"The Alpha and the Omega"
Volumes I and II

by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
On June 27, 2003 here is the new release of Volume III Online Access - Denderah Zodiac, Grand Temple, Esneh Connections

On January 10, 2013 "The Alpha and the Omega"
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    Secondly: On September 30, 2017 the release of "The Changing of the Politics - Kentucky State Penitentiary 2009 through May 2012" copyright January 2017
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    Thirdly: This last book will be released sometimes in the middle of 2018 entitled "The Changing of the Post Orders - Kentucky State Penitentiary - May 25, 2012 through December 31, 2016"
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Highlights of this book are:
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TOC Insert For Chapter One ... TOC Chapter One

The Six Symbols of Capricorn to Leo

Capricorn --- Sagittarius --- Scorpius --- Libra --- Virgo --- Leo

Zodiac images of Capricorn to Leo

Day One---Day Two---Day Three---Day Four---Day Five---Day Six

21810 B.C., 19650 B.C., 17490 B.C., 15330 B.C., 13170 B.C., 11010 B.C.
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See why from God’s point of view that Mazzaroth is a throne for his purpose.
Modern-Classical image of God and the Devil

TOC Insert For Chapter Two ... TOC Chapter Two

Cancer Symbol...Seventh Day of Rest - Age of Cancer 8,850 B.C...   Zodiac image of Cancer
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TOC Insert For Chapter Three ... TOC Chapter Three

Gemini Symbol...Eighth Day of the Age of Gemini 6,690 B.C...Zodiac image of Gemini
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TOC Insert For Chapter Four ... TOC Chapter Four

Taurus Symbol...Ninth Day or Age of Taurus 4,530 B.C...Zodiac image of Taurus
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TOC Insert For Chapter Five ... TOC Chapter Five

Aries Symbol...Tenth Day of the Age of Aries 2,370 B.C...Zodiac image of Aries
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TOC Insert For Chapter Six ... TOC Chapter Six

Pisces Symbol...Eleventh Day or Age of Pisces 210 B.C...Zodiac image of Pisces
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TOC Insert For Chapter Seven ... TOC Chapter Seven

Aquarius Symbol...Twelfth Day our present Age of Aquarius 1,950 A.D...Zodiac image of Aquarius
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See the connections of the mystery of the completion of the twelfth day.

Twelvth Day image of the Front Cover

Twelve is completeness.

Read this Synopsis to find out for yourself if Mazzaroth reveals it.

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