"The Alpha and the Omega"
Volumes I and II

by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
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TOC Insert For Chapter One ... TOC Chapter One

The Six Symbols of Capricorn to Leo

Capricorn --- Sagittarius --- Scorpius --- Libra --- Virgo --- Leo

Zodiac images of Capricorn to Leo

Day One---Day Two---Day Three---Day Four---Day Five---Day Six

21810 B.C., 19650 B.C., 17490 B.C., 15330 B.C., 13170 B.C., 11010 B.C.
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See why from God’s point of view that Mazzaroth is a throne for his purpose.
Modern-Classical image of God and the Devil

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Cancer Symbol...Seventh Day of Rest - Age of Cancer 8,850 B.C...   Zodiac image of Cancer
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Gemini Symbol...Eighth Day of the Age of Gemini 6,690 B.C...Zodiac image of Gemini
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Taurus Symbol...Ninth Day or Age of Taurus 4,530 B.C...Zodiac image of Taurus
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Aries Symbol...Tenth Day of the Age of Aries 2,370 B.C...Zodiac image of Aries
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See why the Tenth Age of Aries is definitely classified as the Tenth Day:

The First Temple was a product of David and then built by Solomon.
At the end of the age there was a rise of the Prophets of the Old Testament
regarding the advent of the Messiah.

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Pisces Symbol...Eleventh Day or Age of Pisces 210 B.C...Zodiac image of Pisces
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Zodiac of Denderah and modern Pisces

Star Chart of Pisces and opposite Virgo

This Age shows the Second Temple
and all the astronomical connections of the "symbol of the Fish"
to the life of Jesus Christ and his relation to the "symbol of Virgo, the virgin".
Then look at the connection of the Star of Bethlehem to the constellations.

Luke’s genealogy shows from David (by way of Nathan) there were 11 groups of 5 verses
or 55 generations to Jesus Christ plus the three before Judah (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)
the total is 58.

Luke 3:25 begins with Naum the first generation of the Eleventh Age
leading to eleven generations to Jesus Christ.

The genealogy in Matthew 1:17 shows 3 groups of fourteen generations
or 42 from Abraham to the birth of Jesus.

See why these two values 58 and 42 leaves a variance of 16 which connects to 2 Peter 3:8, ""that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day," thus enveloping "The Church Age" and the oncoming persecutions that occur as
Revelation One through Five is revealed.
After the Eleven Disciples were sent out the Church Age began as Revelation One is opened
and the Seven Historical Church Ages ensue as projected from the Seven Churches in Asia.
Revelation Two - The First Church as in Ephesus,
the Apostolic or First Age from 33-100 A.D.
Revelation Two - The Second Church as in Smyrna, the Caesars or Second Age
with persecutions from 100-312 A.D. and as time passes we jump ahead to
Revelation Three - The Seventh Church as in Laodicea or the Apostate Seventh Age
which may have begun in 1925 A.D. and will continue to the Tribulation.
One can see in the parallelism of the Seven Churches in Asia,
which transformed into the Seven Church Ages,
which will also be found as Seven Churches in the last days.
At the end of this age the following three subjects are of great interest:
Diaspora and the The Return of Israel
Astronomical references to the upcoming Age of Aquarius.

TOC Insert For Chapter Seven ... TOC Chapter Seven

Aquarius Symbol...Twelfth Day our present Age of Aquarius 1,950 A.D...Zodiac image of Aquarius
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Zodiac of Denderah and modern Aquarius

Star Chart of Aquarius and opposite Leo

See how all of the above leads to the New Age
and as one can view in a Middle East Map as an area of future conflicts in the world.

Included is an exhaustive review of the New Age and it’s older age connections,
and the rise of the Antichrist in the New Age:
Who is the beast with seven heads?
When did the beast come out of the sea?
What are the ten horns of the beast?

The prophecy of Noah's three sons will return to the chosen people
as the "end of the time of the Gentiles come to a close," will there be a Third Temple
as a final stage of the plan for Salvation
and the Second Coming of the Messiah in Aquarius?

What others predicted to be the beginning of the Tribulation
and what the Bible reveals in the astronomical events to occur in the tribulation period of
Revelation Six through Twenty-two.

TOC Chapter Eight
The Big Picture - A Snap Shot of the Tribulation.

See the connections of the mystery of the completion of the twelfth day.

Twelvth Day image of the Front Cover

Twelve is completeness.

Read this Synopsis to find out for yourself if Mazzaroth reveals it.

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