"Introduction for The Changing of the Post Orders - Kentucky State Penitentiary May 25, 2012 to December 31, 2016"
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © October 1, 2017, all rights reserved

Introduction for The Changing of the Post Orders - Kentucky State Penitentiary May 25, 2012 to December 31, 2016

    So here is the rest of the story as I look to the sky for heavenly help and only see the KSP Water Tower and then "RING THE BELL" for the changes that are coming.
    After being on wallstands for (71 weeks on 4 wallstand, 26 weeks on 2 wallstand) coming back into the institution and the other posts is probably going to be shocking to me at what the Democrats changed.    I am also going back on relief with staff shortages from many officers quitting which resulted in many WORKDAYS for the remaining officers.
    As to Chapter One in March 2012, on the 28th a company named Trinity took over the Inmate Canteen services, and an officer tried to force his issues on management and was walked out of the Front Gate for some incident because he did not know how to deal with the new management, on 30th we hear Warden Phil Parker will retire in June and replaced by Randy White, assumed that Deputy Warden Ernie Williams might go out with him, but then he could stay.
    In June on 2nd an Engineer was fired for giving an outside inmate tobacco, and the 5th that Deputy Warden Alan Brown will be the new Warden at GRCC, and between the 11-12th I became debt free finally after 12 years, and Frankfort pushed a new program on KSP that we called "THE HUG-A-THUG PROGRAM."    On the 18th Chanin Hiland former KSP medical director was removed from the Farm or WKCC in cuffs for some kind of incident, and since I was on relief I would got a lot of Outside Hospital Duty on 12 hour shifts, and on 25th deathrow inmate Brian Moore was put on a weight loss program because he filed to the courts that he was too fat to execute.
    In July 2012 on the 6th an officer broke his hip during an incident with an inmate, and the 20th deathrow inmate John Garland was locked up for possessing tobacco which was very ironical, and the 21st-23rd KSP management began having fears of a riot due to canteen issues and the inmates may be boycotting Aramark, and on the 24th I was assigned as the regular officer on the 2nd Floor and I have worked here for 8 years.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Two.
    I have worked the 2nd Floor many times in my past but never was the regular officer and the shortage of staff is pushing us toward having to work on our days off more.    The biggest issue with me is when I read the Post Orders for the 2nd Floor I was in shock as the Senior Captain had revised them and some of the things it states now would mean I am violating the Post Orders every day I worked.    So I began writing down what was wrong with them.    Until those positions change I will not be able to do anything about it.
    During this chapter August-September 2012 I will be doing more and more outside hospital duty, and also more threats of riots over Trinity's control of the inmate canteen services could occur.    The closing of certain Production Industries jobs for inmates has caused an increase in the number of unassigned inmates put in orange vests with no jobs available.
    And my first grandchild was born on August 17th, Marlie Elizabeth Cornwell, and took a trip to Louisville to see her.
    During this time period a large amount of officers either quit or got terminated raising the TURNOVER RATE into dangerous areas, and deathrow inmate Brian Moore was forced to lose 100 pounds, and the management purchased new Ice Machines on each Floor.    I prepared for another big vacation to achieve my goal of doing the Zoo and Science Centers in 3 states.
    And I encouraged the battle with management over the punishment for calling in without making officers aware of a change in the policy until they were punished for it, and officers are becoming angry over working too many WORKDAYS.
    In October 2012 Evan turned 3 years old, and I went to the Blue/White Scrimmage also.    I received my final inheritance check and we had a LOCKDOWN for unknown reasons.    Gas prices mysteriously dropped right before the November 2012 Elections and God help us as they voted Obama into office for four more years as he lost the House and the Senate.    Soon after coal workers were losing jobs and my electric bill went sky high because of it, and along with everything else cost more.    We all lived through the 2012 End of the World from the Mayan Calendar.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Three.
    Well I am starting a new year of 2013 off with a purpose to achieve a goal I have been contemplating for a long time as you will see in this chapter as I set it up to occur.    I have also had to force issues from totally stupid memos.
    Then as I showed you back in 2010 where the Obama administration reduced our Social Security by 2% but raised the Federal more than 2% which Obama used for his bailout plan and is now spending us off of a fiscal cliff will this month raise the Social Security by 2%.    So what that means is they are not going to lower the Federal and the increase of the Social Security by 2% will mean I will now get $40 a month less take home in an economy where I have not had a raise in 3 years and Oil has reached $99 a barrel and you are not going to believe how they got the gasoline prices to come down right before the Elections, which I will tell you at a later time.
    Because I have to figure out how I am going to survive the loss of income from Robinobamahood who is taking from the poor and giving it to the Progressive Socialist.    Wake up America!
    The TURNOVER RATE is increasing each month as we lose twice as many as we hire, and my cost of living keeps going up.
    An addendum to the Post Orders set me off to start my quest to get the Post Orders revised.
    We had a very important Audit coming up this year and I got the 2nd Floor at the apex of perfection.
    Around the end of March 2013 the Senior Captain stepped down and that was a key issue for me to start to push for changes in the Post Orders.
