From The Alpha and the Omega - Volume III
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 12/31/2001, all rights reserved
"Response to email questions from viewers"

    I am constantly asked the same questions in various emails from around the world.    I thought I might put those statements in the following information.
    Some of you have asked:    Why I created this website?    Why is a Christian promoting such views?
    I have a very varied past and 22 years as an Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer gave me that look for the methods and how to make things more efficient nature.    Now with a change of career in the year 2000, as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) or Network LAN Administrator, which was a very difficult challenge for myself and has been a major reason for my delay in updating this website.    Originally I went to college to become a Commercial Artist, which is where I developed my creative and artistic viewpoints in the webpages.    After this I went into the service and was educated in electronics.    After all that education was over I taught myself Physics, the Bible, Astronomy, Archaeology, etc. etc.    Yes, and of course my website would cost me more if I let someone else do it for me.    So I taught myself that and did it also.    If only I were a Marketing expert.
    My real goal is to reach the world.    Reach to those who have not heard the word of God.    I reach to the Academia world, the foreign world, the dark side, and even those who believe.    I do not consider myself as the Biblical Jonah.    As those who have read the Bible know, Jonah, because he was scared, refused to go into Nineveh and preach to the Ninivites as God asked him to.    Of course as he stated, the Ninivites would have killed him for preaching.    God in sovereign wisdom then had him swallowed by a whale, for a 3-day period.    Lo and behold, he then had him spit out on the very shores that he refused to go to.    The Ninivites were so amazed at the fact that a whale swallowed this human and he lived, that they all gathered around to hear what he had to say.    God works in mysterious ways, not always the way that we want it to be.
    My website is like this.    When I became a born again Christian, God set a course for me to achieve.    I have erred and sinned and done everything wrong.    But God knew what his purpose for me was.    I am going into the foreign lands to preach the word of God.    Most people do not realize at first that this is what the site is about.    It has a hook, which they bite on.    As they wiggle into it, it gets their interest and it is hard to get away from.    I have found that everyone who views the site has found something that has interested them in some way.    I am preaching to the world as God has asked me.    He has guided most of my actions as to the site.    He has always provided the avenues for me to achieve that.    Hopefully He will do the marketing for me also, since it does not seem to be my forte.
    I have also seen the wrath of the pompous and arrogant, and self-righteous groups.    I have been arrogantly pushed out of some churches for just showing its members what is in their own Bible.    They really hate me when I show them errors in the KJV.    Not agreeing with a concept does not make it invalid.    What some have read on my website will only make them take a second look now.    If one continues reading the website, they may change their mind about their own theological basics.    This is not about what I believe or you believe.    This is about what the Bible actually states.    I dare those individuals to delve into the subjects on my website that they consider heresy and prove to me that they are wrong.    I have spent many years preparing the issues that one might detest, and I am not afraid to take another look at it myself.    Feel free to tear it a part.    I tried to tear it apart myself, because I could not believe at first that it could be that simple.
    All the other writers on the Mazzaroth have written their little 159-260 page books about it.    Most of them generalize the information.    With 1153 pages I covered the full gamut.    Most of the others have left God out of their conclusion.    I did not even know the other books existed when I was doing my research.    I am glad.    I think they would have influenced me in the wrong direction.    I had a totally independent research, looking at truth as I went.    I followed one guideline, how would God look at this subject.    I made plenty of mistakes.    But over time and great faith in God, he enlightened me to the answers.
    It is not easy to promote new viewpoints to persons who have been taught from birth that an idea is true, whether it is a doctrine of Godís book or not.    Thank God I did not live in the days of Giordano Bruno or I would have been burned at the stake, for telling someone that the stars in the night sky were little suns just like our sun.
    Of course some individuals have told me that individuals in their environment because of the tenets of their Church are persecuting them.    So we all will experience our own tribulations.
    My work is about reaching the world, especially those who have not heard the word, or ever read a Bible.    Yes, even if your beliefs are against the grain of even my own, it is not my place in this world to judge you.    Although I beseech each of those persons to research the subject and look to see if their doctrine leaves something out, when it comes to the salvation of their soul.
    If someone is going to reject the basic tenets of Christianity, then that is their choice to make.    It is a narrow road being a Christian and only a few will make it.    The multitude of the fishes is large and the net required to hold them all is enormous.    I pray to God for an answer or a sign to be given to all persons in order for them to see by faith and not by rules and regulations.    We as individuals cannot change someoneís mind by showing them records.    They must experience or see through your life that what you do is valid.
    I have listened to "Prophecy News" guys, and the "JackĒ of all Televangelists and most of that stuff.    I have lost interest in them, because they change their viewpoints every time a new news article comes out.    Most have gone off the deep end, and left accuracy for ratings.
    As for all the predictors of the end time, I personally believe that if mankind thinks they know when it is going to happen, and then it will most likely not happen.    I like to use this analogy.    In the time just before Christ came, we were looking at a world where people were sold as slaves to work for the wealthy, some lived in Leper colonies, the lame and beggars lived on the streets, and so on.    What happened was, we saw a society that had lost all hope.    They were no longer interested in a coming Messiah, but just trying to survive in a hopeless environment.    When Jesus came along, his message was a renewal of that hope, which led to what we call the New Testament (Covenant).    Now as we are entering the birth pangs of the Revelation, which the Gospel says will be a time like no other time in history, and if what occurs in the Revelation comes to light, then this world will be a place of no hope and worse than that seen before.    I do not think we are at that stage in history yet.    We at our elderly years may see it beginning or not.    It may be 200 or 1000 years from now.
