subject: Jim’s website errors
    "Decided to go online this morning to check my email while tam was getting ready for school.
    After that, I decided to check my history and make sure that it was still there.    Elizabeth was entertaining herself with a book.    The history from yesterday was missing.    That was ok.
    I went to Jim's site so that I could bookmark it, even though I will never forget the URL.    Its just easier if i dont have to type it in.
    While looking at the homepage, I was looking to see if there was any distinction to show me which links you clicked on.    There were not.    But I did notice an error right there on the homepage that is a pretty big error.    It is based on a Christian perception of events.
    Just as you said that the original number of the beasty was 616 and that those 70 snakes had changed it to 666...I looked and noticed the following error:
    In the basic instructions before leaving earth, the Genealogy of Jesus in Matthew says that there were 3 sets of 14 generations.    14 between Abraham and David, 14 between David and the captivity to Babylon, and 14 between the captivity to Babylon and Jesus.    Making a total of 42 generations.    This is what Jim has on his site and is depicted on the homepage without clicking on the link.

    The error is this: Matthew omits 4 names from the Genealogy.
    In Matthew verse 9, Matthew records that Uzziah begat Jotham.    But if you look back into the books of Kings and the books of Chronicles, you will see that Uzziah begat Ahziah, Ahziah begat Joash, and then Joash begat Amaziah.    After that Amaziah begat Jotham. - 3 names that were omitted in sequence.
    Then i verse 11, Matthew says Josiah begat Jechoniah.    But if you refer to the previous books of Kings and Chronicles once again, you will see that Josiah begat Jechoniah (Jehoiachin).    You will remember that he is the father of Jechoniah. - 1 name was omitted here.
    Many people dont realize this error in the Genealogy because they tend to just read over it or skip it with glazed eyes.    I never even noticed it until I got this KJV.    That was the only thing I read out of it so far.    I read it that night that I went to the Casey Treat church.    Oh No!    Everybody RUN AWAY!    hehehe.
    The notes on this error were actually right at the bottom of my KJV Study Bible.    Awesome!
    Now, please remember, that while we look at these lists of Genealogy throughout the bible as boring and pointless, that God is making a point and recording something.    This is the succession of people that he used to make accomplishments in his plan.    He used every single one of them.    And in Jesus' genealogy in Matthew, it is very big because women were never mentioned in genealogy in Jewish culture.    Here in Matthew, 4 harlots gained honor from God.    And, though this is Jesus' genealogy through Joseph, you will notice that it says "Joseph, the husband of Mary whom bore Jesus."    That says a lot right there because here is a fifth woman.    They are acknowledging Jesus' matriarchal genealogy through Mary, while at the same time giving the patriarchal genealogy through Joseph.    Why?    To show that Jesus was of the tribe of Judah through the line of David.    This shows that he is fulfilling prophecy and rightful heir to the throne of Jerusalem.    But wait!    Johoiah cut the cord.    Oh no!    Jesus can’t be heir through Joseph.    But he can be heir through Mary.    So here he is fulfilling prophecy and becoming heir through both lines of Joseph and Mary.    Oh yeah baby.
    Anyways...didn’t know if you were aware of this or not because I didn’t hear you mention it last night to Jim.    I just became aware of it last Wednesday. (7 days ago).
DaNette 1/14/09
Beau and DaNette
    You may be right but then you may be wrong.    My reference to it can be found at
http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/MatthewsGenealogy.htm and http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/LineageOfLukeAndMatthew.htm
    That subject can vary depending on whether they were Levites and as you say they are not part of the lineage unless their mother was Jewish.
    I wish I had more time to look at it but Ethan has been running a 102 temp and have to deal with him.

Jim (I will look at it closer someday). 1/14/09
Subject: Jim’s homepage
    "I just got done looking at Jim’s homepage and am very excited to see what he has written so far.    I am about to take a look at the Jesus Genealogy in Matthew.    Then I might as well look at the Jesus Genealogy in Luke.    Then I want to compare what I have read, with the corrections of the omissions, to what he has written under the 11th day on the homepage.
    I also noticed he has placed a link under the day 11 section to show the connection of the star of Bethlehem to the constellations.    You will remember that last month I asked you for this.    I believe that I told you that my interest lay in the relation of the star Sirius and its position in direct alignment over the earth.
    Recall that I had made the lists corresponding the 24 elders with the 24 constellations...the lists corresponding the 13 children of Jacob to the 12 constellations reflected in "our" astrological plan (Capricorn, Sagittarius, Virgo, Cancer, etc.) were completed.    Remember that the constellation of Gemini represents the twins and that the Constellation of Virgo represents Dinah (Jacobs only Daughter).    I had made the list of the 13 apostles/disciples in correspondence with the 12 other constellations.    The list, however, was incomplete...as the lines of ascension used to find the 12 other constellations were not the correct lines...and I didn’t have time to look at them as of yet.    I was still working on the lists at the point in time when I had deleted the entire site that they were posted on.    Remember that there were two sets of brothers that followed Jesus.    Simon and Andrew.    James and John.    Remember that one set of these brothers are represented by one constellation as well...and that a woman is the 13th disciple that is represented by the 12th constellation.    You know her name.    Wink wink.    Anyways...
    I’m hoping to find the answers and keys I need for my list on Jims website.    And am also hoping that I will see the geographical correspondences I have been hoping to find between the constellations and their long.lat. corresponding locations on the earth.    If I do...I will let you know what I come up with, what caused me to search in the first place, and what results.

" 1/14/09
Beau and DaNette
    Sorry I had to delay my response to your quest.    I gave you the two website pages for your peruse in hope that you would find the answer.    I have been dealing with my 13 month-old son's temp for four days which was going up and down 101 to 105 degrees, we finally got a diagnose last night with strep throat and he is around 99 today.
    The site I gave you at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/MatthewsGenealogy.htm as you will see after the image of the generations of Jesus Christ has some sub information about variables in the genealogies as seen below:
    I did not go into that much detail about it since it did not seem to have any relevance to what I write about.    You two seem to be on a quest for something specific that I have not quite grasped yet through your e-mails.
    I would like to comment on Matthew.    He was Jewish and as a historian of genealogies he had a tendency to leave out generations who did not fit the Jewish tradition beliefs.
    Then there is Luke, who was a Greek physician, and he would report all the genealogy because he saw no reason not to.    It is the same as I had found in the missing generation in Genesis 11, but can be found in Luke 3:36 Cainan, who he put in because it was listed in his resource material (See http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterThree/OTChronCreationToFlood.htm).    The question is did God leave Cainan out of the Old Testament, and let Luke put it in the New Testament so I could find it and tell the world there is an error in the Bible, just as you are claiming there is an error on my website.
    Matthew gave the names of those who were heirs to the Davidic throne, compared to Luke’s genealogy from Jesus to Adam that records that of the physical descent with his humanity.    Both make plain his virgin birth, and therefore his deity.
    As to your issue with Joram-Uzziah -- omiittal of Ahaziah, Joash, and Amaziah (1 Chron. 3:11-12).    Uzziah, was also called Azariah, a chief priest, a name of 19 other Israelites, who begat Ahaziah in 2 Kings 11:2, who begat Joash, who begat Amaziah, the ninth King.    Both Joash and Amaziah were killed early, and then Jotham in 2 Chron 26:26 who was a regent took over, and in 1 Chron 2:47 was called a man of the tribe of Judah.
    Even on my site at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/LineageOfLukeAndMatthew.htm I show Matthew 1:9 Ozias (Uzziah, Azariah, Amaziah) dating between 841-742 B.C. a very short reign.
    As far as your statement that Josiah begat Jechoniah (Jechoniah) I see no omittal here since that is who Matthew states who he begat, and as I said Jechoniah (born during the Exile).

Jim A. Cornwell 1/16/09

Subject: lord of hosts link
"Hey Jim:

    You had a page on Lord of hosts, the various meanings, and I can't find it. Could you send me the link?
    Thanks, Great Site.

Randall Carter Gray
" 2/4/09
RE: lord of hosts link?

    Best I can tell by your comment is I believe on this link http://www.mazzaroth.com/Introduction/AllTheHostOfHeaven.htm

Jim - 2/4/09

Subject: Dendérah, an other hypothesis
    Sorry, I'm french, I don't speak english, so my text will be very short.
    Dendérah, new studies
    I think you will be interested, show this adress and see illustrations.

Have a nice day
" – 5/13/09
Dear N. Vivant

    I had to go to Google and translate the pages from French to English in order to read them.
    I saw no author for this website.    Do you know who it is?    Some of this writing looks like the work from Rush Allen alias Siloam, with its reference to the esoteric meanings of the figures.
    I personally do not agree with all I read, specifically that I have the Age of Pisces starting in 210 B.C. in my own work.
    And I promote 37 decans, since most are ignoring the circle with the eight figures in it, and seem to leave it out of their configurations.
    Which is why I see some of the indicators, as your author did, representing specific starting points.    But in my studies the cycle begins at Capricornus which is the first sign after the Circle of Eight, and the other 36 decans are facing that direction in the cycle which goes around and ends at Aquarius.
    I am glad you made me aware of the site, since I am always interested in new points of view, but I did not find too much that I was not already aware of.
Jim A. Cornwell 5/15/09
Subject: Re: Dendérah, an other hypothesis

    The author is me, Nicole VIVANT, but my work is inspired by the texts of Roger GUASCO.

N. Vivant
" – 5/15/09
Subject: RE: Dendérah, an other hypothesis

    Then you should put your name on the WebPages and copyright it as highlights from Mr. Guasco.    I have never heard of him before.
    Your synthesis of his work was well presented as to readable and I read through it thoroughly.    The areas I had trouble with was his trying to use Gematria or numbers to his thesis, including the Kabbalah, which I think has no place in the scheme of the Denderah Zodiac.    Yes the symbolism of each figure has specific meanings as to who they are and what they represent in the heavenly or earthly plane.
    I am assuming you have seen my site at http://www.mazzaroth.com/V3DemoIndex.htm which shows you how I connected the figures between Denderah, the Grand Temple, and Esneh.
    If you can present me with a connection to how those relate to each other expanded upon what I have already determined then you have my attention.    You would have to have full access to Volume III to see the whole picture of what I propose.

Jim – 5/15/09

Subject: RE: Genesis Jim's response:?
Dear Robin Ward

    Can anyone say they are a Hebrew scholar?
    I am attaching a file which is a purchase only 1.3 MB file named Gen1-5.doc, which is a transliteration from the King James Version back to the Hebrew using Strong’s Concordance.    Maybe it will help you answer some of your questions.
    As to your quest “I have some questions about your statement that; 'on day three, the earth was returning to normal after a period of glaciation'...    Please show me the Hebrew words that say there was a period of glaciation ---AT ALL? or that there was ice BEFORE NOAH."
    You were looking at my site at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterOne/GenesisDayThreeScorpius.htm.
    On the "third day" Gen. 1:9-13, the earth is returning to normal conditions after a glaciation.    It is also important to note that some form of radiant light would have to be penetrating the atmosphere in order for plant life to resume its chlorophyllous functions and recharge the air with oxygen.    Fruit was abundant from the trees which was produced by the earth.
    As you will see in the Gen1-5 doc: Gen. 1:2 And the earth [(Final Tzaddi Resh Aleph He Vau) Heb. erets, earth, Gr. ge] was [(He Tau Yod He)] without form [(Vau He Tau)], and void [(Vau He Beth Vau)]; and darkness [(Final Caph Shin He Vau) Heb. hoshekh, the dark, Gr. skotos, darkness, here denotes the absence of light] {was} upon the face of [(Yod Nun Pe Lamed Tzaddi) face - Heb. panim, face] the deep [(Final Mem (Vau vowel) He Tau) Heb. tehom, “chaos” here and also in Gen. 7:11.    Linguistic evidence for the word “tehom” is aid to be a counterpart of the word Ti’amat, the name of a pagan goddess, whose sexual union with Apsu in Enuma Elish depicts the Babylonian account of Creation.    However there is strong evidence against such a parallel.    First the word Ti’amat does not contain the gutteral “h,” which is present in the Hebrew word.    One would expect the word to be spelled with an aleph in Hebrew, not a he.    Second, the Ugaritic material possesses the word thm, which is evidently the same word that appears in Hebrew as tehom.].
    You said “I read that THERE WAS NO RAIN ON THE EARTH' TIL NOAH.    So where, and how did glaciers form???    Tell me where you read that."
    As you see above the earth already existing was without form and void and in tehom, which could be none other than a world in chaos or more likely a glaciations of the Earth.
    You said, "Please take the time to read Isaiah 45 to 49.    ELOAhim is talking to Isaiah and tells him how he created the universe chapter 48:3 God says He made them - by 'breathing them into existance' -- and they appeared SUDDENLY - some versions say INSTANTLY ---no mention of PRE-existant material--nothing----The FIRST thing GOD made was THIS EARTH the rest came later.
    From the time God formed the universe til to-day ,THERE IS NO MENTION in Scripture of any glaciation -----PERIOD

Jim – 7/2/09
Robin’s question: "Seem to be an educated man, so I ask you to read Romans 1:21-26 and comment please."
Cheers Rob.
Jim’s response: I do not think I have done nothing to deny God of his omnipotence, but have shown a theory of what may have occurred and promote his glory and all of his hosts.
    As to your second quest.
Robin’s question: "I find your web site on Bible history to be extremely interesting.
    Please do me the kindness of answering one question.
    You say the LXX was commissioned by Ptolemy for the library at Alexandria around 250BC.    And that a Jewish rabbi sent 72 Jewish scholars to 'work on the translation'.
    This raises several problems.
    Firstly, NO Levite Jew would allow ---OR---consent to having Jewish scripture 'translated' into the language of 'dogs'---for 'dogs'.    either by any other than another Levite or other Jewish tribe----if it was allowed at all
Jim’s response: You are referring to the following sites as to what I said http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterThree/AncientWriting.htm.
    The Bible was originally written in Hebrew.    The Dead Sea Scrolls found in A.D. 1947 comprised of four scrolls, one of the first documents was a copy of the Book of Isaiah in Hebrew, and two chapters of the book of Habakkuk in Hebrew.    The Deuteronomy fragments were written in archaic script.    Every OT book except Esther was represented among them.    They are valuable as critic to the above three texts that have come down to us through time.
    The most trustworthy, is the Masoretic Hebrew text of the eighth and ninth century A.D.    Second is the Greek Septuagint and third is the Samaritan Pentateuch.
    It may be that the Masoretic text was derived from a Babylonian revision, the Septuagint from Egyptian Hebrew, and the Samaritan from a Palestinian text; but it seems obvious that all were used in Judea.
    The Septuagint was popular in Jesus’ time, it is a translation of Hebrew into Greek by Jewish scholars in Alexandria Egypt.    The Pentateuch was translated about 250 B.C. and the entire OT about a hundred years later.    Septuagint is a Latin word for Seventy (LXX), representing the seventy-two rabbis who translated it.    Later the Hexpla was a translation by Origen in Caesarea in A.D. 240 which was in harmony with other translations by Aquila (a literal word for word used by Jews), Thedotion (a revision of the Septuagint); and Symmachus (a good, smooth Greek paraphrased version).

The Septuagint (Greek Translation).
    The first and most important of a number of translations of the Hebrew OT into Greek, the LXX, is also of much value in interpretative study of biblical Hebrew.
    The conquest of Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC made Greek the most widely spoken language in the Mediterranean area.    It seemed a natural step to translate the Scriptures into Greek for the benefit of non-Hebrew-speaking Jews.    The story of the origin of the Septuagint is told in the Letter of Aristeas, a psuedepigraphical book written in the second half of the second century B.C.    It states that at the request of King Ptolemy II of Egypt (also called Philadelphus the king of Egypt) in (285-246 B.C.), the high priest Eleazer of Jerusalem sent seventy-two men, six from each tribe, to Egypt with a scroll of the Jewish Law, to be translated for his famous library in Alexandria.    In seventy-two days they translated one section each from this scroll.    So this version was the oldest Greek translation of the Old Testament (Pentateuch only) made and was called the Septuagint, the translation of the seventy, abbreviated LXX, completed about 250 B.C.    The rest of the OT was done at a later date, possibly 180.
    Others claim seventy-two Jewish scholars living in Alexandria's Jewish community were appointed to translate the great law of the Jews for his library.    Scholars do not agree on the origins of the name Septuagint, which stems from the Latin meaning "seventy."    Some believe the translation was named after the number of scholars appointed, while others believe it was named for the seventy elders of Israel mentioned in Exodus as companions to Moses.
    Another tradition states that it was undertaken by a group of Essene scholars, who were members of a mystic and ascetic Jewish sect that existed in ancient Palestine from the second century B.C. to the second century A.D.    The Essene initiates however, were reluctant to reveal the secret doctrine of the Hebrew faith to non initiates, and therefore disguised, with the use of similes and symbolic imagery, the mysteries given by Moses.    Stories such as Adam and Eve, the serpent, and of Adam's rib, which were introduced in the Greek version of Genesis, have no corresponding passages in the Hebrew original.
    The translation was gradually supplemented with translations of the remainder of the Hebrew scriptures as well as some other works that are now in the Apocrypha.    The translation posed problems later on because it was based on an earlier and different Hebrew text from the standard or Masoretic text of the rabbis, which was not finalized until the second century A.D.
    The seventy rabbis who formed the Supreme Council of the Priesthood in Jerusalem, known as the Sanhedrin, were the highest judicial and ecclesiastical council of the ancient Jewish nation.    Unaware of the abstruse quality of the Hebrew text, they accepted this misleading translation as accurate and stamped their approval on it.
    Remember that they were represented by the 23 members from the political Sadducees and also the 70 members of the religious Pharisees.
    Besides the twenty-four books contained in the Hebrew Bible, seventeen other books or portions of books were included.    Fourteen of these seventeen, plus II Esdras, now comprise the Apocrypha.    Roman Catholics accept twelve of these books or portions as of equal importance with the books of the Hebrew Bible.
    In the LXX, 1 and 2 Samuel, differ greatly from the Masoretic Text (Hebrew Bible).    Recent finds at Qumran ("The Dead Sea Scrolls") include a Hebrew MS of Samuel whose text seems very close to the LXX translation.    The LXX Daniel was set aside in favor of a later translation made by Theodotion.    The LXX Jeremiah is 1/7th and the LXX Job is 1/4th shorter than the Masoretic Text.    The LXX, is not one book, but a collection of translations of the OT produced by Jews of the Dispersion.
    The LXX had great authority among the non-Palestinian Jews, because of it being the first substantial work ever translated into another language.
    The early Christian church, of the Greek-speaking world took over the LXX as their Bible.    Their use of it, to prove to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah, caused a change in the Jew’s attitude toward it.    After A.D. 100 the Jews completely gave up the LXX, and it became a Christian book, whose oldest copies are from the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. – Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, and Alexandrinus.

Robin’s response: "The library has been TOTALLY BURNED ( by Caesar) among others--and the compendium---many times.    Whose writings do you rely on for your statement of the above?"
Jim’s response: Actually the Encyclopedia Brittanica.
Robin’s response: "Aristeas is recorded in history, AS A COURT JESTER in Ptolemies court.    He 'made himself disappear' -- BUT he was discovered in CARTHEGE three years later.
    References in history books by Josephus, and others, refer to an ARISTeUS (different spelling).
    Modern printings of the LXX have a disclaimer that LXX CAN NOT BE TRACED PRIOR TO ORIGEN a Roman Catholic HERATICK AND LIAR.Origen CLAIMS to have 'SEEN THE ORIGINAL --AND MEMORIZED IT' --give me a break; The koran is only half as long, and it takes many years to memorize it, in all its different versions.
    Origen 'buried' his LXX forgery in something called the Hexapola.
    I don't say this is not scholarly --BUT the lie IS horrendous when the authenticity relies on liars and jokers.
Robin Ward
Jim’s response: Robin you are entitled to your opinion of what is right and or wrong.    I personally created the information you have read on my site for a reference on the History of the Bible, so that people who are interested in that can have some reference to the information.
Subject: RE: Genesis.
? Robin

    Why did you not read the Genesis 1:2 as I presented it to you, instead of ignoring it?    It tells you what you want to know.    I put it here again for you to read.
    As you will see in the Gen1-5 doc: Gen. 1:2 And the earth [(Final Tzaddi Resh Aleph He Vau) Heb. erets, earth, Gr. ge] was [(He Tau Yod He)] without form [(Vau He Tau)], and void [(Vau He Beth Vau)]; and darkness [(Final Caph Shin He Vau) Heb. hoshekh, the dark, Gr. skotos, darkness, here denotes the absence of light] {was} upon the face of [(Yod Nun Pe Lamed Tzaddi) face - Heb. panim, face] the deep [(Final Mem (Vau vowel) He Tau) Heb. tehom, “chaos” here and also in Gen. 7:11.    Linguistic evidence for the word “tehom” is aid to be a counterpart of the word Ti’amat, the name of a pagan goddess, whose sexual union with Apsu in Enuma Elish depicts the Babylonian account of Creation.    However there is strong evidence against such a parallel.    First the word Ti’amat does not contain the gutteral “h,” which is present in the Hebrew word.    One would expect the word to be spelled with an aleph in Hebrew, not a he.    Second, the Ugaritic material possesses the word thm, which is evidently the same word that appears in Hebrew as tehom.].

Jim – 7/4/09
Robin’s response: "You said 'I read that THERE WAS NO RAIN ON THE EARTH' TIL NOAH.    So where, and how did glaciers form???    Tell me where you read that."
Jim’s response: As you see above the earth already existing was without form and void and in tehom, which could be none other than a world in chaos or more likely a glaciations of the Earth.
Subject: Re: Genesis
"Hi Jim
    Gen 2:5 tells about the rain.
    Gen 2:6 tells how the earth was watered before the flood.
    Genesis 1:6 strongly indicates a canopy of water (ice) around the earth that provided the abundance of WATER that covered the whole earth to a depth of 15 cubits above the lands highest point ---for 150 days after the rain stopped.
    Now please show me from scripture ----where is ANY glaciation mentioned?
" – 7/3/09
Subject: Re: Genesis
"Hi again
    Once again I must question sources.
    The dead sea scrolls contain many (most) texts that could ONLY have survived from LACK of use----NOT because they were primary source material.    In other words, cave four, where most of your material comes from were used as reference material.
    I have many books in my library that are NOT reliable as scripture; for instance the book of mormon, New world translation, Dekes annotated bible NIV translations, (47 different, The 'message' from hell, by Peterson, to name just a few.    This does NOT make them correct, and I would not want my great grandkids to think of them as 'APPROVED' by me as 'ACCURATE' after I die.
    In other words, just because something is 'OLD' doesn't make it correct OR accurate.
    This is the problem with the LXX which can NOT be proved to have existed BEFORE ORIGEN.    The Roman church has fed us lies since the fourth century, and continue to this day.    THEY CAN NEITHER BE TRUSTED OR RELIED ON FOR ACCURACY.    This LXX hoax is just another of their DECEPTIONS.
    You say, now, that the LXX was a 'collection' of books from the diaspora.    This would indicate it was written over a 400 yr period --NOT done in six months in Alexandria---well, which was it --diaspora, or Ptolemy’s directive?    I believe neither because NOT ONE OF THE DISCIPLES even mention such a MOMENTOUS WORK --- not in their main writings --OR--margin notes.
    In fact Paul mentions there were FALSE WRITINGS BEING CIRCULATED (II Thes 2-2) during his ministry--Possibly 'some translation' or other qualifies as your LXX Paul exorts Christians TO AVOID THEM as not coming from any of the apostles.
    I do not deal in speculation OR OPINIONS when it comes to the truth about scripture--either statements can be PROVED or they must be relegated to the 'reference' category --OR the scrap heap.

Cheers Rob
." 7/3/09
Subject: RE: Genesis
? Robin

    Please go ahead and relegate, reference and scrap all you want.    I have no reason to change what I wrote.    The history of conspiracy is not what I am writing about.    Although I see Paul as never one of the original Apostles.    He or the Lord God put him in that role and his progeny took over to develop what is the Roman Catholics of today.
    As to my writings you are picking phrases from my work out of context to fuel your arguments.    If you read the whole thing through you will see that I gave you three opinions on what various scholars believe.    So this is not my opinion, I leave this for the reader to decide or choose what to believe.    Obviously you have one, and making others choose yours is for you to do.
    Also I do not push the Dead Sea Scrolls in my work.    They are useless to me as to what I write about.    I actually believe they surfaced in our time not for me, but so that the Jewish people or Israelites may come to terms with validity that the New Testament and Jesus Christ may actually be the Messiah they missed.

Jim – 7/4/09
Subject: Three-Fold Concept?

    I do not want to banter with you over semantics of the Bible mainly because it can never do justice in the concept of emails.    I am bombarded sometimes with emails from individuals who believe that they have all the answers to the history of mankind.    I have even had someone to tell me that 25 years worth of research is all down the drain, because they believe my initial core material is incorrect.    My site is not the entire book.    The research was based on the Biblical Genesis itself, and not on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.    There are many theories as to where Genesis begins, whether millions of years ago, during the Age of Capricornus, or some other era.    My initial work is not about whether I have the right THEORY, but whether people are taking a second look at the word of God, and renewing their faith that he was the original astronomer who named the stars and gave them the patterns as it states in Psalm 147:4 "He telleth the number of the stars, he calleth them all by their names."
    Yes the Bible is a very complex subject.    One source stated to me that "Yours is the best site (or any info) that is much related to the patterns and systems that I have and am producing by an independent means of Bible study; I have seen many other patterns of time related to the Precession, but yours is by far the most interesting relative analysis."    Another sources stated, "The time-table of the Grand Year you present versus the Bible is the most well construed I have seen so far (I have reviewed about 3 other theories)."    Then on the other side I get probably 2-3 individuals a year email me that are totally mathematically based on their solutions to the Bible's complexity, and believe they can present it as a science factor, computer image or formula concept.    I originally started out that way, but soon realized it’s not quite that simple.
    As an example I also like this verse in Revelation 3:14-19:
14) And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write: These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.
15) I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
16) So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot. I will spew thee out of my mouth.
    You can read the rest of 17-19.
    The reason I showed you this is that in my earlier years I researched everything from a scientific point of view.    So I looked at this as if Jesus was metaphysically talking about high cosmic physics such as negative-neutral-positive universes.    As if we are the neutral and not at the negative or positive.    In actuality the reference to cold-lukewarm-hot in the literal meaning is about a spring that ran under their church.    Spiritually it means that they are lukewarm and not hot to do the Lords bidding.    Metaphysically it has a very deep concept.    Do you know the answer to that?
    So I changed my ways to understand the Bible.    Check the site below for more on metaphysical:
    The Bible is a book written in each verse with a three-fold concept.    This is of course "the literal, the metaphysical, and the spiritual."    An analogy is the "Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."    If you only look at these verses from one point of view, and leave the other two out of your equation, then you will miss the whole point of the Scripture.    If you become too literal, and do not include the spiritual it will fail.    Likewise if we promote the metaphysical things as valid, and leave out the spiritual it will also fail.    It was when I began doing it this way that I started seeing the truth in Genesis, and the rest of the Bible.    I have learned over the years, to have faith and trust in God.    He has always provided me with the right solutions, when I needed them, not when I wanted them, but it is because I follow his words with the three-fold concept that I have even grasped it.
    So in general you should not take verses from the Bible and try to justify what you believe them to mean, until you have understood them from the three-fold concept and even then it should be considered to the whole chapter that it is located in.
    I know you are sincere and convicted to find answers to your questions and I would like to answer them for you, but you have a tendency to jump from subject to subject without concluding the results of the first question.    I get a lot of emails from people asking me a lot of very difficult questions.    If I answered them all I would spend 4-5 hours a day responding to them.    I just do not have that kind of time.
    That is one reason I wrote my book for many to peruse in hope they could find a few answers to some of their questions, and I am sure that if you did so you might just find something that would interest you to.
    Just remember that my original concept is about the connections between astronomy and the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Jim - 7/08/09
"Hi Jim
    You asked if I had an explanation for Rev.3.
    Hot, cold, lukewarm, refers to temperature; and in this case---attitudes.    The lukewarm church was complacent because it was wealthy, and supposedly, was in need of nothing more.    If one starts to look at the metaphysical aspect of this scenario, the simple meaning is lost.    Christ told us in Mark 16 to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel---.    Obviously the lukewarm church had become so complacent, they stopped doing this.
    Any reference to Christ being FIRST CREATED is a fallacy.    The Greek here ONLY means PRE-EMINENCE in rank or RULER Christ is the creator and the LIVING WORD.    He is also called ALPHA AND OMEGA Rev 1:8 Isaiah 48:12 any metaphysic connotations here are once again, purely speculative.    Hot, cold, lukewarm, simply refers to people’s attitudes, and mindsets.    Unfortunate this happens, but I’ve seen it happen many times.

Cheers Rob
" – 7/14/09
RE: Genesis
? Thanks for the input.