    In April 2013 they started pushing PREA regulations on our posts and changes in Captains on the 1st shift and the 4th shift and issues changed the way we functioned and it started me to set an agenda to get the Post Orders revised.
    In May 2013, an inmate actions started Internal Affairs and a Supervisor to start watching activities on my Floor, and they had a Sergeant start managing activities to ensure all needs are met in 5 cellhouse for the Audit.
    On 17th a Supervisor coerced me about having inmate cells open, and during my evaluation with him I had to get him to correct a Sergeant who put incorrect information in my evaluation.    The Supervisor tried to tell me that the Post Orders are "just a guide," which I totally disagreed.    He asked why I was so disgruntled, and I told him basically what you have read above.    I continued my actions intentionally and on 5/22/2013, I was relieved to go to the Conference Room and was grilled for my actions by 3 supervisors, Senior Captain, Administrative Captain and the Shift Supervisor on why I did what I did.    I asked each one of them in that meeting, "When was the last time that either one of you have worked in 5 cellhouse in the last 5 years and have read the Post Orders?"    No answer from any of them, and I assumed that they thought I was being a smartass, but I knew that they could not answer that question.
    I received Disciplinary Action and was put back on the 2nd Floor and lo and behold I started to do what the Post Orders says to do.    And that is where they will be amused very soon as they discover what the Post Orders says what I am supposed to do.    AND THAT WILL BE QUITE AMUSING TO READ ABOUT AS I ACTIVATE THAT!
    On 6/3/2013 I started doing Lockups just as the Post Orders "The Guide" stated which we have not done it that way in the nine years I have been here.    I did it that way knowing that Late Split would rat on me because I was not letting them do what they were used to.    It did not take long before I was called on it by the Shift Supervisor who got back to me about it.    And of course I told him the page number and section of the Post Orders to read for himself that I am doing what the Post Orders claim that I am supposed to do.
    My next attack was every week we did cell inspections once a week and I had already started writing on the security check list months ago that, "I could not coordinate the spraying of the cellhouse on cell inspection day," as the Post Orders stated, and this sheet is turned in weekly to the Senior Captain.    Another item that we have not done in the 9 years I have been here.
    On 6/11/2013 I found out that my ex-wife is getting married to a man that she was talking to on her cellphone before we started our divorce and she offered to lower my Child Support due to their increase of income, but my main concern is my two sons, and also we have not had a raise in 3 and a half years so anything could help.
    On 6/17/2013 I went to the Warden's office with Personnel and the Administrative Captain where I was facing a 5 day suspension without pay, and will be allowed to write a response to my actions to be scheduled at a future date.
    On 6/24/2013 In the Warden's office for review with Personnel and the Administrative Captain and he read all the charges against me and then I provided him with a 3 page response, the first two pages, but it was the third page that no one was ready for which was, "all the items that were wrong on the 2nd Floor Post Orders in 5 cellhouse," which he read out loud and I could tell as he read it that he was showing signs of concern.    You will get a chance to read it in this Chapter.
    So I had scheduled an approved vacation to go to Florida and Disney World and before I left I got a 3 day suspension without pay and the Warden said the Post Orders will be looked at, and all Post Orders had been pulled and the addendums taken out.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Four.
    So I am finishing up my extended vacation to return to the 2nd Floor and received a lot of calls about my suspension.    In August 2013, Ethan started his first day in school and I proceeded to pass 7 kidney stones and ordered a hard drive online.    We had an inmate with a cellphone, a Canteen Supervisor was busted for contraband as well as another worker also.
    My evaluation in September 2013 did not amount to a hill of beans since it will not get us a raise after 3 and a half years.    Amy's new husband was assaulted by her son, and he moved out and my next vacation was to visit my grandchild, and several officers were terminated for a party with a former inmate attending it.
    On 10/9/2013 the October KSP Newsletter has Deputy Warden Ernie Williams stating the Post Orders will be revised and Captain Day will be around for any input on issues with the Post Orders.    On 10/10/2013 I gave Captain Day my Second Page of issues with the Post Orders, and I will remind you that he was one of the three in the Conference Room who I asked, "When was the last time you three have worked in 5 cellhouse and read those post orders."    So he got his part of my attack to get the Post Orders revised.    God works in mysterious ways.
    The Goat At The Training Building Story was amusing.    My inmate Gay community is being profiled, roaches in my Smoke Detector, BeshearCare hits, Inmate hangs himself while on a 15 minute watch.
    By November 2013, Amy's son was put in a Health facility or Cumberland Hall and after would have to live with his grandparents, and Amy's divorce came, drugs were getting into KSP somehow, I left KSP one day with no warning right into the path of a Tornado, and one inmate badly stabbed by another inmate on the yard.
    In December 2013 came inclement weather was too dangerous for me to get to work and I got into the management's hair again over docking our pay, and the KSP Newsletter mysteriously was canceled after that.    On the 6th Ethan turned 6 and Kyle 30 years old, and the UnAffordable Care Act was forced upon us.
