"Introduction for The Changing of the Politics - Kentucky State Penitentiary 2009 to May 2012"
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © January 3, 2017, all rights reserved

Introduction for The Changing of the Politics - Kentucky State Penitentiary 2009 to May 2012

    As in my first book the Introduction was a 20 page history of my life to becoming a correctional officer at Kentucky State Penitentiary and it represented the first 4 years and 5 months of what occurred.    In this second book this Introduction will be short and sweet.    I begin with why I came and wanted to work at Kentucky State Penitentiary because first I needed a stable job which offered a retirement package and income for my family.    Secondly, I had gone through an obvious period of age discrimination for a changing times and that was the most impressive thing that attracted me to work here.    The Republicans were in control of the State at this time and they believed that seniority meant something, working hard and doing a good job was important and allowed upward mobility, and they rewarded their employees with decent raises and moral support in your job to do what was right.
    In 2009 as the State transitioned from Republican to Democrat values, things changed very fast.    Seniority went out the Front Gate never to return as they would put any new officer on a post that used to be you must have had so much experience here before you could get that post.    And as you know the State now claims it is broke and in its economic survival became their reason to down play the importance of law enforcement and pushed everything to firm, fair and consistent and entitlement programs were their priority in Frankfort.    We lost our breaks due to reorganization of use of resources to push their agenda, as well as seniority.
    New wardens came in and irritated many long time officers here as not being backed up any more in the control of the inmates.
    I myself was now "Old School" compared to the surge of new officers coming into KSP after another large group of officers who retired in 2010, and anyone still here was forced to conform to the new politics.
    So as you continue you will read why I entitled this book "The Changing of the Politics."    So here we go and I would like to remind you that of the accuracy of the events, times and dates is ingrained into me because of being an Industrial Engineer for 16 years of looking at and timing for efficiency, procedures and methods in many manufacturing facilities.    What has been new to me is in corrections is that security can trump anyone of these items depending on who you are dealing with.

Jim A. Cornwell, 1/3/2017.

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