Jim – 7/14/09

Subject: Hi Jim

    I've just been looking at your webpage.    On the mysterious symbol between the end and beginning, the omega and alpha; i have a suggestion to its meaning.
    It is the intervening 13th age, brief but inclusive, of aesculapius.    the physician
    "physician heal thyself", and all that...
    upon the eight figures, be they 8 crouched men of lowly report, or be they eight 7's of L's....
    they are the eight figures assoiciated with Krishna, Arjuna, Chariot and five horses; or perspectively, these eight being made whole as the 9th of completionary Human Being of the Universal Mansion.
    i here turn attention to the antakharana, having 6 faces, they being a whole as the 7th consciously awake to the 6 faces. however, the 7th knows not what he does, ergo he calls upon the 8th - Christ/Krishna whom teaches the 7th to take the reins of mind leading to and from the five senses.
    it seems to me, that when a number of images is symbolized, that it is preparatory to the next number.    1 suggests 2, 2 leads to 3..etc. that this 8 figured symbol is suggestive of 9.
    turning to I Ching for a bit, we may identify that 63, or 9(7), is the number of completion. one would imagine that 64 would be, however, one may see that 64 has gone to far, so much so, that repeating the entirety of the course is at hand.    this unless the 64 turns, looking back at the river, and realizes that the true meaning behind the purpose of the course had not been seen in it's completeness, the 63 - the marrying maiden.
    this 9th is the resurrected one, having laid down the life's whole import (8), died on it's cross, and risen to pick it up in the spirit of truth.
    there is no tenth, merely return to zero (0).    alpha and omega
    pretty much this ninth figure of man is the taoist, whom upon hearing of all this much ado about nothing, laughs heartily.
    of course the underlying mechanism of all this, is just that, the universe is a machine of sorts, a living machine. Understanding the times, one sees the polarity of earth shifting its magnetism from the north star to that of the dragon, whose eye awakens and grows brighter.    historically this has delivered a sort of compression of outlying insanity.
    but never fear, what is not us, the insanity, the ills within, must come out and into the open field of expression, thereby rendered obsolete as a human variable by trait.    god did not create man to be so.
    in this field is left that which is not right, and from this field the right goes out.
    just as you have eluded to in your quotes.
    what is left goes around again, ever it is it sifted in the grist mill that lives all around us.    it is a seasonal design all in all.    yet, it is said, that man is more than bread.
    i suggest, that even as the water was turned into wine upon the wedding day, that this wine having aged for a time is now being blended with brandy, to make the sherry- a good table wine. even further to suggest, that in time what has been turned to wine is to be turned back into water...delivering the very sobriety from the intoxicating time that the translations of the word has come through.
    i merely suggest though, really not knowing a darn thing beyond intuitive speculations.
    your webpage has been helpful to me toward relating what i feel to know within balancing with seems to be without.    thank you for that.

" - 8/19/09
Dear Tim

    I am glad to hear that one of my Concepts, have enlightened you to understanding your own.    I have not dwelled that much in the Hindu philosophies or the I Ching, since they are not a part of my forte of experience.
    I would not be able to connect either to the "circle of eight" symbol on the Zodiac of Denderah, since it has an Egyptian-Greek origin.    Whether the symbol is a beginning, or an end, or a continuation into a new cycle is still undetermined.    If you find out, then let me know.

Jim A. Cornwell – 8/19/09

Subject: Using quotes from other sources
? Bharat Jhunjhunwala

    I do not appreciate you entering quotes on your web page from my website www.mazzaroth.com without referencing what page you got the quote from.
    The way you presented it on your page appears to be someone who is trying to slant their view.
    If I actually wrote that quote then someone should be able to go to that reference and verify it.

Jim A. Cornwell – 9/16/09
Subject: Re: Using quotes from other sources

    I am indeed sorry if there has been an affront. I totally agree that references must be there.    I only seek a little time to do this.
    I am trying to construct the page. All references have not been added yet.    I have not had the time to do this.
    Anyways, I will try to mention the reference to your quote as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much for your email.

" – 9/17/09
Subject RE: Using quotes from other sources.?
Bharat Jhunjhunwala

    I have been researching the subject of Abram, the Hebrew and his transformation to Abraham for at least 20 years.    I have covered every avenue of information that is available on the life of Abram and Abraham, except what is being held back by countries in the Middle East that will not let the archaeologist find and release because of their bias from Islamic denial for any Biblical release of information.
    During that time I have never come across even an inkling that Abram and his tribe was connected to the Indus Valley in any form.
    Although I have found much on the connection of early Egyptian Dynasties connected to the Indus Valley mainly through the entity Sargon.    I have attached two files BK1P1C4a.doc and Bk1p1c4b.doc, regarding that for your peruse since you would have to purchase my work to read them.    Also attached is a file Abrams Sumerian Influence To Peruse.doc.
    As to your site http://ramabraham.com/genealogy.php and story of Rama running parallel to the Biblical Abram, in the Ganges basin, Central India and Sri Lanka, and that Rama-Abraham is the same person who lived in the Indus Valley.
    If you have read any of my website you may know that I promote that Abramu was a tribe of people who existed as far back as 4,500 B.C. and that the term Abram and Sarai, represents the leader and princess of the tribe.    In such there were many of them in that span of time.    And this would make sense just by reading Genesis 11-20 to see the multiple personalities, skills and attitudes the Abram and Sarai emanate in the words.    It was in Genesis 17 that God changed the last Abram and Sarai’s name to Abraham and Sarah to reflect their future, which I date as occurring around 2,300-2,000 B.C.
    I noticed in your page that you too have not acknowledged that his original name was Abram and should be stated as that if comparing him to another source.    In this email below I corrected your statements where Abraham was used incorrectly, and put Abram in its place.    I also am not in disagreement that Abram’s sojourns to Predynastic Egypt may have influenced them, and He could very well have been the King Scorpion (i.e. Sargon).

Rama-Abraham equivalence
    I have never read any of the Hindu works mainly because I just cannot make sense of them.    Most of them read like a fairy tale and I just do not connect with any relevance.    The Indian tradition from different versions of the Ramayana, the Valmiki and Jaina tradition in Vimalsuri’s Paumcariyam are unfamiliar for me.
    Whether the Biblical story of Abram and that of Rama have any similarities from your sources is still suspect without valid research and as you stated you are only trying to establish such a possibility.

Jim A. Cornwell – 9/18/09

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Hi Jim,
    I have been enjoying your website. Is your book available in printed form?    Blessings,
Lynne 6/26/10
Dear Lynne
    I self publish and sell the entire work with online access, and on CD-ROM.    You can see that by going to http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm or go to the top of my homepage and click on the link to order.    Sorry I have not had it printed in book form.
Jim A. Cornwell 6/26/10
Hello again Jim,
    Does your book contain any of the following information?
1. Who "God" really is?
2. What the gospel really is/means?
3. What Believers can understand will happen in our day?
    Just like you, I am not a member or any denomination or church, although I am always earnestly seeking a deeper relationship with God.    Thanks,
Lynne 6/26/10
    Please look at the following pages, which I think should answer this.    I am not a member either, just a Christian with great faith in God, but my work will allow you to take a second look at your Bible to enlighten you on meanings and new understanding maybe from God's point of view instead of the worlds.
    I do not think you want to print it out.    I estimate the entire work well beyond 3,000 pages.
Jim 6/26/10

Subject: Volume III - History of Philosophy - The Appeal to the Technocrat, 21st century
Hello Jim,
    I am interested in seeing a page on your website that is currently locked by username and password.    What do I need to do in order to get a username and password so I can see this page?
http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V3AppealToTechnocrat.htm     Thanks,
Jeff 6/26/10
    I self publish and sell the entire work with online access, and on CD-ROM.    You can see that by going to http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm or go to the top of my homepage and click on the link to order.    As you see on that page "This site is presently under construction, please come back in the future for a Volume III update," but to be honest with you I have collected information on the Philosophy and the Technocrat of the future for years and have never updated the page.    I think it would probably be a book in itself.    My Volume III is a whole new world of news articles about what is coming though.    Thanks for your interest and if I can assist you with something just email me.
Jim A. Cornwell 6/27/10

Dear Mr. Cornwell
    I am requesting permission to use the image of LEO & VIRGO from the Temple of Esneh displayed on your web site: http://www.mazzaroth.com in a manuscript that I am working on.
    I checked the site you listed for the image, but it is no longer valid.    If you have another site that has the copyright, please let me know.
    If permission is granted, I need a high resolution-300 dpi digital image of the picture.
    Thank you for your consideration.
Val Yardley 6/28/10
Dear Val Yardley
    On this page http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterOne/TempleOfEsneh.htm#Esneh I have several images.    Most are defined where they came from, if you want the first image I cannot help you if that site no longer exist.    I put the image here to show the fallacy of whoever made it as incorrectly promoting there connection and the images below are to show why that is true.    Even those images are grainy and probably are not usable, and were early attempts of mine to use fax machines to copy and send images to my computer so I could present them in my work.
    So to get a better image of this go to http://www.mazzaroth.com/V3DemoGrandTempleCeiling.htm and at the bottom of that page is a link http://www.mazzaroth.com/V3DemoEsnePl79.htm so this page will show you a very detailed image of what you seek.
    You can use my images as long as you reference the copyright info at the top of the webpage and the url you got it from.
    The reason I require that is that I have had some sites use my quotes out of context and images the same.
Jim A. Cornwell 6/28/10

Dear Jim,
    Can you please let me know the source for the table of the Arabic lunar mansions?    I am particularly interested in the Latin (?) series of the names.    Do you know by chance from which manuscript or manuscripts the series was taken?
    Thank you very much, Sonja 7/29/10
    I take it you were looking at my page at http://www.mazzaroth.com/Introduction/ManazilDefined.htm regarding the table of the Lunar Mansions and their Arabic Names.
    The page was dated 1995, and as I stated at the bottom the "table was not the views of this author, but is only placed here for the intention of providing a list of the Arabic Star Names and their meaning in order to link to the following star names.    I am only interested in the twelve archetype symbols (major constellations), and as to the order of the constellations whether in the Hindu, Chinese, or Arabian fashion is not prevalent in this connection."
    Most of my emails do not date past 2002 and the original email from I think was from some person who lived in China that informed me of that, and that is stored away I do not know where right now.
    As I said on the site, "Recently a friend who studies the subject quite thoroughly enlightened me to the Chinese version: in (Mandarin) Chinese as HSIU (in the Wade-Giles system of Romanization), or as XIU (in the Pinyin system of Romanization, used in mainland China).    The term means 'a halting place,' or as a verb, 'to lodge for the night'."
    The Arabs called them "Manazil al-Qamar," to date they use the Crescent Moon symbol for their religion and a Lunar calendar.    The Babylonian Moon God Sin was the supreme deity in the Near East prior to the Christian and Islamic periods."
    You could try googling some of the above to see if anything pops up of interest.
    Sorry, but I cannot help you any further than that.
Jim 7/29/10
    Thank you very much.
Sonja 7/29/10

On your page here: http://www.mazzaroth.com/InsertFour/TaurusStarChart.htm you state, "..today the Sun is in Pisces at the beginning of spring (due to the precession) and does not enter Taurus until June 21."
    This is incorrect.    The Sun enters Taurus around April 19th.
Avatar17 8/6/10
    I agree with you if your reference point is from modern astronomy’s actual date the sun is in the real astronomical constellation Taurus, which is May 14 to June 19.
    Whereas the astrology date is April 20-May 20.
    And then there is the Biblical month Ziv (zif, Zif 1 Kings 6:1, 37, "in the month of Zif, which is the second month"), which can be seen represented by various calendars as:
Tropical: Mar. 16-Apr. 14,
Gregorian: Apr. 15-May 14,
Julian: Apr. 29-May 28.
    Thanks for the input.
Jim 8/6/10

    On August 14, 2010 I had another interview at 9:00 pm-11:00 pm CST by an online radio station.
    On July 5, 2010, Barb Adams the host of the show Amerika Now at (www.radioamerikanow.com) on the Genesis Communications Radio Network (www.gcnlive.com) emailed me for my availability to do a interview regarding Astrology and the Zodiac and their correlations to Biblical events, and Sumerian information regarding the Annunaki.    Her show highlights topics such as these and she would love to have my expertise enlighten her listeners on these subjects.
    I told her that I prefer to say that I am correlating astronomy (via “The Mazzaroth”) and the Bible, since I do not promote astrology or horoscopes in my work.    The quest for Sumerian information regarding the Annunaki has become one of the most accessed web pages that I have online.
    We agreed on August 14 for the interview.
    You can go to the following link http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/americaTonight/archives.php, where you can see the Genesis Communication Network page with America Tonight archives.
    Select the menu for Listen.    This will take you to a page with several host.
    On the line with Amerika Now, host Barb Adams, click on the archives link.
    This will take you to Amerika Now Archives.    Select August 2010.
    Here you will see:
    Place you mouse over each one of these and right click your mouse to download the archives.    When the right click pop up window appears select in IEsave target as," if you have Firefoxsave link as,” Safaridownload linked file,” then select the location on your computer to save the file to.    Then you can find the files on your hard drive and open them to play and listen to.
    I added this link Radio Interview Two to a new page that would allow you to listen to it if interested.
    Click here to see the page for the Biography for the Radio Interview

Hey sir.    I had a hunch on some things.
    Dealing with astronomy and different things, because people tie in with them.    Tell me what you think.
    Let’s say the galaxy and the sun along with the earth and moon and the black hole or planets go in alignment only at certain times.    Solomon said for the heat of Kesil and the frigidity of Scorpio, if the comet passed the face of ? the earth would reap devastation.    But he said this merely appeared so, but admitted of the path of the comet he knew nothing.    Which is on a separate not why I thought Jesus said Elijah has already come.    The orbits change degrees.    So I was thinking with all these different things you have eight cycles that bring death of the rotation of a years of a suns year but that’s like how many perhaps millions of years dealing with these eclipses.    Dealing with these eclipses, because of how long it takes for them to happen.    Just thoughts I had.    I thought a mystery dealt with the bull, the eagle and the man and the lion.    Which may have four opposites.    What’s strange is they say death makes it to earth in eight flights and pestilence in one.
    I’ll admit I’m mostly an idiot but is any of these things true?
David 9/12/10
David Courtney
    The hype about something happening on December 21, 2012 is just about that, a point where our system lines up with the center of the galaxy via the stars of Sagittarius, as a date that ancient monuments predicts.
    (i.e. The Mayan-Aztec Calendar, the Sumerian myth of Niburu returning, and so on in the Egyptian).    I cannot confirm that as valid.    We will just have to wait and see.
    I can say that I found a connection to this as you can read at my site at: http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/SnapShotOfTribulation.htm where I write in Phase One Under #6 Revelation 6:11-17, which correlates with the dates A.D. 2011 through 2017 representing a time when a great change will come over the Earth.    Whether it is the beginning of something or the end of it all is still unknown.
Jim A. Cornwell 9/14/10
    I figured it out.    Read the previous attached to this.    You may remember me.    This time is not the end.    When Venus lines up behind the comet and both block the sun is the end.    Its nowhere near it.    It’s the vision of Ezekiel and the last sign of the son of man with the comet.    Venus in Scorpio causes the frigidity while the comet blocks the sun previously in Sagittarius or Orion.    This is the sign of the son of man because it says "I come as a thief.    I am the bright and morning star."    Jesus will take his people I do think even though the enemies of Solomon said they see that it happens anyway.    I read this as though it was in the bible and then I could not find it anywhere.    The last transit of Venus through the face of the sun in 2004 lasted only six hours and was not even close to what is expected.    :)    What happens soon is famine the rider.    But at the end all the prophecy becomes literal in the seven years becoming all at once what is written.    I know the cherubim will be back that fell from grace that god killed.    The living creature mentioned in Ezekiel.    They’ll find him in the Mediterranean Sea.    Near Israel or Europe Ii think.
David 9/16/10
    Here is what I understand and why.    Please read this all the way through.    It may help you if you don’t think I am crazy.    The lining up is because of two times they expected it.    The vision I read in the bible that was not there was because of my schizophrenia.    It merely appears these things happen (the bad) because there are two times within a certain "clock" of time this can occur.    The lining up of the stars and the comet and Venus.    Venus is the final sign of the sun of man because of the comet.    Once the comet passes the second time Venus blocks out the sun further in Orion after the comet does so to begin with.    Jesus takes all of his peoples before this happens.    I THINK it is Venus that deals with the final obliteration where the people are eaten by the birds but this prolongation of the time is due to no one really knowing the meaning to what the bible says.    Revelation is a analogue as well as a literlization of an analogue that occurs over thousands of years and then happens in seven years.    We are past the conqueror is what i m saying (Habakkuk chapter 3) but not past the rider famine (revelation) or death.    The dragon is a geo cycle that turns in to the beast and then into the lamb like beast that speaks like a dragon.    That is an hour the beast rules is more like a couple hundred years or a thousand.    Then the dragon resurrects the creature or cherubim from the Mediterranean Sea that is spoken of in Habakkuk chapter three.    I don’t know much more about these things.    I am trying to be healed and waiting to talk to a doctor right now about trying vitamin therapy and I have to find a way to get my life back. In the last two years I’ve almost been killed quite a few times after I thought of all these things.    The illuminati I think want me dead too.    I hope the beast from the bottomless pit is not the creature being resurrected when this black hole lines up. That would explain the mobilization of the golden dawn and illuminati and everything ready to take over things if something bad is going to happen. But to my understanding that doesn’t happen yet because I thought it wasn’t the end.    Is there anything you can tell me?    I’m sorry if I disturb you.
David 10/16/10

I found your web page referred to by Tony Garland.    I was reading his Testimony of Jesus Christ.
    I have not read your material in depth yet, but just perused it.    I think it will be something that I will thoroughly enjoy reading since it appears that your aim is TRUTH.
    One thing that caught my eye in your e-mail response was:
    “I have learned over the years, to have faith and trust in God.    He has always provided me with the right solutions, when I needed them, not when I wanted them, but it is because I follow his words with the three-fold concept that I have even grasped it.”
    Today I felt very discouraged in reading and trying to learn the Bible, because the more you read the more you realize how little you know.
    And then you question, why it is so hard, so complex!!    Is it supposed to be that way?    Is the Bible an invention of man, and we all follow it like idiots?    What is the point?    Well, I think you get my drift.
    But I think your book will help me in my quest for truth and simplicity....I hope.
    Thank you for doing what you are doing.
Lisa Koen 9/25/10
Dear Lisa Koen
    I hope my work provides you with your quest for truth and simplicity.    Although my work is also complex and sometimes over peoples head, but the reason for that is I try to show the different points of view so that an individual can choose what they perceive as truth.    As can be seen on my page at http://www.mazzaroth.com/Reference.htm go to the date 7/4/09 under Robin for the comments I made regarding the subject: Three-Fold Concept?    Yes you have to have some standard basis to judge what you think it means, but by your comments in your email you need to look at this way in hope that you can understand it from Gods point of view.
Jim – 9/25/10

   637,881 persons viewed this site in the year 2010, which is the first year since I started this website that it has been lower than the previous year.    I would have to surmise that the worldwide economic problems, job losses may have affected how many individuals were on the internet or they were on their facebook pages all the time.

Hi, Jim,
    I talked to you yesterday and reordered the CD.    I received the email download directions.    It takes me awhile to do this technical stuff, but with a little persistence I got the hang of it.    Thank you so much.    I certainly will not plagiarize in any manner.    Though it is hard sometimes with all the material I read and then assimilate into my own thinking to know what is or is not mine.    However I don't plan to publish but I do use materials in teaching/talking groups about the zodiac/mazzaroth.
    It is nice to make contact with others who are so interested in this deeper understanding of God's plan for the universe and His chosen people.    I definitely feel called to study this and the reason may come some day.    I studied prayer for 2-years and made lessons on it and then I taught it for 20 years in many churches.    So I know God plans it all.
    Thanks for the material and I will keep in contact.    You have my address, phone, email.
    By the way, the 4 books that I have been enjoying are by Helen Lehman, "The Language of God" series.    (Universe, Humanity, History and Prophecy) I downloaded them as E-books.    They are very in depth.
Bye, Betty
    Just for you info: My husband and I are retired here in TO.    We were both in education.    He was a superintendant of private Christian schools, and I a teacher in both public and private schools.    He is publishing his memoirs this spring.    We travel, go on missions trips, visit and care for our 8 grandchildren (in Denver, 3 in Sacramento, 2 here) and we write.
Betty Groen - 1/11/11
    Feel free to teach my information.    I just require that if you put it on any medium that you also include the copyright at the top of the page and the file/link it is stated on.
    In this file I list the concepts which I consider copyright protected http://www.mazzaroth.com/CopyrightConcepts.htm and other than that facts are facts as anything goes.    If any party is using these concepts then they are in violation of that.
    As to Helen Lehman, "The Language of God" I have seen her website before and if you look at her copyright dates when she released this work in the mid 2000+ years and what I could see of it she seems to be writing about the same things I have done but as I read what I saw on her pages it seems like she was copying me, since my copyright on the subject goes back to 1995.    She has never contacted me regarding using any of those concepts either nor purchased my work as far as I know.
    Enjoy the work, and I will contact you next week to see if your CD arrived.
Jim – 1/11/11

Some reason I can't figure out your website, to understand the basis of your esotericism, Biblical, yes.    But no overview comes to me.    Yet, I'm strongly interested.    Have you a bio or list of complete works?
John Lundgren - 1/26/11
Dear John Lundgren
    The website starts with www.mazzaroth.com and has links to the Table of Contents, which breaks down to chapters.    The website was initially a composite of 250 pages from my Volume I and II which is 1257 pages.    It is free to the world to read.    But they must purchase the work at www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm to have access to the full work and also Volume III which is as large as the other two.
    I have a biography at http://www.mazzaroth.com/Biography.htm and at the bottom of that page are links which will explain my viewpoints and maybe your quest for esotericism or Biblical concepts.
    If I can help you in any other way please feel free to contact me.
Jim A. Cornwell - 1/26/11
Dear Mr. Cornwell, Thank you for your reply.
    Yesterday I was researching "Lunar Zodiac & Mansions" online, and your website was included in a google search.    I have been working with esotericism for over 30 years.    Therefore, I appreciate the basics, and also those who have "special abilities."    A very first observation, would be that the quantity of material, indicates that you are a scholar of the Bible.    Are there other areas which you encompass in your research, Freemasonic tradition for example, or direct perception of the spiritual worlds, perhaps?
    What is your worldview regards western thought, philosophy, and scientific method?
    If you could provide, maybe three short steps, where I could read on your site , my time that I can devote to new research would be most effective. Sincerely, Johannes - 1/26/11
PS I go by either this name or John in correspondence
    I, as you have spent from 1972 to date researching my subject.    As you said you discovered my site by searching the web for esotericism (i.e. Manizil).    That is what my site is about.    It is a book about Christianity, but its concepts are about how astronomy applies to the Bible and it's written history and patriarchs, using a time frame that I propose is relevant.    So my site is like a fishing hook, with a baited worm on it.    I get all kinds of individuals from all over the world searching for that particular worm, and when they bite, and get hooked, they of course read some of my work.    Most people find something they are interested in, but then some continue on in and read what I have to say and find things that are in their Bible that they never knew were there or even worse they find something that refutes everything they ever believed to be true.    If you read the esotericism on my pages you will find that they are Biblically sound, because I went back and confirmed those, and learned which ones to keep and which ones to throw out as invalid.    Namely those area encompass subjects such as the Kabbalah, Egyptian mysteries, New Age, Prophecies and many others.
    As to the Freemasons I have not found much to connect to the context of my work, and in my youth I did deal in the opening up to the spiritual worlds, but it has no place in my life today.    I now try to look at things from God's viewpoint.
    As to Western thought I have a lot of refutive work on it.    As to philosophy I have this entire definition of it for you at http://www.mazzaroth.com/Introduction/PhilosophyScienceAndReligion.htm and scientific method is good since someone has to document things so we can measure it and understand it.    If this did not answer your quest I suggest you just take the time to read what is on the website to understand the concept.
    If you have researched your subject for 30 years have you not documented it in some media as of yet.    What part of the world do you live in, since your other name implies you are not from the U.S. possibly?
Jim - 1/26/11
Well, I'm in no way anti n' either Nordic nor Scandinavian
Brian Lynch sends regards - 1/26/11

    Subject: About "Fullness of the Gentiles"
Matt. 24:9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations [eth'nos] for my name's sake.

v.14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; [eth'nos] and then shall the end come.
Matt. 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, [eth'nos] baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Rom.11:25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles [eth'nos] be come in.

    Why isn't the word "eth'nos" in Romans 11:25 translated "nations" as it is in other verses in the Bible?    The term "fullness of nations" is a direct quote from Geneses 48:19 -- Ephraim's birthright -- and that was what Paul was referring to.    In Roman's chapters 9, 10 & 11, Paul is addressing the northern kingdom and explaining to the Roman's how they need to be brought into the New Covenant in spite of the fact they were still in exile.

    How many "fullness of nations" promises are there in the Bible?    I know of only one -- Gen 48:19.
Jeff - 3/18/11
    Sorry to take so long to respond to your quest, but I have moved in to my new place and had time to look at it.
    As can be seen on the following website http://www.mazzaroth.com/FullnessOfTheGentiles.htm
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved

Fullness of the Gentiles:

    As seen on this page "http://www.mazzaroth.com/TableOfNations/IntroTableOfNations.htm"

    The prophecy of the Moral and Spiritual History of the Nations.

    Noah’s son Ham whose fourth son, Canaan (Gen. 10:6) is the purpose of this prophecy is clearly to show the origin of the Canaanites and to set forth the source of their moral pollution, which after many centuries leads to their destruction by Joshua and their enslavement by Israel.
    Canaan’s curse was basically religious in contrast to Shem’s blessing was religious.
    "Blessed be Yahweh, the God of Shem…." (Gen. 9:26) in whom all nations were to be blessed.    The Canaanite religion was full of bloodshed and debauchery and centered on sex.    This included two goddesses’ Astarte (Ashtaroth) and Anath, sacred courtesans and eunuch priests were common, as well as human sacrifice.    Japheth’s blessing was also religious, "God enlarge Japheth, and let him dwell in the tents of Shem …" (Gen. 9:27), as Gentiles they have been grafted on the good olive tree.

    Some believe that this is predictive of the Cross, when spiritual guidance of humanity passed from the Jews to the Gentiles, i.e. to the Japhetic family (Note Gentiles).    To Shem was given the primacy of religious teaching, but there comes a time when Japheth enters the picture, and philosophy (which is essentially Japhetic) was married to theology, and also has been enlarged as to growth of population around the world (the peoples of Indo-European stock, even the Americas).    This trend has continued since the dispersion of the Jews around the world in the first century A.D.
    The Hamitic people (Egyptians, Babylonians, Mayans, Aztecs) all were the innovators of mankind, in inventing and applying technology for humanity, as if the role of servants of mankind.
       Noah’s prophecy (Gen. 9:25, 26, 27) was expressly pronounced upon Canaan alone.
-- Genesis Ten: Table of Nations After thhe Flood --
-- Gen. 10:2-5 Sons of Japheth --
-- Gen. 10:6-20 Sons of Ham --
-- Gen. 10:21-31 Sons of Shem --
-- Gen. 10:32 End of the Table of Nationss.

    Romans 11:25 "For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits, that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the 'fullness of the Gentiles' be come in."

    This "end of the time of the Gentiles," is called a mystery, because it will be incomprehensible until the time of its revelation.
    Another source claims that "the fullness of the Gentiles," etc. has this meaning, that God had in a manner so blinded Israel, that while they refused the light of the gospel, it might be transferred to the Gentiles, and that these might occupy, as it were, the vacated possession.    And so this blindness served the providence of God in furthering the salvation of the Gentiles, which he had designed.    And the fullness of the Gentiles is to be taken for a great number: for it was not to be, as before, when a few proselytes connected themselves with the Jews; but such was to be the change, that the Gentiles would form almost the entire body of the Church.

    John 21:11 "Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three; and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken."     If there is a connection to the ensuing "Church Age" or "the future end of the time of Gentiles," as a time period with some astronomical cycle associated with the numerical value of 153, it is not obvious.     This is interesting though.

    The United States is a Gentile Nation, whom God may use as an instrument to aid in bringing in "the end of the time of Gentiles."
Jeff as to your quest:
    Question: Why isn't the word "eth'nos" in Romans 11:25 translated "nations" as it is in other verses in the Bible?    The term "fullness of nations" is a direct quote from Geneses 48:19 -- Ephraim's birthright -- and that was what Paul was referring to.    In Roman's chapters 9, 10 & 11, Paul is addressing the northern kingdom and explaining to the Roman's how they need to be brought into the New Covenant in spite of the fact they were still in exile.
    Answer: Because Gentiles is used instead.
    Question: How many "fullness of nations" promises are there in the Bible?    I know of only one -- Gen 48:19.
    Answer: I cannot answer that, but provided you with all the Hebrew and Greek words below.