    In January 2014, I turned 63 years old, and KSP has officer's quitting for better paying jobs as 4 years without a raise was realized and TURNOVER RATE was well above 60%.    Gov. Beshear proposes a raise in 2015-2016 but we know why because it is right before the election year.
    The new year of 2014 came as in January and Evan was put in the Head Start Program, on 1/13/2014 an inmate starved to death in 3 cellhouse which would cause a lot of heads to roll, and one day the Labor Relations Board came to KSP caused by two former terminated officers.    Senior Captain Neveranlt retired leaving that post open to whatever.
    In February 2014, they started a new Field Training Officers program, which I would not touch with a 10 foot pole because it is another seniority does not matter issue.    Officer Plant was terminated for having a cellphone in the Tower, and if you remember he was the officer who told the Lt. how many cells I had open.    I got a good Federal Refund again this year, and I am concerned at what is going on in the world after five years of Progressive Socialist running this country and state where I see Antichristian entities changing it to the worst, and Christianity being pushed out of everything.    I can only pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to protect myself and family.    KSP's Recycling Plant was closed creating more unassigned inmates.
    In March 2014, the economy was getting worse and it cost me more to drive the boys to school so I started carpooling with several correctional officers as Oil maintained at $100 a barrel.    On 3/11/2014 the entire institution received New Post Orders.
    In April 2014, carpooling with 3 or more officers, and an unwatched inmate in the Kitchen attacked a female Aramark employee in a back room.    On 4/14/2014, I was fed up with the way they were scheduling our routines and on 4/19/2014 I put a suggestion in the Warden's box, which the Warden liked on 4/22/2014 and wanted it implemented.    By 4/21/2014 the medical staff and doctor were let go over the inmate who starved to death and a new outfit to take over.    An Audit came in again and the PREA issue was my new found amusement.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Five.
    In March of 2014 I did not go to 3 cellhouse right away as I was being scheduled a few days on 2nd Floor and the rest in 3 cellhouse for some reason I would expect it is the Captain trying to reschedule all to new posts.    I could see that they have started to make changes to accommodate the suggestions to improve Let-outs that I gave to Warden White.
    On 5/11/2014 the Captain acknowledged that I was assigned to 3 cellhouse for my first time, so I passed my "Emperor of 5 Cellhouse" title to someone else as I signed off on the radio to be relieved.
    On my first assigned day in 3 cellhouse I was put on 13 Left and the Unit Admin was glad to have an experienced officer and before the day was over I had to slam a tray door on an inmate's hand in defense, who was about to assault me.    The inmates on 13 Left had not experienced anyone like me before.    As the days went on I had to deal with medical emergencies, and then of all the years I have worked in 3 cellhouse I finally had my first time that I had a fight on my walk in 3 cellhouse.    The TURNOVER RATE was getting so bad that they had to offer any officers on COMP with low COMP time to work 12 hour shifts, which is not overtime pay.    I went to Internal Affairs over the tray door slam and it was justified, at least I thought so.    By end of May the Lieutenant and new Unit Admin took over 3 cellhouse and wanted to build a new comraderie.    As the 13 Left officer, inmate Kingofseg became an agenda of mine on 13 Left and the inmate I slammed the tray door on got his teeth knocked out on Evening shift during a two-officer shower escort.
    In June, 2014 Captain Day was fired by Warden White and not allowed in KSP and we did not know why, but later I found out it was over using illegal weapons from the Armory which the Armory Lieutenant got out for him, and on top of that the Captain had rumors that a female officer had filed charges against him.    He ended up working at the Farm after that by July 22.    Inmate Stupid and a 2nd Floor janitor were busted on camera performing a sexual activity on C-D walk.    A new CPP 13.14 "Hunger Strike Policy" came out probably due to the death of inmate James Embry and one good thing was I did not have to do anything as the upper management was responsible for all of it.    The new Senior Captain was Captain Layingdown, who will be retiring in two or three years.    Also officer Majorco was taken off of CERT over an issue with an SSU inmate being strangled with a seat belt.
    In June on the 30th, 2014 I was given a Reprimand by W-4 over the incident with the slamming of the tray door incident, not for that but because I did not report the incident in a "timely manner."    You can bet I will fight that, because my main accuser on the reports was Lieutenant Cemorkunt who was in Internal Affairs, and my goal then was to get logbook information, medical information, and all Open Records associated with it during the early part of July.
    In July, 2014 after working 12 consecutive days due to staff shortages, I had an approved vacation and to Louisville to visit my son's family and to do the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park which opened up this year.    When I returned from vacation I was put in 3 cellhouse Upper Cage and 3 cellhouse became a nightmare place to work in and I soon realized what the Democrats had done to the Segregation Unit.    I turned in my 3 page response to the Reprimand on July 24th, which will shake things up because it exposes KSP's Shoddy Investigation Process and this will go to Warden Randy White and the Commissioner, and I have witnesses to justify everything I wrote in it, even an officer who was standing beside the Lieutenant when I told him in a timely manner.