    But also do not forget that the Age of Aquarius will also encompasses the symbolic or literal thousand year reign of Christ mentioned in Rev. 20.    So if 1950 is the beginning of Aquarius, as I propose we may need the 2000 years to get it all in, before the final judgment before the new heavens and the new earths.    Keep an open mind, and be ready for the sign when the angel calls the true church out of Babylon.    Friends, I want you to know that there is an "inner church" among all the denominations of people who truly believe in what Christ preached in his parables.    In some future day he will call those persons to come out of Babylon before its destruction.
    Yes I am a Christian with great faith in God, who is constantly maturing as a Christian.
    I have researched this subject since 1972, and around 1990 I began to piece it together, in 1993 I entered it into a word processor, and completed it by the end of 1995.    My work is a composite of 25 years of research from many sources, but it is full of "new original thoughts/theory" that I present.
    Thank you for your kind comments from emails on the presentation of my work, "The Alpha and the Omega," on the web.    I have shared it with the world, so that all may read it.    Even those who live in countries that could not afford to buy the work.    Its purpose is to reach the world, and promote Christianity.    It does me good to see that people are reading it for its purpose.    Tell your friends about it, so that it may grow.
    The manuscripts Volume I and Volume II contain the information documented in the book up to the date of copyright in 1995.    Although I did do some enhancements on it to sell for the online publishing which is dated June 28, 1998, which is updated in the manuscripts.
    The website includes about 250+ pages from the 1153 pages in the book, which is available to the world.    All new information is being added to the website as Volume III material.    I am presently working on a Volume III, which will be purchase only, but some webpages already have some Volume III updates, which are extensions of those subjects.    Anything not in the book can be purchased with the online access.
    Volume III- If the "circle of 8 bound figures," seen on the Denderah Zodiac is what I claim it to be and it is a symbol representing the beginning and end of a cycle of humanity, and does correlate to the Biblical sequence of events then so be it.    I have been working on a Volume III on "The Alpha and the Omega," for the past few years.    Recently I have managed to come close to translating and connecting all the Decans and constellations to the Egyptian figures.    I believe I have found the connections that explain what each of the 36 Decans images are and have found a key to other images from the Grand Temple and the Temple of Esneh.    I will probably be releasing this in the near future, but it will be online access only by purchase.    After this I will finish the bigger part.
    Please see for more information on the purchase or contact me if needed.    If you have already ordered the Online Access you will receive this for free.
    I have tried the typical avenues to publishing, the top seven major publishers; one was interested but was not budgeted for my work at that time.    I also discovered that it would cost around $20,000 to get 7000 copies made to send to all the bookstores and you do not make a penny from it.    It is about exposure.    This website is allowing me to get exposure, and as of now around 180,000 clients in the year 2001.    As visitors you have made 1.5 million hits and opened up 360,000 of my webpages.    Around 2.7 % or every 5000 visitors, somebody orders something.    God is guiding this ship.    He is also my Marketing Department.
    I am bombarded sometimes with emails from individuals who believe that they have all the answers to the history of mankind.    I have even had someone to tell me that 25 years worth of research is all down the drain, because they believe my initial core material is incorrect.    My site is not the entire book.    The research was based on the Biblical Genesis itself, and not on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.    There are many theories as to where Genesis begins, whether millions of years ago, during the Age of Capricornus, or some other era.    My initial work is not about whether I have the right THEORY, but whether people are taking a second look at the word of God, and renewing their faith that he was the original astronomer who named the stars and gave them the patterns as it states in Psalm 147:4 "He telleth the number of the stars, he calleth them all by their names."
    Yes it is a very complex subject.    One source stated that "Yours is the best site (or any info) that is much related to the patterns and systems that I have and am producing by an independent means of Bible study; I have seen many other patterns of time related to the Precession, but yours is by far the most interesting relative analysis."    Another sources states, "The time-table of the Grand Year you present versus the Bible is the most well construed I have seen so far (I have reviewed about 3 other theories)."    Then on the other side I get probably 2-3 individuals a year email me that are totally mathematically based on their solutions to the Bible's complexity, and believe they can present it as a science factor, computer image or formula concept.    I originally started out that way, but soon realized itís not quite that simple.    The Bible is a book written in each verse with a three-fold concept.    This is of course "the literal, the metaphysical, and the spiritual."    An analogy is the "Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."    If you only look at these verses from one point of view, and leave the other two out of your equation, then you will miss the whole point of the Scripture.    If you become too literal, and do not include the spiritual it will fail.    Like wise if we promote the metaphysical things as valid, and leave out the spiritual it will also fail.    It was when I began doing it this way that I started seeing the truth in Genesis, and the rest of the Bible.    I have learned over the years, to have faith and trust in God.    He has always provided me with the right solutions, when I needed them, not when I wanted them, but it is because I follow his words with the three-fold concept that I have even grasped it.

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