Jim A. Cornwell - 3/18/11

Hi Jim
    I am reading your web page and find it fascinating!    Thank you for all your hard work and thought put into this.    I do have a question where you inserted "the baby boomer" idea    How did you come up with this and why is that so pertinent to End of times events.    I haven't quite connected the dots if you get what I mean.    Hope to hear back on this.
Thank you,
Roxanne Osmundson Boewe - 4/2/11
    I have the Age of the Aquarius beginning in 1950, as the start of a 72 year period, of 6 periods, 12 years each.    This 72 years is one degree of a 360 degree circle of the Alpha and the Omega.
    This can be seen in my http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/TOCChapterEight.htm
    Read through these six and you will grasp why I say baby boomers, which I am one.    Specifically http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/SixthGroupOfTwelveYears.htm which is what you referenced in your email.    Remember it is the beginning of it not the end of it.
Jim - 4/2/11

I have read your resume and history but you speak of no religious background or upbringing.    Do you care to speak of that?
Sis. Mary Levene - 5/27/11
Dear Sis. Mary Levene
    Sorry I took so long to get back to you but I work 4 hours on Thursday and two 12 hour days Friday-Saturday and 8 hours today, so this is my first chance to sit down and consider your quest.
    I do not know of your religious background either, and I have other sites that I am unsure whether you have read them such as:

    In one I claim, "I am not a prophet, nor a theology professor, nor a member of a religious order, but simply a man who has been inspired to write this book as a layman in search for the truth, during a time when people are searching spiritually for answers.    This book will cause me more trouble in the end because the controversies in it will generate great persecution from my own people and country.    Man’s self-centeredness never sees the evil inside himself but only from without."
    "Being head smart does not always mean you can understand the Bible because it requires some spiritual insight, not the doctrines of men but only the truth from God’s viewpoint.    As seen in Amos 7:14 Amos (Heb. ‘amos, Gr. amos, burden-bearer) was not a prophet, but a farmer, whom God used to detail the future and the restoration of His people.    He protested against the luxuriant, careless lifestyle, the worship of idols, rituals over righteousness, and then asserted a repentance of sin and a renewed spiritual relationship with God.    He was accused of sedition by the idolatrous high priest and rulers.    Amos had no connection with any prophetic order, nor was he linked politically with the house of David, and even today his book has stood the test from critical scholars."

    I am a born again Christian, and a man with great faith in God, who guides me in my endeavors.    My work is a concept of astronomy and its connection to the Bible.
Jim A. Cornwell -5/29/11

Sorry about me keeping sending you messages.    If you read the very bottom paragraph you ll understand what i am trying to say.    The rosicrucians believe that lucifers manifestations are brought on by technology.    IM almost blind.    but i was told i will see again when i put sand in my eyes from the position.    i keep thinking about that song diamond eyes also.    but i wanted to say theres a time when latitudes and longitudes are at certain place with things in the sky when i thought someone could do the evil rituals dealing with a wheel, or ufo craft.    i thought much like lucifer and technology this thing was to the creature like lucifers propagations of spirit are to technology.    but the times they do the ritual are when things line up if you see what im saying and the map to find the wheel is hidden away in an international university.    i found the name of the antichrist also. which is in roman numerals not greek or english. because of the time when revelation was wrtten.    if you understand that they say the seed of david then you know the name.    but uh... to what i have been told he is good for defeating something and everyone decides they want to worship that guy instead. which is crazy.    but he knows something no one else does from what i put together.    once i thought i was crazy enough to think i was that guy.    being my names david and some other stuff.    but uh... i talk to jesus alot and all but im not the best of christians.    in fact i dont think im even saved.    but i think the story is that saturn was here and the annunaki or watchers came to babalon and the real woman babalon wrote the tablet to anu about how to make the gold from saltwater and then saturn was betrayed.    but i uh.    i read all that in the bible. and the annunaki left us all here knowing venus and the comet would end it.    is what i think sometimes.    theres different reasons greatly i mention because i could make quotes of scripture and all.    but paul says differently. revelations doesnt though and the new testament.    i dont understand.    could you tell me why? oh yeah the creature contacted me when i talked to him, a reptile looking thing with talons and long finger like things. ive seen two types.    i was just playing around you know and he put a charge on my credit card telling me my house was bugged.    which i think it is.    this is the last time i will email you.    i did learn how to make the gold from saltwater though.    not white powder gold.    real pure gold.    Love you sir and if we ever meet again.    love ya.
David (David Courtney) - 6/6/11
    Please ask a question and or add some paragraphs.
Jim - 6/6/11

Shalom and Hello, I have been blessed by your hard work on the web.    You know I have been a student of the same field for many years now.    I just turned 61.    I am really blessed that you have done so much research.    I am disabled and stay at home on the farm.    We are Simple Life Farm here in Arley Alabama.    I have a life long work in the Kingdom myself.    Guardians of The Faith.    I try to witness to everyone I can one on one.    Did mission work in Mexico for 18 years.    I want some copies of your work and I don't use pay-pal and such.    Please send me info about how to get your work.    I would love to talk sometime.    I am a published author/speaker/writer and now friend of you.    May The Creator bless you, family and efforts in these rough times.
John Michael Burton - 7/28/11
Dear John Michael Burton
    If you cannot access my Book Order form or cannot order by way of PayPal:
    Since you live in the United States: You can send a shipping address and a check for $30.00 U.S.D. for Alpha and the Omega Volume I, II, and III online access and CD-ROM.    The Version 4.0 CD to be mailed to customer, includes shipping cost, allow 4-7 business days for delivery.    CD includes all files by this author to date of purchase, the entire website Volume I, II, and III, and the entire Volume I and II in Word format consisting of 1257 pages.    It will come with a username/password for unlimited download access for new files.
    Upon receiving payment for your order, you will be contacted by telephone, mail or e-mail with a login name and password.    Please note download files are written in Microsoft Word for Windows 95 Version 7.0 and divided by chapter and chapter sections.    Note that the CD-ROM will not run on Macintosh/Apple based computers unless you have conversion software for PC's.
Mail payment to:
    Jim A. Cornwell
    1137-E Elmdale Rd
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    Cell: 1-270-933-2321    Best time to call after: 4:00 p.m. C.S.T. on Fri.-Tue.; 8:00 a.m C.S.T on Wed.-Thur.    Please leave message or email: mazzaroth@live.com.
    Feel free to call me or email about any questions you have, and comments or subject you would like to peruse.
Jim A. Cornwell - 7/28/11

Subject: Lamentations of Jared
Hi Jim,
    I was wondering if you can steer me to a copy of The Lamentations of Jared.
    I can't find it; my research librarian can't find it, nothing but a reference in the copyright division of the Library of Congress.
    You and I are on the same path, it would be nice if they crossed some day.
    Thank you for publishing your book online.
All the best, Carl - 9/7/11
Dear Carl
    As seen stated on this page http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterThree/BiblicalInfoOfGiants.htm:

    Jared was Enoch’s' father, who through tradition dictated to his son about 5800 B.C. "The Lamentations of Jared" how Gods came to the earth and led astray his own tribe of Adam and those tribes of Cain also.

    Also as seen stated on this page http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterThree/OTChronFloodToAbram.htm:

    "The Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti" (published in 1650-1654), by Anglican Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656), where events were dated in elapsed time since creation, until he found an event that could be dated by extra-biblical means, which was the death of Nebuchadnezzar and the beginning of the reign of Evil-Merodach of Babylon, at 562 B.C.E. or the year 3442.    Bishop Ussher’s calculation, based on the Bible, the world was created in 4004 B.C.    That is 5,998 years ago as of 1994 A.D.    The date according to the Hebrew calendar is only 5,754 which means he varies by 244 years.

    Your answer is the Ethiopian Bible, but good luck finding an English version, when the church was setting the canon for the Bible they threw out a lot of books for anything that predate 4,004 B.C. which was bishop Ussher’s date for the beginning of the world.    My site is all about showing the errors in their ways and not calculating the ages of patriarchs correctly.

Jim A. Cornwell - 9/7/11

    I just read this statement, "He persuaded men not to ascribe to God, in order to bring them into a constant dependence upon his own power.    He swore to build a tower too high for the waters to be able to reach!    Thus avenging himself on God for destroying their forefathers!"
    Can you tell me where you found that he wanted to build it with protection from another flood in mind?    I would love to know this.
Thank you,
Dianne Wagner - 9/10/11
Dear Dianne Wagner
    On my site on the following link http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterThree/TowerOfBabel.htm, I wrote the following to keep it in context.

   Genesis 10:8-10 "And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one (first king) in the earth.    He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD."    Nimrod (Heb. nimrodh), a descendent of Ham, was responsible for building the city of Babel (Babylon).    This individual was the beginning of the kingdom in Babylonia, and he became the founder of Nineveh and other cities in Assyria.    He became distinguished as a hunter, ruler, and builder. He lived for an undetermined amount of centuries after the Flood, and was the grandson of Ham.    He was a bold man, and of great strength of hand.    He persuaded men not to ascribe to God, in order to bring them into a constant dependence upon his own power.    He swore to build a tower too high for the waters to be able to reach!    Thus avenging himself on God for destroying their forefathers!
It is in one of the following text but at this time I cannot tell you which one.
Seen in http:/www.mazzaroth/VolumeIII/AbramSumerianInfluence.htm
    The story of Abram is found in the Mormon version of the Inter-testament Book of Jasher, the Ebla Tablets, and the ancient Sumerian tablets, born to Terah, the High Priest of the Temple of Ur, and he becomes a contemporary and threatened rival to Nimrod the Mighty Hunter, the builder of the Tower of Babel in the Land of Sumer, who received his power and authority by the stolen garments of skins given by the Lord of hosts to Adam.    The Book of Jasher, translated in 1840 from Hebrew into English and printed by the J.H.Parry & Company, Salt Lake City in 1887, later reprinted in 1988 by Artisan Sales in Thousand Oaks, California.    This ancient document is mentioned twice in the writings of the Judges, Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18.    The book was initially called the ‘upright or correct record’ but since the name of the manuscript was not known, it was called the Book of Jasher, written in ancient Hebrew, the translators admit that only seven or eight root words could be traced to Chaldean origin, negating textual critics who felt most of Hebrew documents were formulated in the era of the Babylonian captivity of the Judean people or were renditions of earlier Sumerian texts.

    Comment: from the KJV: Jasher, Hebrew yashar, yaw-shawr', from yashar, yaw-shar', a prim. root to be straight or even, fig. right, upright.    The book of Jashar, quoted in Joshua 10:13, 2 Samuel 1:18 and in the LXX of 1 Kings 8:53, is thought to have been a collection of poetry, probably odes and psalms in praise of Israel's heroes and exploits.    It contained the Song of Deborah (Judg. 5) and the book of the law.    It vanished during the Babylonian captivity, and was certainly a well-known bit of Hebrew literature.
Joshua 10:13 "And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people avenged themselves upon their enemies.    Is it not written in the book of Jasher?    So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day."
2 Samuel 1:18 "(Also he bade them to teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher)."
.     End Comment.

Nimrod, the Mighty Warrior
    Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham, the second son of Noah, has been recognized in Hebrew scripture as a ‘mighty man’.
    Nimrod’s life has been promoted by the writings of Jasher which inform us that the strength and valor of the mighty warrior was attributed to the possession of one of the sacred relics of the House of Noah, the “garments of skins which God had made for Adam and his wife, when they went out of the garden.” (Book of Jasher, p. 15)    This sacred relic had been entrusted to the care by Enoch, then to Methuselah, and then Noah.    In the possession of the Noah, the garments now over 1650 years old, were stolen by Ham, and given in secret to his eldest son, Cush.    When Nimrod was twenty years old, he was given these garments by Cush at the age of twenty, it states, “God gave him (Nimrod) might and strength, and he was a mighty hunter in the earth, yea, he was a mighty hunter in the field, and he hunted the animals and he built altars, and he offered upon them the animals before the Lord” (Book of Jasher, ibid. p. 15).
    Comment: One individual claimed he had never heard anything about the "garments of skins" before so below is the biblical information to this reference.
    Genesis 3:7And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.”
    fig leaves {together} [(He Nun Aleph Tau He Lamed Ayin) the fig was the first plant to be mentioned in the Bible in Gen. 3:7, it represented peace and prosperity in later times.].
    Genesis 3:21Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.”
    coats of (garments of) [(Tau (Vau vowel) Nun Tau Caph) K(aw)T(uh)N(oo)T or the tunic-coat, or Ketonet a close-fitting shirtlike garment.]
    skins [(Resh (Vau vowel) Ayin) skin - Heb. ‘or, naked, geledh, smooth, basar, flesh, Gr. derma, skin, dermatinos of a skin.    A very common word in the OT, ‘or is used both for animal skin (Gen. 3:21; 27:16; Jer. 13:23) and human skin (Exod. 34;35 KJV; Lev. 13:2; Job 7:5).    Geledh is found only in Job 16:15 (sackcloth).    Basar is used for human flesh (Gen. 2:21; 2 kings 4:34; Prov. 14:30 KJV, NIV “flesh, body”).    In Gen. 2:25 “naked” Final Mem Yod Mem Vau Resh Ayin contains “skins” Heb. ‘or, naked.]
    Genesis 4:4And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof.    And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering:
    And the LORD had respect (and Yahweh had regard) [(He Vau He Yod Ayin Shin Yod Vau) root He Ayin Shin; looked with favor; Abel offered to God an acceptable sacrifice, and Heb. 11:4 states “because of his faith,” based on a specific command of God in the past, and that without such a divine command his sacrifice would have been mere superstition.    Some believe this is associated with the garments (animal skins) provided by God to hide the nakedness of the man and woman in Gen. 3:21.]
    So you decide whether this represents the stolen garment of skins, that Nimrod in the writings of Jasher which inform us that the strength and valor of the mighty warrior was attributed to the possession of one of the sacred relics of the House of Noah, the “garments of skins which God had made for Adam and his wife, when they went out of the garden.”    End Comment.
    Shinar was the first of the royal cities who were extensively built and became the visible symbol of the unchallenged reign of Nimrod.    His fame spread throughout the land, the symbol kingship was placed upon his head and the era of the god-kings was begun.    Rather than give credit to the Source of his power, he consolidated the power and glory unto himself.
    The first world government was formed and the seeds of world religious and political dominance were instilled in the power of the priestly hierarchy, and the roots of the Chaldi, the secret wise ones were installed.
    The walls of Erech (Uruk) were built on the foundation of a pre-Flood city.
The Fall of the Tower Of Babel
    Comment: One individual asked me why there appears to exist a large time gap in the Bible between Building of Tower of Babel and Abram seen in Gen 11.
    As seen on www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterFour/EvidenceOfAbram.htm, I show in Genesis 11:4-5 we see the beginning of "the tower, which the children of men builded."    In Genesis 11:7-9 "They confound their language"; "scattered them abroad"; and "called it Babel."    Immediately in Genesis 11:10 we start with the "generations of Shem" that totals to 365 years until Abram, left the Ur of the Chaldees in Genesis 11:26-27.    It is extraordinary that chronologies of the Tower of Babel and Abram were in the same Chapter of the Book of Genesis.    You can read the rest of the webpage at your convenience.    So is there a gap or not?    End Comment.
    Yahweh Elohim, the manifestation of the Elohim to mankind, was viewed by the Hebrew thought as reflective of the One God, yet the message and visual imagery came many times by emissaries sent by the direct charge of the Elohim.    That they, the angelic beings created in the higher dimensions who served next to the Creator God, would at times be viewed as God, was not inconsistent with the postdiluvian Hebrew thought.
    Some scholars have suggested that language was by mental telepathy and that the telepathic powers of the brain were diminished so man had to communicate by oral speech.    From Babel, they migrated and settled in new homelands: the Indus Valley, China, Egypt, the proto-Mediterranean basin and Meso-America.
    The empire of Nimrod was dispersed, vast migrations moved out to all corners of the globe.    The early Sumerian empire was subdued, but the power of Nimrod was not broken.    His heart was hardened and his people consolidated around him.    Yet the glory days were over and fading fast.    The world, as envisioned by Hancock, in Footprints of the Gods, had already been mapped, explored and the cardinal points had been determined.    Pangea was still intact, the subterranean crust fractured by the flood, and the continental drift had not yet begun.
    The post-Babel empire of Nimrod was significantly reorganized and whereas before the Babel debacle, Nimrod controlled his empire by the might of his own sword, he now sought military alliances to maintain primacy in the military-diplomatic arena.    Nimrod’s subjects also renamed their leader, Nimrod, to Amraphel.    According to the author of Jasher, the title of Amraphel was given because, “at the tower his princes and men fell through his (Nimrod’s) means.” (Jasher 11:6).
    One of Nimrod/Amraphel’s earliest allies was the king of Elam, Chedorlaomer, who had subdued the children of Ham who lived in the vail of Shiddon in the cities of the plains.
    Genesis 14: And it came to pass in the days of Amraphel king of Shin'ar, Ariokh king of Ellasar, Khedorla'omer king of Elam and Tidhal king of Go'im – That these made war with Bera King of Sodom, and with Birsha king of Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, and Shem-eber king of Zebi'im, and with the king of Bela, which is Zoar.
    This ancient war pitted an alliance of four kingdoms of the East against five kings in Canaan.
    At the close of the eighteenth century, the scholarly and religious worlds were startled by the discovery of Babylonian tablets naming Khedorla'omer, Ariokh, and Tidhal in a tale not unlike the biblical one, describing a war of wide-ranging magnitude, in with these three kings:

Jim A. Cornwell - 9/10/11

Comments from my Book Order Form with no return email address:
Your identification of the 10 horns and 7 heads with the WTO (GATT) and G7 is interesting.    While I do not find it convincing, I was surprised that you interpreted the revised WTO emblem as having 6 'horns.'    Are there not 4 more, in a roughly east to west orientation, overlying the globe?    There does not seem to be any signification of 7 heads in either emblem.”
Date: 9/12/11
See my page at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/GATT-WTO.htm and decide for yourself.
Jim - 9/12/11

Subject: Gender of author Jean Sendy.
    Jean Sendy ...was a Man.    He was a French astrologer.
mkt from Portugal - 9/24/11
    I beg to differ, since in the book "The Moon Outpost of the Gods" by Jean Sendy author of "Those Gods Who Made Heaven And Earth" which I am looking at right now.    On the inside on the copyright page at the bottom it states:
"She articulated logical reasoning on the basis of rational, verifiable data; that is why she was called Hypothesis."
    I, at first thought Jean Sendy was a male until I read that, and there is no other biography in the book to prove otherwise.
    Please show me where you know otherwise.
Jim A. Cornwell - 9/24/11
    Well I'm looking at the 1970's version of L'ére du Verseau (the Age Aquarius) - fin de l'illusion humaniste, by the same author, in the original French edition and there's a picture of the author inside de book cover.    He's probably between 50 or 60 years old in this photo and he is a man all right.    Another clue... on chapter 22, page 363, the title of the page starts as "My place as a Man in the Universe."    So unless the publishing company made a really big mistake Jean Sendy is most definitely a man.
Regards, mkt - 9/25/11
Dear mkt
    Thank you for your input.    Originally I thought he was male and someone wrote me and said Jean Sendy was a female, and I found the information I showed you and changed it at that time.    Do you think there is a possibility there are two Jean Sendy's, one male and one female.
    I would appreciate it if you send me the picture if possible or a webpage that shows it in relation to all the books that I mentioned below.
Jim -9/25/11
Hello Jim,
    It’s possible that there is some other author that goes by the name of Jean Sendy and is a female, but the Sendy that wrote "Ces dieu qui firent le ciel et la Terre" and "L'ére du Verseau" is probably a man.    Jean is French for John, although it can be a woman's name in English so maybe that other person thought that Jean was a woman's name and thus the confusion.    Those books are so old and not that well known that I couldn’t find a picture of Sendy on Google.    Wikipedia isn’t probably the best of references but it references him as "He":
    But I'll tell you what; I'll photograph his picture from the book cover and send it to you.
Best regards, mkt - 9/26/11
Photo of Jean Sendy
Heya Jim,
    I finally got around to photograph the book cover of Sendy's book; you can find the picture in attachment (Seen above).
Sorry for the bad quality but my camera is pretty much a piece of crap. Hope this settles the matter ;)
Regards, mkt - 10/3/11
    Thank you mkt I will see what I can do with it, and change it accordingly.
    Return to Genesis Ice Age.
Jim - 10/3/11
To all whom it is concerned:
    I was surfing my name in Google and one of the links Jean Sendy or translate German to English shows a lot of information about the male Jean Sendy who was born in 1910 and has passed away in 1978 and I had to get Google to translate it from German to English.    So check the page out for a detail of his life and he was the author of "Those Gods Who Made Heaven And Earth" and "The Moon: Outpost of the Gods."    So the subject is confirmed.
Jim A. Cornwell - 3/30/2016

    Did you write this?
Julie Powers - 10/15/11
    Yes I did?    Why do you ask?
Jim Cornwell - 10/15/11
    I always wonder when someone studies these things in combination if that is their belief and how they came to understand it as truth.    I came to it very organically for myself and am taken aback by the way it fits so perfectly into my personal story.    I'd like very much to hear if anyone else has had an experience like mine.
Julie Powers - 10/15/11
    In my early years I studied all the concepts presented regarding the Kabbalah.    There are many offshoots of the subject.    I have always been biblically oriented so I decided to go through the Kabbalah and determine which items can be determined by biblical truths and what you read on my website is that avenue.    Another thing you must adhere to is that the Kabbalah was originally written in Hebrew, so unless you can read that language in the original texts then you will not grasp it.    If not, then you are subject to authors who have translated it for you to their slant on what they believe it states.
Jim - 10/16/11

Subject: about the photos
Hi Mr. Cornwell,
    Thank you so much for all the time you gave me this morning.    I am putting in writing my request to use your demo from Vol. III- Decans of the Zodiac of Denderah.    I am amazed at your drawing, it is unbelievable.    I was looking for Virgo and did not see her noted.    I love the picture of Leo with Coma, is Virgo just to the left of Coma- the girl with a feather of sorts in her hand?
    Thank you so much again.    God bless your day.
Sincerely, Chris Siegel - 7/28/11
    You may use my image from website at http://www.mazzaroth.com/V3DemoIntroduction.htm
    If referencing my copyright: From The Alpha and the Omega - Volume III by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © July 20, 2002, all rights reserved "Demo of Volume III - Decans of the Zodiac of Denderah" for image http://www.mazzaroth.com/Denderah180.gif.
    Virgo is the image holding the Sprig of Wheat always    Virgo is before Leo-Coma above Denderah Decan 15 or Grand Temple 6.
Jim A. Cornwell - 7/28/11
Mr. Cornwell,
    I am about to publish my book- but I need to make sure the image you sent me is 300 dpi- do you know if it is- or can you help me with this.    Thanks.
Sincerely, Chris Siegel - 11/11/11
    All I can tell you is it is 460 x 472 pixels; I usually get my images from using Microsoft's imaging tools.
Jim - 11/11/11

    Have you ever solved the mysterious symbols of the Denderah Crypt?
Beau Tabor - 12/20/11
    I have looked at it at every angle, upside down, inside out, and all I can assess is what you see in the file sequence below to get to my critique of the Denderah crypt.    This requires a username and password.
    I may have shown you this before, but do not remember if I did.
Jim - 12/20/11

Dear Sir,
    I've been reading from a link that from you.    I'm overwhelmed, not by fear, but by delight...the stuff I head read, was things I had knew at birth, and I can’t explain it, accept to say, as per say.    How the pyramids of Egypt and what you said also line up, as to say with Celestial Cycles, with the belt of Orion?    As you know, they have found many new pyramids as to say, as above, so below?    So when they line up, with when the first corner stone was laid it will be the new earth age?    Please respond if you think they might indeed be a link to this.
Best regards, Dwayne Lambert - 12/23/11
    I did not respond to this because I do not have a clue about what he is trying to line up without more detail.    This came to my email by way of facebook.    I do not prefer to respond to facebook links, so readers please use my email address on the website to contact me or my Book Order form.
Jim - 12/23/11

Dear Jim,
    Is there any chance this will be put in book form?    My computer will not download.    Even more than that I love to have a written form in my hands.
Jeanne Gowen - 12/26/11
    This was a comment sent to my Book Order form without inputting a return email address.    No reason to or really can not repond!
Jim - 12/26/11

   820,830 persons viewed this site in the year 2011, which is the second year since I started this website that it has been dismally low.    The worldwide economic problems, job losses have affected how many individuals were on the internet except those who could afford the latest smartphone or tablet.


    I am rather busy.    I offer these two articles I've written that should be of great interest to you.    If they please you then you might be interested in a few other findings of mine.
    To save time I am pasting a clip of a post of mine from the online astrological forum at astrologyweekly.com where I use the moniker, 'pierce the vale'.    You can also find some writing under the name David Mastry, which is what I publish under.
    I hope to get some time to study the Denderah Zodiac some more...presently I have my hands full still trying to make proper sense of the 'tropical Zodiac' and don't believe I'll be finished with that in my lifetime.
    Best regards and in admiration of your pursuits.
David Mastrogiovanni/Mastry

[from astrologyweekly.com]
    ...very interesting. as the author at the link above then makes mention of the symbolism designating most conspicuously a point directly between Capricorn and Aquarius that has to do with the Egyptian mythological account of creation.
    The author then provides a link to a Capricorn Star chart
and makes mention of the fact that many scholars of the Denderah Zodiac claim that they understand it states that the Zodiac begins at Virgo.
    Both of these statements support two of my own findings that I have written about.    One account is my thread on the mutual validation of the Sabian Symbols and the Kabbalistic interpretation of the Book of Habakkuk in the Torah [Old Testament] as written about by Dr. [Rabbi] Joel Dobin in his book "Kabbalistic Astrology."
which can be read here:
    And what I recently discovered and have given evidence of and wrote about in my thread I titled "A Rectification of a Technique of Esoteric Practice?,"
which can be read here:
which in turn explains, supports and proves the theories of Dane Rudhyar as to true understanding of the beginning of the Zodiac being the sign Virgo [at the 30th degree and proceeding in the opposite direction [also identified as the 'Evolutionary Path or Procession"] from that as utilized presently.    [which is identified as the "Involutionary Path or Procession."]
David Mastrogiovanni, 2/23/2012

    Dear David Mastrogiovanni
    I am having trouble understanding if you are the “author at the link above who then makes mention of the symbolism designating most conspicuously a point directly between Capricorn and Aquarius that has to do with the Egyptian mythological account of creation.”    And as it said provided a link to a Capricorn Star chart http://www.mazzaroth.com/InsertTwo/CapricornusStarChart.htm#Denderah and makes mention of the fact that “many scholars of the Denderah Zodiac claim that they understand it states that the Zodiac begins at Virgo.”
    My actual quote from that page states, “Some scholars have commented that the Denderah Zodiac begins at the constellation Virgo based on the symbol translation.    I beg to differ with them; it begins with this symbol in context with this book.”    Which is the Circle of Eight or the 37th Decan as seen on the Denderah Zodiac between Capricornus and Aquarius, but you seem to claim it begins at Virgo.    This would mean that you have used my quote out of context in order to justify your concept.
    That does not set well with me so please correct that in your blog.    Anyone who would peruse this page would see that.
    The following two links will show my refute on the Virgo start issue:
    The following link which you do not have access to without purchasing my work online:
"Volume III - Neteru versus Elohim"

    This file is to conduct an evaluation of the connection of the Egyptian Neteru, the Hebrew Elohim, and other god/goddess combinations from otherancient civilizations.

    The ancient Egyptians believed in One God, who was self-produced, self-existent, immortal, invisible, eternal, omniscient and almighty, which was never represented.    The attributes of this were called the neteru (net-er-u, also netjer, netjerou, and in singular form: neter [masculine] and netert [feminine]), but was misrepresented as gods.    The neter sign is the Egyptian ntr.w, means "god."    In ancient Egypt the Neteru is the "Era of the gods rule on Earth" associated with the "first time," known as Zep Tepi.    Zep means "time."    Tepi can mean "first," "precedes," "beginning," "commencement" or the "foremost point of a ship."    It can also mean ancestor."    Thus, Zep Tepi could mean "before time" or the "beginning of time."    Therefore, at one time in the past the One God entity came upon the earth and through a divine origin affected the world through a multitude of attributes, qualities, powers and actions.
    So I am promoting the concept that the Egyptian Neteru and the Hebrew Elohim are both one and the same attributes of the one God, or gods that came to restore to order as it is called the Genesis or Zep Tepi.    Where I claim that Genesis/Zep Tepi occurred in the age of Capricornus at 21,800 B.C., many other sources promote that Zep Tepi occurred around 10,500 B.C. in the age of Leo, my sixth day of Creation.
    On the fourth day, which is Libra in 15,330 B.C. as promoted by my own work, we find that on the month of Athyr, Het-Her, Hathor, Hethara, Hat-hor, Coptic Hator on the Egyptian day 16, Gregorian: Oct. 2, Julian: Oct. 16, we find this as the Day of the appearance of the eight Great Names of Netjer (Primordials) and on day 17, Gregorian: Oct. 3, Julian: Oct. 17 also the Landing of the Great Names of Netjer in Abydos.    More of this can be seen on the Calendar Dates page.