    I have been here for 10 years on the 26th and we were on LOCKDOWN due to an officer being assaulted.    By the end of July all assault inmates were being moved to 7 cellhouse which included inmate Kingofseg.
    In August 2014, I was also doing a lot of outside hospital duty also, and had those last two kidney stones to finally come out.    I received 88 hours of Sick time for my 10 years of service and will help in my retirement.    By the middle of August it was HELLHOUSE3 days continuing with a lot of Move Teams and fights on the walks and to top it off the Democrats stopped us from using 4-point on inmates, which was the only threat that would stop inmates from drastic actions.    I guess I am still old school.    I think I was put in the Upper Cage to keep me off the walks.    There is still a lot of untrained officers working in 3 cellhouse and I helped them learn as officers in the past did for me.    The inmates are using the PREA card every time an officer looks at them wrong.
    In September 2014 my female carpooler resigned after accusations of inappropriate relationship with a known sexual predator on the 2nd Floor, so my carpool is with one officer and possibly some new ones.    After returning to 3 cellhouse Upper Cage after a September vacation someone screwed up and they had created a 3 cellhouse Middle Cage post, and also my Lieutenant was off on Administrative Leave on inappropriate action against an inmate and two of his floats also got 3 days without pay.    The earlier Lieutenant came back to run 3 cellhouse because of the prior was terminated.
    In October, 2014 a seg inmate tried to hang himself on the mezzanine rails on 13 Right.    By the end of October a Lockdown and search of 3 cellhouse found 4 large weapons made from a hole punch and a few medical staff were walked out for bringing tobacco in the institution.
    In November, 2014 constant watches prevailed and Move Teams are common and the GOP took the Senate back.    They started some new program on 14 Left that gave inmates certain privileges never done before and I would have never thought that they would put the inmate Kingofseg on it.    So it was not long before inmate Kingofseg was in a fight on 14 Left on the so-called Program.
    In December, 2014, Ethan turned 7 and Kyle 31, and the nightmare continued with the program interfering, 3 cellhouse fights and constant watches and another year ended.
    In January, 2015, I started the new year thinking about finishing my KSP Book and turned 64 years old on the 3rd and the craziness continued as they had me working the Lower Cage on the regular's days off and this place became a nightmare as fights prevailed, constant watches, medical interrupting cellhouse functions and before you knew it I messed up and left the Side Gate open in all the rush that the post puts on you and I was taken off my assignment in 3 cellhouse.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Six.
    In 2015 started this with 3 days off and came back on January 8th and found myself on the 2nd Floor and soon found out it was permanent and soon found out why I was no longer in 3 cellhouse by the 13th after 8 months over there.    My Tax Refund helped me survive the economy.    By January 29th we had an inmate stabbed another inmate and was a big news item.
    On February 5th I had someone who used my credit card in a Target in New Jersey as crime, robberies, riots and hatred toward law enforcement is more evident in the streets as I had stated it would be years ago in this economy and way the powers to be run it.    On the 13th, KSP had to move segregation inmates to the 3rd and 4th Floors of 5 cellhouse.    P.R.E.A. caused more problems for the way we function.    I complained to the new Deputy Warden #5 about no information to officers here about policy changes again.    On the 16th we had an 11 inch snow causing a "State of Emergency."    On the 26th I had changes on carpooling which was about 4 of us taking turns driving, and on the 28th they started working PI inmates on Saturday.
    On March 1st, Obama snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, because he is not giving in to his Muslim and Islamic policies, and on the 5th we had another big snowstorm and KSP on LOCKDOWN on the 6th.    On the 16th while searching 5 cellhouse they found shanks made from the light fixture reflectors on the 2nd Floor, and by the 19th we had another stabbing on the yard.    On the 20th I watched the video of the 3 cellhouse 14 Right incident where 7 inmates out on rec took turns punching inmate Kingofseg in a U-shape path and put him in his place, and I enjoyed every minute of it.    On the 23rd they moved him to 7 cellhouse, and I worked in 7 cellhouse DEF Walks on the 24th and the Kingofseg was in the Observation cell and they must of messed him up because he was not himself.    On the 21st UK's basketball team went to the NCAA Tournament with a 36-0 record and they lost in the final Four as I was on vacation.
    On April 1st I received a 3 percent raise after 5 years without one and on the 4th the 1st Floor officer was arrested for rape and sexual misconduct inside the prison and there was more to the story involving two female officers for more days after that.    On the 5th KSP is starting a new Program called the Transition Class and it will be on 4th Floor E-Walk.    On the 14th Democrat emissaries came to KSP to talk about a raise before the elections in November.    On the 17th my main carpool officer put in his two-week notice and will get a job working at the Paducah Jail but quit early on the 24th and my carpooling days ended there since no savings would occur.
    On May 5th, I was at Baptist Health of Paducah for 3 days with a dead inmate.    On the 13th memos from the Commissioner came out about a proposed raise and on the news for $3,054 raise per year or 13.1% increase in salary per year, but only 11% for me.    It was obvious that the Democrats were forced to do it with a 66.7% TURNOVER RATE.    It has cost them $3.5 million in overtime costs, $900,000 for training, and it has been 5 years since we had a raise, and it will take effect on June 16th.
    On June 15th I was trained to use the Glock 23 and I began to experience Blood Pressure problems and got it under control eventually.    On the 21st the Internal Affairs officer, as a Duty Officer complained about my walk doors being open, and I informed him it does not say that in my Post Orders that they are required to be closed all the time.    When I got the post orders changed they did not know how to write it back into them.    On the 22nd Internal Affairs watched me on camera and it led to an amusing "GHOST STORY" and when I came to work on June 23rd things were changing again.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Seven.
    In the end of June 2015 as you read in Chapter 6, I came into work on 6/23/2015 to discover I have been put into the Tower to work that day and was never told why.    A memo came out to all floors about all walk doors must be closed at all times unless under supervision.    The reason for that memo was the Post Orders does not say that anywhere.    When you have upper management staff who have never been trained to write accurate documents that is what you get.    When I worked in the manufacturing sector at one of the companies I worked for I was the ISO administrator, which is the "International Standards Organization," where I was required to write the standards for the company in a 20 section manual, which detailed how we made, what we make, and what results we will achieve for our customers to review as a goal to achieve.    So with 16 years of experience in Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering and responsible for manufacturing procedures, methods and efficiency.    So you can imagine that when I look at the flimsy written Post Orders in corrections it is a myriad of inconsistencies, errors, and problematic for officers to achieve some of the ways it is written.    I gave this institution very good information to revise the Post Orders and when they came out I noticed they had left out the phrase "all walk doors must be closed at all times unless under direct supervision," and just sat on it until a convenient moment.    Then they tried to blame it on former Captain Day.    Well to be truthful, I wanted off the 2nd Floor anyway.
    And of course they cannot punish me for the issue, but corrections dealt with me by putting me in the Tower and I can only assume they consider that as a punishment for being right.
    I settled in for the rest of June to work in the Tower, and told the Captain that, "Working in the Tower is not a punishment, it is a breeze for me to achieve."    On the 27th they found a cellphone on the 4th Floor and on the 29th we had a fake hostage radio situation.
    In July I began my approved vacation and to Louisville and towards the middle of the month I was battling with high blood pressure and went on medications for it, did stress tests.    The shortage of staff continues to plague corrections.    The Unit Administrator began making 5 cellhouse a nightmare to work in by moving 40 inmates at a time.    On July 21st I finally got to see the video from the 2nd Floor on 6/22/2015 in the Deputy Wardens office which showed me a ghostly figure walking the hallway and went through me.    So I now have a GHOST STORY to tell from KSP.    I scheduled a Kentucky Retirement meeting for November to attend.    On the 30th did my firearms training and did the Glock 23 with no problems.
    In August I was still wearing the Revolver in the Tower, and Transitions were moved to 3 cellhouse so they could bring some bad boys from LLC to the E-walk 4th Floor for investigation.    My blood pressure was starting to come down and did a Stress Test which put me in debt again, and more blood pressure medicines.    On August 25th the Ledbetter house became available in my price range and I will move in on October 1st, and I started the process of packing and moving issues.
    In September where most of my time was spent dealing with the logistics for the move from the apartment to the house which I have access to.    On the 15th KSP had a 16 inmate fight and went on Lockdown and by the 24th I had moved everything and cleaned the apartment for my deposit.
    In October 2015, on the 9th the Captain said I was being taken out of the Tower because he had too many female staff and nowhere to put them, so I am back on relief somewhere.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Eight.
    This chapter in my career at KSP was an awakening and my main concerns was to prepare for my State Retirement, Social Security and Medicare.    I was put back on relief and worked varied posts and after 3 months of being in the Tower, I soon realized an amusing concept by the end of November 2015.    That was that after the issue with the Walk Doors on the 2nd Floor that my punishment was not to be around the General Population.    That was not hard to figure out because I only worked on post with outside inmates, or the Tower, deathrow inmates, 3 and 7 cellhouse seg inmates, medical units, in visits control, various wallstands and outside hospital duty, where I never come into contact with General Population.    So I did not tell the upper management that was fine with me, because they might take me off of that status.    Life is a bitch.
    In October 2015 I applied for Medicare to avoid penalties, and the AT&T Hotspot became an issue when I got a $209 bill and they became my new issue to deal with and I will dump them as soon as I find better.    My youngest son, Evan turned 6 years old on the 21st, and my Blood Pressure got down to normal levels finally.    Then coming off 4 wallstand I had a run in with a new Captain over what I call "THE SELF-PATDOWN DAY" which included two Deputy Wardens and my fun to play with the CPP 9.8 Search Policy, and at end of this month a former KSP inmate Floyd Cook is being chased by the law for killing a police officer and our former female officer Cheeseeater or Watgoesaround, who was forced to leave, got put in prison at Farm around Feb. 24th in 2013 for doing something with marijuana and was arrested due to association with Floyd Cook and living on his farm, and he was eventually gunned down by the police somewhere in Florida.