    Remember as you read on and see the mention of a neteru god or goddess, that it's symbolism is an attribute of the one God, influencing that particular space in time as the wheel of the Mazzaroth moves through the Zodiacal Ages with the dates mentioned in connection with its decan and a star reference.    The symbolism of each Neteru on the Denderah Decans (Round Zodiac) may connect with the Grand Temple Decans (Square Zodiac) with minor variations of attributes.
    Can we look at the Denderah Decan Neteru as a concept of what happens in the spiritual realm?
    Likewise is its Grand Temple Decan counterpart what happens on the earthly plane?
    These connections can be seen on my Volume III index page for the Zodiac of Denderah, where I have them aligned for one to view.
    Also note that all the Egyptian months and days in regard to the Gregorian calendar are around one month out of synch with the dates specified for the same constellation as referenced for the modern Zodiac and the Hebrew month.
    In "The Dawn of Astronomy" a study of the temple-worship and mythology of the Ancient Egyptians by J. Norman Lockyer, New York, The McMillian Company 1897, as seen on page 253-254, "The Sirius year, like the Julian was about eleven minutes longer than the true year, so that in 3,000 years we should have a difference of about 23 days.    Biot showed by his calculations using solar tables extant before those of Leverrier, that from 3,200 B.C. to 200 B.C. in the Julian year of the chronologists, Sirius had constantly, in each year, risen helically on July 20, which in Julian equals June 20 in the Gregorian."
    In the image below as seen on Lockyer's page 276, he shows the Month-Table at the Ramesseum, with the hieroglyphic names and image of the Nerteru for each Egyptian month.    It should also be noted that each of the neteru seem to be facing each other in pairs of six, which may have been done for asthetics, instead of the usual facing one direction to determine the read on the hieroglyphs.    I found it interesting that it starts from left to right beginning with Capricornus and ending with Aquarius.    Another interesting point is the gap or spaced area centered between month 1 and 12, which turns out to be the area that represents the epo gomena, is left blank with no hieroglyphs or images.
Month Table At Ramesseum
    Beyond this I have a comparison of the 24 Egyptian Stars and the Denderah Zodiac Stars which was too large to enter in this document.
Jim A. Cornwell, 2/23/2012

    I admit I didn't read your entire presentation.    I was merely observant of two separate abstract concepts that caught my eye as I was rather speed reading your web pages to get a basic overview of the Denderah Zodiac as I had run across this relatively rare term on a wikipedia page.
    It is late as I have been writing all night and corresponding and in fact is now morning.
    I did run across your articles rather just a bit while ago and it was the immediate conspicuousness of the ref. to Capricorn/Aquarius and origin or orientation of or to 'God' and your mentioning not having drawn anything conclusive as to an explanation for reason of it that I offer what Rabbi Dobin has written in his book as a possible lead or better yet, a solution to that.
    I then mention what I wrote as to the Sabian symbols validating, or corroborating if you prefer, what Rabbi Dobin stated and that it is mutual in that this in turn validates the Sabian Symbols by Biblical authority.
    You can ascertain all the details if you follow those links.
    The mention of the Zodiac beginning...in the abstract sense of it being a 'Grand Matrix of Astrology'...not unlike that of the Grand Cross or Magen David or the 'Pentagram,' the 'Grand Septile' or 'Grand Octile aka Semi Square matrices'...only a polygon of 360 sides - points, that is a numbered cycle and progression of 'Evolutionary' or 'Involutionary.' [depending upon ones application and intent]    Precepts of the Creation that is exactly what the Zodiac truly is in all regards is to the school of Astrology that sprang from the ranks of the Theosophists, i.e. "The Esoteric School of Astrology," and their technique of interpretation and I believe also application in delineation as too the Zodiac being read in the Counter-Clockwise direction being that of an 'Evolutionary' viewpoint and utilization and that of the 'Traditional' schools to be that of an 'Involutionary" application. One leading more into 'Maya' the other to a 'Conquest of the Illusion of Maya.'    This can be quickly understood by observing the Sabian Symbols for the first degree of Aries and the last degree of Pisces.    The new and fresh birthed life form of Aries 1* becomes the urge to become the archetype of that material existence manifests itself transformatively into the densest form of matter...granite rock in the naturally sculpted relief...bust.. in a massive mountainside.
    Rudhyar always repeatedly stated the "The true path of discipleship begins in Virgo.    What I demonstrate and give evidence for in the other link is highly supportive if not the very proof itself of that theory of Rudhyar's.    Rudhyar wrote an entire book on 'Evolutionary' and 'Involutionary' cycles in 'Astrological Aspects.    A Process..." with his wife and fellow astrologer, Layla Rael.    The Theosophists had it partially right, only you have to flip it over and reverse it, read the Sabian Symbols for the last degree of Virgo and then the first degree of Libra.    There's your spiritually 'Evolutionary' understanding.    The Perfect Specimen of the Butterfly found for Libra 1* is that of one successfully emerged from the embryonic journey of a life lead along the path of spiritual perfection.
    The symbol for the 30* degree of Virgo, you will find, is defined by Rudhyar to represent the beginning of the path leading to the 'Conquest of Illusion'.
    If you know anything of Manichean Astrological theology ...i.e The Seven and the Five, then you might want to check out my article at actastrology.com in the 'Numbers and Astrology' sub-forum titled, 'The Seven and the Five'
    These are but possible leads I have hastily assembled and had bundled and sent to you in the belief that they would be given a mete of a perfunctory glance and would be self reveling as to whether they are of pertinent...germane, one might say....use and or relevance as to a couple of, to me, most conspicuous topics.
    I apologize if I completely misunderstood your mention of those two areas of the Zodiac and what I took for 'queries' on your part.
    I did say I had been [and, still have been] up some hours today and reading and writing near the whole time.    [.. and now need to call it to an end.]
    Good luck and success with your scholarly pursuits in the field of Astrology.
Dave Mastrogiovanni, 2/23/2012

    Please do not insult me anymore with statements like "Good luck and success with your scholarly pursuits in the field of Astrology."
    In no way, shape or design do I promote Astrology.
See http://www.mazzaroth.com/Introduction/Astrology-Astrologer-AstronomyOfTheBible.htm
Astrology, Astrologer and Astronomy of the Bible
Entitled: "Did you know that your horoscope can kill you?"
    The author of this book must clarify that he does not believe in horoscopes, astrology as used to foretell the future events of a person.    As in Isaiah 47:13,
"Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy councels."    "Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee."    (astrologer "those stargazers who make predictions month by month").
    The Bible condemns the pseudo-science of astrology.
    See http://www.mazzaroth.com/CopyrightConcepts.htm if you would like to read what I have success in with scholarly pursuits.
    It is about astronomy and how it is connected to the Bible.
Jim A.Cornwell, 2/23/2012

    Oh, my bad.    That's what I get for skimming over a web-page.
    Like I said, I didn't get into reading it...was just give it a cursory glance and looking for 'clues', "leads"...they have a habit of 'jumping out at me,' books fall off the shelves all the time when I peruse the used book stores...find some of the best clues in that manner.
    An insult was certainly not what I had intended.    I didn't realize you were denouncing it...like I said, I must make a note of it not to respond to web-sites until I've done more investigating but, I must say, I don't know what it is you have against astrology...unless for the reason that it has denigrated into the condition it is in this time.    Rectifying what it erroneous about it is a 'hobby' of mine and one that I take pleasure and pride in it...because I'm damn good at it.    Some will say that is why I'm here on the Earth at this time...I usually get some difficult assignment every time I come down here.    [I had one incarnation in ancient Egypt, I'm told.    I was a court Astrologer for Ahkenaton...pray tell me that you don't have some 'hang-up' about re-incarnation too? ...wish I could remember more from that life...as this Zodiac that the Egyptians were utilizing really intrigues me.    I am going to have to dedicate some time to really investigate this.    Right from the get go, I'm wondering if this 'school' of astrological belief and technique was used by both the Aton and the Amen priests?}
    BTW...your use of this passage: As in Isaiah 47:13, "Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy councels.    Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee."    (astrologer "those stargazers who make predictions month by month")."
    It is completely misleading.    Rabbi Dobin thoroughly explains this exact passage from Isaiah in his book "Kabbalistic Astrology," in fact I often refer to it myself as THE TORAH DOES TELL US TO UTILIZE ASTROLOGERS...it's a fact...ask a Rabbi.    It tells you not to use Clairvoyants, or Crystal Gazers and the such.    [Also, as to prophecy and Prophets.    According to Rabbi Dobin and three other Rabbis, of whom if consulted on this matter; First off, You have to know that a prophet is one that both makes predictions as to the future and admonishes and tries to correct or offers corrective means as to something improper with Judaism...and He must be a Jew.
    This is by the Bible., but it does not impose any such restriction on Gentiles.    Personally, I know of a couple of Clairvoyants.    They don't admonish the Jews neither are they Jewish...and as trying to predict the future is a waste of time and energy in my opinion...by those means, anyways... I have no use for it.    As I said, the Bible does say to use Astrology to give indication of trends and I'm pretty dang good at it too, but I do always inform anyone that reads any forecast that I issue that it only indicates what is 'trending'...just as the Torah instructs me to do.    {I'm going to avoid the issue of 'Supersessionism' here, lets just say, "I'm 'covered by the Covenant," and leave it as that? Okay?}] It says that God gave us the Stars to indicate what to expect as trending for any given time...only a fool or an Atheist [same difference] would not seize such an opportunity.    What translation of the Torah are you utilizing anyways?    It's a pity that Rabbi Dobin recently passed on, he would have been delighted to assist you in understanding the original text.    He really was a dear soul, I do miss Him.    You know, not a single version in English is entirely correct in translating the Torah...and if you include what the 'Kabbalists' are also able to extract from it...then you might say it's for the best if you just take from it what you can for your own understanding.    But, really, it's for the best, to not be going around trying to interpret it for other people, especially when you haven't interpreted it correctly for yourself...you can amass a Hell of a lot of 'Karma' doing that...and not the 'good' kind either.
    I take it that you are probably a Christian...I suggest sticking to the, so called, 'New Testament"...I'm not saying that I believe in it [as the Romans had way too much of a hand in writing it..and re-writing history for that matter, also Did you know that King Herod was alive in 6 AD.    No?    I bet you didn't.    Yet, there is concrete evidence.    An edict he issued that year condemning his wife, Thesea, to her death at the time of his own.    ...but the Vatican will fall soon and most of the mess they have created in the last 1700 years will be history someday...once the true church is recognized as that which was brought by Joseph of Arimathea and James to Southwest Britain in around 42 AD ...if you don't know about this subject I recommend it as a most worthy investigative endeavor...much more worthwhile than trying to vilify Astrology.    [Ravenscroft's book, "The Cup of Destiny," is a fine read.    From what I myself have found, and from the reports of the most knowledgeable fellow researchers I personally know of, it seems that most all of what Ravenscroft presents is true.
    As both Ravenscroft and Rudolph Steiner made predictions for these times that are germane to the subject of King Arthur*, it may get really interesting this decade as I have the belief that it will be something out of the past from those times that will cause the curtain to fall on the Vatican.    BTW, neither Ravenscroft or Steiner were using anything 'taboo' in their predictions, from what I have gathered.    Steiner was utilizing Astrology...i.e. the 1200 year cycle of Venus.    Did you know that every time Venus conjuncts the Sun that it does so 72* from the last position of conjunction?    After 5 conjunctions it has completed a Pentagram and then proceeds to another one [as the procession is not a perfect pentagram but slightly offset...as everything in nature is why and how it allows for the 'changes'] There are 72 possible pentagrams in the 360 degrees of the Zodiac [72 names of God, 72 Angels of the Quinaries, etc.]    After 1200 years Venus and the Sun complete this 'dance' and it begins all over again.    All the planets in interplay among themselves and with the Sun have 'matrices' in their patterns...it's a wondrously fascinating study!
    I'm not sure exactly where or how Ravenscroft got His info, but I know it wasn't anything taboo...I know THAT much about the man...but little more.    In fact there's no one that can tell me much about the man...sort of a 'mystery figure' for the most part.    I would be very interested to know anything more about him if you should happen to have any info...pass it on to me, would you?
    Thanks. Best of success in finding and sharing truth.
Regards, Dave Mastrogiovanni, 2/24/2012
    * [Arthur was not a mythological person...not the least, let alone the tales, but Arthur was quite real.]
    ps. I do rather resent your reference to astrology as a 'pseudo-science'.    It is in fact 'The Mother of All Science," which is understood when you have the correct knowledge and understanding of it.    Like I said, I'm here to 'rectify' a good deal of it.    I have an article I titled 'A Runic Explanation of the Zodiac" at astrologyweekly.com under the name of 'pierce the vale.'    In it I give a number of examples of how physics, geology, meteorology etc are all described and explained by the Zodiac when a proper understanding of the Zodiac is what you have as a basis for understanding.    I give that proper understanding, as well [although that may as yet be incomplete...it is all a 'work in progress', this rectifying business.]
    You may also care to read my article titled "The 7 & the 5" here: http://actastrology.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=177
as I successfully have applied the 'Scale of Musical Tonality' to the Zodiac and that of the 'Visible Spectrum' as well.    Something both Isaac Newton and Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre attempted repeatedly but failed...along with many other notable minds of history.
    Like I said;
    The 'MOTHER OF ALL SCIENCE'...catchy phrase, isn't it?
    I am almost, just a bit, ashamed to say that I didn't find it that difficult...but then again.    like I said, that's why I'm here, 'again'...It's my job!

    Yes I received my username and pass word thank you, your works and David Flynn’s works are satisfying my curiosity about the heavens and the biblical record, the extra biblical record and ancient records have to say about seasons and the length of time involved in those periods, and why those beings (giants, demigods, etc.) were serious followers and watchers of the movement of the constellations and heavenly bodies, and the way bible events and significant event in human history are clearly spelled out in the expanse we call the heavenlies.... God is amazing with how he planned all this out from beginning to end, complete with his already throughout response to the misgivings of man and fallen angels.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
Sincerely Perry Scoggins, 4/7/2012

    Dear Jim,
Subject: Still searchin.
    Am intrigued.    Not finding myself with community of believers, did have vision of great darkness rolling in over my eyes not heard an etheric door close shut with a bang.    Not one here who thinks I am In a cave with bats.
    I am still. sick here and wait on great hashem to open next door.    I had hopes and have music ready to put to revelation 14 no messages of 3 angels.    No one here wants to help me so I move on.    Have been homeless long time due to wrong diagnosis, but god gave vision to me year and half ago of a tic, and so he healed me of lymes and large hiatal hernia.
    It seemeth hard to believe we have entered trib, and there is a peace to passeth all understanding.
    Hope this email works and if you have a word from God for me pleases do let me know.    I have dreamed of old schoolmate, at Portland, Maine who had a crush on me.    He is Jewish.    Dreams are true.    He is faithful.    No I think he will be my husband.    The one Hashem has given approval of.    I had forgotten all about Jonathan.    Have not seen him since 1970.
    Shalom and Great Thanks
Maria/ California, 4/17/2012

    Dear Maria from California
    See http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSeven/GATT-WTO.htm

Rev. 17:5-6 Babylon the Great,
Mother of Prostitutes and Idol Worship around the world.

    Rev. 17:5 And upon her forehead (‘Metopon’ meta with ops ‘eye’; a mark in the forehead means a public profession; pp. A mysterious caption was written on her forehead; as harlots usually had; in contrast inscribed on the mitre on the high priest) was a name written,


(Paraphrased: "Babylon the Great,
Mother of Prostitutes and of Idol Worship Everywhere around the World

    (This implies a spiritual fact or mystery which was hidden, and incapable of discovery by mere reason, but now revealed.    This is called "the mystery of iniquity," so when she is destroyed, it is revealed in the man of iniquity, the open embodiment of all previous evil.    Since it was Rome that crucified Christ, it will compromise for political power as in verse 3 the portion of Christianity still in its creed, and thus prepare the way for Antichrist’s manifestation.    The name Babylon, which in the image, Daniel 2, is given to the head, is here given to the harlot, which marks her as being connected with the fourth kingdom, Rome, the last part of the image.
    The invisible Church of true believers is hidden and dispersed in the visible Church, the boundary lines which separate harlot and woman are not denominational nor drawn externally, but can only be spiritually discerned.    Some believe that the Roman Church is a harlot, whereas the evangelical Protestant Church is in principle and creed, a chaste woman; with the Reformation as a protest of the woman against the harlot.    Whatever it is today you can be sure that it was caused by all three

    Think of Communism, which is a philosophy and a religion, which began this century.    It too was a product of a society which wanted to create the perfect utopia.    As we know now it failed, simply because they had left out their faith in Christ, but chose to live as they see fit.    Think of democracy it is a philosophy and a religion, but it is based on World Trade, expansionism, and an attempt to create a world which in man's view will have peace and prosperity, and benefit all mankind.    There is simply no man made entity that will ever bring true peace, etc., etc. to this world.    You know that will not occur until the Messiah returns to take His kingdom from the beast and Satan.
    We all live in the same fish bowl, breathe the same fish bowl water.    But some of us have been fortunate to have been given better quality water, in a segregated section of the fish bowl.
    The bottom line here is that the Gentile churches have already fallen (spiritually) into ruin and do not even know it, when their time has been fulfilled they will be in total shock.
    The prophecy of Noah's three sons has been in process for many thousands of years, and directly correlates to Jesus Christs' statement in Luke 21:24 "And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled."
    I think the world will go along a little longer until the world is similar to the way it was when Jesus was born.    The people had given up hope, and did not think the salvation would occur, and gave into the world, and depended upon it for its existence.

    Later in Revelation the true believers will be called to leave Babylon before its destruction.    The message here is quite simple, become a true believer in the middle of your adversity, fear the LORD, repent your sins to Him, and hope that your faith in Him will enable you to see the sign when that call from destruction is sent.

Jim, 4/17/2012

    Thanks Jim
Maria Tufts, 4/17/2012

    Dear Jim,
    Thank you for your commentary on Hosea.
    But your calculations are based on 365 day year.
    But isn't it possible that years were counted at 360 days (Noah).    If this is true, would that make your prophecies arrive sooner?
    (5 days time 2000 = 10,000 days = 27 years...) but I guess that is not very signifigant is it.
James Sundquist, 4/20/2012

    Dear James Sundquist
    As to your quest: “But isn't it possible that years were counted at 360 days (Noah). If this is true, would that make your prophecies arrive sooner?”
    As seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/TheReturnOfIsrael.htm, I commented “Of course this is all dependent on whether a thousand years is literally a thousand years or only an average of 906 to 939 years per day as shown in 2 Peter 3:8.”
    As seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/GenerationsOfJesusChrist.htm, I commented “Understand that these above date figures could be in error by as much as plus or minus three years or 25 years as to the star positions in the future.”
    We will know the signs when the time is near, but as in Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32 "But no one knows the date and hour when the end will be -- not even the angels.    No, nor even God’s Son.    Only the Father knows."
    Literally you can predict the year that these events will occur (but not the date or hour), but if you are a symbolically based person then date and hour are an indefinite time period that no man can know.
    So as you can see variations are possible.
Jim A. Cornwell, 4/20/2012

    Thanks so much!!!!
James, 4/20/2012

    "Thank you" for the New CD it worked wonderfully, I have uploaded all onto my PC and look forward to going through it, thank you again!!!
Teresa Jo Garcia, 4/18/2012

    These are some of the places your material has sent me to study when I have questions.
    It seems that in every creation story there is a Serpent, but it depends on what that person believes in, weather the serpent is good or bad.
    What you were brought us to believe has a biased advantage over having an open mind and an impartial perspective on the subject.
Teresa Jo Garcia, 4/19/2012

    I am thinking that maybe the United Stated is the new "Solomon’s Temple" that was built in 810 B.C.????    Maybe....It is already built... somewhere.... Israel is a lot bigger than the borders that a map will show you.
Teresa Jo, 5/1/2012

    Your statement is interesting but think about why Osama Bin Laden attacked the U.S.
    He attacked the one-world financial system (World Trade Center, i.e. "The head of the beast").
    The most powerful world military (Its head the Pentagon).
    And attempted to attack the head of the leaders (The White House).
    God uses entities to bring about his prophecies, just as he used the Assyrians to overthrow the 10 tribes of Israel.
    So as Revelation states the beast was given a deadly wound to its head, and lived.    So who is helping Israel?
    So reread the link below.    Also read Jeremiah Chap. 50-51 and it will tell you that prophecy.
    Just on the news yesterday they were promoting the new One World World Trade Center which will be taller than the Empire State Building.
Jim, 5/2/2012

    Oh Dear .... had not got that far yet.... I knew things were not going to be good, but was hoping that we were the ones standing on Israel side when the time came.
    Israel will win in the end.... Because God Said So!!
Teresa, 5/5/2012

    That does not mean everyone here is bad.    And we are the only one on Israel's side, that is, those that have true Christian beliefs and see God's plan for them in Revelation 7 and 14.
    Keep on learning, and tell others.
Jim, 5/5/2012

    I have read a considerable amount of literature about the Denderah planisphere.    I have yet to see someone date it.    Do you know if anyone has (from the planets positions)?    Have you?    I'm very interested.
Cleveland, 6/3/2012

    Do you have a name?    And why such interest?
My page is at

    In my Volume III which you must purchase to view in the following http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V3DenderahSerpentCryptsCritic.htm
The time scale

    To look at Dendera and its connection to Pharaonic Egypt and support an influence of the Dendera-"technology" on ancient Egypt the temple must be old, as claimed by Krassa/Habeck in their book.    Not only old, but prehistoric, too.    It is true that the location of the temple was used since old times, at least back to Khufu's reign.    But this temple was torn down completely after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332 B.C.E.:
    "Remnants of the former temples are ... not known, because all earlier structures were torn down in the later Ptolemaic epoch to make room for the new, today visible temple."    [Arnold, Dieter; Die Tempel Ägyptens, Artemis 1992, p. 165 ff]
    The reliefs could be older, and are located in underground chambers, maybe they weren't removed?    The reliefs are worked in high relief which cannot be altered afterwards.    And on the reliefs we can find the name of the builder of the temple.    Krassa/Habeck were about 4 hours inside the rooms and photographed any square centimeter of the reliefs and inscriptions [Krassa, Habeck p. 100 & 106].    So they must have stumbled over the "visiting card" of the owner, its name cartouche.    It can even be seen in their book on table 24: Ptolemeius XII.    And he lived - around 50 B.C.E.!    That was it with prehistoric.    If one looks up what Thomas Schneider has written in his Lexikon der Pharaonen (Dictionary of the Pharaohs) about Ptolemeius XII, we find:
    "The outstanding event of the building and religion policy P.s ' XII, is the inauguration of the Edfu temple on 7 February 70.    In Dendera he begun in the year 54 B.C. with the construction work of the Hathor temple ......" [Schneider, Thomas; Lexikon der Pharaonen, Artemis 1994, p. 224 f]
    The temple was built in an era long after the end of dynastic Egypt, about 300 years after the reign of the last Egyptian pharaoh.    No temple before Dendera shows symbols like these, leaving no connection between these symbols and Pharaonic Egypt.    The idea of electricity in ancient Egypt has died with this building date

    So it is unknown.    Claims are 50 B.C. to up 2500 B.C.
Jim, 6/3/2012

    My name is Cleveland.
    My interest is Biblical astronomy.    I teach the gospel story in the stars (constellations) and a Biblical timeline according to the stars.    There is so much there!    I believe the Zenderah planisphere goes back to the time of Seth - Enoch.    I have started searching for a construction date (with no luck so far).    Perhaps the planisphere may be showing a future date.
    I agree with your assessment that the circle of 8 figures represent a beginning of a new era (Aquarius).    This also ties in with the Great Pyramid with the "air shafts" pointing to certain stars.    I believe the pyramid was built by the antediluvian patriarchs (as Josephus says).
    There's much more, but this is a good start.
    I am just trying to see what the first astronomers are trying to tell us.    It's relevant to our Christian living.
Cleveland, 6/4/2012

    Dear Cleveland
    Sorry I cannot give you the exact information.    I have a very large work in three Volumes of Biblical astronomy and Christianity.    Maybe you are looking in the wrong place for what you quest as I have tried.    All the information we want to know is in countries that will not let us uncover the truth about things in fear that it would prove what they do not want us to prove.

For online publishing 1998 - original copyright 1995 -- The Alpha and the Omega, Volume I
-- by Jim A. Cornwell -- Chapter Two pagee 114 - file updated 6/26/98

Seth’s knowledge of heavenly bodies and their order.

    Adam and Eve soon learned that Satan's ways were wrong when Cain killed Abel.    Apparently there was no killing, warring, violent crimes or animal instincts in Eden.
    Thus they must spend millennia after millennia of conditioning to reach spiritual maturity.    Later Adam had been gifted with another son, Seth, (Heb. sheth, “appointed,” “substituted”), whose descendants kept to the heritage.    It is noteworthy that Adam had 33 sons and 23 daughters.    By the time of Seth's son, Enos (Heb. ‘enosh, mortal, Gr. Enos) as godly fear, Genesis 4:26 "men began to call upon the name of the Lord."

    Josephus on his Antiquities of the Jews wrote about how "the sons of Seth studiously turned their attention to the knowledge of the heavenly bodies and their configurations." (Chapter II)    "They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order.    And that their inventions might be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, they made two pillarsone of brick, the other of stone: they inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them.    Now this remains in the land of Siriad to this day."

    This means that Adam was forewarned of the coming Flood, Seth, his surviving son, erected two pillars on which he inscribed the keys to the science and philosophy taught by Adam.    "And lest their science should at any time be lost among men, and what they had acquired should perish, this became the reason for the engravings on the two columns or pillars.    One of brick and the other of stone.

    Enoch, who also knew of the impending Deluge, became concerned that the knowledge would be lost during this calamity, he then constructed an underground temple with nine vaults.    In the final vault were the two pillars upon which, in allegorical symbols, the secret teachings were preserved

    Josephus, a Jewish historian of the first century A.D., stated that “these inscriptions remain even to the present day in the land of Syriad."

    Some believe Josephus made a mistake in taking Seth, the son of Adam for Seth or Sesostris, King of Egypt, the erector of this pillar in the land of Siriad.    Seti I (reigned about 1309-1290 B.C.) as king of Egypt and conducted two campaigns in Syria.    Seti built the temple of Abydos, and decorated the walls of the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak, completed by his son Ramses II.    These pre-deluge records are possibly in Syria or maybe even in Baalbek (Heliopolis) an ancient Phoenician city which worshipped Baal but presently is in Lebanon northeast of Beirut, and this ancient repository may contain cultural inheritance.    This has correlation with recent discoveries by seismologist who while looking for ancient civilization below the Sphinx at Giza, recorded a man-made structure under the front left paw, and ascribe it to possibly being a hidden chamber, which might contain records of the civilization in pre-dynastic Egypt who constructed the original Sphinx.    It is very possible that records may be hidden at several places throughout the world.

    Abydos is a city with a shrine of Osiris.    An ancient town of Asia Minor on the Asiatic coast of the Hellespont in modern-day Turkey.    It was the scene of the legendary tale of Hero and Leander.    An ancient city of southern Egypt on the Nile River northwest of Thebes.    One of the oldest Egyptian cities, it was a religious center for the worship of Osiris and a burial site for the kings of the earliest dynasties.
    I would surely hope it begins with Seth - Enoch.
    By the way the Circle of 8 figures is the end of the great cycle in Aquarius and the beginning of the next one in Capricornus.    I have found this pattern in several Egyptian images.