    In November 2015 I ordered HughesNet satellite service with a standard price per month and paid the penalty to get rid of AT&T, except for their Directv which I like, and finally the Republican Matt Bevin, became Kentucky's new governor and we finally got rid of the 8 year Democratic nightmare of the Beshear regime, and on the 10th I went to my retirement meeting at Lake Barkley Lodge Parks Building to get all the information about what I need to know and approximately what I will take home, but it was still based on what the Democrats see it to be, and with the changes they made nothing is for sure.    While doing yard work on my new house I got into a patch of SUMAC and suffered through that and the medication you take for it, and did my yearly trip with the boys to my brothers house for Thanksgiving.
    In December 2015 they moved what was left of the PC's to 4th Floor C-D Walks, and put GP's on 4th floor A-B Walks, and the Transitions were moved back on 4th Floor E-Walk with all kinds of programs added.    On the 6th, Ethan turned 8 years old and my oldest son Kyle is 32 years old.
    And I started to sense things are changing again as the Captain asked me if I wanted to be the regular on 8 wallstand.    I refused, and this chapter is coming to a close and on 12/11/2015 I was scheduled to work in 7 cellhouse and you will see all hell broke loose in the next Chapter of my years at KSP.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Nine.
    In December 2015, on the 11th, I was working 7 cellhouse at Kentucky State Penitentiary on A-B-C walk and during the day I was involved in a USE OF FORCE incident with an inmate.    I was relieved of my post and sent home for the day at 2:45 p.m.    At 3:18 p.m. the Warden called me at home and said I would be suspended with pay and not allowed to enter KSP while this incident was investigated.    So you will have to read the chapter to see what happened to cause this.    To add to our woes, Lourdes Hospital announced that the DayCare which Amy has been employed since 2004 will close on January 23, 2016, which could leave her unemployed, while at the same time, I am unsure of my situation results.    By the 17th I went into investigation mode and put all my ducks in a row regarding the incident, and on the 18th a meeting with the Warden he is putting me up for an INTENT TO DISMISS, and I requested a Pretermination Hearing, and requested all the Open Records for my defense.
    And of course, I prayed to God for help for both of us, and for the next 10 days I went into legal mode and as you will read below the hassle that I had to go through to receive what I needed and what I got during the holiday season and prepared my case.    On 12/29/2015 it was D-Day my Pretermination Hearing and you will have to read what occurred and how I proved my case and the concepts of closing this without any following legal issues in the civil courts.
    In January 2016 I was home and I began typing on my book of my experiences working at Kentucky State Penitentiary, and gather information of my life history from my beginning to add to it.    On the 3rd I turned 65 years old with one year to retire, and on 4th a meeting with the Warden was set to occur on the 5th at 1:00 p.m., which I attended and with God's guidance I influenced the results enough that I kept my job, but was punished by giving me 30 workdays without pay.    So with 70 days away from KSP I spent my time typing on my KSP book which was up to December 2006, and at its Chapter 4.    So my issue was how to survive 42 days without pay, and I have spent my Christmas, and New Years with my boys and eventually I created my KSP Introduction and Life History and during the end of the month Amy had an interview with Lourdes ER, and I received a Tax Refund of $2,673 to get me through the 1st week of February and completed KSP Chapter 5.
    In February 2016 the economy has gotten so bad that Banks are closing some of their branches to survive, and from January through February we had 6 snow storms when all we hear from the Democrats is Global Warming and Republican Governor Matt Bevin started his year to fix what has been broken for the last 8 years and he actually visited KSP on the 12th.    I was forced to get rid of my Auto Insurance company because they raised their rates too high and managed to find a better deal with someone I knew which was a reasonable cost, and I only had 4 Book Orders last year because the economy was so bad.
    And I prayed to God to help me survive the two weeks before the suspension was over, and guess what?    I had one of those supernatural events that I did not expect, which only God could do such a thing if you believe in him.
    On the 18th WKCC, the Farm, had another escapee, this time a female, and I called KSP to see what my post will be on the 19th, and got my uniform ready, backed up all the files for my KSP book, and I was scheduled to go to 2 wallstand on the 19th.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Ten.
    In February 2016, on the 20th, I started this chapter with Outside Hospital Duty, and during that day I found out that the Pay Roll person has quit, because the powers to be terminated her husband, who was in charge of all KSP computers and networks.    This was a sign to me that the mysterious deposit made to me was associated with the incident above, and I am not sure if it was done on purpose or a mistake made by those who replaced that position.    So I will stay out of that because it involves too many politics and I am trying to laydown for awhile, and just try to get by to my retirement.
    On the 21st I learned that 4, 6 and 10 wallstands now have 40 MM launchers on post, and there is a memo out now stating, "No segregation inmates hands are allowed out of the tray doors."    Governor Bevin has a new Corrections Commissioner named Rodney Ballard, and both are battling with the extreme increase of inmates as you can read in the news articles stated in this chapter.
    On the 22nd I worked in the Medical Housing Unit which is now all screwed up, and on the 23rd a female officer fell asleep on 3 wallstand.