    The first astronomer is mentioned in Psalm 147:4

Jim, 6/4/2012

    Hi Jim
    Yes I received the codes...... Thanks...... One problem I had was downloading the III section.... but if I open then copy and paste into word .doc I can store the archives on my PC.... Jim is it okay to print out one personal copy of the work?
    Jim I became interested a few years back.... I actually had received a printed out set of 3 books that you sent to me at another address and unfortunately I gave them to a friend to look at and they never returned.    I did miss the knowledge contained in your work and so I ordered again the volumes.......
    I first became interested in the influences of the heavens upon the human body and earth body when I read the Bible...... especially where it said can you bind the sweet influences of pleadies etc..... I had my own insight into the coded energy flows that correlate with our own Holy Temple.... your work has helped me to understand somewhat the remote yet instant energies that run our own biological computations of expression here.... I found that Jesus could have called upon 12 legions of angels and yet opened not His mouth...i.e denied the prophetic shifting sands of time and was raised up a New Creature....all angels came now under His command..... this gives me a picture and a correlation....Christ in me my hope of Glory now can rise up and return to my Temple..... anyway Jim Thanks again for the great works.
Grant Barlow, 8/6/2012

    The manuscripts you received in 2001 were only Volume I and II (over 2000 pages) my volume III (which could be as big) came out in 2002 and was only on online access.    You are welcome to print any page you can.    All I am asking if you use it for any purpose other than perusing it then I required the copyright info to be at the top or noted with it.    It would cost a lot to print the entire work.    Volume III is not a down load it is a webpage and I provided a link in your order information to access it.    Volume III is a growing work.
    Thanks for the input on your interest.
Jim, 8/7/2012

    Good morning Sir,
    This morning I was browsing on the net, for biblical info, and came across your site.    I would like to purchase this book Mazzaroth, if you could tell me where I can buy this book from.
    Thank you.
Rina, 8/29/2012

    Dear Rina
    Go to www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm fill in the information for your choice, test your browser, I self-publish "The Alpha and the Omega" about the mazzaroth, but is all online access and/or on CD or Flash Drive as you will see.
    If you need any more assistance feel free to contact me.
Jim A. Cornwell, 8/30/2012

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From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter Six
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved

"The Chronology of the New Testament"

From the "The New International Dictionary of the Bible"
by J.D. Douglas & Merrill C. Tenney


Seen at: http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/ChronologyOfTheNewTestament.htm
Image in question: http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/Images/LifeOfChrist.gif
Jim A. Cornwell, 9/6/2012

    Dear Cornwell,
    Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention.    We will contact the user of the account to correct this error.
    Thanks for your understanding.
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    Include the copyright is all I ask.
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Jim, 1/3/2013

    Good day, Sir.
    Could you please explain how to read Denderah Zodiac.
    For example "Cancer," it is Constellation name, and as I understand, behind name follow Denderah icon of this Constellation, Thet.    What is GT1, and why this icon follows to "Cancer," and what is 20, and why this is called Ursa Minor?
    Sir please Help me.
Best Regards, Max V. Zaikin, 9/7/2012

    As you will see in Volume III, I have managed to come close to translating and connecting all the Decans and constellations to the Egyptian figures.    I believe I have found the connections that explain what each of the 36 Decans images are and have found a key to other images from the Grand Temple (GT number) and the Temple of Esneh (Various Plates from Egypt).    If you look real close you will see that the Denderah from the Circle of Eight (0 or 37) starts at number 1 the direction the decans are facing and goes counter clockwise to number 36, so number 20 should be self explanatory.
    Think of the image as three big wheels (decans, GT?, Esneh image, Denderah constellations) kind of like a safe lock combination being turned until the tumblers hit the right combination to open it. Each time you click on any of the images it will take you to a page that explains those connections in extreme detail.
    I can guarantee you that if I refer to item as being a specific constellation that is what I say it is.    Make sure that you are following the arrow that points to it.
Jim, 9/7/2012

    One more question.    Can you please explain more detailed who is Esneh, where his temple is located.    I try to search but, no info.    Please.
Max, 9/7/2012

    Regarding your quest: "One more question. Can you please explain more detailed who is Esneh, where his temple is located.    I try to search but, no info.    Please."
    Go to google, type in "Esneh Zodiac" which will bring up my site:
    And this one describes it also.
    This section is from "The American Cyclopaedia," by George Ripley And Charles A. Dana.    Also available from Amazon: The New American Cyclopædia.    16 volumes complete.
Esne, Or Esneh
    Esne, Or Esneh (anc. Lato or Latopolis), a town of Upper Egypt, on the left bank of the Nile, lat. 25° 20' N., 28 m. S. S. W. of Thebes; pop. in 1870 estimated at 12,000.    Until within a few years it was a dirty, poverty-stricken place, with mud houses, and in 1834 it was selected as a place of banishment for the ghawazi or dancing women of Cairo, and other females obnoxious to the laws.    It is the emporium of the Abyssinian trade, contains manufactories of cotton goods, shawls, and pottery, and is a celebrated camel market.    It is the seat of a Coptic bishop, and has three Coptic churches.    The ancient city was large and important, and its remains are mostly buried under large mounds covering the adjacent country.    In the centre of the modern town, surrounded by filthy hovels, stands the portico of a great temple, in a fine state of preservation.    It is supported by 24 massive pillars, each 5 1/2 ft. in diameter and 40 ft, high.    The portico is 112 ft. long, 53 ft. broad, and covered with sculptures and hieroglyphics.
    On its ceiling is a zodiac, like that of Denderah; over the dedication at the entrance are the names of Tiberius Claudius Caesar, Germanicus, and Vespasian, and within occur those of Trajan, Hadrian, and Antoninus.    The hieroglyphic inscriptions show that the oldest part of the temple was built by Ptolemy Epiphanes, about 200 B.C.; the portico was erected by the emperor Claudius, about A. I). 50; other portions are of still later date, the latest being erected by Vespasian, about 70.    In 1843 Mehemet Ali had it cleared of the rubbish which filled the interior, and used it as a cotton warehouse.
    Read more: http://chestofbooks.com/reference/American-Cyclopaedia-4/Esne-Or-Esneh.html#ixzz267g0WcwE
Jim, 9/10/2012

    I would like to share the information on the chart of the historical information of the 7 churches of Asia with my Sunday School class.    I am teaching through the book of Revelation and would like to transpose the data to a table.
Larry L Smith, 10/16/2012

    If you are using my webpages or images inside of a webpage, blog or printed material, all I ask is that you use the copyright information at the top of the page and the web address (url) from which it came.
Jim A. Cornwell, 10/16/2012

    I have already added that information as a footnote on the page.    I appreciate you working with me on this material.
    Thank you very much.
Larry, 10/16/2012

    Dear Vicky Yacoub
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."    You have let me know that you received your email with your username and password and can access the content.    Let me know if you have received your Flash Drive and it works.    So please keep me updated on your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number as a last step to contact you for the above reasons for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
    One last note: If you have any problems with your access to any files let me know.
Jim 11/12/2012

    Thank you so much!    May HaShem continue to bless your ministry.    Everything works great!
Vicky Yacoub, 11/12/2012

    I was looking for more info on this and came across your page – thank you for your work!    I put up a pic on flickr from the book you have a rather pixilated scan from, in case you want to grab a better image. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rowanf/8222213895/sizes/l/in/photostream/
Rowan Fairgrove, 11/26/2012

    Thanks for your information.    But I have to let you know that when I was first formatting the pages and images for my book in Word Docs in the early 1990s I had to run them through a fax machine, then send the image to my computer and format the .tif file into a format so I could copy it into a word document.    We could not afford scanners or optical character recognition (OCR) systems back then.    So many of the images in Volume I and II are from that format.    My Volume III has many images that I did in 2002 with much of the Denderah images and is much better and goes into extreme detail of them.
Jim A.Cornwell, 11/28/2012

    638,703 persons viewed this site in the year 2012, which is the third year since I started this website that it has been dismally low.    The worldwide economic problems, job losses have affected how many individuals were on the internet except those who could afford the latest smartphone or tablet.

    The Alpha and the Omega - Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III as of January 10, 2013 is now offered with No Flash Drive ver. 5.0 world wide (This option is for any client who do not want a Flash Drive just online access) and also offered with a Flash Drive (Only for clients with previous order for CD-ROM ver. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0) and would like to upgrade to version 5.0 Flash Drive.    It can now be also ordered with Flash Drive at Book Order Form all at varied cost.    I will be discontinuing the sell of my work on CD-ROM.


    Hi!    I rediscovered your website after a lapse of many years.    I find it stimulating and enjoyable.    Are there others besides you who studying the mazzaroth and can you recommend any other books?
Lynne Raisley, 1/14/2013

    Dear Lynne
    Glad to hear you took a new look at my site.    I am very interested in what brought your interest back to it.
    As to your quest.    You will have to go to google and type in mazzaroth and see what is out there.    I have tried to champion the concept of mazzaroth from God's point of view by furthering the works of many authors who many came out of the late 1800s, and correcting their concepts.
    I have many copycats on my own work promoting their own version.    I will leave it to you to decide and find your own truths in what you have rediscovered.
Jim, 1/14/2013

    Mr. Cornwell,
    I'm a student of the bible currently studying "the gospel in the stars".    Can't find your book "the alpha and the omega" anywhere.    Currently reading E. W. Bullinger, D. E. Spencer, Kenneth Fleming and Joseph Seiss.    Would like to have your books also.
    Thank you,
John Neurohr, 1/17/2013

    Go to http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm my order form for "The Alpha and the Omega".
Jim A. Cornwell, 1/18/2013

    Was wondering if you had a hard copy book i could order.    I have trouble with "e-books".
John, 1/18/2013

    Dear John Neurohr
    What you see on my Order Form is what I offer, and was created long before e-books came out.    My Volume I, II and III equates to around 5,000 pages as a book.    It is not an e-book.    Volume I and II can be downloaded as Word Documents or as Webpages and read online or on your own Word Processor.    My Volume III is all online as webpages.
    All the work can be purchased on Flash Drive which will allow you to view all the files from you own computer.    A e-book is some weird formatted version which I would not like either.
    As I stated about my Volume III Foreword "Also included as seen in the Table of Contents is a complete etymology in an introduction to the Mazzaroth (i.e. Zodiac monthly), the constellation names, the decan names, star names, and lunar mansion names as seen in the Sumerian, Akkadian, Canaanite, Hebrew, Babylonian, Egyptian, Coptic, Arabic, Greek, and Latin.    Also included is the validity of the connection of these names with the KJV (Bible), and comments from the works of Rolleston, Seiss, Santillana, Lockyer and Bullinger."
Jim, 1/18/2013

    Ok.    I guess I’ll get the flash drive.    I like the way you define the Hebrew.    Definition is everything.    I don't trust the English.    Satan has done his job perverting the Gospel in the Stars.    I thank God he has allowed us to see his Gospel that he wrote in the stars before the foundation of the world.
John, 1/18/2013

    Subject: "response to email questions..."
    Thanks Jim.    I have ordered the "flash drive".
    I was reading your "response to email questions" page.    And yes, everyone seems to have an "opinion" on the "last days."    Some misguided souls have even made predictions on dates that have come and gone.    That must be embarrassing.    But they make excuses and keep coming up with new dates.
    Funny and sad at the same time.    But as you know we are in the "last days" as stated by Peter in Acts 2:16ff when he was quoting the prophet Joel.
    We are closer than most people are willing to admit.    The apostles asked Jesus "...what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?"    I like Luke’s account of what Jesus told his disciples starting in Lk 21:8.    You can read in the succeeding verses and say all this has already come to pass and is continuing to happen already...until you get to verse: 24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.    The words "until the times of the gentiles be fulfilled" are the key words that let us know how close we truly are to Jesus' "coming back."    The "until" was May 14th, 1948 when Israel became a nation for the first time since 586 B.C.    They were "trodden down of the Gentiles" until actually June 1967.
    Since then they have ceased to be "trodden down of the Gentiles."    In other words their land has not been used as a highway to wage war since the only way from west to east or east to west is thru Israel since the rest of the area is desert.
    None of us has a perfect understanding of the bible but definition is the key to unlocking it's mysteries.    You are on the right track but there is still some error in your "theories or opinions."    You mention some stuff on "judging" and "choice" and the "thousand years" that are in error.    We can and should judge.    We have no choice or free will.    And the "thousand years" is actually two thousand since the Greek word "chilia" is plural.    Too much to get into right now.
    Looking forward to your work on the gospel in the stars.

1 Peter 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestine to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

John, 1/19/2013

    John 21: and the 153 fishes...
    Fish is a term for "heir."    The word "joint-heirs" in Rom 8:17 adds up to 1071 in gematria.    The 7 fishermen caught 153 fishes.    These are the joint-heirs 7 X 153 = 1071.
John, 1/20/2013

    Yes I received the order just fine.    Thank you so much!
    I became interested in the connections between the astronomies of all cultures and its relation to the Bible several years ago.    In addition to the correspondences between the Egyptian and Grecian mythologies I am also looking at Babylonian relationships as well.    It’s “armchair” research, I’m not a scholar in it by any means.
    I am a technical writer and graphic artist by profession.    I keep telling myself that one of these days I want to try to do a web site relating to all this, and gather all my OWN thoughts together on it, including original graphics and all that. But each time I made an attempt to start a site even by making one graphic, I realize the enormity of the task and how little time I have to do it!    My work days usually run 10-12 hours a day, which leaves little time for this passion of mine, so I will continue with my “armchair research” and see where it takes me.    Your site and constellationsofwords.com are two that I visit frequently, and I’ve also amassed many books on the subject.    It’s fascinating to me!
    Have you ever seen the book “Babylonian Star Lore”?    It’s quite good.
Denise Tyler, 2/24/2013

    I appreciate your response.
    I was interested in Gavin White's work and referenced his imagery and comments in my Volume III mostly interfaced in with my Denderah Zodiac files as you can see below.
    The following files are from “BABYLONIAN STAR-LORE: An Illustrated Guide to the Star-lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia” -- by Gavin White, Solaria Publications, (London, 2008).
New Volume III Files:
Babyl-Dend-Anunitum01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Anzu01.jpg (4/5/10)
Babyl-Dend-AquariusPAustinus01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Aquila01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Aquila02.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-AraMadDog01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-ArgoNavisCargoBoat01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Aries01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Auriga01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Bootes01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Bow01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Cancer01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Capricornus01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-CentaurusLupus01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-ComaBFrond01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-CorvusNimah01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-CorvusRaven01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-CraterEridu01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Crook01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Gemini01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-GulaSheGoatSittingDog01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Hercules01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-HorseStag01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Hyades01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Hydra01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-HydraCorvusMercuryComa01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Lamma01.jpg (4/5/10)
Babyl-Dend-Leo01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-LeoHydra01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-LepusArrow01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Libra01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-LulalLatarak01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Luna01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-LupusWildBoar01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-OldMan01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Ophiuchus01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-OrionMonoceros01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Panther01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Pegasus01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Perseus01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-PiscesSwallowAnunitum01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Sagittarius01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Scorpius01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Shupa01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Shupa02.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-SittingGod01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-StandingGod01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Swine01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Taurus01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Taurus02.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Triangulum01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-UrsaMajorWagon01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-UrsaMinor01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Virgo01.jpg (3/24/10)
Babyl-Dend-Zababa01.jpg (3/24/10)
----------------------Updated the folllowing Volume III Files revised for the above JPG’S
V3M01Aries.htm (3/30/10)
V3M01Perseus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M02Auriga.htm (3/30/10)
V3M02Orion.htm (3/30/10)
V3M02Taurus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M03CanisMajorStarNames.htm (3/30/10)
V3M03Gemini.htm (3/30/10)
V3M03Lepus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M04Cancer.htm (3/30/10)
V3M04UrsaMajor.htm (3/30/10)
V3M04UrsaMinor.htm (3/30/10)
V3M05Corvus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M05Crater.htm (3/30/10)
V3M05Hydra.htm (3/30/10)
V3M05Leo.htm (3/30/10)
V3M06Bootes.htm (3/30/10)
V3M06Centaurus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M06Coma.htm (3/30/10)
V3M06ComaStarNames.htm (4/5/10)
V3M06Virgo.htm (3/30/10)
V3M07Libra.htm (3/30/10)
V3M07Lupus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M08Hercules.htm (3/30/10)
V3M08Ophiuchus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M08Scorpius.htm (3/30/10)
V3M08ScorpiusStarNames.htm (3/30/10)
V3M09Ara.htm (3/30/10)
V3M09CoronaAustralis.htm (3/30/10)
V3M09LyraStarNames.htm (4/5/10)
V3M09Sagittarius.htm (3/30/10)
V3M10Aquila.htm (3/30/10)
V3M10Capricornus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M10Delphinus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M11Aquarius.htm (3/30/10)
V3M11Pegasus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M12Andromeda.htm (3/30/10)
V3M12Cepheus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M12Cetus.htm (3/30/10)
V3M12Pisces.htm (3/30/10)

Jim, 2/25/2013

    Subject: I want to thank you.
    Dear Jim:
    I want to thank you for your years of unselfish contribution to the knowledge of the divine for we mortals.
    I know this is not much, and I intend to purchase your work to in some meager way, reimburse you for your time.    From what little I have paralleled your research, you have been spot on in your findings.
    I find your expositions extraordinary in their content density and yet concise in their execution.
    Thanks again, I hope we meet in some form on some plane in some time.
    Your friend from afar, and great admirer.
Tim Kindle, Roger Williams University - Information Technology, 3/28/2013

    Dear Tim Kindle
    Thanks for your input and compliment for my accuracy and complex subject, but I have to give the credit for the one up high for guiding me to the truth.    My information is out there for all to read for free, no advertisements, and my goal is to make everyone take a second look at the Biblical subjects.
    I do not know if you checked my resume (www.mazzaroth.com/Resume.htm) out, but I was a Network Admin for about 6 years with an MCSE (NT to W2K), and long history before that in technology.    Which university are you at Rhode Island or Nashville?    My guess is at Bristol.
    I have estimated that 35% of those who contact me are in the Academic world.
    Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance with anything.
Jim A. Cornwell, mazzaroth@live.com, 3/28/2013

    Good day,
    I acknowledge receipt of my password and username and flash drive in the mail, I was searching 72 Names of God and your work popped up in google.    I am interested in spirituality and thought your research would benefit me in my search for the truth.
    Thank you,
William La Rose, 4/22/2013

    William La Rose
    You have chosen a very large subject to research, as not many people would sit through that content.    The Grand Cycle of 25,920 years of the Precession divided by 360 degrees in a circle equals 72, which I believe is 72 years for each of God's names to be active in our cycle of history, The Alpha and the Omega.    I hope my work brings you that truth you seek.
Jim, 4/22/2013

    Jim Cornwell
    Thanks for the follow-up.    All received and OK.
    I stumbled across a portion of your book as part of a Google search.    (Can't remember specifics.)
    Be well and thanks again.
G. Stephen Hotz, Illinois, 5/25/2013

    Jim Cornwell
    Thank you for your concern Jim, I haven't received the flash drive yet, but the post takes time in this part of Queensland, as for your book, I look forward to an in depth study, I have been studying for more than 30 Years, and I have found that many religions fall a long way short of the truth, I have found that each tribe of Israel has one of the constellations (mansions) as a family standard, “in my father’s house there are many mansions,” I have found many more such truths, that point in the opposite direction of the established religions would argue, so I await the flash drive in anticipation.
    Thank you again
Terry, 5/25/2013

    Terry Vaughan
    I hope you find the truths you seek in my work.
Psalm 104:24 "O LORD, how manifold are thy works!    In wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches."
    Give me a G'day when you receive the Flash Drive.
Jim, 5/27/2013

    Jim Cornwell
    G-day Jim, The flash drive has arrived today, I haven’t done any study, as today is shopping day.    My wife gets to make my day intolerable, her favorite pastime....
Terry, 5/30/2013

    I'm looking for the location of the old Egyptian star sign: Tomb and the stars close next to it.
    I think that the Via Dolorosa indicates a star travel of Christ, beginning from the Earth entering the Sun portal and ending in the old star sign: Tomb.    Can you help me out?
Thanks, Chris, 5/15/2013

    Dear Chris De Vos
    First of all I have no idea who or what Vi Dolorosa is or relevant to your quest as to anything with ancient Egyptian.
    Also, why would Christ be associated with a specific star other than the claim in Revelation that of "the bright and morning star?"
    Can you clarify why the above would have any connection to a tomb if it is relevant to any Egyptian star name or sign?
    I would require a much more detailed response for such a location and sign as you claim exists in the ancient times if it does.
Jim A. Cornwell, 5/15/2013

    Hello Jim Cornwell,
    Via Dolorosa is the way Jesus Christ took starting from the palace of Pilatus and ending on Golgotha or sometimes ending in his grave or tomb.
    The connection to ancient Egyptian astrology could be that Golgotha represents the Abydos and I think there is an old star sign, pictured by a man rising from a tomb with a man next to the tomb who illuminates from the Heart, causing to raise the death man from his grave.
    If the via Dolorosa is connected to astrology in general then that 'tomb' sign must be located close to the Abydos.
    That Tomb-sign then depicts the grave of Christ in the Via Dolorosa, the place of ascension.
    I have to say that I am not a scholar in astrology or in Egyptian astrology.    My knowledge in minimal.
    I see Christ as the One who leads the way on our path of life and I make a connection with the medieval pilgrims, who in a way follow the footsteps of Christ.    I think it is possible that the Via Dolorosa is a map of an astral journey where Christ gathers his flock.    The souls following that path are then pilgrims who follow that road to Christ.
    It is also possible that that road is pictured in the gospels.    In general I think that map is encrypted and will remain a mystery.
Chris, 5/16/2013

    Dear Chris De Vos
    Sorry to take so long to respond back.    I have a lot going on in my life and you asked a question which would cause me to spend many hours going through my 3,000 pages of my book to search for your issue.
    I did not know what Via Dolorosa was because when I googled it, all I came up with was some lady songwriter.    You must live in Italy, which the name is more common, "The Sorrowful Way," leading to the 14th station laid in the tomb.
    I researched Tomb, and soon realized the word also means chamber, vault, crypt, some caves and in Egyptian it is Sarcophagus.    I pursued the idea that it was associated with Pisces in that the first fish represents the Old Testament and the second fish is the flock or souls following the path to Christ as in your quest, but nothing came up that would be relevant.    Or nothing I could say was an Egyptian star sign of that.
    Although I found the following link which may be worth your time to peruse to see if you see what you are looking for. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Sarcophagus_(hieroglyph)     Let me know if it does.
Jim A. Cornwell, 5/20/2013

    Hello Jim Cornwell,
    Thank you for your response.    Pisces could certainly be relevant.    Christ, The Shepherd, leading his flock towards Paradise over the waters.
    Would you know a star sign linked to the name 'Cyrene', I was thinking about Cygnus, Swan?
    Thank you and best regards,
Chris De Vos, 5/21/2013

    Chris De Vos
    You are referring to this Cyrene:
    In Greek mythology, as recorded in Pindar's 9th Pythian ode, Cyrene (or Kyrene, Ancient Greek: ??????) ("sovereign queen") was the daughter of Hypseus, King of the Lapiths, although some myths state that her father was actually the river-god Peneus and she was a nymph rather than mortal.
    Cyrene was a fierce huntress, called by Nonnus a "deer-chasing second Artemis, the girl lion-killer."    Pindar describes her in his Pythian Ode:
    "But she loved not the pacing tread this way and that beside the loom, nor the delights of merry feasts with her companions in the household.
    But the bronze-tipped javelin and the sword called her to combat and slay the wild beasts of the field; and in truth many a day she gave of peaceful quiet to her father's cattle.
    When a lion attacked her father's sheep, Cyrene wrestled with the lion.    Apollo, who was present, immediately fell in love with her and kidnapped her.    He took her to North Africa and founded the city of Cyrene in her name.    The region, Cyrenaica, is also named for her.    Together, she and Apollo had two sons: Aristaeus, the demigod who invented beekeeping, and Idmon, the Argonaut seer.    Other stories say that Cyrene was not wrestling with a lion but instead tending her sheep along the marsh-meadow of the river Pineios, and that Apollo later transformed her into a nymph to grant her a longer life
    Cyrene is also mentioned in the second and third hymns of Callimachus as well as in "The Poet and the Women" (written by Aristophanes) whence Mnesilochus comments that he "can't see a man there at all-only Cyrene" when setting eyes upon the poet Agathon who emerges from his house to greet Euripides and himself dressed in women's clothing.
    With Ares, Cyrene (if indeed this is the same Cyrene) was the mother of Diomedes of Thrace.
    I searched my entire website information and found nothing associated with Cyrene as to star lore or any constellation.    If you ever do find something let me know.
Jim, 5/23/2013

    Hello Jim,
    If I find something, I will let you know.
    Best regards,
Chris, 5/24/2013

    Hello Jim,
    This is just an option.    I used Jacob Wilkens as reference:
    Cyrene seems to refer to the area Lybia.    Wilkens sets Lybia in the South of France.    There is a reference to the sheep in Lybia (Aries).
    There is another reference to the South of France: Simon is said to be the first bishop of Avignon (France).
    Cyrene could be linked to Circe or Cyrce, linked to Sirius.    Circe is linked to the Dutch islands.    The dog stars following Sirius could be linked with the North of France and perhaps even with the South of France.
    At this point: my best guess is: Simon of Cyrene refers to Canis (minor), guiding the flock (the sheep in Lybia), following the Star of Sirius.
    Simon helps Jesus in several stadia, and then when he leaves Jesus, Jesus meets Veronica.    Veronica then could be Sirius.
    Best regards,
Chris, 6/6/2013

    I had a little time to look at your quest, and could not find anything relevant to your recent email that relates to my own work in regard to "sheep in Libya (Aries), or Circe or Cyrce, linked to Sirius, etc."
    Maybe you could find more by going through the mythology as seen below:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo - By Cyrene, Apollo had a son named Aristaeus, who became the patron god of cattle, fruit trees, hunting, husbandry and bee-keeping.    He was also a culture-hero and taught humanity dairy skills, the use of nets and traps in hunting, and how to cultivate olives.     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aristaeus - According to Pindar's ninth Pythian Ode and Apollonius' Argonautica (II.522ff), Cyrene despised spinning and other womanly arts and instead spent her days hunting, but, in a prophecy he put in the mouth of the wise centaur Chiron, Apollo would spirit her to Libya and make her the foundress of a great city, Cyrene, in a fertile coastal plain.[6]    When Aristaeus was born, according to what Pindar sang, Hermes took him to be raised on nectar and ambrosia and be made immortal by Gaia.    The Myrtle-nymphs taught him useful arts and mysteries, how to curdle milk for cheese, how to tame the Goddess's bees and keep them in hives, and how to tame the wild oleaster and make it bear olives.    Thus he became the patron god of cattle, fruit trees, hunting, husbandry and bee-keeping.    He also taught humanity dairy skills (including cheese making) and the use of nets and traps in hunting.
    When he was grown, he sailed from Libya to Boeotia, where he was inducted into further mysteries in the cave of Chiron the centaur.    In Boeotia, he was married to Autonoë and became the father of the ill-fated Actaeon, who inherited the family passion for hunting, to his ruin, and of Macris, who nursed the child Dionysus.
Jim, 6/13/2013

    Hello Jim,
    Just a quickie:
    Wilkens also makes a link between Lybia and the Argonauts.    In a way that is also an indication of a star voyage.    Wilkens thinks that there was an ancient culture in Europe prior to the Celtic nations that influenced both ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.
    He sees in some Greek myths like the Odyssey but also in the Argonauts references to star signs.    The sea is then the universe then the islands are then star signs.
    Willkens is contested in many ways but I think he was on to something.
    The main problem that I have is to identify the 'falls of Christ'.    Christ falls three times on his way to the cross.
    It is possible that every fall refers to the crossing of a star circle (earth, water and air), the last circle of fire may then contain the Tomb.    (Christ baptizes with fire and the Holy Spirit before the soul can enter the World of Light or the Kingdom).
    Another possibility is that every fall is a star.
Chris, 6/24/2013

    Good Morning Jim!
    Thank you, I'm so looking forward to having all your wonderful work on a flash drive so I can read until my heart's content offline.    I have feasted at your table before but I never saw all the information I found there this past weekend.    I am so grateful that you have made it available both online and on a flash drive.    I had some of it but nothing in the depth you do.    I'm thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I can't wait until I get home tonight so I can dive back into it!    I bought a lot of books (i.e. Sargon the Magnificent, our heritage studies, etc.) but my eyesight is failing so being able to put your files on my laptop and enlarge the screen is awesome!!!!
    Thank you again and may Father richly bless you in all things!
Jane, from Virginia, 11/11/2013

    To: mazzaroth@live.com, Dear Manager,
    (If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your CEO, Thanks)
    We are the organization of trademark intellectual property protection in China.    Here we have something to confirm with you.    We received a formal application on 14/07/2013.    A company named "TianHui Import & Export Co. Ltd" was applying to register "mazzaroth" as its Trademark and the following domain names:
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    Please contact us in time in order that we can handle this issue better.

Best Regards,
Larry Chang, 7/15/2013
Auditing Department.    Registration Department Manager
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JinNiu ChenDu, China
Office: +86 2887662861, Fax: +86 2887783286
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    From: Jim Cornwell (mazzaroth@live.com)
    To: larry.chang@cn-nic.org (larry.chang@cn-nic.org)
    I am only registered for mazzaroth.com for my website at www.mazzaroth.com which I sell my book titled "The Alpha and the Omega," but only that.    I will maintain that as long as I am alive, etc.    I originally was going to start a Mazzaroth publishing company, but did not due to establishing myself as a business.    I have seen other company's wanting or have used mazzaroth in their titles, but unsure if they have a trademark on it.
Jim A. Cornwell, 7/15/2013

    From: Jim Gong (jim.gong@ygregistryltd.com).
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    From: Jim Cornwell (mazzaroth@live.com)
    To: Jim Gong (jim.gong@ygregistryltd.com)
    I am the owner of mazzaroth.com and am not associated with any of the entities you mentioned.
Jim A. Cornwell, 11/1/2013

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    Best regards
Jiang zhifa, 11/6/2013

    Dear Jim Cornwell
    Based on your company having no relationship with them, we have suggested they should choose another name to avoid this conflict but they insist on this name as CN domain names (.cn/.com.cn/.net.cn/.org.cn) and internet keyword on the internet.    In our opinion, maybe they do the similar business as your company and register it to promote his company.
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    Kind regards
Jim, General Manager, 11/7/2013
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    Dear Jim,
    We have not heard from you since our last communication.    Since your company haven’t registered this name as CN domains (.cn/.cn.com/.com.cn/.net.cn/.org.cn) and internet keyword on the internet, anyone can obtain them by registration.    You must know the domain names and internet keyword which applied based on the international principle are opened to companies as well as individuals.    Also, we have suggested they should choose another name but they are persistent in this name.    As a domain name registrar, we have no rights to refuse their application if they insist.    In this situation, we have told you your company have the priority in registering CN domains and internet keyword in our audit period.    Could you tell us whether or not your company want to register these CN domain names and internet keyword to prevent anyone from using them?
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Jim, (jim.gong@ygregistryltd.com), 11/19/2013

    From: Jim Cornwell (mazzaroth@live.com)
    To: Jim (jim.gong@ygregistryltd.com)
    I have no intention to register the cn domains and see no reason why I should.    I only want my mazzaroth.com to be protected as I am only paying for that registration.
    [NOTE: If you go on a site that jumps you to www.mazzaroth.com.cn and it is in a Chinese language, it has nothing to do with me.]
Jim, 11/20/2013

    501,088 persons viewed this site in the year 2013, which is the fourth year since I started this website in 1995, that it has been dismally low.    The five years of hope and change has not been good for many in this world.    I have been ashamed at what people in the world believe in as to be righteous, and hope that God has mercy on us who try to be for the upcoming tribulation.