    On the 25th the Warden scheduled me to attend a Sensitivity Training at the Farm, but it turned out to include the creation of 3 cellhouse as a Restrictive Housing Unit, to get rid of what us old timers know it as "The Hole."    And that evening I became the customer from hell dealing with a Dell Tech just to get my touch pad repaired on my laptop.
    On the 29th the Warden had me go to the Training Building for a "Use of Force" refresher class.
    In March 2016, I got more Outside Hospital Duty, and worked various posts, and on the 7th Dell sent a tech to my house to replace my keyboard, and that day the house had circuit breakers popping affecting some living room outlets and the 3rd bedroom, and hallway, and I finally got my Vacation Request and will get one starting on the 23rd, and since I have had no issues with the mysterious income I used it on the 13th.
    On the 21st the Captain was going to send me to 7 cellhouse, and I asked him, "If he is sure that I should go there, and I said if so I will have to feed all of them through the bottom tray door."    He changed it and sent me to the 4th Floor.
    On the 22nd my house started having hot water problems, and went on Vacation on the 23rd, and since I loaned the Grindles my Corsica, Scott offered to fix my Escort's CV Joints for free, while I drove the Corsica.
    In April 2016, I did a lot of Outside Hospital Duty during this month, and on the 8th a new officer fired a live round in the Tower from the Glock 23, and on the 17th an inmate was stabbed in the Gym, and on the 19th KSR only has 60% of the staff they need to function, and on the 23rd an inmate in the Medical Housing Unit tries to commit suicide, and on the 25th had auto repairs on the Corsica and my electric bill was $228, and I got the Escort back repaired.
    In May 2016, and the world has become Antichristian, and they are you, and I started getting a routine of post I work during the week, and the Blood Pressure medicine was hurting my stomach, and by the 30th discovered that the hot water heater was not working.
    In June 2016, and by the 8th they brought in 28 new staff and Deputy Warden Dunlap was being pushed to retire, and I changed my BP meds, and found out I have several gall stones.    On the 17th due to a statement to a nurse at BHP, I was banned from Outside Hospital Duty and an officer broke the axle on the Gator.    On the 18th I discovered water ponding in the side yard from a leak under the house, which caused my electric bills to be so high, and on the 20th an officer let an inmate in the 2nd Floor office who made some serious phone calls, and on the 21st I got into it with a Captain and Sergeant about the low priority of the Hospital Gate to the 4 wallstand officer, and dared them to write me up, a few days later an officer missed a fight because of the distractions caused by the gate, on the 22nd I went to get a CT Scan at Lundberg and the machine failed, and on the 25th they started the RHU program in 3 cellhouse and they split the rosters for it.
    In July 2016, I got my blood pressure back to normal, and because some officer had a cellphone in the Tower, now they have to be searched and escorted to the Tower, on the 3rd I called a fight from 10 wallstand which had a knife and stabbing involved and they had a medical emergency in 6 cellhouse.
    All the buzz is the Campaign between Hillary and Trump.
    On the 14th I started a vacation to Louisville to visit with Kyle and Marlie with the boys in a rental car and had to repair the Escort again.    On the 24th they stopped all the Probation and Parole officers working at KSP, and on the 26th I have been here for 12 years and got 5 months to go and another regular Outside Hospital Duty officer got taken off that duty over restraints.
    In August 2016, on the 4th my KSP book is developing, and the Introduction, and I did a search to find the "Helping Hand" information which added greatly to it, and created a Front Cover.    They are getting so desperate for staff they gave another $300 a month raise to keep staff, and all I can hope for is that the Republicans can win and turn around the 8 years of Democrats progressive socialist disaster in the U.S.A.
    On the 19th KSP on Lockdown over a Canteen Boycott.    On the 20th they started outside patrols on 3 shifts on weekends because of a POKEMON GO issue, and our overtime ended on the 22nd with all the new recruits.
    In September 2016, on the 2nd while driving home my A/C stopped working and went to the same Mechanic and the 3rd A/C Compressor was locked up after 2 years, and they told me it was due to a computer chip.    They are liars and I left, and Amy got a 2nd job to make ends meet, and by the 13th the Escort was dead, and towed to a mechanic, and all I could do is have a pulley put in to replace the compressor.    I got the car the next day and on the way home the timing belt broke and I sent the car to salvage for $75.    I got the Corsica to the mechanic to fix the radiator but it was the Heater Core, and I prayed to God for an answer and had the mechanic bypass it, so I can get to work as my vacation was over, and I have no heat or defroster.
    On the 16th I returned to KSP on Lockdown due a fight in 3 cellhouse and the midnight officer wrecked the outside patrol vehicle and in another incident an outside patrol officer fired a live round while checking the Glock 23 and a 7 inch shank was found in the yard office.
    On the 21st I found the 2013 Dodge Caravan GT Van for $17,000 I wanted and tried to get a loan from my bank with no luck, then to C-Plant and got the loan plus a $1,000 for taxes for $362.50 per month and I got the title all in one day.