To: mazzaroth@live.com
Dear Manager:
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    We received an application from Huatong Ltd on December 30, 2013.    They want to register "mazzaroth" as their Internet Keyword and "mazzaroth.cn", "mazzaroth.com.cn", “mazzaroth.net.cn", “mazzaroth.org.cn" domain names etc.., they are in China domain names.    But after checking it, we find "mazzaroth" conflicts with your company.    In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not?
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Jim Wang, Sun 1/05/14 1:30 PM.
General Manager, Shanghai Office (Head Office)
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Xuhui District, Shanghai 200070, China.
    I am the CEO, so why would I forward anything, and I have responded to you already, so stop sending me these emails. I only pay for registration for mazzaroth.com and it offends me that you would use mazzaroth.com.cn which could confuse my customers if the browser software brings up both urls at the same time to choose from.
Jim A. Cornwell, 1/5/2014
[Of note: Would someone please tell these Chinese people what and where the word mazzaroth comes from?    I know they who live in a communist country would love to know that it is located in the Holy Bible in Job 38:32 a reference to the Christian God of the Bible asking Job where was he when God moved the "Constellations of the Zodiac" through the heavens, and that they would be promoting Christianity by referring to a word in that book as their name.    But then maybe God wants me to let them do that.].

Dear Mark Davidson, 1/21/14
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega........"
Dear Jim Cornwell
    I have received your email with my username and password - thank you.    Had no difficulties accessing the chapters via the internet with the provided username and password, and I will confirm when the flash drive arrives.
    My interest in your work is background reading (amongst others), so I can come to a better understanding of the awesome Power and Glory of the Living Word with specific relevance to Psalms 8, 19 and 102, together with Isa 40 and many other references in the Word.
    Kind Regards
Mark Davidson, Perth, Western Australia, 1/22/14.
    I hope you find what you seek in my work, it is a very massive work, and will cover the areas you specified.
    I have sent a lot of orders to Australia so you should not have any problems receiving it from customs, as I have experienced with some countries.    If you do have a problem contact customs, it should not take more than 2 weeks.
Jim A. Cornwell, 1/22/14
Dear Jim
    Agree with you comment, your work is massive and appears to be very thorough in research and comprehensive.    I have really enjoyed reading / absorbing small extracts thus far.
    Blessing of the Lord upon you and your family.
    Best Regards
Mark Davidson, 1/23/14

To: Mazzaroth@msn.com
From: Mr William John Meegan, Sat 1/25/14 4:52 PM.
Dear Jim Cornwell:
    I have been looking at your Internet site and was very interested in your depiction of the Zodiac on the ceiling of the Portico of the Temple of Esneh and your commentary on it.
Zodiac on the ceiling of the Portico of the Temple of Esneh
    Over the years I have heard the legends of what this depiction of the Egyptian Zodiac depicts and now that I have a very clear image of it along with your commentary - I disagree with modernity interpretation of it.
    Because the lower section of the frieze depicts, according to the actual images coupled with your commentary, aspects of Leo and the top section clearly has an aspect of Virgo via it first decan: Coma (DESIRE) everything that I have previously researched and have theorized about Astrology indicated this is the right paradigm of Astrology: LEO is the starting point of the Zodiac because of the two points in this sculptured frieze.    One Como points to the DESIRE and the ancient lore is that the Zodiac can't move until Virgo is awakened.    The man with the cobra and sun disc crown points to a spiritual awakening as did the decan Coma in the top portion of the frieze.    This is the first time that I have seen this full image of this Zodiac cycle.    Every other time I view aspect of this Zodiac it was just the picture of Leo and Virgo on two different panels; however, this is a far more sophisticated explanation than I could ever have hoped for.
    This coincides with everything I know about Astrology.    Without COMA the Zodiac cannot move: DESIRE is prayer, which moves the powers of creation into action.
    I am writing a paper on Antediluvian Astrology, which I will post online (free for all to read) and I would love to use your diagram and commentary to augment my analysis.    I will of course give you the appropriate credits and references to your work and Internet site.
    Best Regards,
William John Meegan, 1/25/14
Dear William John Meegan
    I take it that you have visited my Volume III Demo pages at www.mazzaroth.com/V3DemoGrandTempleCeiling.htm which has links at the bottom of that page to the following files and that your quest with me has to do with the first one.
    As to your question I believe the Zodiac begins with the Lord God as He was the original astronomer as seen in Psalms 147:4 "He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names."    Paraphrased: "He has decided the number of the stars and calls each one by name."     As you will see in all my work if you peruse it, I suggest that the cycle of the zodiac begins with Capricornus and ends in Aquarius, which I have justified in some respect.    And was the reason I created Volume III.    I disagree that it begins in Virgo, but do agree that the influence of some form of humanity or other may have occurred at that time frame.
    Your comments lead me to believe you were specifying the Esne Plate 79 "Because the lower section of the frieze depicts, according to the actual images coupled with your commentary," "aspects of Leo and the top section clearly has an aspect of Virgo via it first decan: Coma (DESIRE) everything that I have previously researched and have theorized about Astrology indicated this is the right paradigm of Astrology: LEO is the starting point of the Zodiac because of the two points in this sculptured frieze.    One Como points to the DESIRE and the ancient lore is that the Zodiac can't move until Virgo is awakened."
    "The man with the cobra and sun disc crown points to a spiritual awakening as did the decan Coma in the top portion of the frieze."    I am always interested in new viewpoints of what the translation of the images may be.
    "This is the first time that I have seen this full image of this Zodiac cycle.    Every other time I view aspect of this Zodiac it was just the picture of Leo and Virgo on two different panels; however, this is a far more sophisticated explanation than I could ever have hoped for."
    So I ask you to see this page which I created to debunk the author who proposed what you stated in the above comment at www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterOne/TempleOfEsneh.htm#Esneh
    Then you said, "I would love to use your diagram and commentary to augment my analysis.    I will of course give you the appropriate credits and references to your work and Internet site."
    I then said to him, "You may use my images and information as long as you include the copyright information at the top of the page and the url address you got it from.
Jim A. Cornwell, Sunday, January 26, 2014 7:50 PM
From: williamjohnmeegan@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Where does the Zodiac begin?
To: Jim Cornwell
    Thank you for your reply.    I have done extensive work on symbolism.    I discovered the Zodiac/Calendar year on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.    Image it being there for five hundred years and nobody writing about it.    I published a book: THE SISTINE CHAPEL: A Study in Celestial Cartography outlining quite a few discoveries.    All of it pertains to the Spiritual.
    I agree with you that the origin of Astrology is from God (imprinted upon the psyche as his WORD) and I even know how GOD speaks to man esoterically: the bible actually outlines it scientifically.    It is an incredible thing to behold.    This is what all my work is about.    I contacted you because of your illustration of the zodiac on that temple ceiling coupled with your commentary.    I am of the opinion that Capricorn is symbolically the highest spiritual dimension of Astrology; however, I am more of the opinion that Pisces may be the end of the Zodiac for there are higher realm than Saturn: Prima Mobile and the Empyrean.
    I am finished writing books but I do write papers and put them online for all to read.    I discovered a basic paradigm that runs throughout the Old and New Testaments concerning THE CLOSING OF THE MYSTIC CIRCLE.    Meaning the closing of the Zodiacal cycle.    The moment the cycle closes Christ become the center of the individual's life (Pentecostal Sunday (Acts 2)) and the Zodiac is no longer needed.    This is displayed symbolically throughout Catholicism great artworks.
    Best Regards,
William John Meegan, Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 19:03:52
P.S. When I upload the finished paper to the internet I will send you the link.    wjm
    I will look at it when you do and see what you are doing when that time comes.
Jim, On Wednesday, January 29, 2014 2:34 PM.
    As promised, I am attaching a seventeen page paper, which is a commentary on the zodiacal cycle in the sculptured frieze on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh.
    I have downloaded it to another site but I have to wait until they fit it into their program, which should be momentary.
    Let me know what you think.
Best Regards,
William John Meegan, On Wednesday, February 5, 2014 4:33 AM
Jim:     I am sorry I sent you the draft and not the version that was proof read. In this version there are added section not in the draft and all the typos are corrected.
William John Meegan, 2/5/14
    While searching the internet soon after this I discovered that William John Meegan on the following page http://blog.world-mysteries.com/strange-artifacts/astrologys-universal-paradigm/ where he put his work titled "The Egyptian Temple of Khnum at Esneh: A Commentary on the ceiling’s Zodiacal Cycle" by William John Meegan, had put my image of http://www.mazzaroth.com/V3DemoEsnePl79.htm created on January 17, 2004 and not only did he not put a reference to my Copyright [From The Alpha and the Omega - Volume III by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © July 20, 2002, all rights reserved "Demo of Volume III - Temple of Esneh Images"].    Then to put salt in the wound he also copied the image and named it as it shows in the properties http://blog.world-mysteries.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/WJM_1.jpg to violate my copyright on the image's name.
    As Meegan said, "I would love to use your diagram and commentary to augment my analysis.    I will of course give you the appropriate credits and references to your work and Internet site."
    Which is not what I then said to him, "You may use my images and information as long as you include the copyright information at the top of the page and the url address you got it from.    He has done neither.
Jim A. Cornwell

    From: crookro@yahoo.com
Subject: Thanks
To: Mazzaroth@msn.com
    I've enjoyed your work so far and love to read the bible (Gen to Rev) and have not found your work to contradict it.    There will be tares in the church, they will be there until his return.    Matt 13:24.    This is no reason to leave the church.    The church needs you.
    Again I say thanks,
Key, Wed, 5 Feb 2014 10:26:14
    Thanks for the compliments but I was inspired by God to write that work the way I did.    He has a purpose for all of us.    And I appreciate your comments as I keep the church in my heart.
Jim, Wednesday, February 5, 2014 4:00 PM
    God loves you!
key, 2/06/14

    Thank you for your web-book; I am enjoying it.    Not many apprehend the Precession is key to solving the riddle hidden not just the Bible but other books of a lesser nature in the ancient world.    I study this too and while I just got started reading your work, I am sure that you have a few surprises for me.    I hope so.
    Let me get to business first.    I cannot find these items listed in the work:
Mazzaroth -- Star Chart -- Job 38:31-32 Fold Out
Mazzaroth -- Star Chart Reduced with Opposites Illustration
    Where might I find them?    I am also going blind and I am having a real hard time in Volume three.    Is there a links or table of contents page that does not use the images in the Denderah Zodiac?    I hate to trouble you on that account, but the lights might be going out in a couple of years.
    I am pleased that you cite Cyril Fagan.    I respect this fellow and his work greatly.    I wished that I had been introduced to it earlier since it would have saved me year working part of it out.    I have only just begun to read the work--it is difficult for vision reasons--and I will probably write you from time to time with question and comments.    Have you read the works by Emmeline Plunkett?    Her work was quite good concerning the beginnings of the Zodiac and the Calendar back to over 6,000 B.C.    Personally, it goes back further in my understanding, but this is hard to prove except circumstantially.    Hers, while it does not have a "smoking gun", does have more than a compelling argument for that period.
    I am off to continue into your work and I bid you a fine rest of your day.
    With kindest regards,
Ken Macht, 6/11/14
Dear Ken Macht
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    Thanks for letting me know that you received your email with your username and password, and also when you have received your Flash Drive.    I shipped your order to the address received from your payment order.    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number as a last step to contact you for updates.
    I am pleased that you let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.    And I hope the good LORD lets you solve your eyesight issues.    I have had people with that problem in the past and I have advised them to use the magnifying tool that comes with Windows which allows to enlarge text to read it.
    One last note: If you have any problems with the Flash Drive let me know.    When you go to my Home Page (index.htm) or Book Order form (BookOrder.htm) on the Flash Drive it will open up your ISP (Internet Service Provider) in order to download the image for "Pay Pal Verified."    To resolve this just go to the File menu, and select Working Offline.    There will still be instances where you will have to go online to access some files from the internet.    You can get around this by opening the Flash Drive and find the folder and filename, click on it and it will open.
    As to your quest:
Mazzaroth -- Star Chart -- Job 38:31-32 Fold Out     I originally printed out a 3 page fold-out back when I sold Volume I and II in a manuscript which I do not offer anymore, but the following link has an image of the page that I put it on http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterFive/OphiuchusDilemma.htm
Mazzaroth -- Star Chart Reduced with Opposites Illustration are on my Table of Contents under each main Chapter you will find all six of them as seen in the following link http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterTwo/StarChartChapterTwo.htm.
    Volume three.    Is there a link or table of contents page that does not use the images in the Denderah Zodiac?    Yes at the bottom of the page is a Table of Contents to click on and or any Denderah Image you click on will take you to a page which at the bottom should take you back to the Table of Contents eventually.
    I have many persons who dwell in this subject in my work whether I agree with them or not.    I have never heard of Emmeline Plunkett.
    Enjoy your search for a smoking gun and let me know when you receive your flash drive.
Jim A. Cornwell, 6/11/2014 20:58
Dear Jim,
    Thanks for your reply, you wrote, "I have many persons who dwell in this subject in my work whether I agree with them or not."    That is good and good for keeping the mind and reasoning straight.    You have never been in a fight until you cross intellectual swords with a bunch of egg-heads.    I fought a retired professor of musicology for years over the issue of music versus astronomy being coded in the Bible and other ancient texts.    (We both were correct.)
    Vicious and an outsider would have thought us ready to machine gun the other, but it helped both of us get closer to the Truth and we taught each other music and astronomy.    We eventually collaborated on a paper.
    Thanks for the tips of on getting around and the links.    Many images were saved on the web.    Download and thumb drive at a smaller resolution so magnifying the images does not work for the most part.    I have good resources so I can reconstruct some of them, but that detracts from the reading.
    Emmeline Mary Plunkett wrote several papers on ancient astronomy, calendars, and so on.    She published them in two books, one is called "The Judgment of Paris" and the other is variously called but best sought be searching archive.org or google books as "Ancient Calendars and Constellations." You will have to buy Judgment since the epub version is a poor OCR that destroys all script but Latin and contains no illustration, which are value in her books.
    I think the Zodiac and calendar and all these stories date past the ending of the last Ice Age and this meltdown destroyed much of civilization.    We have a "new" civilization reemerging with many intact and fully developed social institutions and so forth.
    A final comment before signing off is that I cannot image anyone not having an increase faith in God after studying along these lines.    The Bible is in the sky.    Awesome thought.
    With kindest regards,
Ken, 6/12/14

To: mazzaroth@live.com
    Hi Jim, congratulations on all your work!    What are you researching now?    I've been looking into the name of God "YHVH" and find it has a numeric value of 26.    You show that there are 26 generations from Adam to Moses.
    Have you also been looking into whether there are 26 from Moses to Christ?
    I've heard the claim but not seen it proven.
Nick Ashton, 7/23/14
Dear Nick Ashton
    You are approximately correct as to your value of 26 generations for a proposed lineage to Moses only.
    And as seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterFive/MosesGenealogyCancerToAries.htm only shows 19 generations from Adam to Abram and if you understand what I am writing about Abram is a tribe which could have been many generations leading to the final Abram whose name was changed to Abraham.    Possible missing generations just as you will see when you look at Luke 3:36.
    Your question is kind of odd since as seen in Matthew 1:1, Abraham 14 + 14 + 14 = 42 generations (Includes Isaac, Jacob and Judah) to Jesus, as seen on my site at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/MatthewsGenealogy.htm
    Therefore 42 + 19 = 61 assumed.
    Also see http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterThree/OTChronCreationToFlood.htm and http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterThree/OTChronFloodToAbram.htm
Jim A. Cornwell, 7/24/14
    BTW - I forgot to tell you about "Birth of Jesus Christ and Lineage of Luke and Matthew" at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterSix/LineageOfLukeAndMatthew.htm

Dear Leonard Harris
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega.".............
Jim, 10/9/2014
Hello Jim Cornwell,
    I am so pleased that you have taken the time to communicate with me in this manner!!    I order items from online often but this is my first "personal" response from the provider.    My physical presence or outer being is that of an African-American male if that has any bearing?    I'm also a Carpenter and an Associate Minister at our Church also a technical Instructor who teaches Construction.    Hopefully this gives you some insight on the "relevancy of the world" of your work and connectivity to people with my background identity.    I received your flash drive last week with excitement because I wasn't expecting it for a few additional days.    I haven't installed it yet or downloaded any of the material for I'm off work this week approaching and I wanted to have plenty of time to view the material without interruptions!!!    Once again I appreciate your time and response, I will contact you next week via email once I've installed & opened the flash drive.    This is no accident or coincidence, so "thank you" very much for your work!!    I found your work online through fate, while researching other work on Astronomy and the Temple of Denderah.
    Thanks again,
Leonard, 10/11/14
    Thanks for your comments.    Hope you enjoy the work.    You will find all you want to know in Volume III about Astronomy and specially the Denderah.
Jim, 10/12/2014
    Well I've spent the last couple of days now surfing through your material and I must say it is quite a collection!!!!    You can tell that you've done your homework, it's been very reassuring to see the connection from one source or reference of material to another.    I had no problems at all accessing the material, so thanks again and now onto my cave of awakening!!!
    Thanks again,
Leonard Harris, 10/15/2014
Leonard Harris
    Thanks for the compliment and the input.    Enjoy spelunking through my work.
Jim, 10/16/14

Hi Mr. Cornwell!
    It's been years since I've spoken with you.
    I was interested in ordering Mazzaroth but need clarification:
    I have Windows 8.1 and would like a flash drive as it serves as a physical, per se, interface.
    I would also like online access too, as you do update things as I've noticed.
    What option would best fit me?
    I hope you're doing well brother.
    Thank you for your help!
Steve Kafkoulas, 10/21/14
    P.S. A prayer for you: Father, I ask in the name of Jesus, that you would bless my brother and his wife, if he's married.    Keep his heart close to you and cause him to want to love you with a clear conscience, clean hands and pure lips.    I thank you for him Father.....Bless Mazzaroth and use it for the salvation of many people.    Amen! :)
Dear Steve Kafkoulas     All my files will open on Windows 8.1, which I presently use myself and have not seen anything not work correctly except the new way that Windows opens a new tab rather than a new window when you click to go to a new page.    Also Word opens the pages in various formats which are different than previous versions but can be okay if you understand the way they want you to do it.
    The Flash Drive was a way to take files with you and also many systems no longer have a CD slot and of course all you get on it is Version 5 which is outdated to all my new information or changes which may be a Version 6 someday but is always assessable online to my customers.
    So it comes down to cost for you the $20 without the Flash Drive or $30 in the U.S. with the Flash Drive.    So keep the faith and God will answer your prayers.    I hope this helps you.
Jim A. Cornwell, 10/21/14
Hi Mr. Cornwell,
    One question: You mean that $30 will get me the Version 5 with Volumes I-III?
    If you do update, How will Version 6 work?
    I want to do personal research with Mazzaroth and God's word.
Thank you,
Steve K., 10/21/14
Dear Steve
    As seen on my site http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm
Select one of the following with your order.
    If ordered a Flash Drive will be mailed to you and includes shipping cost, allow 4-7 business days for delivery.
    Flash Drive includes all files by this author to date of purchase, the entire website Volume I, II, and III, and the entire Volume I and II in Word format consisting of 1257 pages.
    It will come with a username/password for unlimited download access for all present or new files.
Total Cost $30.00 Volume I, II and III on Online Access/Flash Drive ver. 5.0 inside United States
Total Cost $38.00 Volume I, II and III on Online Access/Flash Drive ver. 5.0 outside United States, (On 5/17/2013 raised mailing rates by $6 U.S.D per order due to an increase in international shipping by 82%).
Total Cost $15.00 for an updated version of Flash Drive
(Only for clients with previous order for CD-ROM ver. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 and would like to upgrade to version 5.0 Flash Drive.    Flash Drives insert into USB Ports and this item is for clients who no longer have slots on devices for CD's such as tablets, I-pads, E-readers, smartphones, but anyone can order it that way.)
Total Cost $20.00 Volume I, II and III with Online Access only ver. 5.0, No Flash Drive world wide (This option is for any client who do not want a Flash Drive just online access).
None of the above.
    To answer your question, not quite.
    For $30 you will receive all files online with Volumes I,II, and III and all webpages as to todays date.    The Version 5 Flash Drive only has all files released as of January 8, 2013.    I have made changes and added new files since that date to the online files, but have not put them on a Version 6 Flash Drive as of yet.    The reason is that when I do release it may be my final update to the work since I am beginning to feel there is not too much left to add to it.
    I think we are in the last days and what I have written covers it all.
    As you can see above I would have released an option to purchase an updated Version 6 Flash Drive sometimes in the future.    If you feel that you can access all files online without need for the Flash Drive then just select the $20.    You will have access to all my files.    I know I state Version 5 Flash Drive in all the categories but that is to only define the date it was updated.    You will surely have "personal research with Mazzaroth and God's word" in the over 3,000 + pages in my work.
Jim, 10/22/14
Hi Mr. Cornwell,
    Sorry, when it comes to flash drives, I'm not so savvy!
    I'll be placing an order for the flash drive/online access after work today sir.
    Thanks & God bless,
Steve, 10/22/14
    When you send an order in I provide you with the information on how to access all the files and a username and password to do such online.    When you receive your Flash Drive I send you a page that shows you how to use it and what to do to access the files.
Jim, 10/22/14
Hi Mr. Cornwell,
    When I get the ability to access files, If I travel, Can I bring the flash drive with me?
Steve, 10/22/14
    Yes.    But sometimes when using the Flash Drive it will want to go online for certain files either the way that I structured the files due to blocking use of those without a password or to connect to PayPal but then if you are at a hotel you can connect, or have a mobile device to connect.    So if you do not you would have to select a work offline option and not be able to connect to some files.
Jim, 10/22/14
Hi Mr. Cornwell,
    Thank you sir for explaining this to me.
    I looked up a flash drive and understand what it is and it's functions.
    Sorry for being so difficult.
Steve K., 10/22/14

    Subject: Sons of God
Hi Jim,
    We are still delving into the Word of God and praying for guidance and understanding.    Very simply "son's of God" marrying the "daughters of men" has caused many to go off the deep end trying to explain what it means.    The "son's of God" are Abel's/Seths righteous lineage that can be traced back to God.    The "daughters of men" are the descendants of Cain's lineage.    So it is the son's of Gen 5:ff marrying the daughters of Gen 4:ff.
    The answer that Jesus gave to the Saducces in Mt 22:29,30 should suffice.    Angels cannot copulate with human beings.    They neither marry nor are given in marriage.
    The "son's of God marrying the daughters of men" is marrying truth to a lie.    This produces "bullies", "tyrants" or "giants."
    To be a "son" of someone you had to be doing the will of the father.    As "fallen angels" cannot be said to be doing the will of the father.
    I hope this helps you to see the light.
    Otherwise you have a well researched book with many fascinating facts.    You, Spencer, Flemming, Bullinger, Seiss and Rolleston have helped to expand my understanding of Mazzaroth in the scriptures.
    Agape and Phileo
John Neurohr, 10/27/14
1Th 5:18 "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
Dear John Neurohr
    I have been very busy and have taken awhile to respond to your email.
    I am glad to hear that you are delving so deep into the Word of God, and I know that you are praying and faith in God will bring you to the guidance and understanding that you seek.
    I appreciate your kind comments about my work and its effect on you.
    You have reminded me of a test I did to my pastor of a church I attended for 6 years.    My pastor was a humble man who grew up doing hard work on the farm, and understood the value in his status in life.
    I asked him a question to see if he knew the answer to it.    I knew the answer and asked the question with a Wednesday night group at church.
    The question was: “If the Devil, Lucifer or Satan asked God for forgiveness and God forgave him, would that mean that the Revelation and any prophecies would not occur as stated in the Bible?”    He thought about it and responded to me with, “No, the angels do not have rights to the salvation that God has provided for mankind.”    So this is in reference to your quest.
    I was very surprised that he answered it correctly and I suspected if I had asked that to some pastor who came out of the best Seminary in the world probably would have answered it wrong.    I had great respect for that pastor from then on.
    But as you stated in your email I agree that Angels cannot have the rights that you state and as Jesus says.
    So that would be obvious to me that the “sons of God” are not begotten from Angels or Fallen Angels, but another type of entity whatever it may have been that can marry and can have descendants with “daughters of men” whatever those daughters were.
    As to your comment, “So it is the son's of Gen 5:ff marrying the daughters of Gen 4:ff.”
    As seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/CopyrightConcepts.htm     As seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterOne/AttributesOfGod.htm
    Genesis in its opening phrase shows the arrival of the "Elohim" (eh LO him), who was a Divine Essence of the beginning and first made our atmosphere or skies.    Heaven was a physical realm in the sky and the Elohim referred to as "angels" or ancestors of the tradition.    They were recorded as having basic attributes of men such as: Genesis 1:27 man was fashioned in the image of the Elohim, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."
    Genesis 3:8 "That evening they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden."
    Genesis 6:2 sexuality "That the sons of God (fallen angels as used here) saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."
    "There were giants in the earth in those days..., when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men (Nephilim) which were of old, men of renown."
    Genesis 6:6 made mistakes and felt regret "And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart."
    Please open the link for Nephilim and see what Genesis defines it as.

    As seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/SumerCreationStory.htm
    Homo sapiens-sapiens are called Cro-Magnon between 75,000 B.C. to 25,000 B.C. and still being used for the Anunnaki’s original purpose.
    If there were such a landing of beings from another planet it would be more likely to have occurred as the book of Genesis states.    The Anunnaki, Nephilim, Elohim, etc., came to the Earth during the last Ice Age, or after a global catastrophe and performed terrestrial restoration to make the planet to their liking to begin the industrial requirements anew.    As you know I promote this occurring in the Age of Capricornus.
    The Age of Capricornus started in 21,810 B.C. - Day One of Genesis.    Wurm III Glaciation Period began.    Light, daytime and nighttime occurred.
    These beings may have attempted and achieved the above.    Some believe that around 25,000 B.C. there was a tremendous seismic upheaval on the Earth's surface, and a possibility there was another one around 13,000 B.C. with huge tidal waves and shifting land masses, which may have caused massive loss of life to anything living on Earth.    If they came in 21,810 B.C. minus 395 years (740 years) when the Anunnaki rebelled it would be around 21,415 B.C. (21,070 B.C.).
    Psalm 82:1God (Heb. ‘elohiym, a deity or the Deity) standeth in the congregation of the mighty (Heb. ‘el, any deity or a multitude of deities); he judgeth among the gods (Heb. ‘elohiym, as a plural of deities),” or as other sources state it “Jehovah takes his stand at the Council of El to deliver judgment among the elohim.”    Then in verse 6, “I have said, Ye are gods (Heb. ‘elohiym, as a plural of deities); and all of you are children of the most High (Heb. ‘elyown, el-yone, the Supreme),” or as seen elsewhere, “You too are gods, sons of El Elyon, all of you.”
    The Anunnaki have also been equated with the “Watchers” (who are also mentioned in the books of Daniel and Jubilees), Daniel 4:13, “I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher (Heb. (Chaldean) ‘iyr, eer, a watcher, an angel, guardian) and an holy one (Heb. (Chaldean) qaddiysh, kad-deesh, holy (One), saint) came down from heaven,” or as other sources state it, “Behold a watcher and an holy one came down from heaven.”
    I would like to mention the issue of a sar being 3,600 years, which you will read later why I promote it to be 3,600 days, and you will see this after each reference to a sar with a recalculated value in solar years and in parenthesis lunar years.
    These simplistic equations are as follows.
    Thus: number of sars x 3,600 solar days / 365 days per year = recalculated years and (18.5 lunar years x number of sars = lunar years).

    As seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/SumerCreationStory.htm
    I have interfaced a concept presented in Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s book “The Sky People" Chapter III page 43, where he proposed a theory that there were two creations of man in Genesis, thus two lines - Adam-I Galactic Man, created by the Elohim, and Adam-II Earth-animal Man, the Jehovah creation.    Though the concept of two creations is feasible in context with Genesis One creation of man by the Elohim and Genesis Two creation of man by Yahweh God and the placement in Eden.    Although I am not sure as of yet which line is the Elohim or the Jehovah Line, but his concept mainly just shows the division between the two creations of mankind.

    As seen above on Sumerian Creation Story I have created the 5 column layout for the above column headings.    Then I format Genesis 5 and Genesis 4 with the 5 columns and if you read each you may find answers to your quest also.    I just showed you only two rows, so please go to the site and view the rest if you have not done so yet.
Jim Cornwell, 11/01/14

Dear Sid Marquis
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    Please let me know that you received your email with your username and password, and also when you have received your Flash Drive.    I shipped your order to the address received from your payment order.    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number as a last step to contact you for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
    One last note: If you have any problems with the Flash Drive let me know.    When you go to my Home Page (index.htm) or Book Order form (BookOrder.htm) on the Flash Drive it will open up your ISP (Internet Service Provider) in order to download the image for "Pay Pal Verified."    To resolve this just go to the File menu, and select Working Offline.    There will still be instances where you will have to go online to access some files from the internet.    You can get around this by opening the Flash Drive and find the folder and filename, click on it and it will open.
Jim A. Cornwell, 11/30/14.
Jim Cornwell
    Jim, YOU do great work!!    Yes, I have received the email and the flash drive.    I am having a hard time closing the file and doing what I am supposed to do.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.    I will ask questions after I have finished your publication and seek more explanation.    Have a Merry Christmas.    Many blessings to you and your family.
Sid Marquis, 11/30/14

    360,100 persons viewed this site in the year 2014, which is the fifth year since I started this website in 1995, that it has been dismally low.    Recent elections of the Senate may really bring some hope and change for some good and stop some of the lawlessness overtaking the world, and the false religions that have taken hold.

David Wray
    Hi Jim,
    I got your email and successfully used my account and password to log into your site.    I also just received the flash drive in today's mail.    I'll probably try it out tomorrow.
    What interests me most is the possibility of seeing what you've discovered about the historical development of astrology and its relationship to Christianity, particularly Gnosticism.    Related to this, I definitely want to understand you’re decoding of the Denderah Zodiac.
    Thank you for your considerate attention!
Sincerely, Dave, 1/31/2015

From: Wendy Copper
    Happy Wednesday Jim,
    I hope you and your family are well & receiving the Blessings from The Most High in Spirit & in Truth.
    I found your site recently and am grateful for your work.
    I have been blessed by The Father, Yehova, God with a powerful testimony and some supernatural spiritual experiences that do not jive with churchianity.    So it is refreshing to find another seeker of Truth outside the confines of doctrinal programming.
    Until September 13, 2013 I was as wicked as they come.    I was addicted to drugs and alcohol...mainly psychedelics & cannabis.    I was caught up in the new age deception and was a reiki master/spiritual courtesan for the wealthy men seeking an intelligent, free spirited, high price call girl.    I had spent years journeying on psilocybin, ayahuasca & sassafras among other 'medicine' solo & with 'shaman' in small communities throughout the US.    I never fully conceded to adopting any labels or affiliation.
    My experience with organized religion failed me as much as the nurturing, or lack thereof, of my parents.    I was raised by my Pop since I was 3 and am an only child.    Pop was an artist and a poet/postal worker before Nam & the Marine corp, and those two Purple Hearts he was granted for his bravery during two tours.    Needless to say when he returned, he was much different.
    He had a supernatural experience with Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah in Nam that saved his life and when he returned he became a Christian.
    However he had a difficult time wrestling those demons called PTSD because he could not forgive himself...or Johnson.    So that made for a very intense & colorful childhood for me.    He swept in and out of Baptist church.    I would ask questions and they would call me, 'of the devil.'    I asked questions like, "King James Version??    So, there are other versions?    Who decides what goes into each version?    Where did the books come from??    Were there more books??    Who translated them?    Why would we believe ONLY the version of a King when Kings are only concerned with ruling people?"    So, this experience, along with the physical abuse I suffered during my Pop's episodes, in the name of God, led me to find 'the truth' elsewhere.
    I turned to dark ancient mystery teaching disguised as light and truth.    It explained more than 'churchianity' it was intelligent and supernatural.    I had many supernatural experiences so I thought the information valid because it confirmed my actual experiences.    My first experiences were fantastical seduction by Disney magic & then the Ouija board.    Later, when I was a teenager, the occult.    For 25 years I dedicated my life to ritual magic, sacred geometry, channeling, psychic abilities, astrology, numerology, tarot readings, yoga, healing arts and any and all ancient mystery teachings I could practice.    The power that manifest unbelievable things was real-so I thought it was God.    My psychic abilities were so strong I could tell someone they recently lost a loved one or what their physical ailments were.    I could guess people's birth sign & sometimes exact birth date.    I had a gift of healing that was miraculous.    People sought me out for all sorts of spiritual & health reasons.    Looking back, I realize that there was ALWAYS a payback.    Always something cursed arose out of the miracle.
    In 2010 I developed a health food product with a wealthy trust fund brat who injected the capital & I did 80% of the work & taught him how to be a business man.    He had never worked/hustled.    After Whole Foods Market & Organic Avenue picked up our product, in 2012, he decided to freeze out my 49% shares.    I was devastated.    Although we had an operating agreement, he had the money & I lost to a modest pre-litigation settlement of 25gs.    I was devastated and had 2 boys to raise.    I homeschooled them because I had learned enough of global politics not to send my boys to public school.    I cursed my 'god' that I had served so loyally.    I was so confused as to how 'my god' could allow such a terrible thing to happen to me and my boys!!    It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
    I spiraled into a dark abyss of real depression.    I questioned everything.    I was terrified for the first time in my life since I left home at 17.    Give or take a couple near death experiences.    My youngest son's dad was concerned and invited us to move with him to Columbus Ohio where he had a job offer as a PE at AEP Power Co.    For the first time in my life I surrendered to failure.    I moved the boys here to Columbus.
    I was contemplating the truth about God, contemplating suicide, contemplating reconciling with my first husband who had been Special Forces in the Navy, a merc, a Sgt.    At Arms of a W. Albuquerque chapter of a notorious outlaw MC and then at that time, a SAG award winning actor for a role on the last season of 'Breaking Bad.'    I was a whirling mess.    I was attempting to homeschool and just drink enough to get through the day & homeschool, sometimes popping out at lunch to see a client for $500/1/2 hour while my teenage son watched my youngest for an hour.    On the weekend I'd leave town to be a high paid escort under the guise of Reiki sessions or healing workshops.    I wanted to quit drinking but had to drink to 'work' as a call girl.    And I was addicted to the money, power & adoration aka SEX. (Based in unclean spirits entering while I was young and molested by those molested in generational curse precession). I FINALLY decided I would QUIT EVERYTHING & cease ALL contact with everyone.    I thought perhaps if I quit everything for one month, perhaps a splinter of truth would sliver through the crack and I'd have a clue of what was real.    Of Truth.
    So that's what I did.    One early morn at the woods, my Boxer pup was playing with a Lab & I began to speak to the owner, Todd.    He noticed I had a bad cough & I pointed to the sky & commented that it was probably from the chemicals sprayed in the sky by the government.    He said, 'Oh, you know about that?’    I said, 'Yep,' He asked if I knew how man could be so evil.    I said I didn't really.    He gave me some websites to look up.    I had plenty of time to because as soon as I returned home I developed bacterial pneumonia.    I laid in bed for a month looking into those sites and Scripture that supported the supernatural reality of who we are & why we are here.    I couldn't believe it!!    I was so confused and sad at the thought that I had taught my boys wrong about God.    I was terrified for them.    I was certain that I was doomed if it WERE true but I wanted to understand what the TRUTH was to teach THEM.
    I didn't contact a physician because I had made a promise not to contact anyone from my past until I gained an understanding and all my doctors were clients.    So I laid in bed and after the Bacterial Pneumonia subsided, I got a kidney infection so I called one of my close friend/client/OBGYN for antibiotics.    Shortly thereafter, I was able to take my pup for a walk.    It was September 13, 2013 (Yom Kippur) and I returned to the state park where I had last been and seen Todd.    I called him before getting out of the car to ask if he could join me because I had questions about the information he'd given me.    He said his wife's car was in the shop so he was unable to join me.    It was 8AM and the sun was out & the dew was on the grass.    I was barefoot, wearing a white, full-length dress my mom had bought me in Greece.    I walked slow, grateful to be able to walk outside with my pup, sun in my face.    Armor gone.    Vulnerable.    Confused.    Seeking.    I cried out to the sky, 'If you are so REAL & POWERFUL, why is it SO HARD to find the TRUTH about YOU!!!.'    Suddenly, I saw every single thing I'd ever done wrong flash before my eyes in cinematic reel.    Every lie I ever told.    Things I didn't even know were lies.    All the way back & to present.    I fell on my knees and wept in self-loathing!    I felt how my sin had affected everyone and what they thought of me & how I felt when I committed it all.    I felt my broken heart & my self-centered fear & my selfishness & deceit.    He broke me.    I cried out, 'How can I ever make any of this right? Please forgive me!!!'    Then as big as all the atmosphere there was a bright light similar in color to twilight.    Amber, I think.
And...call me if you are interested in the rest because I do not feel it sacred to reveal it in this channel.    Also, I wish to speak with you about my subsequent ministry, 'The armor of Light.'    Also, my radio show appearance in 5 weeks with Zen Garcia as well as an opportunity for 'Coast to Coast' soon and the book I will publish.
    After reading about you & being led by The Most High Yehova as I am, I wish to speak to you with our actual human voices & spirits.
    In His Perfect Love,
Wendi Copper, 4/1/2015
Dear Wendy Copper
    I am glad to hear you found my site and it may have helped you see the light in some way.    That was a very detailed life story and testimony.    I have had my days of being lost in the ways of the world, but after years of seeking and failing, and doing it all wrong to the point of destruction and finally the Prodigal Son realized what he really needed was to let God guide me in my actions, and pray that he gives me what I need and not what I want.    But most of all it is about believing in Jesus Christ and that he will do what he said with his father’s guidance.    I am a man with great faith in God, and since I asked for forgiveness of my sins it changed me from what I call a monster then to a person who is filled with the spirit to guide me.
    I can tell you that I did write the book you see on the website but I was guided and inspired to complete it, and I was highly surprised when I was done with it and realized what I had written.
    When the Holy Spirit came over me and changed me it was the best thing that ever happened to me.    I hope that is what you have experienced.    I was not in a church but in my van in the parking area looking at little devilish creatures running around on the roofs of the houses and I knew they were coming to get me.    That is when I asked God to forgive my sins and I accepted the rush that came or flowed over me.    It all began there.
    So I hope it does for you.
    I will answer your quest of your subsequent ministry, 'The armor of Light' if you feel that I can.
    But please understand I am a very busy individual.
Jim A. Cornwell, 4/1/2015
    I appreciate your reply & understand you are busy.
    I appreciate you sharing about yourself as well.
    I too experienced the anointing in The Holy Spirit.    What a glorious Blessing for someone like me!    He loves so much!    He is so merciful & holy!    I continue to practice spiritual warfare in the name of Jesus, although I usually use His Hebrew name when speaking & writing.
    When He saved me that day in September (Yom Kippur) and baptized me in The Spirit of God, He said, 'I forgive you.    Arm yourself with the Sword of The Spirit & Follow Me.'    Since that day I have been attempting to follow.
    I have been blessed with a vision of the Throne Room & instructions.
    I have been given scriptures in dreams.    Acts 7 - star of Rephran - which was burned into my 'jana' or 'third eye' during reiki attunement during 'kundalini' in 2003.    I believe it NOT to be 'The Star of David' but the one Nimrod used to evoke 72 demons.
    I also was given Job 38:31-33 in an Almighty series of events.
    That's how I found you.
    And I appreciate your work, especially with the new information you've shared about it being divinely inspired & you yourself were amazed at the completion & work.    That is so cool.    He's so awesome.
    I am eager to order it today & begin devouring it to be more aware of the correlation The Mazzaroth has to Scripture.
    Especially, the ages.    I appreciate that breakdown.
    I invite you to check out Brother Zen Garcia's site: http://fallenangels.tv
    I wonder if being on his show would increase your ability to get your book published.
    Anyway, he has some interesting work based mainly upon Scripture of the cannon and supplements with The Nag Hammadi Codices, Apocrypha & psuedepigrapha for exploration and examination.
    I appreciate your time & didn't mean to be so dramatic with not completing the supernatural spiritual experiences I had with The Trinity, I simply prefer to share with actual voice or in person when I am able to allow The Spirit to be shared in the Blessing.
    Peace & Love in Yeshua,
Wendi, 4/2/2015
    I knew from what you wrote that you had received the holy spirit but remember that Christianity is a maturing process and it is like walking on a fence which means you can fall off either side and only a few will make it.    We will all go through a tribulation in time.    "The invisible Church of true believers is hidden and dispersed in the visible Church, the boundary lines which separate harlot and woman are not denominational nor drawn externally, but can only be spiritually discerned."    There is simply no man made entity that will ever bring true peace, etc., etc. to this world.    You know that will not occur until the Messiah returns to take His kingdom from the beast and Satan.
    As I stated in my Foreword: seen in Amos 7:14, Amos (Heb. ‘amos, Gr. amos, burden-bearer) was not a prophet, but a farmer, whom God used to detail the future and the restoration of His people.    He protested against the luxuriant, careless lifestyle, the worship of idols, rituals over righteousness, and then asserted a repentance of sin and a renewed spiritual relationship with God.    He was accused of sedition by the idolatrous high priest and rulers.    Amos had no connection with any prophetic order, nor was he linked politically with the house of David, and even today his book has stood the test from critical scholars.    God uses the unlikely to do his bidding.

    I am glad to know that you realize how you were influenced away from the ways of God.    That is a start that you must be persistent with.
    So you have realized that God allowed me to put my site on the web for all to find.    He is my Salesman.    I have already been on two radio shows a few years back and have already pursued the try to get published which is why it is a website now, which reaches to the entire world for free.    The site has no advertisements and the God of heaven is providing me with whatever is needed to run the site.    Why you were given Job 38:31-33 is interesting since God is the original astronomer as stated in Psalm 147:4.    And brought you there.    The following three verses is what inspired me to write my book.

    Job 38:32 "Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? (from their places or houses, Mazzaloth in 2 Kings 23:5, which Mazzaroth is equal, into the sky as "the twelve signs of the Zodiac" at their respective seasons in relation to the sun) or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?"    Paraphrased: "Can you bring forth the Mazzaroth in their season (guide the stars season by season), or guide the Bear with its train? (direct the Big and Little Dipper).

    Psalms 147:4 "He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names."    Paraphrased: "He has decided the number of the stars and calls each one by name."

    Revelation 22:1-2 "And he pointed out to me a river of pure Water of Life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb," "coursing down the center of the main street.    On each side of the river grew Trees of Life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month; the leaves were used for medicines to heal the nations."
    Revelation 22:1-2 it presents a symbolic river and the water of life which provides spiritual life in perpetuity.    It is seen as clear as crystal or transparent like a precious stone.    From it we find the throne of God and of the Lamb.    In the middle of the main street and on either side of the river was there the tree of life which refers to the universe and the life giving forces which produced twelve, a detail of the Heavenly Jerusalem with the occurrence of Divine administration as the symbol of manner of fruits.    This tree’s fruit was plucked every month and the leaves a symbol of a sprout, offshoot of a race or tribe of the tree were for the healing as in care and attention of the nations.
    So I proposed that based on my work the following concept that the tree's twelve fruits are the twelve signs of the zodiac or Mazzaroth, and it "yields one fruit" each time "for the healing of the nations" to reach its spiritual maturity.    The Tree of Life is found at the beginning and the end of the Bible.    In Genesis (the origin), man loses the tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit if eaten gave everlasting life, in Revelation (to reveal), man regains his access to the tree in the new heavenly Jerusalem, which is like unto Eden.    Both trees represent the same principle.

    I have been off work on vacation this week so had some time to relax but start back to the grind tomorrow.

Jim A. Cornwell, 4/2/15

Hello Jim,
    Thanks for your prompt response.    I really appreciate your efforts.    As per your request I am providing my phone number.    I look forward to reading the material.    Also, thank you very much for the seven-fold blessing.    I offer my blessing to you as well, in return.
Gabriel F. Duran - 5/21/2015

From: Danielle Nagle
    Subject: "The Ancient Biblical Teaching of the Ages" by Dr. Martin Trench.Ignite Conference" 2014 in Yakima, Washington.    Pastor Martin teaches a seminar on the meaning of the word "Ages" in the Bible, how it clears up all confusion… 01:12:26 Added on 9/25/14 5, 47 views

    Hello Jim
    I hope this message finds you well.    I have been reading some of your research on mazzaroth.com.    Thank you for sharing your research and heart.    Holy Spirit lately has been bringing my attention to the zodiac and the "ages."    I'm in the beginning stages of the Holy Spirit revealing this area to me so at this point I don't know much other than knowing that a mazzaroth in not a dinosaur.    Well, I know a little more than that, praise God.    However I wanted to ask you a question if I could be so bold and if you wouldn't mind answering.
    I have been a Spirit Filled follower of Jesus for about 5 years now.    I grew up in what I would call a dead church denomination in the 80's and 90's.    Looking back now I cannot identify anyone I encountered living by way of the Holy Spirit.    I stopped going to Church as soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions and never felt the guilt that my peers would experience.    I now understand why.
    I attended an "end times" teaching about a year after receiving the Holy Spirit.    The Church I grew up in didn't mention end times or the book of Revelation so it was very new to me.    The teaching was what I would now know to be the traditional dispensationalist view of a end times that is believed by most of the mainstream Church.    One that is to happen in the future and believes there is going to be a time to focus again on people living in physical Israel and a rebuilding of a physical temple.    If I recall correctly that would happen after the "rapture" of a Church that will have to escape the havoc of the enemy that will start to read havoc on in the world in an abdominal way.    It was very exciting at first....this was an intricately exciting story of future events.    I had no idea this stuff was in the Bible!    However...I was receiving a nudge by the Holy Spirit that something was not right.    Being a new believer I didn't understand what I was sensing exactly and why.    What is it Lord???
    You see, once I was forever changed by the love of Jesus and my Father, He sent me to this Church where this teaching took place soon after.    This Bible study class consisted of Spirit filled believers who practiced the gifts of the Spirit, experienced God's glory, received healings, and truly were following a risen Christ.    I had never experienced anyone or anything like this.    I had no idea we could follow Jesus right now!    Didn't even know this was possible.    My childhood Church told me the emptiness that I felt was because I wasn't in heaven and that I would feel like that until I got there.    But now I see the truth...these were my brothers and sisters in Christ!!!!    Hooray! And these brothers and sisters knew all about the rapture and these future events.
    So...I couldn't understand why I was sensing that Holy Spirit telling me something isn't right with what I'm hearing at this "rapture" teaching.    What do I know???    I'm a newbie.    These people have been walking with a God their whole life!    But I just kept following Jesus and trusted that Holy Spirit will show me what I need to know, when I need to know it.    Anyway....long story short Father started revealing some things to me.    And I started researching history as well.    This is what I believe was revealed to me in short....70 AD destruction of the physical temple being the abomination of the desolation for one.    Among other events that have taken place during the Israel Roman war that have been already fulfilled during that time.    And also specifically Israel being a people through faith in Messiah Jesus, not people living in a place called Israel past, present, and future...of course eternal.    The enemy IS defeated and we live in the ever advancing glorious Kingdom of God that will be clearly seen more and more as time goes on.    Increased glorious encounters throughout all the world!    It was like a cloud was lifted from me pertaining to this area.    Like I was set free from that false teaching and glorious encounters in my travels around the country followed....revealing the glorious Kingdom of God everywhere I go.    I was led to a book called Raptureless by Jonathan Welton.    I can't say I agree with the whole book but it was great to read that someone else in the Church was hearing some of the same things.    Then suddenly Father brought many people in my path that believe this way as well.    I now know He was showing me how to listen to His still small voice in faith among all the noise of "end time madness" prior to introducing me to others that can "see" this as well.
    This was an interesting teaching I saw as well that introduced me to the "ages" for the first time.    At http://youtu.be/dP3kVvj5UGM.
    All that being said...I read what you wrote about being a futurist.    So...for someone that has researched this area extensively historically and scientifically I was hoping you could shine a light for me on specifically why you believe this way.    Not because I am trying to get you to believe what I believe or that I would go back under the "rapture, destructive end time" belief but because I can only stand on the few specific truths Father has shared with me in this area for sure.    There has to be a reason why someone who has spent much time in this area believes this way and maybe there is more I need to know.    I would appreciate anything you believe you are led to share.    Or maybe I just need to keep reading "The Alpha and the Omega?"    Do you cover this?
    It's all for His glory!
    Thank you Jesus for allowing us to live in such a time as this....a time where we no longer worship in Jerusalem, or on a mountain, or in a building but we worship in Spirit and truth.
    Peace and love,
Danielle, Thu 7/09/15 3:08 PM
    Dear Danielle Nagle.
    Sorry about taking so long to get back to you since I left on the 9th to go on vacation with my sons for a short one and just got back Sunday morning on the 12th.
    Your lengthy testimony to me is quite intensive and I understand you want to ask me a question which is "why someone who has spent much time in this area believes this way and maybe there is more I need to know?"    And yes, you need to keep reading what is available to you on the website, which is only a portion of the 1257 pages just for Volume I and II.    Plus Volume III which is just as large is not assessable unless your order it.
    To let you know that my website is like, think of a fishing hook with a worm on it.    I have never known anyone who has looked at the site and not found something that interest them, which is even possible in your case.    Many people go to church and a great majority do not and some do not believe in Christianity at all.    So like many sites of religion they are boring and the message is the same, but my site catches a lot of persons at least a million and a half a year which is much more than may attend some churches.    The point is, I am catching those who do not and even those who do and as they bite on the hook they find interest and hopefully some who do not believe may take a second look at the Holy Bible.    If I make even one person become saved to believe that Jesus Christ is their savior and died on the cross for our sins and will return for those believers then it has been worth every minute, years and effort to release my website.
    I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this book.    After I finally finished it, I read it through and when done I could not believe what I had written.    I spent the next 2 years trying to disprove what I wrote and could not do it.    So it was meant to be.
    I do cover all the end time views in my work but as you will read this work is a new view.
    I am glad to hear that the Holy Spirit has come to you and making you search for your own truths.

Jim A. Cornwell, 7/12/15
    PS. Please see my sites at for more detailed response about many subjects:
    Thanks for getting back to me and I hope you enjoyed your vacation.
    Yes...."lengthy testimony"!    I "lol"'ed when I read that because after writing it I looked at how long it was and thought...oh my!    But I believe the reason for it was to explain I had not been conditioned to believe a specific interpretation by hearing the same "rapture" or "end times" view my whole life but instead upon hearing that teaching hearing the Holy Spirit tell be something's not correct.    And that was the first time I had experienced the Holy Spirit letting me know not to receive something since being born in the Spirit.    So I left my testimony as is.
    As I started digging further I saw that you do touch on this topic, so I thank you for your faithfulness and look forward to reading it.    Yes...even if just one come to our Lord through your website...but I'm sure in faith more than that directly and indirectly through those who have had their eyes opened to a new thing through your site.    Yes...Holy Spirit is leading me to delve into these area with Him...the 'ages,' 'mazzaroth,' and the history during the time the Bible was written.    And I'm enjoying this time with God & the Word in this way :)
    In faith I am going to receive what I believe He is showing me to take away from your site.    I recently 'stumbled' upon this book (attachment below) and there were so many things that have been resonating in my spirit...and like you I try to disprove things as well to be sure in what I believe to be true.    I just have a difficult time believing Jesus would tell his disciples about these events "that will soon take place" and give them specific instruction in the way He does if they were for the future.
    Thanks again my brother!
Danielle, 7/13/15
    I finally had a chance to view the YouTube video you gave me, "The Ancient Biblical Teaching of the Ages" by Dr Martin Trench.    I see he believes and is now promoting the Ages of Mazzaroth as I have been doing since 1972, and put it online in 1996 when the Internet first came out.
    If you consider him as a valid interpreter of the Mazzaroth, then you will definitely enjoy perusing my research of it for the last 43 years.
    I am a man with great faith in God and He is showing you what you want to know.
Jim A. Cornwell, 7/16/15
    Thank you Jim.    I am encouraged by your words.    Yes....I believe you may have been the forerunner for this information pertaining to the Mazzaroth.    I believe it is import to know and understand what age we are living in.    And our loving Father provides that information and wants us to understand so we can live in the fullness of His glory.
    I have seen a clear contrast in the Church lately.    Those that believe they are living in the ever advancing Kingdom of God and Father of Glory encounters are increasing on the earth through them by way of the power of Holy Spirit (Isaiah 9:6-7).    And those that believe darkness is beginning to prevail for a time and are looking forward to the escape through the soon to come rapture.    I see those who are a part of the first living in the power of Holy Spirit and when they leave the house people they encounter are forever changed through prophecies, healings, hearing the good news, experiencing the love of Jesus....    The later seem to have a loss of hope with the world, their expectation of a dark world has caused them to believe they have no power to impact lives, because that is the way it's supposed to happen and they certainly cannot do anything to change it.
    I travel around the county with my husband for his business.    I have seen, heard, and been a part of God's glory in some of the worldliest places more this year then I have ever seen before.    People sharing their testimonies, praying in public, singing praises, prophecies to strangers,...in places like on airplanes, the mall, parking lots, supermarkets, rental car places, baseball games ...    I was at a San Diego Padres game last month.    They had a free Christian concert at the field directly follow the game.    In the middle of the concert 3 baseball players came on stage.    Two from the Padres and one from that nights opposing team, the Washington Nationals.    They gave there heartfelt testimonies of who Jesus is to them and why they live for Christ.    They were completely unhindered, unashamed transparent about their love for Jesus.    It was powerful!    Then to see baseball fans lifting up their hands worshiping The Lord was beautiful.    The Church has left the building!    My husband has been working in baseball for about 25 years...and we have never seen anything like it.    And these kind of things are happening more and more.    The King is here!    One of my friends just got back from Puerto Rico...and said it is happening there.    Another friend just got back from Cuba...he said people are 100% sold out for God.    That he has never seen anything like it.    I am excited to be living in such a time as this.
    There I go again with a long email!!!!
    I need to order the rest of The Alpha and the Omega off your site.    I am using an iPad.    When I click on the "samples" provided to test my browser, the first sample works but the second says..."Unable to read document"?    What do I need to do?    Will the $20 Online Access work on my IPad?
    Also...I believe I read you are an artist.    I am as well...    https://www.facebook.com/naglegallery
Thank you,
Danielle, 7/17/15
    Glad to know I encouraged you.    I was not the first to write about the Mazzaroth as were many of its authors were from the late 1800's.    But I am the one who has championed it and also corrected many of the errors made by persons who lacked access to information that in today’s world we can get very fast and also was not influenced by a religious slant as many were in those days.
    As to your comment, "I need to order the rest of The Alpha and the Omega off your site.    I am using an iPad.    When I click on the "samples" provided to test my browser, the first sample works but the second says..."Unable to read document"?    What do I need to do? Will the $20 Online Access work on my IPad?"

    As I state on the above link all download files are written in Microsoft Word for Windows 95 Version 7.0 and divided by chapter and chapter sections.    Note that the files may not run on Macintosh based computers (which would include in Apples new products) unless you have conversion software for PC's or in this case of I-Pad.    I did not feel I need to create various versions for different systems since Word Processors seem to coordinate in recent years.    I am not sure if saving them as PDF files will work either and how it would affect the formatting.    I would think that the word files would be so small on the I-Pad it would be hard to read anyway.
    To test your browser's ability to download these files, click on the following:
Free sample of the Book Cover, Foreword and Table of Contents,
or free sample of the Introduction, both will open up in a new window.
    Click here to see a brief description of the chapter's content and the weblink used to access the item.    This will open up a new window, so you can return to this Book Order Form, without losing the data you entered about yourself.
    As it is stated above: When you opened the first sample did you get a Word Document or a browser to open it?

Jim, 7/17/15

    Hi Jim,
    I've had no problems.    Thank you for sharing your concerns.    I actually got involved with your work while researching the financial markets.    I'm only 23, so much of this knowledge and research from the bible is way out of the scope of my boxed reality.    The most commonly held theory--by banks and not academics so much, at least, not in my financial classes' syllabus yet-- is that markets are fractals.    My problem is exactly the beginning and the end.    But I'm still all over the place in this journey.    It isn't very linear, so I bounced all over philosophy, religion, geometry and astrology.    Good work on all of the researched content; it shows a lot of soul & passion.
Leonard Herrera, 8/21/15
    Thank you for your kind comments.    In your journey through my information you will find out who the beast that came out of the sea mentioned in Revelation is as to your subject of financial issues.    Enjoy.
    Feel free to email if you have any questions.
Jim, 8/22/15

Hi my name is Jenna Sharron.
    I have 20 years of experience in astrology and tarot.    I own a astrology site which has been online for 8 years now.    I think you have a great quality site.    The reason why I am contacting you is because I have written a great astrology article.    If you publish my astrology article on your website and credit my site back, I would love to recommend you to my friends at astrology-astro.    They have a page rank 4 astrology site and I can possibly tell them to add a permeant blog post for your website on their featured favs section.    I see you’re dedicated to your website and I want to deal with descent people online.    When you get the chance to read this, if you’re interested please let me know.
    Best Regards,
Jenna Sharron, 11/10/2015
    I do not have any form of advertising on my site, nor do I add links to it, but I do add comments from persons who contact me on http://www.mazzaroth.com/Reference.htm if you would like this email added to it.
p.s. I do not promote astrology in any manner.
Jim, 11/10/2015

    250,100 persons viewed this site in the year 2015, which is the sixth year since I started this website in 1995, that it has been dismally low.    As seen on http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/SixthGroupOfTwelveYears.htm, quoted "2011-2022 the Sixth group of Twelve years One can expect major political and moral revolutions that will totally change society as we know it.    These changes will sweep the world as there will be a total division among humanity.    The ones who follow and accept the new world order and all that comes with it, and the other ones who refuse to accept it and live in refuge from the new world order.    Some have predicted this to be a period of the "haves" and the "have nots."