    On the 23rd KSP on Lockdown from a 12 inmate fight on Evening Shift, and it continued through the 26th for more fights.
    On the 28th I went to the Social Security office to apply and found out that my 8 and 6 year old sons will draw $718 each until they are 18 years of age, so I told Amy to go to their office and they will get $1,436 a month and she hugged me, and said she can quit her 2nd job, and then I said but I will stop paying your child support at that point, so I can afford the new Van.
    In October 2016, and the new Restrictive Housing Unit became a burden for us, and the officers assigned to it all got weekends off, and the yard had to supply officers for outside rec, outside hospital, and on the 4th a shank was found on the 1st Floor, and I was finishing up my KSP Chapter 7 on the 6th with the ending about the Execution of a death row inmate.
    On the 8th officers are still quitting and inmates are getting hypodermic needles somehow.
    On the 1st Floor on the 11th and it is just a nightmare of moves, and more inmate fights in the Gym.
    On the 19th I may be able to get an image of me at KSP from WPSD Local News from 2008 and in another case I have found information on "Helping Hand" newsletters and maybe can get access to them, and on the 21st Evan turned 7 years old, and then more inmate fights, sexual situations, thefts, and officers walked out for infractions, and on the 29th I finished Chapter 7 ending on 1/26/2009 at Comp Book #45 when I was the regular SSU officer for 1 year.
    In November 2016, a Master Schedule is due to come out on November 13th, and on the 1st I gave Personnel my Front Page of my new book with a demo page to see if I could put this up on the bulletin board.
    On the 3rd I proofread the entire KSP Book and started filling out all the forms for my State Retirement.

    So to continue the story in Chapter Eleven.
    In November 2016 I have 8 weeks to go, as stated in Chapter 10 a Master Schedule is due to come out on November 13th, and on the 1st I gave Personnel my Front Page of my new book with a demo page to see if I could put this up on the bulletin board.    On the 3rd I proofread the entire KSP Book and started filling out all the forms for my State Retirement.
    Continuing into November 2016, on the 4th we are still having a lot of officers quitting, short of staff on the yard, and a Medical Director was not allowed in the Front Gate.    Officers fired, one over lying about a spent 40 MM direct impact round, and another for having a cellphone inside KSP.    As I suspected two Transition inmates locked up while in the Kitchen, and myself I found a bag on the yard and Internal Affairs determined it was coffee filled butt plugs, from an inmate who did not keister them to get locked up to deliver them to 3 cellhouse inmates.
    On the 6th I got all my Retirement Forms ready, signed, and on the 7th the Master Schedule came out and I am the regular officer on the 4th Floor with 7 weeks to go.
    On the 8th God answered the prayers of what is left of Christians in this country by allowing Donald Trump to become President of the United States of America, who will now have a battle from hell from all the Antichrist and the losing Progressive Socialist.
    On the 10th and 11th I received information from WPSD Local6 of an image I needed, and also information on where to access images of my "Helping Hand" newsletters to use both in my KSP Book just in time.
    On the 13th I started my assigned 4th Floor officer post and the Yard was lockdown again after 3 fights.
    On the 14th I mailed my Retirement Forms to the State.
    On the 17th I was turned down by Frankfort to put my Demopage on the bulletin board for a strange reason and the Warden called me about it.
    On the 20th to the 24th I found out my son Kyle has a new job, and we had the usual craziness going on at KSP, and I took the boys to my Brother's house for Thanksgiving.
    In December 2016, on the 4th Captain announces that myself and another officer will be retiring on the 31st.
    On the 6th Ethan turned 9 years old and Kyle 33 years old.
    On the 7th I found out the State gave me 13 years on my retirement and I project close to a $1,000 a month.
    On the 8th an officer who was the former Outside Detail before he was off for an injury came back and got into a fist fight and was fired since he punched the new Outside Detail officer Medleave in the face.
    On the 9th coming to KSP early in the morning and came to a screeching halt in my new Van to miss a 6 point Buck who jumped over a guard rail into the middle of the road on me.
    On the 12th to the 23rd I started having issue with walking on the hard concrete floors hurting my arches and heel, my retirement is set, and I received a Packet from them to return by 12/29, and had them send me Form 6200, and I will get $1,024.79 minus taxes at $975.26 a month, and I received my Medicare Card.    And President Donald Trump is pissing everyone off, so I like him.
    On the 23rd I found out that Internal Affairs Lieutenant Holeytimber gave it up and became the Rec Leader and he told me he is just fed up with it all.
    On the 24th, I will end up with 238 COMP hours, 360 Vacation hours and with the raises that equates to $9,917 and after 39% taxes I will receive $5,725 of it.
    On the 28th I got all my uniforms, etc. bagged up to turn in.
    On the 29th I offered to raise my rent to my landlady for offering the house so I could retire close to my sons, and turned in all my stuff to KSP, and had a talk with the Senior Captain and RETIRED AT AGE 66 ON JANUARY 3, 2017.
    So I am free.

Jim A. Cornwell, October 1, 2017.
    This file created on October 1, 2017.

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