    With ref. to the your book "The Alpha & the Omega" on your website Mazzaroth, I would like to know more about the Volume I, II and III with Online Access only ver. 5.0, No Flash Drive world wide.
    When you mention online access, does that give me the option of downloading the same onto my PC or is it just online access?
    Thank you.    Sincerely,
Gautam Doshi, 2/26/2016
Dear Gautam Doshi
    Sorry to take so long to get back to you my keyboard malfunctioned a week ago on my laptop and I had a DELL tech come out to replace it today.
    As to your question "I would like to know more about the Volume I, II and III with Online Access only ver. 5.0, No Flash Drive worldwide."    "When you mention online access, does that give me the option of downloading the same onto my PC or is it just online access?"
    As you will see on http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm
    Total Cost $20.00 Volume I, II and III with Online Access only ver. 5.0, No Flash Drive worldwide (This option is for any client who do not want a Flash Drive just online access).
    You will not be able to download any of my work that is web pages, just be able to view them online.    But if you are clicking on a link it will download Word Document sometimes or may just show it in the Internet Explorer mode.    That would depend on how you set your explorer to open certain files.    You will have all access to my files to read.
    On the Book Order form the following is there to test your system.
    To test your browser's ability to download these files, click on the following:
free sample of the Book Cover, Foreword and Table of Contents,
or free sample of the Introduction, both will open up in a new window.
    Click here to see a brief description of the chapter's content and the web link used to access the item.    This will open up a new window, so you can return to this Book Order Form, without losing the data you entered about yourself.
    If I can help you with anything else just ask.
Jim A. Cornwell, 3/7/2016

    Thank you for your work. I found your work when doing a Google search..... I forget what specifically was the subject matter of that search.    I read and study the Bible and am extremely interested in our prehistory.... The Kings List and Babylonian, Sumerian, and other ancient histories.    I know I will never know, but exactly what all was truly happening all those eons ago creates an insatiable desire in me to read all that I can find to help in my futile quest.    I at least learn some things.    Have a wonderful day.
Jamye Justice, 4/12/2016
    As you stated, "I read and study the Bible and am extremely interested in our prehistory.... The Kings List and Babylonian, Sumerian, and other ancient histories," you will find out a lot of things you never dreamed of in my three volumes.    Enjoy.
Jim Cornwell, 4/12/2016

Dear Mr. Cornwell,
    I am eager to read and understand your extensive work.    Can you tell me how quickly I may have online access to read the material while I wait for the flash drive?
    Thank you,
Dave Wise, 5/17/2016
Your order information for "The Alpha and the Omega"
The Alpha and the Omega - User name and Password - Full path to protected directory -
David Wise
Mulberry, AR USA
    I received a payment by PayPal for $30.00 USD for your order of the Flash Drive - Online Access Volume I, II, and III on Tuesday, May 17, 2016.
[Information on his order follows]
Jim Cornwell, 5/17/2016
Mr. Cornwell,
    Thank you for the processing of my order.    I am a bit perplexed though.    All of the files I have begun to try to read, thought they are in .doc format, Microsoft Office, none of them are opening for me in Word/Office.    Is it at all possible that you would happen to have these files in .pdf or perhaps know why they (all) are not opening?    When trying to open them I get no response from word at all.    If I try opening them with any other program that is usually compatible to .doc files, I get an error telling me “can’t be opened for some reason.”    Also trying to convert them to a .pdf file via an online free service it fails there as well.    I hope I have a better experience with the flash drive or perhaps, as requested earlier, you may have .pdf versions you can share.
    Thank you
Dave Wise, 5/18/2016
Dave Wise
    Do you have a valid Office Word software?
    On my http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm before you ordered did you do the following?
    "What would you like to order?"
    All download files are written in Microsoft Word for Windows 95 Version 7.0 and divided by chapter and chapter sections.    Note that the files may not run on Macintosh based computers unless you have conversion software for PC's.    Please see the order form below if interested in this work or use the form to send comments.
    To test your browser's ability to download these files, click on the following: free sample of the Book Cover, Foreword and Table of Contents,
or free sample of the Introduction, both will open up in a new window."
Jim Cornwell, 5/19/2016
Dear David Wise
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    You have already let me know that you received your email with your username and password.
    So let me know you received your Flash Drive.
    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number changes as a last step to contact you for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
    If you have problems with access please note it and let me know and I will resolve it for you.
Jim A. Cornwell, 5/23/2016
[P.S. You never responded back to me on whether you have a valid Word software to open Word.doc files, or whether you tested it before ordering.    If not, I would have suggested that you use somebodies system that does until you can and they should even download and open in Internet Explorer if that is possible on your system.    I am sorry that you have an issue with that.    I wrote a lot of these files in 1990 when Word 6.0 came out allowing you to put graphics in the document.    So it would be a great task for me to change them to PDF or even web pages.    I have considered converting all my work to web pages but it is a task I might consider after I retire at the end of 2016.    Many of the existing webpages are converted Word docs into webpages maybe 300 plus of 1257 pages of Volume I and II.    Let me know your thoughts.]
    Thank you for checking back with me.    I did receive the flash drive today.    Thank you very much.    I am installing a version of Windows on my mac and Microsoft office.    I hope this will prove to be the solution for me.    Word 6.0 is quite old in terms of software these days but hopefully Windows versions in my case will still support it.    I do not want to trouble you any further if for some reason it does not work.    The responsibility is on me as you have clearly informed before purchase to try testing first.    I do have high hopes to reading your years of work as I am in a place where I think I may be seeing deep connections that I believe, from first appearances of your work, may be quite similar.    I appreciate all of the work you have collected and made available to seekers.
Dave Wise, 5/23/2016

Lo saludo muy cordialmente deseandole que se encuentre muy bien.
    Hace un tiempo atras le compre un volumen, no se exactamente que numero sobre sus enseñanzas sobre el mazzaroth.
    Me he cambiado de ciudad y he perdido el cd que usted me envio sobre sus estudios, y no recuerdo mi username y mi password.
    Soy el Pastor gilberto Hernandez Chavarro, yo estaba radicado en Guayaquil, Ecuador y ahora estoy en otra ciudad llamada Riobamba en Ecuador mismo.
    Me imagino que estoy en sus contactos, no recuerdo cual de mis correros te envie, puede haber sido cualquiera de los que te envio ahora:
    La verdad que no recuerdo muy bien.
    Le agradeceria que me enviara ese username y password, porque ahora he vuelto a despertar el deseo de seguir estudiano y veo que hay un volumen III y me pide ingresar.
    Tampoco recuerdo si hablas español o ingles o los dos, solo recuerdo que si conversamos en una ocasion para enviar el dinero
    Muchas gracias por su colaboracion,
Gilberto Hernández Ch. Pastor Casa de RestauraZion, 5/24/2016
Casa RestauraZion
    No sabe espanol.
Jim Cornwell, 5/25/2016
    A few years ago I bought one of your volume, and I lost my username and password because I had to translate to other city.
    I need that you can help me I need to recovery my username and password. I hope that you can get it to me.
    I appreciate your help and support
    I don't remember the email which I used to subscribe to your website.
    Those are the possible email that I subscribe to your website.
Gilberto Hernández, 5/25/2016
Enviado desde mi teléfono inteligente Sony Xperia™
    Pastor Gilberto
Username: Hernandez
Password: [withheld]
Jim Cornwell, 5/25/2016 ------------
Enviado desde mi teléfono inteligente Sony Xperia™
Pastor Gilberto, 5/25/2016

Jim:     You would recall our conversation few years ago.    My book is nearly complete.
    I write to explore whether it may be possible for you to read the MS and provide comments?    Let us join hands in our search for true Abraham.
    Many thanks.
Bharat Jhunjhunwala
    From the above site “The persons whom the Hindus worship as Swayambhu Manu, Indra, Vaivaswat Manu, Rama and Krishna; are the same persons as Adam, Cain, Noah, Abraham and Moses of the Semitic tradition. These Prophets lived in the Indus Valley.”
Bharatjj, 6/10/2016
    My Comment: This guy has tried to prove to me that all the Biblical patriarchs were originally in India but has not provided one shred of evidence as in archaeology just trying to make association between the names they know and how he thinks they correlate in relationship to some assumed time frame.    I have written about possibility of King Scorpion having influence in the ancient Indus Valley but could not justify any of the aboves information as valid.
Jim, 6/10/2016

Hi Mr. Cornwell,
    I tried to get online access to Vol. 3 but my info, shown below, doesn't work!
Username: Kafkoulas
pwd: [withheld]
    I believe that both are case sensitive and tried to enter each as shown.    It didn't work.    Can you help me please?
    Thanks brother and God bless you,
Steve Kafkoulas, 7/24/2016
    Steve your username is correct: Kafkoulas
    Your pwd: [withheld] should be [withheld]
    One typo Operator error!
Jim Cornwell, 7/25/2016
Hi again,
    How do I download this on my SanDisk drive?    Or Is this simply something I view online?
    Thanks again,
Steve Kafkoulas, 7/25/2016
Steve Kafkoulas
    When you received your flash drive order in Oct 2014 you received and envelope with 2 sheets of paper: one which was also an email to you and it showed you how to access all files on line with your username and password.    The other page was an image of the flash drive packet which has information of how to use the flash drive and access the information on it.    Do you still have that?    You cannot download the file to your device you can only view them online.    The files are on your flash drive and you can copy them to your hard drive to open them if you know how to do that.
Jim Cornwell, 7/26/2016

To my son - Kyle Cornwell
    Call me sometimes and let me know what's up with your new career?    Michael said you are doing some kind of sales from home.
    I retire on January 1st and start Social Security on Feb 8th and start Retirement pay on Feb 14th and I plan to come up and visit you guys more often.    Let me know of any events that would be a good time for that.
    Both boys Ethan 9 and Evan 7 draw $716 each for social security until they are 18, just as you did when your mother passed on, except I am alive for them.    So there is an advantage to have children late in life.    How many people who are 66 have children under 18 years of age.    I gave all of that to my ex-wife to take care of the boys, and I will stop paying her child support.    So she gets her $500 plus $932 to top it off and can quit her second job, as her present primary job is three 12 hour days in a hospital ER.
    Also I am about to release a new book about my experiences at Kentucky State Penitentiary, as you can see the Demo at:
The Changing of the Guard - Kentucky State Penitentiary 2004 through the 2008 Execution
    A book by Jim A. Cornwell, copyright August 2010, and a history of my life as a correctional officer at Kentucky State Penitentiary between 2004 through the 2008.    Or if you still have the username and password I gave you for my other book you can access the new one at: If not I can send it to you.
    If purchased it is at http://www.mazzaroth.com/KSP/KSP/index.htm
Dad, 12/7/2016

Follow up.
Dear Jim,
    Email, passwords, and USB received with thanks.
    My interests stems from personal bible Study and an awareness of references, implicit and explicit, to stars and constellations throughout the bible.    I am currently studying Revelation which, along with its counterpart Genesis, is rich in the same.
    Thanks again,
Steve Donagh, 12/10/2016
Steven Donagh
    You will find all of that in my work.
Jim Cornwell, 12/10/2016

Subject: How to order your book
Good morning
    I'm starting a study of stars and constellations and I would like to know if it's possible to order a pdf download of your book.    I live in South Africa and shipping something here absolutely kills us with the current exchange rate.
    Thank you very much
Ria Wilson, 12/13/2016
Subject: Re: How to order your book
Ria Wilson, Africa, Zaire
    Go to http://www.mazzaroth.com/BookOrder.htm
    No PDF version, you can order an online version for Volume I, II, III but you can only get Volume I and II by having a Microsoft version with Word Document capability or software that allows you to convert it.    Volume III is all online which is mostly a study of stars and constellations.
Jim A. Cornwell, 12/14/2016
    Can it be downloaded or only read online?
    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
Ria Wilson, 12/14/2016
Ria Wilson
    If you get online access only you can read it all online as per what is online.
    If you buy the Flash Drive with your order version 5 you will get all files on the flash drive up to version 5 to open and read at your convenience.
    I have not made a version 6 flash drive yet which is all changes since version 5.
Jim Cornwell, 12/14/2016

    218,589 persons viewed this site in the year 2016, which is the seventh year since I started this website in 1995, that it has been dismally low.    The things I said at the end of last year is still in effect.    We must all pray to the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac to guide us through the coming years to do his bidding on this world while we are here.
Dear Michelle Weber
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    Please let me know that you received your email with your username and password and also let me know you received your Flash Drive.
    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number changes as a last step to contact you for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
    If you have problems with access please note it and let me know and I will resolve it for you.
Jim A. Cornwell, 1/5/2017
[p.s. I very seldom get orders from persons that I know.    Enjoy the work.    By the way my new years resolution was not to go up or down any spiral staircases anymore.]
This is Michelle's husband, James
    We meant to order the KSP book, as well, and might have, as the login seems to work for both books.    I am up to Week 9 of Probation in KSP.
I have also skimmed The Alpha - I must say, you did your homework!    I have been a casual student of many of these topics since I was about 8 years old (I had an interesting grandfather).    I have found information on every topic I have seen you cover, but I have NEVER seen anyone gather and correlate the information the way you have.    There are few subjects that you touch on, and may go into (I'll find out when I get finished with KSP) that lead in a few other directions that most people don’t like talking about.    I am thoroughly impressed with the depth in which you go into the topics (from what I have seen so far).
    Michelle is looking forward to getting the jump drive (I have been reading it from my phone).    Hopefully, one day, when I am home from work, we can get together for dinner.    I think you and I would get along pretty good!
    Michelle told me you retired, so I wish you an enjoyable time.
Thanks, 1/5/2017
    It was nice meeting you.    I gave Michelle the Publisher password which I am using to give to Publishers to read my book to see if any want to publish it in book form.    I gave it to her to read the KSP book and give me some input on what she has read if it is worth buying, as you may do if you want.    I had also given it to about 3 other correctional officers for their input also and the username and password will be only good for a few months and I will delete it.
    You did not go to the Book Order for the KSP book or the Flash Drive version would have cost you $25, as the one on the Alpha Omega is $30, and I gave you a new password for that.
    Have you guys checked your PO Box that Flash Drive should already be there.
    The Flash Drive is the same as "The Alpha and the Omega" which you are looking at now.
    I appreciate your kind comments about my work, as I am probably the PHD on the subject, and wrote and released that work in 1995 and a lot of new writers are copying my concepts as some of what I wrote then is now coming true.
    Michelle needed some mentoring from me at work to help her get by in a crazy environment.    I hope she makes it there since she seems to be too nice to everybody, but I admire her pleasant personality which was a breath of fresh as to what most females at KSP are like.
    Yes, I am retired at 66 years of age and have a 9-year-old and 7-year-old sons to keep me very busy, and all the other stuff that I do.
    The depth in my Alpha and Omega book is deeper than you can imagine and feel free to contact any time you would like about the subjects.
Jim, 1/5/2017
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    Please let me know that you received your email with your username and password and also let me know you received your Flash Drive.
    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number changes as a last step to contact you for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
    If you have problems with access please note it and let me know and I will resolve it for you.
Jim A. Cornwell, 1/12/2017
Mr. Cornwell,
    Thank you for checking on my order.    I did receive the flash drive and an email with instructions, password, & user name.    To date, I haven't had the chance to log in or test the flash drive due some issues with my desktop.    I am hoping to get it back from the computer shop soon so that I can start reading the material and check the flash drive.
    I did read the instructions via my email on my phone and I might need some assistance thus I'm a bit confused on how to log in.    Once I get my computer back, I'm anxious to read the material and will know if I have any questions regarding logging in etc.
    Again, thank you for checking with me.    Hopefully I won't have any questions once I have my computer back but until then, I will be in touch.
Sincerely, Chris Worent, 1/12/2017
Chris Worent
    I am glad to hear from you.    Sorry about your technical problems.    Your username and password and the links I gave you and Flash Drive will work on anybody's laptop or computer who has the files and software and USB port I mentioned in the information I provided you.    So, until you get yours back you have that option also to view my work.
    I am sure that when you do you will find all that made you purchase my work and more.    Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts when you are ready.
Jim A. Cornwell, 1/13/2017
Dear Mr. Cornwell
    How may I get your permission to used your illustrations, pictures, in a power point program for my church, Mt. Pleasant Baptist?
Yours, Dr. Danny R. Ellis, pastor, 1/20/2017
Danny Ellis
    I will give you permission if you tell me what images and webpage you are using and you must reference the copyright information at the top of the page with the images.
Jim A. Cornwell, 1/20/2017
    Thanks for getting back.
    I will do as you say.
Danny Ellis, 1/21/2017
    I have been researching the 'changing of the Age' and have ran across your website.    Has it been removed, as I am having a hard time accessing it and can only review on the Way Back Machine (Internet Archive).
    As one can see from my website: http://proffer.us
    I am very interested in this subject matter.
    Thank you,
Tori Proffer, 4/27/2017
    I am not sure what you are referring to.
    My name is Jim A. Cornwell.    I have a website at http://www.mazzaroth.com
    And on that page, is a link to view a Demo of my new book "The Changing Of The Guard."
    Please clarify your problem.
Jim, 4/27/2017
Hi Jim,
    I am Tori Proffer.
    I just checked your site and it is backup now, but yesterday it was not accessible.
    I was curious, as I checked the domain status and found: Expires on 2022-04-07.
    Maybe you are having the same issues with your site as I am with mine, as it is often blocked.
    I believe I am on the 'same track' as you are in Bible study and found, what was on the web, very interesting!
    However what I am also interested in, which you have not addressed, are the two solar eclipses happening seven years apart over southeast Missouri.    Both of them have 'biblical meaning,' I believe.    The first on August 21st is, I believe, the marker for the beginning of Tribulation represented by Regulus aka archangel Michael.    The second, April 8, 2024 is the marker for end of Tribulation and God's wrath - Represented by Fomalhaut aka archangel Gabriel.
    It is interesting to me, as both of these eclipses are in my area (I live in southeast Missouri) and may represent the New Madrid.    Esoterically they could represent the Tecumseh Prophesy as well as the Bank of America murals in Atlanta, GA.
    I believe your website is very timely, as you have a lot of good information!
    I would probably 'mirror' my site or at the very least 'monitor' it for downtime.
    I am working on an article to try to put it all into perspective.    Some of the material I have discovered on my own, however I have just learned of the completion of the calendar from your site.    May I quote you?    Of course I would give full credit and referral.
Shalom, Tori, 4/28/2017
Hi Tori Proffer
    My site has been up since 1995 with different providers, and it has worked fine for all those years.    I think my latest service provider who took over Yahoo might have times of trouble but I have never had any problems of viewing any pages.    You could be experiencing outages from the severe weather we have been having this year.
    I do not know how far you have gone into my website as to what I am writing about as to your comment on "two solar eclipses happening seven years apart over southeast Missouri.    Both of them have 'biblical meaning', I believe.    The first on August 21st is, I believe, the marker for the beginning of Tribulation represented by Regulus aka archangel Michael.    The second, April 8, 2024 is the marker for end of Tribulation and God's wrath - Represented by Fomalhaut aka archangel Gabriel."
    I do not see that the comment we add or take away from what I have already written all I can assert as valid on my page at http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/SixthGroupOfTwelveYears.htm
which at the bottom continues with this page?    http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/2014-2017.htm which covers my concepts on that specific subject for now through 2022.
    It can grow if I find validation to expand it.
    If you need me as a reference to quote please all I ask is you attach the link to the quote and the copyright information at the top of the page I quoted that on.
    I hope I have answered your quest.
Jim A. Cornwell, 4/28/2017
Hi Jim,
    See the attached ... as this is what I mean about your site.
    As one can see from my browser, I have several pages open and am able to access the net.    I too worked in this industry and retired two years ago from my 20 years from building networks ... I have a monitor on my site and it now has daily issues, which I am pretty sure are due to 'content' ...
    I will see if I can view those links in the web archive.
Tori, 4/28/2017
    I was able to view your pages on web.archive and see where you have gotten.    But the images would not render ... :(    I 'may be' a step further along, or just 'whacked out' ... from all this study ...
    You can probably see why I have come across your path, as I too am seeing a date ... VERY soon!    And it appears to be clearly in the stars!
    At this point, I am at Pentecost, 2021 for the 'up in the air' experience.
    But the Book of Enoch and John Smith have me 'stalled' at this moment ...
    Anyway, I am sure there is something very important about those eclipses!    Just too many associations.
    Thanks for your time!
Tori, 4/28/2017
    The reason you cannot view the sight is because the link or address you typed in does not exist on my website.
    ChapterLight?    Try again or you should be able to click on the one I put in the email.
Jim, 4/28/2017
    I just clicked on your link ... :/
Tori, 4/29/2017
Jim Cornwell,
    Just within the last hour, I sent you payment for the flash drive of materials I discovered on your website.
    Did you get the order?
    I noticed this website has been in existence for quite a while.    Are you still in operation?
    I have only recently gotten interested in this subject and want access to as much material as is out there.
Larry Hoover, 6/6/2017
    I went to see a movie at the theatres with my two sons and did not see your order until 4 pm CST when I got home.    It takes me about an hour to process an order so enjoy.
    Check your email again your order information should be coming soon.
Jim, 6/6/2017
    Thanks for the response.
    It was received. 6/6/2017.
Dear Larry Hoover
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    Please let me know that you received your email with your username and password and your Flash Drive.
    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number as a last step to contact you for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
Jim A. Cornwell, 6/10/2017
p.s. I sent this early since I will be going out of state on vacation for the next week if you have any problems with anything feel free to contact me.
    Thank you for your follow-up.    I did receive the flash drive as well as the email you send with the id and pw.
Larry Hoover, 6/10/2017
    I paid $20.00 but have no access to the electronic copy of your book.
    Please help.
Mark Vatuone, 4/21/2017
    It is on its way it way.    It takes me about 35 minutes to process an order with no flash drive after I receive the order and start on it.
Jim, 4/21/2017
Thanks! 4/21/2017
Dear Mark Vatuone
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    Please let me know that you received your email with your username and password.
    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number as a last step to contact you for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
Jim A. Cornwell, 4/27/2017
Hi Jim:...those beings (creatures) which stand before the Throne of God, giving glory and honor to Him."    That seems on target to me.    I want to see how you develop the idea.
    What do you think about September 23, 2017?    Do you believe that on this date the position of celestial objects in the sky are a fulfillment of Revelation 12?
Mark, 9/6/2017
    Go to http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/2014-2017.htm
    You can read the whole file, but what you asked for is at the end of it.    This file is attached to http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterEight/SixthGroupOfTwelveYears.htm from “The Alpha and the Omega” - Chapter Eight by Jim A. Cornwell.
Jim, 9/6/2017
    Is it still possible to order The Alpha and the Omega - Volume I – III on the internet?
    If so, what URL should I go too for paying with Visa.
Sven – Bjørge, Norway 9/10/2017
Jim A. Cornwell, 9/10/2017
Dear Denise Ashley
    This is a follow up on your order for "The Alpha and the Omega."
    Please let me know that you received your email with your username and password.
    So please keep me updated on changes to your email addresses for future updates and if possible provide me with a telephone number as a last step to contact you for updates.
    Please let me know what interested you in my work.    It is always interesting to know what is relevant to the world.
Jim A. Cornwell, 9/8/2017
Dear Jim,
    I thank you for your email which I have only just now re-found, as I had received (after payment) your notifying, via email, of steps for me to access my purchase.
    Was not able to understand the steps and had since emailed for a new device.    Had you gotten that email?
    What interested me in your work could be that I was (still am) in search of authentic deliverance ministry and consequently came across "Alpha & The Omega" and your name.
    Once had started reading the content I found of amazing depth.    I have a Concordance and other very helpful books for the study/looking into the Bible transliterations.    Your writings could also greatly assist me.    I'm a child of the Almighty Father God trusting my steps lead into contact with those in Him.    Amen.
D.A. Ashley, 11/23/2017
    You’re comment "Was not able to understand the steps and had since emailed for a new device.    Had you gotten that email?"    I have not received any email from you until the one you sent me on 11/23/2017.    Are you stating that you were having trouble reading the information on my page that has links on it for you to click on to open up files and use your username and password to access them?    If so please explain why you are having trouble and I am sure I can explain it to you.
    If that is your problem just open that up and click on those links and a new webpage or popup window should open for your information to be accessed.
Jim A. Cornwell, 11/25/2017
Dear Jim,
    Had accessed a link from my requested order and printed several but not all pages.    When I had clicked link on email days later, found that the link did not function.
    Would like to complete the printing from that link ( ...Volume111/Volume Dindex...)
    Your writings pointing out the actual genuine reason for the planets, the constellations etc.
    I have found point to their critical purpose for as is written the Heavens are His handiwork for signs, seasons...
    I have 'known' that a new age is not what occurs like for example on a certain date (such as the year)
    Trust to find an answer or perhaps a lead to NOW of my present situation.
    You have been told or have heard but your writings are creditably crucial.
Denise, 12/10/2017
Dear Jim,
    Please would you let me know what name to write a cheque out to for my order.
Denise, 12/10/2017
    Denise, I do not understand why you need to write me a check.    I sent you an email with the information below which states you have already paid me $20 by way of PayPal, and then sent you a follow up to see if you received this email.    I have not understood one email you have sent me so far and can only assumed that you did not receive that which is below.    So just click on the links and type your username and password in and you will be able to access all.
The Alpha and the Omega - User name and Password - Full path to protected directory -
Denise Ashley
LONDON, United Kingdom
    I received a payment by PayPal for $20.00 USD for your order of the Online Access Volume I, II, and III without Flash Drive Sunday September 3, 2017.    Remember this work is copyright protected and is not to be used for republication or sold in any manner.    I hope you enjoy the content and find it as inspiring as I have.    I have provided you with online access of Volume I, II and III updates as to-date, and this statement provides you with the full path to a protected directory for the items that you ordered.    Could you please keep me updated on telephone numbers for future contact if your email or address changes for future updates?
    Please save this information so that you can update these items at any time.    To use this direct your browser to the appropriate URL path listed below http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterDescription.htm or http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V300ZDindex.htm
Jim, 12/10/2017
[I have noticed after I sent this email that the above second link is not highlighting to be clicked on for some reason and the only thing that I could do to access it is to copy and paste it in the address bar. I have never seen this occur before and believe that it is a glitch in Microsoft MSN Hotmail and Outlook.] ------------
Dear Jim,
    My previous email is for a request of your new/updated work.
    The link: ...Volume111... had not connected for my continuation of printing from that link.
    My request is for a device with the Volumes 1-3 and any new work for a fee by cheque.
Denise, 12/17/2017
    The reason you cannot access the link is you are typing it incorrectly.
    Browser to the appropriate URL path listed below http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterDescription.htm or http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V300ZDindex.htm.
    or from Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP/Vista/Win7, click your [Start] button, select All Programs, select Accessories except Win8/10, then select or find your Run command, type or paste one of the URL paths in the Open: [Input Box], and select [OK].

    Just copy the link above and past it into your browser address and it will open
    By the way it is not Volume111 it is VolumeIII those are capital I's.

    You have already paid me just do what I said above and you can access this.
Jim, 12/17/2017 – [I think this resolved that issue since I have not had a response since then.]
    The following three individuals are trying to get me to do something, but they got an earful form me instead.
Sarah Watts at seosmoexpert.sarah@gmail.com 9/22/2017,  Jackie Davies at jackie@digitalwebentrprises.com 12/7/2017, and last Kevin at saibrownKevin22@gmail.com 12/22/2017 and below is his email to me.

Hi mazzaroth.com,
    How are you doing today?
    I'm sure you have been contacted regarding this before but our value proposition is much unique.    As a business owner you might be interested to attract more visitors.    So you might be wondering, despite having a proficient website, why you are not able to overturn your competitors from the Top Search Results.    If you could spare couple of minutes, I could provide you a concise idea about it.
    To start with this is Kevin Brown, a Digital Marketing Expert.    While doing a search in Google, I found mazzaroth.com not present on the 1st Page of Google.    So, thought you might be interested to know about the causation for the low performance of mazzaroth.com.    Most recently along with FRED update Phantom has become talk of the town.    Phantom is the name given to random updates that Google brings every now and then.    Which means the websites having a single un-natural link is going to be penalized.
    Moreover, growing preference for Mobile Friendly Pages to help website owners gain and hold more visitors to a website has been rolled out, and we can help transform mazzaroth.com
    We can help address the above Issues, and Place the website on TOP Search Results.    I guarantee 100% satisfaction, as we only deal in White Hat Process.
    Makes Sense!!!    Drop us an email with your questions, we will answer your questions.
    Have a Great Day.
    Thanks & Regards,
Kevin Brown | (Digital Marketing Expert)
[So, the following is what I send them in a response in hopes they will stop sending me their hype.]
    I usually delete emails from SEO so-called experts.    I do not want your social engineering services.    My site is not about socialism and it is just the way I want it to be.    Did you notice that there is no advertisement on my site?
    That is because my advertiser and salesman is the God of the heavens, so I do not need commercial ads as he provides me with the ability to keep the site running and I had excellent numbers of visitors before 2010.    I was getting a million and half visitors a year averaging 6,000 visitors a day and customers purchasing my work at least one per week until Obama and his progressive socialist economy screwed that up.
    Lately I have been getting about 300,000 visitors a year ranging between 600-1000 a day not because of my code but because everyone uses smartphones and cannot read books online very easy anymore.    But I have noticed in the last two weeks that I started getting 7,500, 11,681 and 9,900 visitors a week, maybe president Trump's policies and beliefs are starting to take hold for the God-fearing people to look at my site again.
    I was writing code for webpages in the early 1990's probably before you were born, when google first came out and wrote my site to their specifications and it worked.    The things you listed that I need to fix are really nothing that concerns me.    I cannot do anything about what they do now, since greed seems to be the way of the world.

    303,367 persons viewed this site in the year 2017, which is 5,834 a week, and in the last 6 weeks of 2017, I had 57,981 individuals from 11/25/17 to 12/31/2017 look at the site and that is 9,664 individuals a week looking at the site, which gives me the impression that the interest is coming back to it since the return of economic upturn in process. It all went down since 2010 when the Democrats took over.

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   Send any response to

Jim A. Cornwell, mazzaroth@live.com

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